Archaeological and Geological Resources

CHAPTER 55. Geological Survey

§ 5501. Delaware Geological Survey; purposes.

The Delaware Geological Survey shall have the following purposes and objectives:

(1) The systematic investigation of the geologic structure of the State, the nature and composition of the igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, their areal extent and thickness, and other features that may lead to a better understanding of the geology of the State;

(2) The systematic exploration and examination of all minerals, rock materials, water and other earth resources which are, or may become in the foreseeable future, of importance to the economic development of the State, or to the defense of the State or the United States;

(3) The examination of the physiographic features of the State, with special reference to their practical bearing upon the State’s economic life;

(4) The preparation of reports, with necessary illustrations and maps, which shall embrace both a general and detailed description of the geology and earth resources of the State;

(5) The preparation of the special geologic maps to illustrate the earth resources of the State;

(6) The consideration of such other scientific questions in the field of geology, as is deemed of value to the people of the State;

(7) The recommendation and preliminary drafting of such new state laws as are deemed advisable or necessary for regulating the optimum utilization and equitable administration of the State’s geological resources.

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§ 5502. Management of Delaware Geological Survey.

The University of Delaware shall have general charge of the Survey and shall direct its operations.

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§ 5503. Superintendent; appointment; qualifications; compensation.

The University shall appoint as superintendent of the Survey a State Geologist and shall determine his or her compensation. The State Geologist shall be a member of the technical or professional staff of the University of Delaware, and 1/2 of his or her salary shall be paid from appropriations to the Survey and the other 1/2 shall be paid by the University of Delaware out of its instructional budget.

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§ 5504. Assistants and employees.

The University of Delaware shall appoint such assistants and employees as are necessary to carry out the purposes of this chapter and shall determine the compensation of such persons.

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§ 5505. Responsibilities and duties of State Geologist.

The State Geologist and the Acting State Geologist shall have the following responsibilities and duties:

(1) The State Geologist or the Acting State Geologist shall hereby be required to evaluate all activities related to oil, gas and geothermal energy exploration or development on land or water within the State and report his or her findings and recommendations promptly to the appropriate and affected agencies and officials of the State. In order to receive and consider the report of the State Geologist, any agency or official of the State approached to allow, permit or otherwise provide for such activities shall promptly notify the State Geologist, providing details of the contact and requesting a report and recommendations.

(2) The Delaware Geological Survey may receive by appropriation or transfer funds for cooperative programs with its counterpart federal agencies, including the United States Geological Survey, the United States Bureau of Mines and the United States Minerals Management Service and shall be the only agency of the State to enter into agreements with those federal agencies.

(3) The State Geologist shall serve as the representative of the State to the River Master of the Delaware River in accordance with the Supreme Court Decree of 1954 [New Jersey v. New York, 347 U.S. 995, 74 S. Ct. 842; 98 L. Ed. 1127 (1954)].

(4) The State Geologist or the Acting State Geologist shall prepare reports to the General Assembly showing the progress and conditions of the Survey together with such other information as it deems necessary and useful. Any reports, maps or other literature prepared and printed by the Survey shall be distributed or sold as the interest of the State and of science demand. All material collected after having served the purposes of the Survey shall be distributed to the educational institutions of the State or the whole or part of such material shall be put on public exhibition.

(5) Responsibility for matters relating to water quality, geologic hazards, seismicity and cartographic information.

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