Professions and Occupations

CHAPTER 6. Cosmetologists [Repealed].

§§ 601-626. Definitions; State Board of Cosmetology; appointment; qualifications; term of office; vacancies; powers; meetings; organization; oath; quorum; records of Board; qualifications for admission to examination, licensing and registration; registration of salons and schools; requirements of a school; application for examination; admission to examination; examinations; certificates or licenses; fees; persons called to aid of Board; curriculum committee; reciprocity; exemption of present practitioners from examination; powers and duties of the Board; hearings; hearing may be held by majority of the Board; sanitary rules; temporary licenses; services and activities exempted from chapter; display of certificates or licenses; renewal of certificates or licenses; duration and renewal of certificates; penalty; appeals; cosmetology instruction in public schools [Repealed].

Repealed by 69 Del. Laws, c. 178, § 1, effective Feb. 4, 1994.