CHAPTER 8. Home Rule

Subchapter VI. Limitations and Exceptions

§ 835. Amendments prohibited.

(a) This chapter shall not permit the amending of a municipal charter so as to:

(1) Permit the changing of any term of any elected official until the incumbent has completed the term to which the incumbent was elected;

(2) Permit any charter amendment in contravention of any general statute of this State;

(3) Change the qualifications of those entitled to vote at municipal elections;

(4) Change the date for holding of municipal elections;

(5) Enlarge or otherwise alter the power or procedure whereby a municipal corporation may enlarge its boundaries;

(6) Prohibit, restrict or license ownership, transfer, possession or transportation of firearms or components of firearms or ammunition, except that the discharge of a firearm may be regulated; provided that any regulation or ordinance incorporates the justification defenses as found in Title 11. Nothing contained herein shall be construed to invalidate existing municipal ordinances.

(b) No municipal corporation charter which permits nonresident persons to vote in any municipal election or to hold any municipal office shall be amended, pursuant to this chapter, so as to eliminate or limit the right of nonresident persons to vote or hold office, nor shall the percentage of nonresident officials allowed or required be changed.

(c) No municipal corporation charter which provides a method of appeal to the Superior Court for any matter shall be amended, pursuant to this chapter, so as to eliminate or restrict any such appeal.

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§ 836. Filing of existing charter.

In order for any municipal corporation to proceed under this chapter, it shall file before June 1, 1963, with the Secretary of State and with the Director of the Legislative Reference Bureau a complete copy of its then existing charter. The copy shall show by appropriate citations the source of each section of the charter. The citations shall show the original source of each section of the charter and the source of all amendments thereto. The copy of the charter shall include a certificate from an attorney-at-law licensed to practice law in this State that the attorney has made a careful search of the local acts of the General Assembly relating to the municipal corporation and is of the opinion that the copy of the charter and the citations are true and correct. There shall also be a certificate of the chief executive officer attested with the seal of the municipal corporation that the chief executive officer verily believes the copy of the charter is true and correct. All subsequent amendments to the charter adopted by action of the General Assembly shall be filed within 20 days of becoming law.

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