Free Public Schools


It is the intent and purpose of the General Assembly of this State through this chapter to encourage the youth of Delaware to pursue vocational and occupational education when such pursuit is deemed in the best interest of the student and of this State.

14 Del. C. 1953, § 3201; 57 Del. Laws, c. 490.;

This chapter shall be administered by the Department of Education.

14 Del. C. 1953, § 3202; 57 Del. Laws, c. 490; 71 Del. Laws, c. 180, § 158.;

The General Assembly shall each year in the budget act appropriate a sum to be known as the "Vocational Youth Organization Fund" for the purpose of carrying out this chapter.

14 Del. C. 1953, § 3203; 57 Del. Laws, c. 490.;

The Department is hereby authorized to award grants from the Vocational Youth Organization Fund to such vocational organizations which are an integral part of the instructional program in the following, but not limited to, occupational-vocational areas such as: agriculture, business and office occupations, distributive education, home economics and trade and industrial education.

14 Del. C. 1953, § 3204; 57 Del. Laws, c. 490; 71 Del. Laws, c. 180, § 159.;