Health and Safety

Mental Health


Subchapter III. Mental Hygiene Clinic

The Department may maintain mental hygiene clinics which shall be composed of such professional assistants as may be recommended by the Secretary.

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(a) The mental hygiene clinic shall examine all public or private school children within the State who are 2 or more years retarded, when so requested by the superintendent or other executive head of such school.

(b) The clinic shall likewise undertake and carry on a continuous survey and examination of all mentally retarded persons.

(c) The clinic may observe, examine, study and treat the inmates of any institution supported in whole or in part by the State, or any county thereof and may likewise observe, examine, study and treat any person charged with any offense in, or subject to the jurisdiction of, any court within the State, when requested to do so by a judge or judges thereof.

(d) The clinic may likewise, when requested, extend its psychiatric services to all social agencies of the State, general hospitals and all institutions for the mentally retarded for the purpose of the discovery and treatment of mental disorders.

(e) The clinic may, through the State Psychiatrist and Criminologist, apply for the commitment of any person to the Delaware Psychiatric Center under any laws of the State relating to such commitments.

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