Health and Safety

Mental Health

CHAPTER 59. Training and Research

§ 5901. Coordination of training and research activities and facilities with those of other states.

The State, through appropriate officers, shall seek in addition to the present arrangements with the University of Pennsylvania similar formal arrangements with Maryland, North Carolina and Virginia for the training of personnel in psychiatry, clinical psychology, psychiatric social work and psychiatric nursing on graduate level until adequate facilities for this purpose can be provided within the State.

The Governor Bacon Health Center is offered as a regional facility for training of child psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and psychiatric social workers.

Arrangements shall be effected with other states by which the Governor Bacon Health Center may assist other states in residential treatment of maladjusted children inasmuch as this type of facility is lacking in most of the other southern states.

Delaware will coordinate with other states engaged in similar treatment, its research in the study of cerebral palsy and other spastic diseases of children.

Delaware will coordinate with other states its research in the study of alcoholism by using its existing facilities at the Governor Bacon Health Center.

Delaware will increase the scope of its present research in schizophrenia, alcoholism, geriatrics and personality problems in children.

16 Del. C. 1953, §  5901;  50 Del. Laws, c. 464, §  2

§ 5902, 5903. Board on Mental Health Training and Research; grants for research and training [Repealed].

Repealed by 67 Del. Laws, c. 35, § 1, effective June 21, 1989.