Sports and Amusements

CHAPTER 17. Delaware Bicycle Council

§ 1701. Composition; appointment; term and meetings; compensation.

(a) The Delaware Bicycle Council shall consist of 15 members, hereafter referred to as the “Council,” to be appointed by the Governor. One member (2 where noted) shall be appointed from each of the following agencies for a term of 2 years: the Department of Transportation (1 from the Council on Transportation and 1 from elsewhere within the Department), the Department of Education, the Department of Safety and Homeland Security (1 from the State Police and 1 from the Office of Highway Safety), the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (from the Division of Parks and Recreation), the Delaware Council on Greenways & Trails and the Department of Health and Social Services (from the Division of Public Health). In addition, 7 members shall be citizens knowledgeable about bicycling matters: 2 from New Castle County, 1 from Kent County, 1 from Sussex County and 3 at-large.

(b) The terms of the members who are private citizens shall be staggered. One of the at-large citizens and 1 of the New Castle County citizens, both as designated by the Governor, shall serve an initial term of 1 year. One of the at-large citizens, 1 of the New Castle County citizens, both as designated by the Governor, the Sussex County citizen and the Kent County citizen shall serve an initial term of 2 years. One of the at-large citizens, as designated by the Governor, shall serve an initial term of 3 years. Thereafter, each citizen member shall serve a term of 3 years. Any person who is a member at the time this legislation is enacted may serve the remainder of that person’s term.

(c) The members shall each year elect 1 of the private citizen members to be chairperson of the Council, to serve in such capacity for a period of 1 year.

(d) The Council shall meet at least 5 times each year and shall report annually to the Cabinet Committee on State Planning on its work concerning the needs and problems of bicycling in this State.

(e) There shall be no salary, but each member shall be entitled to be reimbursed for that member’s own reasonable out-of-pocket expenses for attending any meeting of the Council.

(f) Vacancies on the Council shall be filled by the Governor by appointment for the unexpired term.

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§ 1702. Powers and duties.

The Council shall possess all necessary powers and duties to consider, review and work on matters pertaining to bicycling, bicycle safety and bicycle safety education and to make recommendations to the various state agencies. The Council shall coordinate with the University of Delaware Cooperative Extension Service regarding bicycle safety education.

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§ 1703. Staff and fiscal support.

The Department of Transportation shall provide staff and fiscal support to the Council as part of that Department’s ongoing responsibility. Said staffing shall include a bicycle coordinator.

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