WHEREAS, Pierre S. duPont, Tax Commissioner on behalf of the Tax Department of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for two years preceding such report have failed to pay the taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of this State.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Walter W. Bacon, Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Sections 75 and 76, Chapter 6, of the Revised Statutes of 1915, as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid, are repealed:

A. A. Fieni & Sons, Incorporated, A. E. F. Veterans Association, Inc., A. L. Frommer & Son, Inc., Abington Hills Hunt Club of Scranton, Pennsylvania, Academy Corporation, The, Acco Engineering Company, Ace Motors, Inc., Adanos Corporation, Adele Holding Company, Adjustment Service, Inc., AdkinsRingler Co., Air Container Company, Aircraft Protective Products Corporation, Alaska Minerals Corporation, Alaska Silver Fox & Fur Farms Company, Alco Manufacturing Co., Inc., Alexander, Becker and Schoeppe, Inc., Allegheny Valley Express Company, Allen E. Rogers Corporation, Allied Oil Corporation, Allied Underwriters, Inc., Alton Apartments, Inc., The, Ambassador Hotel & Investment Corporation, Ameractivitas, Inc., American Bible Conference Association, Inc., American Citizen Publishing Company, American Compressed Steel Corporation of Indiana, American Dirigible Corporation, American Duplex Motors, Inc., American European Chemical Corporation, American Handicraft Council, Inc., The, American Heating Company, American Moto-homes of Wilmington, Ltd., American Motorists Association, American Sand Company, Inc., American Ship Plates Corp., American Top & Container Corporation, American Womens Club of Shanghai, American Wood Preservatives, Inc., Amherst Terrace Realty Company, Amicitia Corporation, The, Andover Iron & Zinc Corporation, Angelo Jones, Inc., Angelo Julian Company, Aquaterra Boat Corporation, Arch Lift Shoe, Inc., Armaly's Restaurant, Inc., Ashburn Stock Farms, Incorporated, Assets Holding Company, Associated Contractors, Inc., of Washington, D. C., Associated Gasoline Retailers, Inc., Associated Homes, Inc., Astra Corporation, Atlantic Assets Corporation, Atlas Defense Corp., Atwater Development Corporation, Audiphone Company of Atlanta, Inc., August Stang, Inc., Automobile Club of Delaware, Automobile Racing Club of America, Inc., Automotive Maintenance Association of Delaware, Aviation Corporates of America, Ine., Ayanse Corporation.

B. Oil and Gas Corporation, B. R. Acker Company, Inc., B. & S. Leather Manufacturing Co., Ballard Production Corporation, Baltimore Oceanic Steamship Company, Barcarmil Company, The, Bard-Mann, Inc., Barre Granite Mausoleum and Memorial Co., Inc., Basic Industries, Inc., Bayer Farm Corporation, Beckman Bros. Co., Belmont Laboratories, Inc., Bergstan Patents Corporation, Berry Products Company, The, Beverage Dispensers, Inc., Bible Institute, The, Bilateral League, Inc., Black Bear Gold Mines, Inc., Blackstone, Inc., Bob Rose, Inc., Bolling, Incorporated, Bondsville Corporation, The, Bowden Construction Company, Bowen Anchor & Mfg. Co., Bradbury Development Company, Bradley-Fitch Corporation, Bradley Process Corporation, Brazil Development Corporation, Breck Distilled Products Corporation, Broadfield Metals Corporation, Brotherhood of Electrical Workers of America, Inc., Brotherhood of Trainmen, Brakemen, Porters, Switchmen, Firemen and Railway Employees, Incorporated, Bryan Corporation, The, Builders & Industrial Service Stores, Inc., Builder's Products Corporation, Burbank Realty Company, The, Burrows Motor Company.

C. E. Turner's Conformal Shoes, Inc., C. V. Evans, Inc., C. W. Cain Tailoring Company, Cabrera Publishing Co., Inc., California Gasoline Co., Calvert Hotel Co., Calvert & Rogers, Inc., Camp Passaconaway, Inc., Capital Greyhound Racing Association, Inc., Capitol Beauty Supply and Equipment Company, Inc., The, Capitol Book & Globe Distributors, Incorporated, Capitol Homes Corporation, Carbonic Refrigeration, Inc., Caribbean Manganese Corporation, Carol Plantations, Incorporated, The, Casray Oil Corporation, Castor-Plunge Park, Inc., Cauras Company, Cavalier and Cooper, Inc., Centennial Cleaners and Dyers, Incorporated, Central Building Co., Central Commonwealth Service Corporation, Central Construction Corp., Central Pennsylvania Oil Company, Centrifugal Casting Corporation, Chain Stores Depot Corporation, Charles Petroleum Corporation, Chemical Patents Company, Inc., Chempats Incorporated, Chicago Crude Petroleum Production Corporation, Chicago Shipyards, Inc., Chinchilla Fur Breeding Corporation, Chromium Corporation of Delaware, Cimarron Oil Corporation, Cine-Mysteries, Inc., City Coach Lines, Inc., Clarence R. Siegel, Inc., Claude Neon Southern Corporation, Coffee and Tea Importing Company, Cogley Oil & Gas Company, Inc., Cohen Auto Salvage Co., Inc., Collapsible Metal Case Corporation of America, Columbia Tariff Bureau Incorporated, Comanche Housing Corporation, Combined Chemical Corporation, Commercial Claim Adjusters, Inc., Commercial Petroleum Corporation, Community Auto Sales Co., Concord Silversmiths, Ltd., Conerly Press Features, Inc., Congress Heights Development Corp., Consolidated Engineering & Manufacturing Corporation, Consolidated Magnesium Corporation, Container Sales, Inc., Cool Spring Community, Inc., Cordova Press, Inc., The, Cordovado Gold Dredging Co., Corona Manufacturing Company, Cosgrove Coal Company, Inc., Creditors Liquidation & Audit Co., Crockery Den, Inc., The, Crystalcote, Inc.

Dale Chevrolet Company, Daniel Getson Corporation, The, Danvel Heatless Drying Processes, Inc., Datwyler Precision Products, Inc., Dawson Land Company, The, Decatur Corporation, Deemer Beach Corporation, Defco Company, Inc., Defense Building Corporation, Delaire Corporation, Delaware Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Employees Union, Inc., Delaware Dunes Association, Delaware Leather Company, Delaware Loan Co., Delaware Mercantile Company, The, Delaware Mutual Building & Loan Association, The, Delaware Tire and Battery Trade Association, Inc., Delaware Truckers Association, Inc., The, Delaware War Relief Chest, Inc., Delawarean Co., Inc., The, Delmetco, Inc., Detachable Bit Company, Diamond Quality Homes, Inc., Diamond State Hosiery Mill, Inc., Dickensians, Ltd., The, Dinky Pope, Inc., Direct Distributors, Incorporated, Doric Lodge, No. 30, A. F. & A. M., Inc., Doughboy of Allegheny County, Inc., Douglass Loan Company, Dover Stores Company, Drenner Battery Corporation, Drilling, Incorporated, Dunmore Mt. Airy Corporation, Dunmore Mt. Airy, Inc.

E. C. Perry Co., E. N. Lippincott Co., E. R. McCurdy, Inc., Eagle Graphite Corporation, Eagle Pictures Corporation, Eastern Bankers Corporation, Eastern Development Corporation, Eastern Realty, Inc., Eastern Tankers Corporation, Eau Claire Manufacturing Company, Edco, Inc., Eddie Green's Bar-Bee-Q, Inc., Edmonds, Incorporated, Edward Zupnik & Sons, Inc., Edwards Insulation Co., Inc., Ejecto Company, The, Electrolyse Corporation, Electronics Supply Corporation, Emerson Institute, Inc., Empire Investors Corporation, Evans Tailors, Inc., Evansville Refining Company, Inc., Everglades Stable, Inc., Expansible Vehicles, Inc., Express Motion Poster Service, Inc.

F & J Corporation, Fabricated Steel Products Corporation, Fats and Oils Service Company, Feature Artists Corporation, Federal Appraisal Corporation, Federal Bridge Company, Federal Fyr-Ex. Company, Inc., Federal Motor Sales, Inc., Federal Pharmacal Company, Inc., Federal Rubber Reclaiming Corporation, Federal Security and Mortgage Company, Fern Gold Leasing Company, Fiber-Tex Corporation, Fidelity Investment Company, Fikany Adjustable Arch Corporation, First Housing System, Incorporated, Floselle, Inc., Food Fair Inc., of Delaware, The, Foodomat National Inc., Foods, Inc., Foundation Steel Corporation, 4039 La Porte Building Corporation, Foxmeadow Farms, Inc., Frank J. Clarke, Incorporated, Frank J. Hoey Corporation, Franklin Control Company, Franklin Housing Corporation, Frederick Industrial Loan Company, Frederick Investment Company, Freeland Oil Corporation, The, Fwd Co., The.

G. E. B. Corporation, G & G Auto Parts Corporation, Gasoline Retail Dealers Association of Delaware, General Aircraft Products, Inc., General Clay Products Sales Corporation, General Douglas MacArthur National Defense Club, Inc., General Manganese Corporation, George Ehret's Hell Gate Brewery, Inc., Geo. M. Fisher, Inc., George S. Harwick, Inc., Georgetown Corporation, The, Georgetown Realty Company, Gillespie Auto Laundry System, Inc., Glenelf Corporation, Gold Cup Mining Corporation, Goldenwest Mining Corporation, Good Neighbor Products, Inc., Good Will Motors, Inc., Goodman Concessions, Inc., Goodman Wonder Show, Inc., Goodwin Preserving Company, Grand United Order of Daughters of Samaria, Inc., Grand Oil Burner Corporation, Gratitude, Incorporated, Gray-Burton, Inc., Grocers Service Co., Inc., Guark Electrical Co., Inc., Guernsey Estates. Inc., Guiana Syndicate, Inc., Gulf Alcohol Products Co., Gulf Construction Company, Gulf View Heights Company.

H-E Industrial Service Corporation, H. B. K. Hotel Company, H. L. Davis & Company, H. W. Booker, Incorporated, Haciendas, Inc., Haddock & Healy Housing Corporation, Haddonfield National Corporation, Hanford & Fabian, Inc., Harold, Inc., Harris Construction Co., Inc., Harvey E. Booker, Inc., Haun Pharmacal Corporation, Health Laboratories, Inc., Hebron Poultry Farms, Inc., Hendrix Pinon Company, Inc., Henj es Utilities, Inc., Henry F. Heyer Co., Henry F. Heyer, Incorporated, Herbert C. Heller & Company Incorporated,, High Frequency Light Corporation, Holdings, Inc., Hollandale Farms, Inc., Home Builders, Incorporated, Home & Church Organization Service, Inc., Home Improvement Company, Horace Keane Aero (1908) Planes, Inc., HouseHold-Pac Corporation, Hulse Engineering Corporation, Hyattsville Finance Company, Hydraulic and Gas Engineering Corporation, Hyland Park Development Company, Inc.

Indoor Display Advertising, Inc., Industrial Service Corporation, Industrial Sugars Corporation, Industrial Supply Co., Inc., Inside Workers of the Wholesale Tobacconists Union, Integrity Corporation, Inter-American Service Corporation, International Radiophone Corporation, International Research Laboratories, Inc., Interstate Construction Co., Inc., Irving Walter Co., Inc., The, Italian American Company.

J. C. F. Holding Corporation, The, J & M Market, Incorporated, James N. Ginns Investment Company, The, Jesse Storck & Sons Investments Inc., John Baizley Iron Works & Engineering Company, The, John J. Gardner Company, John J. Radley Realty Corporation, John Thornton & Co., Inc., Joiner Oil Corporation, Joseph Nugent Incorporated, Joseph Shapiro Co., Inc.

K. and W. Realty Co., Kando Finance & Securities Corporation, Kapsi-Kon Yeast Corporation of Baltimore, Md., Karfoam Corporation, Kent Gas-O-Matic Heater Corporation, Kentucky Tennessee Natural Gas Corporation, Keystone Boys' Camp, Inc., Keystone Steel Car Company, Kibblets, Inc., Kimball Agency, Incorporated.

L. Newstadt and Son Company, L P C Chemical Corporation, L. P. Curlett and Company, La-Wa-Ai Motors Corp., Lakeland Phosphate & Fertilizer Company, Landwehr Heating Corporation, Layton Cold Storage, Incorporated, Leader Mercantile Corporation, Leary, Inc., Lens-Prism Designers, Technicians, Craftsmen, Apprentices, and Miscellaneous Workers Alliance, Inc., Lewiston & Roanoke Corporation, Liberty Bond and Mortgage Company, Inc., Lick Run Coal Company, The, Lincoln Caverns, Inc., Lithograph Products, Inc., Livingston Manor, Inc. No. 1, Livingston Manor, Inc. No. 5, Livingston Manor, Inc., No. 4, Livingston Manor, Inc., No. 3, Livington Manor, Inc. No. 2, Llewellyn Laboratories, Inc., Lockhart & Co., Ltd., Lockport Brewing Company, London Amusement Co., Looboyle Refining Co., Lucky Strike Dress Shops of Washington, D. C., Inc., Lynchburg Madison Co., Lynn Estates, Inc.

M. R. Company, Inc., Mahopac Oil Corporation, Malatesta and Matassino, Inc., Malone Mining Co., Inc., Managed Investments, Inc., Management, Incorporated, Manganese Development Company Inc., of Delaware, The, Manufactures Engineering Equipment Company, Manufacturers Production Corporation, Maria Santissima del Carmine Italian Catholic Mutual Beneficial Society, Martin Motors, Inc., Marvel Products Company, Maryland Dun Brick, Tile and Flagstone Co., Inc., Maxton, Inc., McHugh Co., Delaware, McLan Corporation, Medway Laboratories, Inc., Mercer Building Company, Inc., Metalcrafts Corporation, Metals Operating Company, Metropolitan Hotel Corporation, Metropolitan Pictures Corporation, Mexican-Pacific Development Company, Incorporated, Mica Corporation of America, Michigan Phonette Corporation, Mid-America Acceptance Corporation, Mid-American Resources, Inc., Midget Market, Inc., Midwest Land Company, Midwest Lawn Seed Co., Milford Mineral Water Products Company, Minerals Mining and Milling Company of Nevada, Missouri Technical School Inc., Mobile Homes Corporation, Monogram Company of America, Inc., Monroe Products, Inc., Morris & Cumings Dredging Company, Morris Home Improvement Co., Morris Silverstein Mutual Aid Association, Motor Credit Company, Motors Warehouse Corporation, Munitions Products, Inc., Music and Rhythm Publishing Company, Mutual Funds, Incorporated.

Nan Stewart, Inc., National Automatic Dispensers, Inc., National Automatic Ordnance, Inc., National Cigar Corporation, National Engineering and Construction Co. of Pennsylvania, National Equipment Engineering Corporation, National Home Builders Association, National Insurers, Inc., National Lodge, No. 32, Independent, Order of Odd Fellows of St. Georges, Delaware, National Motorist Association, National Plastics Corporation, National Tool Corporation, National Truck Leasing Corporation, National Utility Battery Company, The, National Vanadium Corporation, Natra Corporation, The, Neal Mining Company, Neerb, Incorporated, Nelson Foundation of America, Inc., Nettor Corporation, New Castle Sand and Gravel Company, Inc., New England Annual Conference of The African Methodist Episcopal Church, Inc., New York Concentrators, Ltd., Newark Air Service, Inc., Nickel Company of Alaska, Inc., Normco, Inc., Norstrand Corporation, North Yuba Mining Company, Northeast Park Realty Company, Northeast Trucking Corporation, Northern Assembly of the United Body Disciples of Christ of the Universe, Inc.

O. D. Corporation, O'Day Burglar Alarm Co., Incorporated, Oakwood Construction Company, Inc., Oil Reduction Corporation, Oklahoma Air Transport Company, Oklahoma Gasoline Company, Omar Refining Company, Outten Realty Company, Overlook Public Service Association, Oxon Park Housing Corp.

Package & Container Corporation, Pan American Continental Corporation, Paradise Cemetery, Inc., The, Paradise Restaurant, Incorporated, Park and Shop, Inc., Peninsular Investment Company, Penn Construction Co., Penn-Georgia Nut and Fruit Company, The, Penna. Lumber & Mining Corporation, Pennsylvania Engineering and Development Co., Peoples Theatre Company, Philad Company, The, Philadelphia Bond & Share Company, Philately Incorporated, Pine Hill Lime & Stone Company, Plains Petroleum Company, Inc., Plastic Arms Incorporated, Point Breeze Bocce Club, Point Breeze Flying Club, Inc., Pope County Mining Corporation, Porphyry Reserve Copper Co., Premier Guernsey Dairies, Inc., President Apartment Corporation, Primitive Church and Apostles in Jesus Name, Association for all Nations, Incorporated, Progress Manufacturing & Distributing Company of Pittsburgh, Progressive College Foundation, Inc., Property Sales Inc., Prototype Corporation, Public Finance Corporation.

Radiolite Tire & Battery Co., Real Ice Productions, Ltd., Realty Credit Co., The, Refco, Incorporated, Refugees of England, Inc., Reg Reb Company, Reliable Poultry Service, Incorporated, Residence Fire Protection Corporation, Richland Collieries Corporation, River Terrace Corporation, Robin Hood Players, Inc., Robinson-Gibbs Corporation, Roland Works, Incorporated, Rolle Vegetable Juices, Inc., Rosen & Co., Inc., Roto-Beam Corporation of America, Rotomotor Corporation, Roy W. Palmer, Inc., Russalloy, Incorporated, Rust and Todd, Incorporated.

S. L. Crook Corporation, Sacoder Manufacturing Corp., Safety Devices Corporation, St. Ozarkansas University, Inc., Sanders Investment Corporation, Savannah Warehouse and Forwarding Corporation, Savory Appliance, Incorporated, Scherr Poultry Corp., Schooner Philip P. Manta Corp., The, Scialytic Corporation of America, Scott Perry Corp., Selco, Inc., Senator Stewart Gold Mines, Incorporated, 728 Market Street Corporation, Shade Control, Inc., Shep-Roid Incorporated, Shepard Machines Corporation, Shore Feed Service, Inc., Sixteen Hundred Four Delaware Avenue Corporation, 69 Club, Incorporated, The, Slaughter Beach Corporation, Smith & Strevig, Inc., Snappies, Inc., Sociadad Exportadora Interamericana, Inc., Societe' Mutuo Soccorso Di Maria Santissima Della Misericordia, Sound Engineering Company, Inc., Southern Banana Corporation, Southern Bureau Incorporated, Southern Golds, Incorporated, Southern Natural Products Corporation, Southern Rust-Proof Paint Company, Southern Star Mines, Inc., Southernland Corporation, Sport Films, Inc., Springfield Machine & Foundry Co., Inc., Standard Oil and Mining Cornpany, Standard Steel Culvert Forms, Inc., State Register Printing Company, The, Steiner Central Meat Market, Inc., Sterling Liquor Company, Inc., Stevens Exploration Company, Inc., Store-cast, Inc., Streemlyned Boat Company, Structural Waterproofing, Inc., Structures, Inc., Suburban Acceptance Corporation, Super Combustion Engine Corporation, Supergraph Corporation, Supreme Finance & Loan Company of Dallas, Inc., Surdam & Co., Sure Oil Corporation, Sutherland Merchandising Service, Inc., Swift Air, Inc.

T. B. Cartmell Paint and Glass Company, Tabard, Incorporated, Talko Company, Texas Land Company, Thermek International, Inc., Thirst Quenchers of America, Inc., Thomas Brothers Company, Thomas J. Lannen Associates, Inc., Thomas J. Lawson Co., Three Rivers Securities Corporation, Tireairmeter Corporation, Titusville Steel Co., Inc., Todd Banking Corporation, Town and Country Motors, Inc., Transfluential Drive Corporation, TriCity Steel, Foundry & Machine Corporation, Truxton Engineering, Incorporated, Tug Gerd H. Henjes, Inc., Tungsten Electrodeposit Corporation, Twin Ports Oil Company Incorporated, 2702 Wisconsin Avenue Corporation.

U.S. Manufacturers' Agent, Inc., Union A. C., Inc., Union Land Company, Union Mortgage Corporation, United Concrete Form Products Co., Inc., United States Aeromotive Corporation, United States Highway Safety Conference, Inc., United States Mining and Milling Corporation, United States Research Corporation, Universal Acceptance Corporation, Universal Art, Inc., Universal Religious Association, Inc., Universal Service Company, Usideas, Inc., Utilities Holding Corporation.

V. Roxor Short, Inc., Van Dusen Aircraft, Inc., Van Dyke Chemical Company, Inc., Vanith Oils, Incorporated, Verus T. Ritter and Associates, Inc., Victor & Shields, Inc., Victory Builders, Inc., Victory Engineers Society, Visulite Container Corporation, Vitamin System, Inc., Vivianna Mining Company.

W. D. LaMont Licensing Corp., Walker & Co., Ltd., Walker & Co. of South America, Ltd., Walsh Industrial Service Corporation, Ward's Hotel Supply Co., Inc., Ware Barge Lines Inc., Warren L. Graham, Inc., Washington Camp No. 12, Patriotic Order Sons of America, of the State of Delaware, Incorporated, Washington Extension University, Inc., Washington Industrial Loan Co., Washington National Hobby Show, Inc., Weiby & Johann Company, Wellington Estates, Inc., Wembly Woolens, Inc., West Electric Hair Curler Corporation, West Indies Fruit Products Corporation, 'West Penn Sand and Gravel Company, Western Ship Terminals, Inc., Weycraft Paper Corporation, Wharton-Dewart Motor Racing Company, Inc., The, Whelan Homes, Inc., Whelan Oil Co., Whiting-Tilson Corporation, Wholesale and Retail Sales-people Union of America, Will Osborne, Incorporated William Parke, Incorporated, William T. Smithers Class, Incorporated, The, Williams Container Corporation, Wilmerding & Co., Inc., Wilmington Academy of Art, Inc., The, Wilmington City Missionary and Church Extension Society, Wilmington Flying Club, Wilmington Iron Salvage & Reclaiming Co., Wilmington Outdoor Sports, Inc., Wilshire Realty Company, Woerner Iron Company, Woodmoor Realty Company, Inc., Wright's Old Curb Restaurant, Inc.

Yazoo Delta Mortgage Company, Yeager, Inc., Youth Improvement League of America, Inc., Ysleta Mining Corporation.

Zipkin, Inc., Zukor's Inc.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, Walter W. Bacon, Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal to be hereunto affixed this eighteenth day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and forty-six, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and seventieth.


By the Governor:


WILLIAM J. STOREY, Secretary of State.