WHEREAS, a referendum was duly held pursuant to resolution first adopted by the Town Council of the Town of Camden and pursuant to Chapter 120, Volume 42, Laws of Delaware, as amended; and

WHEREAS, a majority of the qualified voters and real estate owners of the territory proposed to be annexed and included in the limits of the said Town of Camden voted approval to be included within the limits of the Town of Camden; and


Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Delaware (two-thirds of all the Members elected to each House thereof concurring therein):

Section 1, Chapter 108, Volume 47, Laws of Delaware be and is hereby amended by adding thereto a new section to be known as Section 1, Section (2) E. and which shall read as follows:

Section 1. Section (2) E. All that certain tract or parcel of arable, woodland, meadow and cripple land situated in North Murderkill Hundred, Kent County and State of Delaware, lying on the northerly side of Old North Road, which leads westerly from North Main Street in Camden to Front Street in Wyoming, and is bounded on the north by the stream of Isaac's Branch Creek, and lands and premises of the late Albert B. Carter, Sr. estate, lands of Edward Nelson, and lands of the late George Minner, now Howard Talley; on the east by the State Highway Route #13-A leading from Camden to Rodney Village and Dover; on the south by the aforesaid Old North Road and lands of the Hartman Estate, other lands of Lord Brothers and lands and premises of others now within the old corporate limits of the Town of Camden, being more fully described in accordance with a survey made by J. E. Haddaway, Engineer-Surveyor, during October 1965, as follows, to-wit:

BEGINNING at a corner in the thread of the stream of Isaac's Branch Creek for this land and lands of the A. B. Carter Estate, thence therewith South thirty-six (36) degrees East and passing over a part of an old mill stone along the former water line of Howell's Mill Pond and also over a stone recently set as a corner for the proposed Caesar Rodney School grounds, eight hundred thirty-four and seven-tenths (834.7) feet to a stone corner for the Carter lands and this land; thence continuing with the Carter lands and lands of Edward Nelson and the former George Minner land and premises, now of Talley, South forty-one (41) degrees East, twelve hundred (1,200) feet to a stone formerly set along the westerly right of way line of State Highway Route #13-A leading to Rodney Village and Dover, a corner for this land and the former Minner land; thence turning and running with the said westerly right of way line of State Highway Route #13-A, toward Camden, South forty-seven (47) degrees ten (10) minutes West, about nine hundred five (905) feet to the southerly curb line of Old North Road in the old corporate line of The Town of Camden; thence turning and running with said south curb line of Old North Road and the old corporate line of The Town of Camden, toward Wyoming, North forty-five (45) degrees fifteen (15) minutes West, nine hundred thirty-seven (937) feet to a slight curve to the left in said curb line; thence continuing therewith in a north westerly direction about two hundred seven (207) feet more or less to a point of tangent in said curb; thence North fifty-two (52) degrees West about four hundred sixty-five (465) feet to a point in or near the middle of West Street in Camden; thence continuing northwesterly and westerly with the south curb of Old North Road and the old corporate line of The Town of Camden, in a long curve to the left eight hundred sixty (860) feet more or less to a point in the southerly curb line opposite a corner in said Old North Road for the Weeks Sub-division annex to Camden; thence turning and crossing said road, North thirteen (13) degrees West about eleven hundred ninety (1,190) feet and running with the east line of Weeks annex to Camden, to a corner in the thread of the stream of Isaac's Branch Creek in line of the Kemp Annex to The Town of Wyoming; thence running down and with said stream in a northeasterly and easterly direction, its several courses and meanderings about two thousand forty (2,040) feet more or less back to the beginning and containing an area, including the road area, of about ninety (90) acres of land, be the same more or less.

This act shall be effective immediately.

Approved December 21, 1965.