Professions and Occupations

CHAPTER 15. Hotels, Restaurants and Places of Entertainment

§ 1501. Exclusion of customers.

No keeper of an inn, tavern, hotel or restaurant or other place of public entertainment or refreshment of travelers, guests or customers shall be obliged, by law, to furnish entertainment or refreshment to persons whose reception or entertainment by the proprietor would be offensive to the major part of the proprietor’s customers and would injure business.

As used in this section, “customers” includes all who have occasion for entertainment or refreshment.

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§ 1502. Safekeeping of valuables.

Whenever the proprietor of any hotel, inn or boardinghouse provides a good, sufficient and secure safe or vault in the office or other convenient place in such hotel, inn or boardinghouse for the safe keeping of any money, goods, jewelry and valuables belonging to the guests and boarders of such hotel, inn or boardinghouse, and notifies the guests and boarders thereof, by placing in every lodging room and other conspicuous places printed cards or notices stating the fact that such safe or vault is provided in which such goods, jewelry and valuables may be deposited and that the proprietor or proprietors thereof will not be responsible for such money, goods, jewelry and valuables unless deposited in such safe or vault, and if such guest or boarder neglects to deposit such money, goods, jewelry or valuables in such safe or vault, the proprietor shall not be liable for any loss of such money, goods, jewelry or valuables sustained by such guest, by theft or otherwise.

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§ 1503. Inspection of food preparation areas.

The food preparation area of any hotel, restaurant, place of business, institution or business which prepares or serves food for human consumption shall be subject to a state health inspection, without advance notice. For purposes of this section, a “food preparation area” shall include any kitchen, food storage area, locker or other area where food is prepared or kept prior to being served. For purposes of this section, the term “advance notice” shall mean any form of communication of a plan or schedule for inspection by any representative of the Department of Health and Social Services, prior to the inspection.

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