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Subchapter IV. Merit-Based Scholarship Programs

(a) Purpose. — It is the purpose of this program to award merit-based scholarships to Delaware students who have demonstrated academic excellence. The program is intended to serve as both an incentive and a reward for serious academic achievement.

(b) Awards.

(1) High school seniors who plan to enroll as full-time students at a degree-granting college during the academic year immediately following high school graduation and who meet application requirements established by the Office are eligible to apply.

(2) Application requirements shall be established by the Office and may include grades, standardized test scores, participation in extra-curricular activities, essay questions and other indicators of achievement.

(3) Awards may be renewed for a total of 4 years of undergraduate study, provided the recipient meets renewal requirements established by the Office and communicated in writing at the time of the original award.

(4) If a student fails to meet the renewal requirements, eligibility for the scholarship is terminated. Attainment of qualifying grades in subsequent years will not qualify the student for reinstatement to the program.

(5) Scholarships are provided for the purpose of meeting direct and indirect costs of higher education. Where such education costs are nonexistent or reduced, as in the case of U.S. military academies, the Office may designate a particular student as a Diamond State Scholar without monetary award or may reduce the value of the scholarship.

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