Professions and Occupations


Subchapter VI. Volunteer License Provisions [Expired July 3, 2010, subject to the provisions of 76 Del. Laws, c. 309, § 2]

In order to apply for a volunteer license, an applicant must:

(1) Submit proof of current license or proof of licensure within the past 2 years (from another U.S. state and/or Canadian province);

(2) Submit record of continuing education (CE) credit that meets the State of Delaware's requirement for the preceding 2 years as determined in the Board's rules and regulations;

(3) Submit to background check, both professional and criminal;

(4) Pass the Jurisprudence test for the State of Delaware;

(5) Show proof of 25 years of continuous licensure in another U.S. state or states and/or Canadian province or provinces; and

(6) Have no verifiable complaints on the National Practitioner Data Bank.

76 Del. Laws, c. 309, § 1.;

(a) Cannot practice dentistry for payment/profit;

(b) License is site-specific to charitable clinics as approved by the Delaware State Board of Dental Examiners;

(c) Must work under the supervision of the dentist in charge of the approved, site-specific clinic; and

(d) Must renew license annually. A 2-year license will not be issued.

76 Del. Laws, c. 309, § 1.;

In order to maintain a license under this section, an applicant:

(1) Must complete a minimum of 125 hours of volunteer dentistry per year; and

(2) Must follow any other requirements that any licensed dentist in this State must follow (e.g., CPR, CE requirements, etc.).

76 Del. Laws, c. 309, § 1.;

(a) Every volunteer dentist and hygienist will be evaluated using an evaluation/review form by the supervising dentist. This form will be developed by the Delaware State Board of Dental Examiners and will be submitted bimonthly for the first 6 months and once every 6 months after the initial 6-month period.

(b) If the supervising dentist finds that the volunteer dentist is incompetent and/or is a danger to the public, the supervising dentist shall immediately notify the Delaware State Board of Dental Examiners. The Board may suspend the license until a hearing is held based on the notification. The complaint and hearing process in §§ 1127 through 1130 of this title is incorporated herein.

76 Del. Laws, c. 309, § 1.;

Penalties for violating the requirement of not practicing dentistry for profit will result in a $2500 fine for each offense.

76 Del. Laws, c. 309, § 1.;