Motor Vehicles

General Provisions

CHAPTER 5. Marking of Highways and Erection of Traffic Signals and Other Signs

§ 501. Erection of signs by local authorities; signs necessary to enforce local regulations.

Local authorities in their respective jurisdictions may erect and maintain signs designating residence and business districts, highways and steam or interurban railway grade crossings and such other signs as may be deemed necessary to carry out this title and such additional signs as may be appropriate to give notice of local parking and other special regulations. Local parking and other special regulations shall not be enforceable against an alleged violation if, at the time and place of the alleged violation, an appropriate sign giving notice thereof is not in proper position and sufficiently legible to be seen by an ordinarily observant person.

36 Del. Laws, c. 10, §  137;  Code 1935, §  5674;  21 Del. C. 1953, §  502; 

§ 502. Signs on private property.

The Department of Transportation may erect and maintain all appropriate signals, lights or any other type of sign on private property over which the Department of Safety and Homeland Security has assumed jurisdiction. Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit the erection and maintenance of signs and signals by the private owners of the real property, so long as such signs and signals are for the safety and convenience of the public and are approved by the Department of Transportation.

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§ 503-506. [Reserved.]