Subchapter I. Definitions

(a) As used in this title, unless the context indicates a different intent:

(1) "Construction" means the first complete building or rebuilding of a highway after it has been converted into a state highway upon a modern engineering design with a permanent foundation of cement, concrete or other equally hard and permanent material and a top dressing of suitable material to economically withstand the wear of the particular traffic to which such highway will probably be subject with an adequate drainage system so that such highway, with reasonable maintenance, can reasonably be expected to endure for upwards of 40 years.

(2) A "Delaware byway" is a transportation route which is adjacent to or runs along or next to an area that has particular intrinsic scenic, historic, recreational, cultural or archaeological qualities and for which such transportation route is managed in order to protect such characteristics and to encourage development of tourism and recreational resources.

(3) "Department" means the Department of Transportation.

(4) "Express highway" means a state highway especially designed for through traffic over which owners of abutting property shall have no easement or right of direct access, light or air, by reason of the fact that this property abuts on such highway, and it shall have only such public entrances or exits as shall be designated by the Department and may be with or without service roads in the discretion of the Department.

(5) "Maintenance," as applied to constructed or reconstructed highways, is the upkeep and support thereof with true surfaces in a hard, smooth condition as when such highways were constructed or reconstructed and with proper and adequate drainage systems; as applied to state highways not constructed or reconstructed, is the upkeep and support thereof in as high a condition of perfection as is consistent with the character of such unconstructed or unreconstructed highway and shall include the keeping of the right-of-way of all state highways clear of underbrush and debris which might interfere with the drainage or injure the foundation of such highways and the setting out and preserving of trees where desirable along such right-of-way.

(6) "Public carrier" includes every individual, partnership, association, corporation, joint stock company, agency or department of this State, or any association of individuals engaged in the prosecution in common of a productive enterprise (commonly called a "cooperative"), their lessees, trustees, or receivers appointed by any court whatsoever, that now operates or hereafter may operate, within this State, any railroad, street railway, traction railway, motor bus or electric trackless trolley coach service, system, plant or equipment for public use.

(7) "Railroad" means a road, the cars, carriages and coaches on which are propelled by steam power, electricity, cable, motor or any improved motive power.

(8) "Reconstruction" is the first extensive repairing of an improved road converted into a state highway, and before the Department has constructed such highway, as in the opinion of the Department and the Secretary of Transportation, will result in a state highway of such permanency that there will be a net saving of reconstruction.

(9) "Road" and "highway" include any public way or road or portion thereof and any sewer, drain or drainage system connected therewith and any bridge, culvert, viaduct or other construction or artificial way used in connection therewith and anything which is accessory to any of the same or to the use thereof.

(10) "Secretary" means the Secretary of Transportation.

(11) "State highway" includes any road or highway or portion thereof which the Department has constructed or of which the Department has taken or assumed control or jurisdiction.

(b) As used in this title, "construct" and "constructed" shall be defined in accordance with the definition of "construction"; "reconstruct" and "reconstructed" shall be defined in accordance with the definition of "reconstruction"; "maintain" and "maintained" shall be defined in accordance with the definition of "maintenance."

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