Natural Resources


Subchapter III. Contractor Certification

(a) The Department shall adopt regulations for certification of businesses and individuals to install, retrofit, remove, abandon or reline underground storage tank systems used to store regulated substances.

(b) As a prerequisite for certification, the Department shall conduct written examinations within the State for the purpose of determining ability to perform installation, retrofit, relining, removal or abandonment of underground storage tank systems. The Department may waive the examination for persons who possess a valid certificate from another state, provided such certification is for similar work to be performed in Delaware.

(c) An underground storage tank system shall be installed, repaired, retrofitted, relined, removed or abandoned only in the presence and under the direction of an individual possessing a valid certificate issued by the Department. Certification requirements for contractors shall commence 6 months after adoption of regulations.

(d) Certification will not be required for owners of farm or residential underground storage tanks who wish to remove or abandon their own nonregulated underground storage tanks.

(e) Certification shall be valid for 2 years. The fee for certification shall be $250 for companies and $100 for on-site supervisors. Fees collected are appropriated to the Department to carry out the purposes of the Underground Storage Tank Program.

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