Insurance Code


CHAPTER 68. Health-Care Medical Negligence Insurance and Litigation

Subchapter II. Jurisdiction of the Superior Court

§ 6802. Jurisdiction of the Superior Court.

(a) The Superior Court of the State shall have exclusive jurisdiction of civil actions alleging health care medical negligence.

(b) In any civil action alleging medical negligence at any time after the filing of an answer or any motion filed in lieu thereof, any party shall have the right to convene a medical negligence review panel as herein provided by filing a demand therefor with the Prothonotary, all parties and the Commissioner, and the Commissioner shall promptly convene such panel upon such demand, provided that the Court may postpone the convening of such panel for good cause shown by any party.

60 Del. Laws, c. 373, §  171 Del. Laws, c. 373, §  3