Any 10 or more persons associated together for the promotion of the interests of Sunday schools, or as a Young Men's Christian Association for the promotion of religious knowledge and improvement, may become incorporated by the election of managers, not less than 3 nor more than 12, and by taking a corporate name and certifying the same, together with the object of the incorporation, under the hands and seals of the managers, to the Recorder of the county, who shall record such certificate.

13 Del. Laws, c. 419, § 1; Code 1915, § 2186; Code 1935, § 2493; 27 Del. C. 1953, § 301.;

The managers elected shall, upon the recording of the certificate, become a body corporate by the name adopted and certified. The corporation shall have succession for 20 years, may sue and be sued and may purchase, receive, hold and enjoy property, real and personal, for the use and objects of the association and may ordain bylaws for the regulation of its affairs not inconsistent with the laws of this State or of the United States. Such corporation shall hold no real estate except such as is actually occupied and used for the purposes specified in the certificate of incorporation.

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The officers of the corporation, in addition to the managers, shall be a president, who shall be 1 of the managers, a secretary, a treasurer, and such other officers as the bylaws prescribe. The managers shall be elected annually at such place and in such mode as the bylaws direct, and upon their election the managers shall appoint and may from time to time by resolution remove and reappoint the president, secretary, treasurer and other officers of the corporation. The managers shall have the management of the affairs and business of the corporation, and the acts of a majority shall be valid.

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The General Assembly reserves the power at any time to revoke the corporate powers of any association incorporated under this chapter.

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