Insurance Code


CHAPTER 19. Delaware Nonadmitted Insurance Act

Subchapter III. Nonadmitted Insurers

§ 1931. Minimum financial eligibility standards for surplus line insurers.

(a) The Commissioner may consider a surplus lines insurer to be eligible if the nonadmitted insurer:

(1) If a United States domestic insurer has capital and surplus or its equivalent under the laws of its domiciliary jurisdiction which equals the greater of:

a. 1. The minimum capital and surplus requirements under the law of this State; or

2. Fifteen million dollars.

b. The requirements of this paragraph (a)(1) may be satisfied by an insurer possessing less than the minimum capital and surplus upon an affirmative finding of acceptability by the Commissioner. The finding must be based upon such factors as quality of management, capital and surplus of any parent company, company underwriting profit and investment income trends, market availability, and company record and reputation within the industry. The Commissioner may not make an affirmative finding of acceptability when the nonadmitted insurer’s capital and surplus is less than $4,500,000; or

(2) The insurer is listed on the Quarterly Listing of Alien Insurers maintained by the International Insurers Department of the NAIC if the insurer is not domiciled in the United States or its territories.

(b) This section shall not be deemed to require the Commissioner to determine the actual financial condition or claims practices of any nonadmitted insurer; and the status of eligibility shall indicate only that the insurer appears to be sound financially and to have satisfactory claims practices, and that the Commissioner has no credible evidence to the contrary.

78 Del. Laws, c. 176, §  4

§ 1932. Domestic surplus lines insurers.

(a) A Delaware domestic insurer possessing policyholder surplus of at least $15,000,000 may, pursuant to a resolution by its board of directors, and with the written approval of the Insurance Commissioner, be designated as a domestic surplus lines insurer. Such insurers may write surplus lines insurance in any jurisdiction, including this State.

(b) In this State, a Delaware domestic surplus lines insurer may only insure a Delaware risk when such coverage is procured pursuant to this chapter governing surplus lines insurance, and the premium shall be subject to surplus lines premium tax pursuant to § 1917 of this title.

(c) A domestic surplus lines insurer may not issue a policy designed to satisfy the motor vehicle financial responsibility requirements of this State (§ 2118(c) of Title 21), the Workers’ Compensation Act (§ 2372(a) of Title 19), or any other law of this State mandating insurance coverage by a licensed insurance company.

(d) A domestic surplus lines insurer must agree to abide by all the requirements of this chapter, and all other requirements of the Delaware Code applicable to Delaware domestic insurers, unless otherwise exempted. The provisions of Chapters 42 and 44 of this title will not apply to a domestic surplus lines insurer.

78 Del. Laws, c. 176, §  4

§ 1933. Withdrawal of eligibility as a surplus lines insurer.

(a) If at any time the Commissioner has reason to believe that a nonadmitted insurer currently eligible as a surplus lines insurer:

(1) Is in unsound financial condition or has acted in an untrustworthy manner; or

(2) No longer meets the requirements for eligibility set forth in § 1931 of this title; or

(3) Has wilfully violated the laws of this State; or

(4) Does not conduct a proper claims practice;

the Commissioner may declare such insurer no longer an eligible surplus lines insurer, upon notice and hearing.

(b) The Commissioner shall promptly mail notice of any such declaration to the regulatory authority of the domiciliary jurisdiction of the insurer. The Commissioner shall also publish notice of all such declarations electronically.

78 Del. Laws, c. 176, §  4

§ 1934. Legal process against surplus line insurer.

(a) A nonadmitted insurer shall be sued, upon any cause of action arising in this State under any contract issued by it as a surplus line contract pursuant to this law, in the Superior Court of this State.

(b) Service of legal process against the insurer may be made in any such action by service of 2 copies thereof upon the Commissioner and payment of the service of process fee specified in § 701 of this title. The Commissioner shall forthwith mail a copy of the process served to the person designated by the insurer in the policy for the purpose by prepaid registered or certified mail with return receipt requested. If no such person is so designated in the policy, the Commissioner shall in like manner mail a copy of the process to the broker through whom such insurance was procured, or to the insurer at its principal place of business, addressed to the address of the broker or insurer, as the case may be, last of record with the Commissioner. Upon service of process upon the Commissioner and mailing of the same in accordance with this provision, the Court shall be deemed to have jurisdiction in personam of the insurer.

(c) A nonadmitted insurer issuing such policy shall be deemed thereby to have authorized service of process against it in the manner and to the effect as provided in this section. Any such policy shall contain a provision stating the substance of this section and designating the person to whom the Commissioner shall mail process as provided in subsection (b) of this section.

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§ 1935. Requirements for eligible surplus lines insurers.

(a) An eligible surplus lines insurer shall furnish at least annually to the Commissioner an annual financial statement in a form acceptable to the Commissioner.

(b) An eligible surplus lines insurer shall pay annual fees pursuant to § 701 of this title.

(c) The requirements for rate and form filing contained in this title shall not apply to surplus lines insurance.

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§ 1936. Application and qualifications for approval.

(a) The Commissioner shall from time to time publish a list of surplus lines insurers deemed by him or her eligible to place business on Delaware risks currently.

(b) No foreign or alien insurer shall become listed as a surplus lines insurer eligible in Delaware unless a completed application as prescribed by the Commissioner is received and the insurer has paid the application fee pursuant to § 701 of this title.

78 Del. Laws, c. 176, §  470 Del. Laws, c. 186, §  1