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CHAPTER 1. Department of Education

Subchapter V. Delaware Higher Education Office

The Delaware Higher Education Office serves as a source of higher education information and expertise for the executive and legislative departments of the State and for Delaware citizens who can benefit from higher education. It serves as a mechanism for members of the public and professional groups to address higher education issues and ensure that resources are continuously focused to meet state priorities. The Higher Education Office, with the Department of Education, will support student transition between K-12 education and postsecondary education environments, and support increased student achievement.

73 Del. Laws, c. 188, § 6; 77 Del. Laws, c. 431, § 2.;

The Office shall:

(1) Ensure that state resources for higher education are targeted on state priorities serving Delawareans;

(2) Ensure that higher education is accessible and affordable to all Delaware students who qualify for admission by providing financial assistance and guidance services;

(3) Strengthen the role and impact of higher education in elementary and secondary education reform, achievement of student performance expectations and teacher professional development;

(4) Ensure that higher education curricula and student achievement standards are aligned with Delaware’s workforce development needs;

(5) Ensure that higher education and elementary and secondary education curricula and student achievement standards are aligned to facilitate student readiness to enter college;

(6) Enhance the capacity for quality data collection and reporting to meet federal mandates, regional and interstate contractual agreements, and national data sharing requirements;

(7) In cooperation with the Department of Education, identify and implement methods to ensure a seamless transition for Delaware residents from elementary and secondary education to postsecondary education;

(8) Ensure that higher education services reflect changing needs and capabilities by exploring regional and national trends, and recommending implementation as appropriate;

(9) Promote student academic preparation for higher education and facilitate families saving for college;

(10) Expand education opportunities available through interstate agreements such as the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB), the American Education Services (AES) and the State University of New York (SUNY) Maritime College, and publicize and promote their use;

(11) Expand and promote use of quality technology opportunities in higher education, including distance learning and Internet-based options;

(12) Monitor and assist in resolution of consumer complaints related to student financial assistance, academic credit and credit transfer; coordinate efforts as appropriate with the Department of Justice and private consumer protection agencies;

(13) Promote and help focus private sector giving for student financial assistance;

(14) Provide administrative support to the Delaware College Investment Plan Board of Trustees and coordinate marketing and promotion of the Delaware College Investment Plan;

(15) Administer specific programs relating to higher education and others as may be established or assigned by the General Assembly, the State Board of Education and the Department of Education;

(16) Approve Delaware colleges for Veteran’s Administration programs.

73 Del. Laws, c. 188, § 6; 77 Del. Laws, c. 431, §§ 2-4.;

The Department of Education may employ a Director of the Delaware Higher Education Office and other staff as necessary to meet its mandate and provide effective service within the limitations of and the manner prescribed by the annual Appropriations Act. Employees of the Office shall be compensated in accordance with the provisions set forth in Chapter 13 of this title.

73 Del. Laws, c. 188, § 6; 77 Del. Laws, c. 431, § 5.;

Acting in cooperation with the Delaware Higher Education Office, the Department of Education, with the consent of the State Board, is authorized to promulgate rules and regulations to implement the purposes of this subchapter.

73 Del. Laws, c. 188, § 6; 77 Del. Laws, c. 431, § 6.;

Transferred by 77 Del. Laws, c. 431, effective July 23, 2010, to § 183 of this title.