CHAPTER 89A. Delaware Volunteerism Act

§ 8901A. Purpose.

The active participation of young adults in volunteer activities is necessary to achieve a truly healthy community. It is especially rewarding to instill the spirit of volunteerism in young people who may display that spirit repeatedly in their future years. Thus, it is deemed beneficial to encourage volunteerism among high school students.

69 Del. Laws, c. 246, §  1

§ 8902A. Provisions.

(a) The Delaware Office of Volunteerism, and the Department of Education, having knowledge of bona fide volunteer opportunities, shall make those opportunities known to high school students through the schools’ guidance counseling program and shall update their information regularly.

(b) High schools, through guidance counselors, shall promote known opportunities to students by stressing the desirability of giving back to one’s community, helping people and of the benefits of such experience in the process of finding employment and applying for acceptance in institutions of secondary education.

(c) (1) A student in grades 9-12 who performs voluntary community service for at least 45 hours per semester for 2 semesters shall receive 1 Delaware Volunteer credit. The credit may count as an elective for graduation requirements if approved by, and conducted under the supervision of, the school principal. This credit shall appear prominently on the student’s high school transcript. The Department of Education shall prepare a statement of explanation of the Delaware Volunteer credit and attach the statement to or include it on its response to any official transcript request for a student transcript that contains the credit. Voluntary community service performed during the summer or other recess periods shall count toward the fulfillment of required hours.

(2) To qualify for Delaware Volunteer credit:

a. Volunteer community service shall not be performed during the hours that the student is required to be in attendance at school;

b. Volunteer community service shall be performed only with an organization or project whose name has been submitted to a school guidance counselor by the Delaware Office of Volunteerism or the Department of Education; and

c. Volunteer community service shall not be of a political or advocacy nature.

(3) A student’s volunteer community service time shall be verified by a director or supervisor of the organization or project on forms developed by the Department of Education and the Delaware Office of Volunteerism, and certified by the student’s guidance counselor or principal, or by the principal’s designee.

(4) A student who earns a Delaware Volunteer credit pursuant to this section shall also receive a certificate of recognition, developed by the Department of Education and the Office of Volunteerism, to document the student’s volunteer community service.

(5) No more than 1 Delaware Volunteer credit shall be awarded to any student.

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