Courts and Judicial Procedure

Special Proceedings


Subchapter III. Effect of Discharge Under Subchapters I and II

A person discharged from imprisonment, pursuant to subchapters I and II of this chapter, shall not be afterwards arrested or imprisoned for any debt or demand contracted or existing before such discharge, except debts and demands of the United States, and also of persons who shall not have been summoned, nor appeared. Such discharge shall have no further effect. If any debt or demand, due or existing, at the time of such discharge, against the petitioner, shall not be fully satisfied out of the estate and property assigned, because of the insufficiency thereof, such debt, or any balance thereof remaining after a proper application of the estate and property assigned, may be recovered and levied out of any property or estate, which the petitioner may acquire or become entitled to, after the date of the assignment, excepting that exempted from execution under this chapter.

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