Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Delaware in General Assembly met:

Section 1. That upon the approval of this act authority is hereby given to the Public Archives Commission of the State of Delaware to establish under its jurisdiction a division to be known as the Delaware State Museum to be located in the City of Dover.

Section 2. The purpose of the said Delaware State Museum shall be to collect and preserve for the citizens of Delaware permanent exhibits of some phases of the social, cultural, industrial, agricultural and commercial life of the State and of its natural resources; to prepare and circulate for use in the schools of the State, portable exhibits of instructive material which will aid in a better understanding of the past and present activities in Delaware; and also to convey to the visitors to the State a better understanding of the contributions of Delaware toward the growth of our Nation, from the time of our first settlement to the present day.

Section 3. The said Public Archives Commission is hereby authorized to accept in the name of the State of Delaware, a deed of gift and full title to the Old Presbyterian Church, an important historic building, in the City of Dover, situated on the west side of Governor's Avenue between Bank Lane and North Street on U. S. Route 13, for the purpose of housing the said Delaware State Museum. This act provides further that, if the State of Delaware, through the Public Archives Commission, fails to utilize this building as a museum within a period of three years from the date of approval of this act, or if at a future time the State ceases to use this building as a State Museum, the said property shall be re-conveyed to the Dover Presbyterian Church.

Section 4. The aforesaid Public Archives Commission is authorized and empowered to solicit and receive funds for the purpose of restoring and equipping the old Presbyterian Church as a museum. It is also empowered to collect and prepare suitable exhibits, purchase necessary supplies, tools and equipment and to employ a curator and other personnel necessary for the adequate operation of the said Delaware State Museum.

Section 5. The expenses of water, electric lights, heating fuel and janitor's supplies shall be paid from the funds of the State Building Custodian and the State Insurance Commissioner shall provide adequate insurance for protection against fire, smoke, theft and wind damage.

Section 6. Nothing in the text of this act shall be construed to mean that the Public Archives Commission is empowered or obliged to establish the Delaware State Museum in its present quarters in the Hall of Records.

Section 7. All acts or parts of acts inconsistent with this Act are hereby repealed to the extent of such inconsistency only.

Approved April 9, 1947.