Military and Civil Defense



(a) Each veteran with paraplegia eligible for benefits hereunder shall receive a pension from the State of $3,000 per year payable in equal monthly installments at the end of each month in which such veteran is eligible.

(b) In order to be eligible for the benefits listed in subsection (a) of this section a veteran must file evidence with the Pension Board of Trustees that:

(1) The veteran is paraplegic and fully disabled to the extent that the veteran has no voluntary control over either leg; and

(2) The veteran is listed on the rolls of the United States Veterans Administration as totally disabled for the cause listed in paragraph (b)(1) of this section above; and

(3) The disability is a direct result of service in the armed forces of the United States while the United States was officially at war or during a period when the United States was engaged in hostilities with another nation as a member of the United Nations; and

(4) The veteran is a bona fide resident of the State.

(c) If, at any time the veteran ceases to be totally disabled as listed in paragraphs (b)(1) and (2) of this section, such veteran shall immediately notify the Pension Board of Trustees of the veteran's change in status and shall cease to be eligible for benefits hereunder.

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