Public Lands, Parks and Memorials

CHAPTER 51. Unknown Sailors’ Cemetery

§ 5101. Memorial cemetery.

The public lands hereinafter described are set aside and designated as a memorial cemetery for the burial of sailors and shall be maintained solely for that purpose. The cemetery shall be known as the Unknown Sailors’ Cemetery and shall include the following described lands:

Beginning at a point on the north edge of the State Highway leading from the Town of Lewes towards the old Henlopen Lighthouse Reservation, said point being 171 feet east from the lines of Lewes Coast Guard Station and corner for lands in possession of Louis L. Paynter, and thence running along and with one line of said lands 577 feet to a point at high water mark on Delaware Bay, thence along the high water mark of said Bay southeast 350 feet to a point corner for land leased to the Lewes Fertilizer Company, now in possession of Smith Meal Company, thence along and with one line of said lands southwest 568 feet to a point in the north edge of the above described highway, thence along and with the north edge of said Highway 385 feet home to the place of beginning.

42 Del. Laws, c. 2, §  1;  7 Del. C. 1953, §  5101; 

§ 5102. Agency in charge of cemetery; powers.

The Delaware Society for the Preservation of Antiquities, a corporation of the State, is the state agency or authority of the State designated to carry out this chapter. The Society shall provide for the care and maintenance and the reconstruction and restoration of the Unknown Sailors’ Cemetery, and may make application to any federal department, board or agency for the performance of any necessary work and may accept any grant which is available to it as such state agency or to the State for the purpose of the reconstruction and restoration of the cemetery.

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