Insurance Code



Subchapter V. Financial

A society shall invest its funds only in such investments as are authorized by the laws of this State for the investment of assets of life insurers and subject to the limitations thereon. Any foreign or alien society permitted or seeking to do business in this State which invests its funds in accordance with the laws of the state, district, territory, country or province in which it is incorporated shall be held to meet the requirements of this subchapter for the investment of funds.

70 Del. Laws, c. 533, § 1.;

(a) All assets shall be held, invested and disbursed for the use and benefit of the society and no member or beneficiary shall have or acquire individual rights therein or become entitled to any apportionment on the surrender of any part thereof, except as provided in the benefit contract.

(b) A society may create, maintain, invest, disburse and apply any special fund or funds necessary to carry out any purpose permitted by the laws of such society.

(c) A society may, pursuant to resolution of its supreme governing body, establish and operate 1 or more separate accounts and issue contracts on a variable basis, subject to law regulating life insurers establishing such accounts and issuing such contracts. To the extent the society deems it necessary in order to comply with any applicable federal or state laws or any rules issued thereunder, the society may adopt special procedures for the conduct of the business and affairs of a separate account, may, for persons having beneficial interests therein, provide special voting and other rights, including, without limitation, special rights and procedures relating to investment policy, investment advisory services, selection of certified public accountants and selection of a committee to manage the business and affairs of the account and may issue contracts on a variable basis to which § 6219(b) and (d) of this title shall not apply.

70 Del. Laws, c. 533, § 1.;

(a) Except as herein provided, societies shall be governed by this chapter and shall be exempt from all other provisions of the insurance laws of this State, not only in governmental relations with this State, but for every other purpose. No law hereafter enacted shall apply to them, unless they be expressly designated therein.

(b) Societies shall also be subject to §§ 505 to 509, inclusive, 523, 529, 530, 532, 1101, 1102, 1105, 1108 and 1127 to 1130, inclusive, of this title.

70 Del. Laws, c. 533, § 1; 80 Del. Laws, c. 117, § 2.;

Every society organized or licensed under this chapter is hereby declared to be a charitable and benevolent institution and all of its funds shall be exempt from all and every state, county, district, municipal and school tax other than taxes on real estate and office equipment.

70 Del. Laws, c. 533, § 1.;