Motor Vehicles


CHAPTER 65. Traction Engines and Tractors [Repealed].

§§ 6501-6521. Definitions; registration and license to operate; application for registration; issuance of registration certificate and tag; registration of manufacturers and dealers; application; issuance of certificate and number tags; expiration of registration upon transfer or destruction; registration of another vehicle by original owner; registration fees; display of number tags; refusal or revocation of license or permit; appeal; display of lights; equipment and weight; attached vehicles permitted; limitation; weight of attached vehicle and load; stopping and weighing of vehicles; permit for excess weight; permit for moving extra-heavy engines, loads or objects; permits to move vehicles without tires; limitation on regulations respecting unreasonable weights and use of highways; power to exempt from liability for damages to highways; speed limitations; stopping on meeting or passing horse-drawn vehicles; allowing overtaking vehicles to pass; applicability of traffic laws; penalty [Repealed].

Repealed by 68 Del. Laws, c. 300, effective July 2, 1992.