Professions and Occupations

CHAPTER 50. Board of Funeral Service Practitioners [Repealed].

§ 5001-5016. Objectives; regulation of practitioners; transfer of rights, powers and duties of Board of Services; license required; exceptions; composition of Board; qualifications; term; vacancies; removal of members; members as officers of professional associations; employees; expenses; officers; meetings; quorum; powers and duties; qualifications of applicants for licensure; judicial review; report to Attorney General; examinations; reciprocity; fees; issuance of license; renewal; inactive status; reinstatement; complaints; grounds for discipline; procedure; disciplinary sanctions; hearing procedures; unauthorized practice; violation of probation; second or subsequent offenses [Repealed].

Repealed by 66 Del. Laws, c. 225, § 1, effective June 11, 1988.