Free Public Schools


Subchapter III. Educator Certification

(a) The Department shall issue a standard certificate to an applicant who meets the requirements for licensure and has acquired the prescribed knowledge, skill, or education to practice in a particular area, to teach a particular subject or to instruct a particular category of students. Where applicable and available, an applicant for a standard certificate must have achieved a passing score on an examination of content knowledge, such as Praxis II. This requirement shall apply to all applicants teaching special education in a "core content area," as defined in § 1210 of this title, in secondary schools.

(b) Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (a) of this section, the Department shall issue a standard certificate to an applicant who:

(1) Meets the requirements for licensure and holds a valid and current license or certificate from another state; or

(2) Meets the requirements for a Meritorious New Teacher candidate designation adopted pursuant to § 1203 of this title.

(c) [Repealed.]

72 Del. Laws, c. 294, § 2; 74 Del. Laws, c. 14, § 7; 79 Del. Laws, c. 42, § 3.;

Pursuant to rules and regulations promulgated and adopted pursuant to this chapter, the Department may issue an emergency certificate if the employing district establishes that:

(1) The proposed recipient of the emergency certificate is competent, and

(2) The employing district is committed to support and assist the proposed recipient in achieving the skills and knowledge necessary to meet certification requirements.

72 Del. Laws, c. 294, § 2; 74 Del. Laws, c. 14, § 8.;

A standard certificate must be revoked upon a finding that the certificate holder made a materially false or misleading statement in that certificate holder's certificate application or upon revocation of a license issued under this chapter. A certificate holder is entitled to a full and fair hearing before the Standards Board to challenge a revocation pursuant to this section.

72 Del. Laws, c. 294, § 2; 70 Del Laws, c. 186, § 1.;

If the employer of an educator assigns the educator to teach in an area outside the educator's certification, the employer may not reduce the salary of the educator as a result of the assignment.

72 Del. Laws, c. 294, § 2.;

The Secretary of Education shall have the authority to review licensure and certification credentials on an individual basis and to act upon same at the request of the local school district provided that the local school district is able to document the effectiveness of the applicant.

74 Del. Laws, c. 14, § 9.;