Crimes and Criminal Procedure

Law-Enforcement Administration

CHAPTER 82. Capitol Police

§ 8201. Appointment and classification; primary duty.

The Department of Safety and Homeland Security, hereinafter in this chapter referred to as “Department,” may appoint police officers whose primary duty shall be to compel the enforcement of all laws within the State. They shall be officially known and referred to as “Capitol Police.”

75 Del. Laws, c. 322, §  4

§ 8202. Powers and duties of Capitol Police; local police officers assisting Capitol Police.

Capitol Police shall have police powers similar to those of constables and other police officers, and shall be conservators of the peace throughout the State, and they shall suppress all acts of violence, and enforce all laws relating to the safety of persons and property. In addition to the foregoing, Capitol Police shall be authorized to develop, implement, maintain, exercise and update Comprehensive School Safety Plans (CSSPs) pursuant to § 8237 of Title 29 and such regulations adopted in connection therewith, as directed by the Secretary of Safety and Homeland Security.

75 Del. Laws, c. 322, §  478 Del. Laws, c. 405, §  2

§ 8203. Salaries.

Each of the Capitol Police shall receive a salary in accordance with the current annual State Budget Act.

75 Del. Laws, c. 322, §  4

§ 8204. Uniforms.

The Chief of Capitol Police shall, subject to the approval of the Department, prescribe the specifications for the standard uniforms to be used by the Capitol Police.

75 Del. Laws, c. 322, §  4

§ 8205. Capitol Police stations; location, staff and equipment.

The Department shall establish and maintain at least 3 Capitol Police offices in the State, 1 of which shall be located at New Castle County Courthouse, New Castle County, 1 of which shall be located in Kent County, and 1 of which shall be located in Sussex County, and such other offices as the Department deems necessary for the proper policing of, and for the enforcement of the laws of the State. Such Capitol Police stations as are herein directed to be established and maintained shall each be staffed with members of the Capitol Police, and shall each be equipped with radio equipment to aid in the police work of the Department.

75 Del. Laws, c. 322, §  4