Subchapter II. Organization and Administration of Department

(a) The Secretary of Transportation shall, immediately upon assuming the duties of office and from time to time, recommend to the Department a program for the improvement of state highways and for the inclusion of additional roads or portions of roads in the state highway system, the probable cost of the construction or reconstruction of such roads or portions of roads and the roads or portions of roads which should first be improved and the probable amount of construction which could be undertaken.

(b) The Secretary shall employ, promote and discharge all persons hired by the Department, including a Chief Engineer, for the performance of work for which the Secretary is responsible. All such employment, promotion and discharge shall comply with the laws applicable to the Department.

(c) The Chief Engineer shall be not less than 30 years of age; the Chief Engineer shall be a civil engineer registered or eligible for registration as such in Delaware and shall have been in active practice of the profession for at least 10 years; the Chief Engineer shall have had responsible charge of road engineering work for at least 5 years; and the Chief Engineer shall be qualified to design as well as direct road engineering work. Graduation from a school of engineering of recognized reputation shall be considered as equivalent to 2 years of active practice. The total compensation to be paid to the Chief Engineer and the allocation thereof between the Department and any other public agency or office for services performed for the Department and any other public agency shall be determined by the Department.

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The Department shall enter into a contract with a reliable insurance company or companies doing business in this State to insure the employees of the Department against injury or death incurred while performing their duties as employees of the Department. The Department shall be the sole judge of the kind of insurance and the amount thereof which will best execute such purpose.

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In addition to the notaries public now provided by law in the several counties, the Governor shall appoint 4 employees of the Department, 1 residing in New Castle County, 1 residing in Kent County and 2 residing in Sussex County, notaries public to hold office not exceeding 2 years. Such notaries public may not exercise their office or take affidavits or acknowledgments except on documents and papers for the benefit of the Department, and for which they shall make no charge. Whenever any such person appointed notary public ceases to be an employee of the Department, the notary public's authority as such notary public shall cease, and thereupon the Governor may appoint another employee of the Department a notary public in the person's place. The Governor may appoint additional employees of the Department as notaries public as may be deemed necessary, to which the requirements of this section shall apply.

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