Unemployment Compensation


Subchapter VI. Temporary Emergency Employer Assessment

(a) In addition to all other assessments due under this chapter if, in any calendar year, the Department has an outstanding balance of interest accrued on advances from the federal government for the payment of benefits, or is projected to have an outstanding balance of accruing interest, such interest cost shall be assessed against each employer subject to experience rating. This assessment shall not apply to any governmental entity or instrumentality nor to those nonprofit organizations that are reimbursable.

(b) The assessment shall be at a rate determined by dividing the interest described in subsection (a) of this section by 95 percent of the total taxable wages paid by all Delaware employers in the preceding calendar year. The percent resulting from this calculation shall contain 4 significant figures. Each employer's assessment shall be the product obtained by multiplying such employer's total taxable wages for the preceding calendar year by the rate specified in this subsection.

(c) Each employer shall be notified of the amount due under this section by June 30 of each year and such amount shall be considered delinquent 30 days thereafter. Interest shall accrue on all unpaid assessments under this section at the same rate as on regular assessments as prescribed in § 3357 of this title and shall be collectible in the same manner. The assessment shall not affect the computation of regular assessments under this chapter.

(d) All amounts collected under this section shall be deposited in the Special Administration Fund of the Department of Labor.

64 Del. Laws, c. 158, § 8.;