Other Businesses Under Jurisdiction of State Banking Department


Subchapter V. Operating Rules Governing Business of Bidcos

(a) A licensee shall make and keep books, accounts and other records in such form and manner as the Commissioner may require. Such records shall be kept at such place and shall be preserved for such length of time as the Commissioner may specify.

(b) Not more than 90 days after the close of each fiscal year of a licensee or a longer period if specified by the Commissioner, a licensee shall file with the Commissioner an audited report containing the following:

(1) Financial statements, including balance sheet, statement of income or loss, statement of changes in capital accounts and statement of changes in financial position;

(2) A report, certificate or opinion of the independent certified public accountant or independent public accountant who performs the audit, stating that the financial statements were prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles; and

(3) Such other information as the Commissioner may require.

66 Del. Laws, c. 344, § 1.;

In addition to the audited report required by § 3341(b) of this title, a licensee shall file with the Commissioner such other reports and at such times as the Commissioner may require. Any report required by the Commissioner under this section shall be in such form and shall contain such information as the Commissioner may specify.

66 Del. Laws, c. 344, § 1.;

(a) The Commissioner shall visit and examine each licensee as frequently as the Commissioner deems it necessary or expedient of such licensee. On the occasion of every such visit and examination, the Commissioner shall (in company with 1 or more of the officers of such licensee, if requested by such licensee) be given free access to every part of the office or place of business and to the assets, securities, books, papers and records of such licensee.

(b) If in the Commissioner's opinion it is necessary for a thorough examination of a licensee, the Commissioner may retain 1 or more accountants, attorneys, appraisers or other 3rd parties to assist the Commissioner in such examination. Within 10 days after receipt of a statement from the Commissioner, such licensee shall pay or reimburse the fees, costs and expenses of any 3rd parties retained by the Commissioner under this subsection.

(c) Any examination under this section may be made by any person or persons designated by the Commissioner, and in such case all the powers vested in the Commissioner by this section shall be possessed by such person or persons so designated. When any such examination is made without the presence of the Commissioner, the Commissioner shall give written authority to the person or persons conducting such examination, which shall be exhibited to any person contacted in the course of the investigation.

66 Del. Laws, c. 344, § 1.;