WHEREAS, E. Hobson Davis, Tax Commissioner on behalf of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for two years preceding such report have failed to pay the taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of this State.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, ELBERT N. CARVEL, Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Sections 511 and 512 of Title 8 of the Delaware Code of 1953, as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid, are repealed:

A and B Investment Co., A. Burke Layton, Inc., A. & D. Investments, Inc., A New Tomorrow Productions, Inc., Abe and Gertrude Messinger Foundation, Inc., The, Able Vending Company, Acceptance Corporation of America, Ace Electric Supply Company, Ace Van & Storage Co., Inc., Acenes, Incorporated, Acme Register Company, Action Cells, Incorporated, Active Organic Mfg. Corp., Adco Image Corp., Admiral American Corporation, Admiral Industries, Inc., Admiral Photo Corporation, Advance Cable Systems Corporation, Advanced Products Corporation, The, Advanciers Incorporated, Aem, Inc., Aero Fidelity Acceptance Corp., Aero-Lite Corporation, Aero Service Corp. (Western), Aero Space Electronics, Inc., Aerodyne, Inc., Afco Company, The, Affiliated Brokers, Inc., African-American Mercantile and Investment Corporation, Afro-American Mutual Discount Corporation, Afton, Inc., Agricultural Industrial Marketing Institute and Foundation, Agua Neuva Stables, Inc., Aid, Inc., Aids to Industry, Inc., Air Pollution Contracts, Inc., Air Purchasing and Traffic Magazine, Inc., Air-Rock Corporation, Aircoach Reservations, Inc., Aircraft Exchange Security Corp., Airsonic Research & Development Corporation, Alan Productions, Inc., Alapocas Company, The, Alaska-Canadian Corporation, Alaska Leaseholds, Inc., Alaska Oil Lands, Inc., Alex Kenter, Inc., Alexander & Company, Alka Hosiery Mill, Inc., All Weather Corporation, Allied Construction Company, Allied Sales Corporation, Allied Services Corp., Alma Development Corporation, Alpha Instrument Company, Incorporated, Alpine Construction Co., Inc., Aluma-Tron, Inc., Alynie, Inc., Am Central Association, Inc., Amalgamated Drug Corporation, Ambassador East, Inc., Amelux Electronics Corporation, American Board of Forensnic Medicine, Inc., American Building Maintenance Industries, Inc., American Business Enterprises, Ltd., American Cemetery of Paris, Incorporated, The, American College of Forensic Medicine, Inc., American Distributors Control, Inc., American Engineering Equipment Corporation, American Facsimile Corporation, American General Corporation, American International Service Corp., American Israeli Sports and Entertainment Enterprises, Inc., American Land, Produce & Mineral Corporation, American Movers Institute, American Nursing Homes, Inc., American Orbitronics Corporation, American Overseas Engineering Contractors, Inc., American & Overseas Underwriters, Inc., American Parents Association, American Science Complex, Inc., American Sports Plan, Inc., American Systronics, Inc., American Telasco, Ltd., American Telecontrol Corp., American Tramp Shipping Development Corporation, American Univend Corporation, American Voting Machine Co., American Wood Fabric Institute, Incorporated, Americana Properties, Inc., Ames Building Contractors, Inc., Ammers Corporation, Ampol, Inc., Analytical Research Associates, Inc., Anderson Production Methods, Inc., Anglo-American Welfare Foundation of Cuba, Anti-Communist Pan-American Association, Apex Agency Inc., The, Apex Construction Company, Apex Trading Corporation, Appalachian Company, Aqua Pools of America, Inc., Aquavac Laboratories, Inc., Ardee Oil Co., Ariana, Inc., Arizona Magnetite Company, Armed Forces Association, Armed Services Mutual Assistance and Credit Association, Arnold Design & Engineering of Wisconsin, Inc.,Arnold Transport, Inc., Arrow Wrecking and Lumber Co., Inc., Artie Realty, Inc., Asbestos Mining & Manufacturing Corporation of Arizona, Asphalt Petrochemicals, Inc., Assnaf Trading Company (USA), Inc., Associated Fruit & Shipping Corporation, Associated Hair Stylists, Inc., Associated Management, Inc., Associated Processors, Inc., Associated Tank Lines, Inc., Astro-Communications, Inc., Astro Dynamics, Inc., Astro-Radiation, Inc., Astro-Therm-Ionic Metals, Inc., Astrochem Electronics Corporation, Atkins & Brittingham Realty, Inc., Atlantic Airways, Inc., Atlantic Brokerage Corporation, Atlantic Kennels, Inc., Atlantic Logging Co., Atlantic Manufacturing Company, Atlantic Mid-Continent Corporation, Atlantic Printing Co., Atlantic Truck Terminal; Inc., Atlas Agency, Inc., Atlas Bowling Centers, Inc., Atlas Connector Company, Inc., Atlas Sewing Centers, Inc. of Arizona, Atlas Sewing Centers, Inc. of Baltimore, Atlas Sewing Centers, Inc. of Cleveland, Atlas Sewing Centers, Inc. of Columbus, Atlas Sewing Centers, Inc. of Denver, Atlas Sewing Centers, Inc. of Fort Worth, Atlas Sewing Centers, Inc. of Indiana, Atlas Sewing Centers, Inc. of Indianapolis, Atlas Sewing Centers, Inc. of Kansas City, Atlas Sewing Centers, Inc. of Minneapolis, Atlas Sewing Centers, Inc. of Nebraska, Atlas Sewing Centers, Inc. of New Jersey, Atlas Sewing Centers, Inc. of New Mexico, Atlas Sewing Centers, Inc. of Oregon, Atlas Sewing Centers, Inc. of Philadelphia, Atlas Sewing Centers, Inc. of Pittsburgh, Atlas Sewing Centers, Inc. of Richmond, Atlas Sewing Centers, Inc. of St. Louis, Atlas Sewing Centers, Inc. of South Carolina, Atlas Sewing Centers, Inc. of Tennessee, Atlas Sewing Centers, Inc. of Virginia, Atlas Sewing Centers, Inc. of Washington, D. C., Atlas Stores, Inc. of California, Atlas Stores, Inc. of San Diego, Atlas Stores, Inc. of San Francisco, Atlas Stores, Inc. of San Jose, Atwood Corporation, Inc., Augustine Beach Hotel, Inc., Auto Body Association of Delaware, Inc., Auto-Elec Engineering Corporation, Auto Glass Distributors, Inc., Automated Block Corporation of America, Automated Teaching Systems, Inc., Automatic Industries, Inc., Automatic Parking of Missouri, Inc., Automatic Restaurants of Kentucky, Inc., Automatic Travel Coverage, Inc., Automotive City, Inc., Automotive Transmission Rebuilders, Inc., Aylesbury Estates, Inc.

B & B Chandler, Inc., B & B New and Used Cars, Inc., B & B Poultry Co., Inc., B & D Ammo, Inc., B. & G. Investment Associates, Inc., B & H Industries, Inc., B & L Contractors Supply, Inc., B. M. P. Building, Inc., B & W Oil Field Service, Inc., Babor Tool Company, Back Bay Gun Club, Inc., Balboa Laboratories, Inc., Balduman Enterprises, Inc., Baldur Laboratories, Inc., Baldwin Gardens, Incorporated, Baltimore Colliery Company, Barbara Stone Shops of Norfolk, Inc., BarringtonPartos, Incorporated, Basic Building Products Corporation, Baton Construction Corporation, Batteries Inc., Bay Poultry Products, Inc., Bda Films, Incorporated, Beatty Brothers, Inc., Beaverdam Brands, Inc., Beckynos Mining Corp., Bellevue Garage Inc., Ben Goodman & Son, Inc., Benincasa Chevrolet, Inc., Berkley Publishing Corporation of Canada, Berman Enterprises, Inc., Berman Realty Company Incorporated, Berne Development Corporation, Best Independent Motels of America, Inc., Better Business Bureau of the United States of America, Inc., Bill-Mar Holding Corporation, Billat Aviation Corp., Biophysical Research Products, Inc., Black Hawk, Inc., Blackwood Builders, Inc., Bladensburg Warehousing Corp., Bloom Manor Development Company, Blue Haven Industries, Inc., Blue Star Uranium, Inc., BMC 142, Inc., Boathouse, Inc., Boca Raton Palms, Inc., Bolivian-American Tire & Rubber Mfg. Corp., Bond & Mortgage Liquidation Corporation, The, Bond Oil & Gas, Ltd., Bonus Rent-A-Car System, Inc., Border Petroleum Company, Borgia Co., The, Boris Kroll Fabrics of Miami, Inc., Boschen Chemical Company, Bosworth-Masters Marine, Inc., Boulevard Speedway, Inc., Bowling Enterprises, Inc., Bowser Engineering Company, Bragley Publishing Corporation, The, Bramble Trucking Corporation, Bramelco, Inc., Brand Dispatching Company, Brandywine Business Men's Association, Inc., Brandywine Hosiery Mills, Inc., Brandywine Securities, Inc., Breslin Plastering Company, Briggle Productions, Inc., British Colonial Holdings, Inc., British Guiana Pulp & Paper Ltd., Broadcasters, Inc., Brockwood, Inc., Brokers Service Corporation, Buckhorn-Shasta Corporation, Buckley-Jaeger Broadcasting Corporation of Massachusetts, Bucks County Farms, Inc., Burnley Development and Management Corporation, But-co Corporation.

C. B. Fisher and Associates, C. E. Murray Company, Inc., C. F. Carter & Son, Inc., C. I. A., Inc., C. L. Realty Co., C and R Corporation, C & S Industries, Inc., Cable Carriers, Inc., Cal-Carb Corporation, Cal-Tex Realty Co., Caldwell Publishing Corp., California Dorsey Trailer Sales, Inc., Camden-Dover Housing Corporation, Camelot Builders, Inc., Camelot Development Co., Cameron Housing Corporation, Cameron & Son, Inc., Camp David, Inc., Capaldi & Capano, Inc., Capital Business Service, Inc., Capital Finders Corporation, Capital Guidance Corporation, Capital Nursery Sales Co., Inc., Capitalism, Inc., Capital Kwik-Kafe Coffee Service, Inc., Caravan Corporation, The, Cargo Handling Co., Inc., Cargon Transport, Inc., Caribbean Mfg. & Chemical Co., Inc., Caribe Mining Corporation, Carl's Furniture Stores, Inc., Carl Hosiery Co., Inc., Carlyle Drilling Company, Carmen Holding Co., Carpet Craft, Inc., Carr of Augusta, Inc., Carr Millinery Corp., Carriage Lodges, Inc., Carson Excavating Company, Inc., Carter Realty Company, Casa Industries Corporation, Casco Agency, Inc., Cash-O-Matic Coupon Corp., Castle Homes, Inc., Catts Realty Company, Cayuga Industries Corporation, Celtic Vending Corp., Cement Gun Company, Central Auto Top & Body Company, Inc., Central City Redevelopment, Inc., Central Corporation, The, Central Park Realty, Inc., Central Plumbing Supply Company, Central States N.T.S., Inc., Century Production Company, Century Sound Corporation, Cepac, Inc., Chalmers Oil & Gas Company, Chamberlain & Royle, Inc., Charles M. West & Son, Inc., CharrCoal Crater Corporation, Chesapeake Real Estate & Development Co., Chem-Lac, Inc., Chem-Oil Corporation, Chemalurgy Corporation, Chemelectronics, Inc., Chemical Controls, Inc., Chemicals & Residues, Inc., Chicago Trade Show Review, Inc., Chicken Basket, Inc., Children of the Sea, Inc., Chili-Pup, Incorporated, Christiana Castle No. 20 Knights of the Golden Eagle of Christiana Delaware Incorporated, Christiansen Corporation, Chuck's Septic Tank Service, Inc., Chud W. Wendle Foundation, Inc., Cinema Studios, Inc., Circle Lake Apartments Corporation, Circuit Aids, Inc., Cirrus Flying Club, Inc., Citation Contractors, Inc., Citra Corporation, The, City Office Machines, Inc., City Redevelopment Corporation, Civil and Military Investors Mutual Fund, Inc., Clarence W. Davis Co., Inc., Clarence Willey, Inc., Claude Smith Transport, Inc., Clearfor Development Corporation, Cleaver Brothers, Inc., Clenair Co.,

Clifton Enterprises, Inc., Clinton Street Corp., Club Consultants, Inc., Coastal Corporation, Coastal Dry-Manure Corp., Coastal Gas Co., Inc. of Delaware, Coastal International Corporation, Cochran Equipment Co., Code Cover Company, Codlek, Inc., Coffee King System, Inc., Coffee Run, Inc., Cohasset Corp., Cohen Bros., Inc., Coin Changers of Washington, Inc., Coin-Op Vending Corporation, Colabar Candy Company, Colamer Corp., Cold Control„ Inc., Coldaire Manufacturing Company, Inc., Collins Electronics Co., Inc., Colombian Exploration and Development Corporation, Color Electronics Corporation, Colorado Real Estate & Development, Inc., Columbia Enterprises, Inc., Columbium Corporation, The, Combustion Control Service Co., Inc., Combustion Technology Corporation, Comfortron Inc., Commercial Decal, Inc., Commercial Empire Corporation, Commercial Illustrators, Inc., Commercial Inserts, Inc., Commonwealth Securities Limited, Community Budget Service, Inc., Con-Electro Corporation, Concord Diner & Dining Room, Inc., Concord Products, Inc., Concrete Restoration, Inc., Congo Construction Company, Congo International Management Corporation, Conowingo Motel, Inc., Consolidated Boat and Electronics Corporation, Consolidated Optics Corporation, Consolidated Research and Manufacturing Corporation, Consolidated Vending Corp., Construction Management Corp., Contact Lens Foundation, Ltd., Container Loading Corporation, Container Mfg. Co., Continental American National Stamp Corporation, Continental Associates Corporation, Continental Brands, Inc., Continental Car-Nu-Ba Corporation, Continental Holding, Inc., Continental Industrial Electronics Corp., Continental International Corp., Continental Reserve Corporation, Continental Steel & Wire Corporation, Continental Television Corporation, Contractors Paint & Supply Co., Convenient Food Marts of America, Inc., Convention Preview Publications, Inc., Cormit, Inc., Corn States Insurance Agency, Inc., Corner Grill, Inc., Corporate Consultants, Inc., Corporate Loan & Finance, Inc., Corrosion & Materials Engineering, Inc., Corundum Co., The, Count Dorelis Ltd., County Sanitation Co., County Shopping Center, Inc., Cove Point Construction Co., Inc., Covell and Mitchell, Inc., Covington Products, Inc., Crafton Builders, Inc., Craig Pharmaceutical Products, Inc., Creative Interiors, Inc., Creative Management Consultants, Inc., Creditors Service Co., Crest Amusement Corporation, Crest, Incorporated, Crestwood Apartment Corporation, Crisconi and Diabatino, Inc., Crossroad Auto & Trailer Sales, Inc., Crossroad Construction, Inc., Crown Corporation, The, Crown Janitor Supply, Inc., Currency Machines Corp., Custom Polymers, Inc., Cycloramic Corporation of America.

D. B. Lyons, Inc., D. D. Distributors, Inc., D & G Realty Company, D. & I. Land Development Corporation, D.P.J. Associates, Inc., D & R Construction Co., Dagsboro Motor Corporation, Daiquiri Drilling and Development Corp., Dan Pollin, Inc., Danish Bakers, Inc., Dart Toy Town- of Bethesda, Inc., Darwin Realty, Inc., Dason Jewelers, Inc., Davidov, Inc., Dawn Realty Company, De Bruyne Bros., Inc., Deepwood Construction Co., Del-Mar Motor Court, Inc., Delaware Association of Home Improvement Contractors, Delaware Baptist State Convention, Inc., Delaware City Taxi Company, Inc., Delaware Colliery Company, Delaware Conference Home for the Aged, Inc., Delaware Day School for Handicapped Children, Inc., Delaware Holly, Inc., Delaware Kart Club Association, Delaware Kennel & Raceway, Inc., Delaware Leasing Company, Delaware and Maryland Farms Company, The, Delaware Realty and Development Corporation, Delaware Refrigeration, Inc., Delaware ,River Construction Co., Inc., Delaware State College of Beauty Culture, Inc., Delaware Valley Aggregate Company, Delaware Valley Landscape & Chemical Service, Inc., Delaware Ventilated Awning Co, Inc., Delawareans for Voluntary Unionism, Inc., Delka Research Corp., Dell's, Inc., Delle Donne & Remedio Supply Co., Delmarva Aerial Spray Co., Inc., Delmarva Gas Association, Inc., The, Delmarva Sales Company, Inc., Delpark Construction Co., Deltec Corporation, Dental Dealers of America, Inc., Design in Crystal Corporation, Designs for Recreation Areas, Inc., Developing American Tourist Enterprises, Inc., Development Optics, Inc., Devan Development Corporation, Dexter Foundation, Inc., Di Ciero Restaurant, Inc., Di-Ferron Laboratories, Inc., Diamond State Linoleum & Tile Co., Dickson-Manville Colliery Company, Dickson Weatherproof Nail Company, Dictation Systems, Inc., Dictograph Corporation, Diner Foods, Inc., Direct Military Services Incorporated, Discount House of Pictures, Frames and Mirrors, Inc., Display Consultants, Inc., Distillex Industries Inc., Diversified Oil & Mining Corporation, Dixie N. T. S., Inc., Dixie Oil & Gas Co., DNI4 Land Development and Sales Co., Do-Drop Inn, Inc., Dobco, Inc., Doc Tomb Wagon

Train & Last Round-Up, Inc., The, .uomestic Trade Corporation, Dominion Chevrolet Co., Donovan Realty Co., Inc., Dooley & Gardner, Inc., Doringer Industries, Inc., Dorothy Corporation, The, Dover Cosmetics, Inc., Drew Steamship Services Incorporated, Dri-Clean-O-Mat Corp., Drinkmate Mfg. Inc., Duane Cloud Foundation, Inc., Dulles International Industrial Park, Inc., Dunleith Community Civic Association, The, Dupont Cab Company, Dworman Corporation, The, Dyna-Meth, Inc., Dyna Sales Corporation of New York, Dyna Sales New England, Inc., Dyna Sales South, Inc., Dynagraphics Research, Inc., Dynamic Air Engineering, Inc., Dynamic Projections, Inc., Dynex, Inc.

E. & J. Investment Corporation, E. L. Traylor Company, Inc., E. P. S. Corporation, Eagle Litho Company, East Side Mercury Sales, Inc., East Washington St. of N. Attleboro, Inc., Eastern Data Processes, Inc., Eastern N. T. S., Inc., Eastern Produce, Inc., Eastern States Producing Company, Eastover Hills Company, Econo Drug, Inc., Editorial Associates Inc., Edon Roc, Ltd., Education-Electronic, Inc., Edward A. Berger Co., Edward-Meadow Corporation, The, Edwin M. Charles Company, Inc., The, EFC Liquidating Corporation, Elam Shipping Corporation, Electra Industries, Inc., Electricolor Metal Processing Corporation, Electro Optical Development & Research Co., Inc., Electronic Color Corporation, Electronic Credit Systems, Inc., Electronic Development Corporation, Electronic Parking Meters, Inc., Electronic Research Corporation of America, Electronic Vision Industries, Inc., Electronics Converter Industries, Inc., Elisa Holiday, Inc., Elite Toiletries & Cosmetics Inc., Ellis Research Laboratories, Inc., Elmotel Corporation, Emco Insurance Corporation, Empire Funding Corporation, Empire Toiletries & Cosmetics, Inc., En Mail Machine Corporation, Energy Dynamics Corporation, Engineering Design Information Services, Inc., Erickson Machinery Corporation, Elwood Corporation, Esan Oil Company, Essex Hotel and Cafe, Inc., Estate Holding Corp., Eudaemonic Foundation Ltd., The, European Research & Development Corporation, Evelyn Hosiery Co., Inc., Excelsior Hosiery Co., Inc., Excelsior National Corp., Exchange Cabbus Underwriters Agency, Inc., Exchange Underwriters Agency, Inc., Executive International United Management Consultants, Inc., Exodyne Enterprises, Incorporated, Express Barge Lines, Inc.

F. Capano Construction Co., Inc., F. & J. Apartments, Inc., F. & J. Tigani Builders, Inc., F. M. Guide, Inc., F. R. Chilton and Co., Fabian's, Inc., Fable Brands, Inc., Fairfield Controls, Inc., Fairview Construction Co., Inc., Faith Community Baptist Church, Inc., Falcon Securities Services, Inc., Family Security Shelter Corp., Fantabulous Estates, Inc., Far East Restaurant, Inc., Farrissetser Transport, Inc., Federal Instruments Corporation, Federated Bowling Corporation, Federated Foods of Maryland, Inc., Fidelity Registrar & Transfer Corporation, Financial Corporation of California Inc., Financial Planning Service, Inc., Finders Oil & Gas Corporation, The, Finest Scaffold Company, The, Finn Electronics Corporation, First Capital Corporation, First Development Company, First Financial and Development Corporation, First State Auto Supplies, Inc., First State Fraternal Supply Co., Inc., First Transatlantic Fund Corporation, The, First Transcaribbean Corporation, First U. S. Southern Corp., First West Palm Drug Corporation, Fiscal Services, Inc., Fitch Hosiery Co., Inc., Five, Inc., The, 530 Social Club, Inc., Flash Enterprises, Inc., Fleet Care, Inc., Flex-I-Brush, Inc., Flexifoam Industries, Inc., Flextron Industries, Inc., Flo-Container Incorporated, Florentine Importing Company, Floyd Oles, Inc., Flying Ten Club, Foggy Bottom, Inc., Folk Festival Foundation, Fontana National Corporation, The, Food Corporation of America, Food Transport Service Corporation, Foot Levelers, Ltd., Force Steamship Corporation, Foreign Trade Corporation, Forspack, Inc., Forsyth and Company, Inc., Fort Stanwix Manufacturing Company, Inc., The, Foundation of Saint Joseph, Inc., The, Foundation Services, Inc., Fountain Enterprises, Inc., Fountain's, Inc., Fountain Trailer Sales Co., d-D Marketing Company, Inc., Fourbees Chemicals, Inc., Fowler Brothers, Incorporated of Detroit, Francis Management Co., Frank Gallagher and Company, Frank Stranahan's Champions' Formula, Inc. of California, Franklin Midwest Industries, Inc., Franwood Corporation, Frapa Maintenance Corp., Free Trade Corporation, Frente Revolucionario Democratico, Inc., Frontier Research & Development Corp., Frozen Fruit Products Corporation, Furness Line Ltd., Fuzon Corporation, Fynne, Keeling and Associates, Inc.

G. & A. Development Company, G. & A. Realty Corporation, G. E. Hall, Inc., G & G Enterprises, Inc., G & W Associates, Inc., Gaddy & Gaddy Construction Co., Inc., Gainture, Inc., Gallo Electronics Corporation, Gardner Corporation, Gateway Engineered Products Corp., Gaylite Incorporated, Gem Color Co., Inc., General Aircraft Company of America, Inc., General Bowling Corporation, General Dielectrics, Inc., General Excavators, Inc., General Exchange Enterprises, Inc., General Expressways, Ltd., General Pool Service, Inc., General Radiotelephone Co., General Realty and Developing Corporation, General Screen Corp., Geo-Development Corporation, Georgetown University Alumni Association of Delaware, Gibralter C. P. I., Inc., Gibralter Land Development Corp., Gifford & Takahashi, Inc., Gilbert H. Robinson, Inc., Gilmer Realty Company, Glacier Publishing International, Inc., Glenview Home-. craft Co., Globe Construction Company, Globus Fund, Inc., Gly, Incorporated, Golden Hind Estates, Inc., Goldop, Inc., Good-All Plumbing & Heating, The, Goodrich Associates, Inc., Gopher, Inc., Gordon of Fairfax, Inc., Gotham Investment Corporation, Gotham N. T. S., Inc., Goubaud De Paris, Inc., Governor Printz Realty Company, Grade-A Frozen Food Co., Graham Freelance Incorporated, Grail Inc., Grandview Farms, Inc., Great Lakes N. T. S., Inc., Great Western Chemical Mining Corporation, Great Western Oil and Gas Company, Greater Paint & Chemical Corp., Greenlea Corporation, The, Greenville Apartments Corporation, Greenwood Colliery Company, Grendon, Inc., Griffith Teleprinter Corporation, Grig Co., Inc., Grossbart Jewelers, Inc., Groton Company, Group Builders, Inc., Grubb Road Builders, Inc., Gruman-Bond Equipment Corp., Guardian Holding Corporation, Guinea American Corporation, Gulf N. T. S., Inc., Gumboro Feed Service, Inc.

H & H Dredging Company, Inc., H. I. Scott Realty Company, H. L. Hutton & Co., H. M. S. E. Investing Corp., H. Ryan Appliances, Inc., H. Ryan Furniture, Inc., H. Ryan Furniture Supermarket, Inc., Hackett Productions, Inc., Hagrob Picture Corporations, Halcyon Corporation, Hall Production Co., Hall-Sears International, Inc., Hallmark Properties, Inc., Hamiker, Ltd., Handee Mfg. Corp., Haney, Incorporated, Har-Del Corporation, Harbor Estates, Inc., Harlem-Ogden Self Service Cleaning & Laundry Village, Inc., Harold S. Kelshaw Corporation, Harrison Transport Company, Inc., Harry Gibson, Inc., Harvey's Enterprises, Inc., Harvey Lowery, Inc., Harvey Refrigeration Company, Hasday Optical Co. of Texas, Inc., Hawke Company, Hawley Construction Co., Inc., Hayden Construction Company, Inc., Heavener Hotels, Incorporated, Hem Corporation, Hemisphere Enterprises, Inc., Henmar Corporation, Herrods Run Oil and Gas Company, Hession Textile Corp., Hi-Way Safety Equipment Co., Hickory Chick, Inc., Hightower-Morse & Company, Hill-Brown Fabrics, Inc., Hillsboro Marine, Inc., Hillside Development Corporation, Hillside Liquors, Inc., Hilltop Diner, Inc., Hinners Brothers, Inc., Holiday Hills Civic Association, Inc., Holiday Hills, Inc., Holiday Homes, Inc., Holiday Marina Boatel Development Corp., Holiday Realty Co., Holiday Sales & Royalty Co., Inc., Hollingsworth-Wiley Corporation, Holly Oak Community Club, Home Pride Products, Inc., Homemakers Investment Corporation, Homer Foundation, Inc., Hometown Motors, Inc., Honey Dew Food Stores of Connecticut, Inc., Honey Dew Food Stores, Inc., Honey Dew Food Stores of New Jersey, Inc., Hopewell Processing Corporation, Hotel Carlyle of Washington, D. C., Hotel Consultants International, Inc., Hotel Investors, Inc., House of Koshu, Inc., House of Poitier, Inc., Hudson Poultry Farms, Inc., Hughes & Tucker Transport Co., Inc., Hunters and Anglers Association, Huntington Marblehead Company, Hush Bumper Service, Inc., Huston Culver Fertilizers, Inc., HyPoint Dairy Farms, Inc., Hygeia Electronics Corporation.

Insurance & Mutual Fund Management Corporation, Insurance Offices of the Seaboard Corporation, Integrity Professional Service, Inc., Inter-American Corp., Inter American Development Corporation, Inter-American Industries, Inc., Inter-American Investing Corp., Inter-American Management Corporation, Inter-American Products Corporation, Inter-Mountain Sales Company, Inter-State Acceptance Corporation, Inter-Urban Corporation, Intercontinental Management Corporation, Intercontinental Wallcovering, Inc., Interim Technical Corporation, International Advisors, Ltd., International Apparel Associates, Inc., International Brazilian Mining Corporation, International Donut Corp., International Gas Company, International Industrial Development Consultants, Inc., International Iron of Costa Rica, Inc., International Marketland, Inc., International Metal Industries, Inc., International Monorail Systems, Inc., International Placement Bureau, Inc., International Proprietaries, Incorporated, International Seminars, Inc., International Services, Inc., International Ski Corporation, International Small Industry Development Corporation, International Steel Corporation, International Structures, Inc., International Teaching Systems, Inc., International Tourist Development Corporation, International Vending Corporation, Interstate Industries, Inc., Investors Leasing Corporation, Isis International Corporation.

J. C. Traynor, Inc., J. E. Holmes & Associates, Inc., J I Investment, Inc., J & J Spiritulis Temple, Inc., J. M. Erautt Enterprise Incorporated, J. Meat Co., J. N. P. Inc., J. Noble Simpson, Inc., J. P. & L. Auto, Inc., J. R. Meehan Foundation, Inc., J. & S. Transport, Inc., Jack Pry Limited, Baltimore, Jackson Experimental Farm, Inc., Jacqueline Cochran Beauty Salon, Inc., Jamar Management Service Co., James H. Bryant Foundation, Inc., James T. Ryan, Inc., Jan Electronics Corporations, Janus Corporation, The, Jay National Corp., Jefferson Distributors Corp., Jeffrey Corporation, Jesse H. Anderson Company, Jhonics Inc., Jimrick, Inc., John C. Garvin & Associates, Inc., John H. Harris Associates, Inc., John Hurt Chevrolet-Cadillac Co., John J. MC Vicker Company, Inc., John M. Corporation, John St. Group, Inc., Johnnie Lee Macfadden House of Youth and Beauty, Inc., Johnny's Supermarket, Inc., Johnson Buick Co., Inc., Joie Chitwood Thrill Show, Inc., Jonas-Frank Associates Inc., Jones & Layton, Inc., Jullien Engineering Company, Jump Center Manufacturing & Supply Company, Inc., Jump Centers, Inc., Jump for Health & Fun, Inc., Juniata Silica Company, Juvenile Shoe-Fitters, Inc.

K. C. P. Corporation, Kamkap, Inc., Kammerer Hardware & Gifts, Inc., Kann's Apparel, Inc., Kansas City Kwik-Kafe Coffee Service, Inc., Kansas City Trade Corporation, Karlton Club, Inc., Kelly Trailer Court, Inc., Ken Cary Company Inc., Kenn Foundation, Inc., The, Kenneth Apartments, Inc., Kent Custom Homes Co., Kent Oil Service, Inc., Kentoma Petroleum Corporation, Kenton Hosiery Co., Inc., Kett Corporation, The, Keystone Plating Corporation, Keystone Processing Corporation, King and Sipala, Inc., Kinks Points Trident Club, Inc., Knickerbocker N. T. S., Inc., Knickerbocker Transport, Inc., Knight-Waterhouse Corp., Knopf's Inc., Kraft Planned Homes,

Inc., Kramedas Bros., Inc., Kulukundis Lines, Ltd., Kurt Corporation, The, Kwik-Kafe of Boston, Inc., Kwik-Kafe Coffee Services, Inc.

L & B, Inc., L. C. Haller and Company, Inc., L. C. Parker, Inc., L and H Construction, Inc., L H G Corporation, L& I Corp., L. J. Nichols and Son, Inc., L & M Service, Inc., Lad-E, Inc., Lafferty and McCoy Builders, Inc., Lake Brittle Estates, Inc., Lake Plaza, Inc., Lakeland Development Corporation, Laminated Walls, Inc., Lancer Research Development Corp., Lancer Survival Corp., Landaria Corp., Lanseair of Washington, Inc., Larrabee Associates, Inc., Larrabee, Ltd., Larry Berns Productions Inc., Lasalle Park Corporation, Latin American Industrial Development Fund, Inc., Lawrence Jenkins and Company, Inc., Lawrence M. Stein Company, Lease America Corporation, Lease-Back Finance Company, Inc., Lecates & Company, Inc., Ledtom, Inc., Lee Marine Service Company, Inc., Leeds Homes of Salisbury, Inc., Lefcourt Mortgage Company, Lektophone Corporation, Le Parfums Jacques Fath Corp., Lew-Della Hosiery Co., Inc., Lib Steamship Corporation, Lifco, Inc., Lifeguard Shelters & Equipment Co., Likins-Foster Olathe Corp., Lillian's Beauty Shoppe, Inc., Lincoln Oil Co., Linden Construction, Inc., Lindsey's, Ltd., Lindy Club, Inc., Lionel-Wadsworth Ultrasonics, Inc., Little Detroit, Inc., Little Folks School, Inc., The, Little Store, Inc., The, Livingston Gardens, Inc., Livingston's of Wilmington, Inc., Locust Construction Co., Logs and Lumber, Inc., Looks Limited, Loomis Coal Corporation, Louree Liquors, Inc., Lubin Perfumery Corporation, The, Lucas Pola Tron, Inc., Lucky Citrus Producing Corporation, Lungan Development and Trading Co., Ltd., Lykon Manufacturing, Inc., Lynch Engineering Co., Inc.

M. A. Phillips Children's Mart, Inc., M C S, Inc., M. C. S. Publishing Company, M. J. Merritt & Co., Inc., M-P Country Club, Inc., M. Rosenbaum & Son, Inc., Macarthur Foundation Company, Inc., Macfarlane, Incorporated, Macks Tire Service, Inc., Madaras Steel Corporation of Texas, Madera Oil and Gas Company, Madiron, Inc., Madison Social Club, Magic City Broadcasting Corporation, Magna-Bond, Inc., Magness Decorators, Inc., Magnetronic Service Corporation, Magnificent Motels, Inc., Magnus Construction, Inc., Mainline Constructors,

inc., Maisel, Inc., Malone-Rountree, Inc., Manflo Corporation, Manhattan N.T.S., Inc., Manhattan Shop, Inc., Manor Park Liquor Store, Inc., Mantle-Maris Enterprises, Inc., Manufacturers Incorporated, Manufacturing Instrument & Tool Corporation, Mar-Trade Corporation of Delaware, Marc Warren Construction Co., Marhandt Enterprises, Inc., Marine Express Corp., Marine Structures, Inc., Marksway, Inc., Marland Corporation, Mario Gas & Oil, Inc., Marteau, Inc., Martin, Blanchard & Associates, Inc., Martin Consultants, Inc., Martin Motors, Inc., Martin Plastics Corporation, Massey Woodworking Company, Inc., Maternity Mart-Philadelphia, Inc., Max Ludwig Company, Maynard Enterprises, Inc., McKay-Davis Pharmaceutical Company, Inc., McKay Hosiery Co., Inc., Meadmont Warehouse, Inc., Meadville Keystone Sales, Inc., MEB Construction Co., Mechanical Enterprises, Inc., Media Industries, Inc., Media Marketing, Inc., Medical Resources Corporation, Medical-Science Fund International, Inc., Melia Corp., Memory Magnetics Corporation, Merchandise World of Youngstown, Inc., Mercuria Company, Inc., Mermaid Pools, Inc., Metalform, Inc., Metalloid Corporation, Meteor Enterprises, Inc., Metropolitan Associates, Inc., Metropolitan Designed for Living, Inc., Metropolitan Realty Development Corporation, Mex-Can, Inc., Mezo Pontiac Co. Inc., Mica Processing, Inc., Micuccio Service Company, Mid America Natural Gas Corp., Mid Central Industries, Inc., Mid-Coastal Corp., Mid West N. T. S., Inc., Middle Atlantic Trade Show Review, Inc., Middleburg Farms, Inc., Middletown Centennial, Inc., Midwest Industrial Corporation, Midwest Steamship Agency, Inc., Mile High Minerals, Inc., Miles & Timm, Inc., Milford Diner, Inc., Minerals Corporation of America, Minor Cabinet Shop, Inc., Miraclean Corporation, Mission Groves, Inc., Missouri Mines Inc., Mr. Fifteen, Dover, Inc., Mr. Hoy's Delicatessen, Inc., Mitchell's Motors, Inc., Mity Industries Inc., Modan Realty Co., Modern Asphalt Paving & Construction Co., Modern Screen Process, Inc., Mohawk N. T. S., Inc., Monaghan Columbus Club, Inc., Monarch Cab Co., Inc., Monarch Plastics Corporation, Monetary Sales Company, Monroe Company, The, Monroe Construction Co., Inc.. Monroe Supply Co., Inc., Montgomery Steel Products Corporation, Moody, Hutchins & Company, Inc., Moore Real Estate Investment and Development Corp., Moral Corporation, Morley Development Company, Inc., Morrow Products, Incorporated, Motion Pictures, Incorporated, Motor-Sport Dover, Inc., Motor-Sport Elsmere, Inc., Mount Vernon Shopping Center, Inc., Movie-Matic Photo Systems, Inc., Muriel Corporation, Musical Enterprises, Inc., Mutual Pipeline Company, Mutual Producers, Inc., Myers & Quigg Asphalt Co., Inc., Myers & Quigg Equipment Co., Inc., Myers & Quigg, Inc.

N & B Realty Corp., N. C. Liq. Co., Inc., Naamans Little League, Inc., Namdur, Inc., Nameoki Concrete Products, Inc., Nanticoke Playgrounds, Inc., Nashua Construction Co., Inc., Nathan Oil Development Ltd., National Art League, Inc., National Atomic Industries, Inc., National Beverage Corporation, National Bowling League of Chicago, Inc., National Captive Nations Committee, Inc., The, National Consultants, Incorporated, National Contact Lens Co., National Gas Appliance Corporation, National Golden Point, Inc., National Hydrocarbons Company, National Industries, Incorporated, National Marinas Corporation, National Marine Rental Corporation, National Metallics Corporation of Delaware, National Properties Inc., National Recreation Corporation, National Solvents Corporation, National Stereo Guild, Inc., National Tomar Corporation, The, Nationwide Development Corporation, Naugle Voting Machine Company, Navajo Leytso Mining Co., Neighborhood Bowling Association, Neptune Lines Incorporated, New Castle Hundred Democratic League, New Haven Amity Drug Corporation, New Hope Temple Baptist Church Society, New Lenox Recreation Center, Inc., New Middletown Beef Company, Inc., The, New Pacific Steel Rolling Mills, Inc., New York Navigation & Chartering Company, Inc., New York Restaurant, Inc., New York-Washington C.M.E. Annual Conference, Inc., Newark Flying Associates, Inc., Newport Tankers Corporation, Nicholson & Patten, Inc., 927 Corp., Ninth Street Properties Co., Nob Hill Park Apartments, Inc., Noreen Realty Corporation, Norfolk Naval Supply Lines, Incorporated, Normandy Oil & Gas, Inc., North American Associates East Inc., North American Oil Corporation of Delaware, North Coal Company, North River Construction Co., Inc., North Western Mining & Exploration Corporation, Northeast Telecommunications, Inc., Northern Corporation, The, Northern Homes, Inc., Northwestern Development Company, Inc., Nortrade Inc., Novi Diesel Engine, Inc., Nu-Vitality, Inc.

0. C. J. Builders, Inc., O'Leno Investment Company, Oakmont Cab Co., Aasis Hotel Inc. of Beersheba Israel, Odex Corporation, Okalta Oils Inc., Oklahoma Log Exchange, Inc., Oklahoma Woodchuck Zinc Lead Company, Oldad Corporation, The, Oliver's Stores for Men, Inc., Olympia Air Freight, Inc., Olympic Laundry and Uniform Rental, Inc., Olympic Pool Company, Inc., Olympic Transport Limited, Olyphant Colliery Company, Omni Fastener Corp., Omni-Flex, Inc., 142nd A. N. G. Aero Club, Inc., One Putt Corporation, Operators Music, Inc., Optronics, Inc., Orbit Press, Inc., Oreclone Concentrating Corp., Oreclone International, Inc., Ores Beneficiation, Inc., Organic Materials, Inc., Oriental Tanker Corporation, Orion Investment Company, Orion Research Company, Orr-Adrams Construction Co., Orr Hosiery Co., Inc., Overland-Australian Oils Ltd., Overseas Air Carriers Association, Overseas Communications Co., Inc., Overseas Management Services, Inc., Owens Southwestern Development Corporation, Owensboro Foundry Company, Oxford Builders, Inc.

P. A. J. Corporation, P. A. R. Corp., PC Real Estate and Development Corporation, P and D Corp., P E I Systems Inc., P T I Service Corp., P. T. Rohm, Inc., Pace Productions of Delaware, Inc., Pacific Industrial Services, Inc., Package Structures, Inc., Page Rockingham Office Machines, Inc., Paladinetti Bros., Inc., Palmer Suddaby Enterprises, Inc., Pan-Electronics Company, The, Pan International, Ltd., Pantex Manufacturing Corporation, Param Properties, Inc., Parking Associates Manhattan Co., Inc., Parklyn Pharmacy, Inc., Parkway Contracting Co., Pastall Corporation, The, Pastom, Inc., Patent, Research & Development, Inc., Pathe-America Distributing Co., Inc., Paul P. Merbach and Associates, Inc., Paul V. Ames, Inc., Pauline and Henry L. Kahn Foundation, Inc., Pendale Corporation, The, Peninsula Home Builders, Inc., Penn-Bell Electronics, Inc., Penn Liquors, Inc., Penn-Ohio Steel Corporation, Pennon Electronics Corporation, Pentagon Insurance Corporation, Penzell Building & Construction Corporation, Perigee, Inc., PermaCoater, Inc., Personal Collections, Inc., Personnel Advisory Service, Inc., Personnel Research Associates, Inc., Pet Shoppe, Inc., The, Peter Wheat Service Bakers, Inc., Pharm-A-Desk Corporation, Phil Frates, Inc., Philadelphia Publications Corporation, Photronic Corporation of America, Pierce Holding

Company, Pike's View Corporation, Pitney Butte Mining and Smelting Company, Inc., Pizza Plaza Realty Corp., Planoscope Corporation, Plans Incorporated, Plasser Railway Machinery Manufacturing Corporation, Plastic-Concrete Products, Inc., Playville, Inc., Ploener Auto Parts Co. Inc., Plummer, Ltd., PM Construction Co., Pocohontas Temple, No. 60 Daughters of Improved, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the World, Inc., Point Breeze Construction Co., Polarized Meat Company, Polyvinyl Coating Laboratories, Inc., Portable Jon of Delaware, Inc., Portable Jon of New Jersey, Inc., Portable Jon of Philadelphia, Inc., Portable Refrigeration, Inc., Postal Constructors, Inc., Potomac Realty Co., Inc., Power Industries Inc., Pre-Engineered Homes Corporation of America, Premier Pharmaceutical Corporation, Presco Industries, Inc., Prescott-Lancaster Corp., President Airlines, Inc., Presidents Life Insurance Investment Company, Pressure Seals, Inc., Preston Decorating Company, Inc., Priebe Hatcheries, Inc., Priebe Poultry Company, Priebe & Sons, Inc., Princeton Carton Corporation, Printed Circuit Equipment and Supply Corp., Process Equipment Corporation, Producers Equity Corporation, Product and Industrial Engineering Corp., Progressive Club 13, Inc., Projects Development, Inc., Prom, Inc., Promotional Services, Inc., Prospect Holding Corp., Purchase Credit Company, Purdy, Carlisle and Dodds, Inc., Purtell Bros., Inc., Pymat Corporation, Pyroxite Corporation, The Queen Quality Boot Shop Incorporated, Quidnessett Golf & Country Club, Inc., QXQ Corp.

R & R Supply Co., R & S Transport Company, Race Nite, Inc. of Boston, Radio Management Corporation, Rand Brothers, Inc., Randex, Inc., Rapidex-Dox Plank Manufacturers Association, Raxant Corporation, Ray-Lite Sign Company, Inc., Rayburn Leasing Company, Raylance Corporation, RC-Nehi Corporation, Realty, Inc., Reardon Boats, Inc., Redneb Pipe Co., Redstone Motor Lodge, Inc., Reflecta Corporation, The, Refrigeration Equipment and Repair Company, Regal Park Swim Club, Inc., Reid Construction Company, Reid & Son, Inc., Reiver's, Inc., Reliable Poultry Market, Inc., Renaire Corporation, Renewal Finance Corp., Rescon Electronics Corporation, Research Dynamics, Inc., Research Plastic Corporation, Resources

Unlimited, Inc., Reylock, Inc., Rhodes Manufacturing Co., Inc., Rhodes Research Corporation, Richardson Boat Company, Richmond Motor Lodge, Inc., Richmond Oil & Gas Co., Ricksha, Inc., Ridgerock of America, Inc., Ridgewood Construction Co., Ritz Cab Company, River Roads Confections, Inc., Riverhead Corporation, The, Riverview Amusement Co., RKM Incorporated, RLA Distributing Co., Inc., Robin Hood Supply Co., Robino Development Company, Rock Fabricates, Inc., Rockrose Construction, Inc., Rodney Distributors, Inc., Rolloway System, Inc., Roman Garden Motels, Inc., Rosaio Construction Co., Rosegina Inc., Rosenbaum's, Inc., Rosner Corporation, Rosson-Richards Development Corporation, Roxbury Supply, Inc., Royal Acres, Inc., Royal Continental, Inc., Royal Gaines Investment, Inc., Royal Sleep Shops, Inc., Royalty Income Properties, Inc., RuddMelikian Distributors, Inc., Rudd-Melikian Distributors Incorporated of Illinois, Rudolph Greenstreet, Inc., Rural Holding Company.

S. F. Dadds Custom Homes, Inc., S. T. D. Corporation, Sadie McCollum, Inc., Safety Shelters, Inc., Safticraft Corporation, Saintjames Maintenance Corp., St. Louis Commercial Corporation, Samuel and Esther Lipman Foundation, San Diego N. T. S., Inc., San Juan Real Estate Corporation, San Remo Mills, Inc., Sanders Transfer Co., Inc., Sanitary Company of America, Santa Rita Western Company, Inc., The, Savage and Ankrom, Inc., "Schedulations", Inc., Science & Industry Publishing Corporation, Science Investors, Inc., Scientech Corporation, Scientific Engineering Laboratories, Inc., Scientific Prospecting Co., Inc., Scientific Services, Inc., Scientists, Engineers & Executives Institute, Scot's Discount Enterprises, Inc., Scott Petroleum Company, Sea-Treat Products, Inc., Seacoaster Development Corporation, Seaford Plumbing Supply Co., Inc., Seaford Poultry Service, Inc., Security Builders, Inc., Security & Foreign Trading Inc., Security Payment Service, Inc., Selbyville Raceway Association, Inc., Self Help League, Inc., Selkin, Inc., Sell 'N Sery Dispensers, Inc., Selznick Releasing Organization of Germany, Inc., Semiconductor Research Corp., Seminole Production Company, Ltd., Seneca Gas and Oil Corporation, Seven Arts Record Productions Corp., Shacron Oil Corporation, Shamp Scientific Corporation, Shanahan Enterprises, Inc., Shares in America, Inc., Shawnee Road, Package Store,

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Lake, Inc., Spruceglen Maintenance, Inc., Staff Engineering, Inc., Standard Electronics Research Corporation, Standard Magnetite Company, Stanley Ross Corporation, Star Cab Association, Inc., Star Distributors, Inc., Star-Light, Inc., Star Oil Company, Inc., Stat Shell Homes, Inc., Stardust Studios, Inc., Stat Instrument Gears, Inc., State Realty Corporation, "Stay-On" System, Inc., Steelman Construction Co., Stephens Building Co., Steven Corporation, Stoltz Realty Co., Stone Builders, Inc., Stone's Hotel, Inc., Stone House, Inc., Stone Realty Company, Stonehaven Civic Association, Inc., Storm King of Delaware, Inc., Strata-Log Company, Inc., Styles, Inc., Suburban Medical

Clinic, Inc., Suburban Spray, Inc., Sudam Trading Corporation, Sunny-Dell Acres Inc., Sunnyside, Inc., Sunset Contractors, Inc., Sunshine Construction Company, Inc., Super-Chek International Corporation, Super Vending Corporation, Superdynamics, Incorporated, Superior Airlines, Inc., Sussex Catv, Inc., Sweigart Protection Company, Inc., Swiss Valet National Corporation, Sylvan-Cheryl Apartments, Inc.

T-Bowl, Auburn Inc., T. W. Knowles, Inc., Tagil Corporation, Tankers & Tramps Corp., Tara Land & Development Company, Inc., Tastee-Freez of Dimarva, Inc., Tastee-Freez Mobile Units, Inc., Tax Exempt Bond Fund, Inc., The, Technical Associates, Inc., Technical Equity Corporation, Technical Services Co., Inc., Technical Training Corporation, Techno-Lectric Industries Inc., Technological Packaging International, Limited, Tejas Oil and Gas Company, Tele-Communications Corporation, Tele-Smoke Corp., Telebowl Enterprises, Inc., Telford and Macleod Co., Tennessee Terminal, Inc., Terence Hosiery Corporation, Termitox, Inc., Terry Towing, Inc., Texas International Sulphur Co., Texas Trade Show Review, Inc., Texas Turfing Co., Theatre Development and Management Co., Inc., Thermo-Chem Corporation, Thermodyne Electronics, Inc., Therodyne Corporation, Thirty Eight Inc., 39 Realty, Inc., Thomas-Bonnie Building Corporation, Thos. F. Kelleher Company, Thos. P. Pease Incorporated, 3-D Windows, Incorporated, Tide & Trail Club, Tiglia, Inc., Timewell Automation, Inc., Tire Center, Inc., The, Toast-T-Nuts Inc., Tobin Craft, Inc., Tokay Liquors, Incorporated, Tolvision (Cal.), Inc., Tomcolum, Inc., Toured Venetian Blind Company, Tomled, Inc., Tompas, Inc., Toranto Brothers, Inc., Tours & Tickets, Inc., Tramp Shipping & Oil Transportation Corporation, Trans-American Communication, The, Trans-International Power Co., Trans-Tech Systems, Inc., Transplans, Inc., Transport Clearings of Metropolitan New York, Inc., Transport Clearings of Philadelphia, Inc., Transportation International, Inc., Transportation & Trading Associates, Inc., Transworld Investing Corporation, Transworld Projects Corporation, Travelers Club, Inc., Trego Bros., Inc., Tri-Bullion Corporation, Tri-County Construction Co., Tri-Leasing Funds, Inc., Tri-State Equipment Company Incorporated, TriStates N. T. S., Inc., Trident Enterprises, Inc., Trident, Inc., Trinity Products Incorporated, Trip-L-Seal, Inc., Triumph Truck Leasing Corporation, Tropical Caribbean Cruises, Inc., Tropical Motor Lodge, Inc., Troyan Electric Company, Truck Center, Inc., Truly Company, The, TSA Transcontinental, Inc., Tsaganos, Inc., Tubular Service Centrol Division, Inc., Tucson Instrument Corporation, Tulsa Hosiery Company, Turasonic Communications Corporation, Turner Investment Corporation, TV Movie Club, Inc., TV Review, Inc., Twelfth and Olive, Inc., 22 West Madison Corporation, Twin City Union Labor Cooperative Association.

U. S. I. E. E., Inc., U. S. Scientific and Development Corp., Unified Service Investing Corporation, Union Petrochemical Company, Unit Masonry Equipment, Inc., Unit Packaging & Research Corp., United Aluminum Products Company, United Components Inc. of New England, United Land Development and Investment Co., United Oil Corporation, United Securities Company of Omaha, United States Arab-Asian Institute, Inc., The, United States Butyl Corporation, United States Etching and Chemical Corporation, United States Fibre Corporation, United States Milling and Minerals Corporation, United States Minerals Corporation, United States Product Development Company, United Technical Service International Corporation, United Turf Express, Inc., United Variable Annuity Funds, Inc., Universal Aero-Tech Corporation, Universal Engineering Corporation, Universal Health, Incorporated, Universal Industries, Inc., University, Diner, Inc., University Villas, Inc., Urban Transportation & Development Company, Utah Mud, Inc., Utility Corporation, The Vacuum Baked Products, Inc., Val-U-Homes Corporation of Delaware, Valet Washette, Inc., Valley Plaza Drug Corporation, Valleybrook Realty Co., Van Dyke Fruit Corporation, Van Sickle Associates International, Inc., Vanderbilt Automative Centers, Inc., Vanship Corporation, Vega-Vita Products Corporation, Velo Tech Corporation, Vendrite Corporation, The, Veneer-Plastics Research Corporation, Ventures of America, Inc., Verified Distribution Company, Vernon Apartments, Incorporated, Vernon Towers Agency, Inc., Veterinarian Dental Devices, Inc., Vic Tanny Enterprises, Inc., Victor Electronics, Inc., Video International Productions Inc., Viking Heating Company, Inc., Village National Corp. Virgil Brannon & Son, Inc., Virus Laboratory of Delaware, Inc.

W. & E. Development and Investment Corporation, W. H. Bear, Inc., W. J. Holdsworth, Inc., W. R. Chance & Associates, Inc., Waimea Ranch Hotel, Inc., Wallace & Warner Realty Company, Inc., Walnut Room, Inc., Walter E. Allen, Inc., Walter E. Bothe Foods, Inc., Walter E. Powell, Inc., Walter J. Scott Democratic Association, Walter U. Artis, Inc., Ward-Garcia Corporation, Warren Keystone Sales, Inc., Wash-O-Mat, Inc., Washington Airways, Inc., Washington Industrial Research Corporation, Water-Sportsman International, Inc., Waterford Shopping Center Drug Corporation, Waterlevel Corporation, Weer Construction Co., WelTron Industries, Inc., Welch Construction Co., Inc., Welch Oil Co., Wellington Packaging Machinery Inc., Wesreb Oil Company, West African Industrial Corp., West End Liquors, Inc., Western C. P. I., Inc., Western Oil Salvage Corporation, Westlake Corp., Westsphere Financial & Shipping Corporation, Wheel, Inc., The, White Fathers Film Foundation, Inc., The, Wicklow Corporation, The, Wilbur-Rogers Fourteenth Corporation, The, Wilbur-Rogers Indianapolis Corporation, The, Wilbur-Rogers Louisville Corporation, The, Wilbur-Rogers New Bedford Corporation, The, Wilbur-Rogers Northland Corporation, The, Wiles Construction Corporation, Will I. Lewis Drilling Company, Wm. H. Barlow Trucking Co., Inc., William J. Kelly, Inc., William Jaffe Co., Inc., Wilmington Tire Service, Inc., Wilmington Wall Paper Co., Inc., Wilmington Waste Trade Merchants Association, Inc., Wilmington York Stores, Inc., Wilpez Investments, Inc., Wilson Bilt Homes, Inc., Wilson Line of Florida, Inc., Wilson Line of New York, Inc., Wilson Line of Pennsylvania, Inc., Wilson Steamship Corporation, Wilton Corporation, Winston Financial Corporation, Wise Owl Distributors, Inc., Wisner Equipment, Inc., Wits, Inc., Woodland Beach Concessions, Inc., World Financial Corporation, World Wide Chariot Association, Inc., World-Wide Distributing Corporation, Wunderlich & Bergman Construction Co., Inc., Wynnewood Corporation.

Xim Corporation.

Yoo Hoo Franchise Corp., York Beach, Inc., York Restaurant, Inc., Young Veterans Club, The.

Zacari, Ltd., Zelle Building Corporation, Zeus Aviation, Inc., Zeus Aviation, Inc., South-East, Zim's, Inc., Zyro Corporation.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, ELBERT N. CARVEL, Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal to be hereunto affixed this eighteenth day of

(GREAT SEAL) January, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and sixty-five, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and eighty-ninth.

By the Governor


ELISA C. DUKES, Secretary of State