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The Delaware Commission on Irish Heritage and Culture ("Commission") is created to establish, maintain, and develop cultural ties between the Irish people and Irish-Americans; foster a special interest in the historical and cultural backgrounds of both groups, as well as in the economic, political, social, and artistic life of the countries involved; and help study, establish, or promote programs or events that will provide appropriate awareness of the culture, history, heritage, and language of the Irish people and Irish-Americans.

81 Del. Laws, c. 255, § 1.;

(a) The Commission shall consist of members who are appointed as follows:

(1) Two members, appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

(2) Two members, appointed by the President Pro Tempore of the Senate.

(3) One member, appointed by the Irish American Chamber of Commerce and Trade Council of Delaware.

(4) One member, appointed by the New Castle County Irish Society.

(5) One member, appointed by the St. Patrick's Day Society.

(6) Two members, appointed by the Irish Culture Club of Delaware, 1 of whom shall be from Kent County and 1 of whom shall be from Sussex County.

(7) One member, appointed by Governor.

(8) One member, appointed by the Lieutenant Governor.

(b) A member of the Commission may be a citizen of the United States or a person holding dual citizenship between the United States and the Nation of Ireland, the United Kingdom or any nation not hostile to the United States or the Nation of Ireland.

(c) The members of the Commission serve at the pleasure of the appointing authority.

81 Del. Laws, c. 255, § 1.;

(a) The Commission shall elect a Chair at its first meeting, to serve a 2-year term and the Chair shall serve until a replacement is elected. If the Chair becomes vacant, the Commission shall elect a new Chair at its next meeting.

(b) The Chair of the Commission has all of the following duties:

(1) Setting a date, time, and place for the meetings of the Commission.

(2) Supervising the preparation and distribution of meeting notices, agendas, minutes, and other documents prepared by or on behalf of the Commission.

(c) If the Chair becomes vacant, the Secretary of State, or the Secretary's designee, shall fulfill the duties of the Chair contained in subsection (b) of this section until a replacement is elected by the Commission.

(d) A majority of the membership of the Commission constitutes a quorum to conduct official business.

81 Del. Laws, c. 255, § 1.;

The Commission shall fall under the authority of the Secretary of State and shall have such powers, duties, and functions described in § 4001 of this title and such other duties and functions as may be referred to it by the Governor, the Secretary of State, or the General Assembly.

81 Del. Laws, c. 255, § 1.;

The members of the Commission shall serve without compensation.

81 Del. Laws, c. 255, § 1.;