Section 1. Amend Section § 8736 by deleting the Section in its entirety and inserting the following:

Ҥ 8736. Office of the Commission for Women.

(a) The Office of the Commission for Women is hereby established as a unit of the Department of State, with a Director reporting to the Secretary of State.

(b) The Office of the Commission for Women shall function in an advisory capacity to the Secretary of State and the Governor and shall:

(1) Promote and facilitate the full participation of women in all sectors of society;

(2) Cooperate and collaborate with other State agencies, individuals, organizations and institutions towards the elimination of gender-based bias and discriminatory policies and practices;

(3) Work with appropriate federal agencies and agencies and organizations of other states which are concerned with the status of women;

(4) Serve as a clearinghouse for providing information on the status of women to the general public, to State agencies and to the women of the State of Delaware; and to refer complaints and inquiries to the appropriate State departments or agencies or community organizations;

(5) Contract for the production, distribution and marketing of educational and informative videos and printed materials, consistent with the purpose of the Office, such terms and conditions as deemed appropriate by the Department of State with all revenues from said contracts being deposited in an appropriate special fund for the purpose of reproducing, marketing and distributing copies of video and printed materials.

(6) Assist the Delaware Commission for Women, as established in subsection (c) of this Section, in the implementation of all of its duties and responsibilities.

(c) The Delaware Commission for Women is hereby established and shall consist of 25 members appointed by the Governor. The membership shall be broadly representative of all fields of interest of the women of Delaware. At least four (4) members shall be from each of the three (3) counties of the State and four (4) members shall be from the City of Wilmington. No more than 13 members shall be members of any one (1) political party. The Commission shall be administered by the Office of the Commission for Women and shall report to the Governor and the General Assembly through the Office of the Commission for Women.

(1) The term of a member shall be 3 years. All members are eligible for reappointment.

(2) The Chairperson shall be appointed by the Governor from among the 25 members, and shall serve at the pleasure of the Governor. The Commission may elect such officers as it deems necessary.

(3) Members shall serve without compensation, except that they may be reimbursed for reasonable and necessary expenses incident to their duties as members of the Commission in accordance with State law.

(4) If any member fails to attend four (4) successive meetings of the Commission, their position may be deemed vacant and upon recommendation of the Director of the Office of the Commission for Women, the Governor shall appoint a replacement. Any appointment to replace a member whose position becomes vacant prior to the expiration of the term shall be filled only for the remainder of the term. Members who are appointed to serve out the term of a vacant position are eligible for reappointment.

(5) The Commission shall adopt such bylaws as it deems necessary for the administration of its duties.

(6) The duties of the Commission shall be as follows:

a. To foster an understanding of and appreciation for the many contributions of the women of Delaware to their home, community, State and nation;

b. To organize and administer task forces in conjunction with the Office of the Commission for Women addressing matters of concern to the women of the State, hold hearings, conduct forums and discussion groups, issue reports and compile and distribute statistics and information;

c. To make recommendations to the Governor, General Assembly and Office of the Commission for Women for action which may be taken to end discrimination practices and further the welfare of the women of the State;

d. To review legislation pending in the General Assembly dealing with issues of particular interest to the women of Delaware and to make recommendations concerning such legislature, including providing reports, statistics and testimony in support of opposition to pending legislation;

e. To perform such other functions and duties as imposed upon it by law or as are assigned to it by the Governor and the General Assembly.”.

Approved July 16, 2008