WHEREAS, I, Pierre S. du Pont, TV., Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby find that a State of Emergency exists for the State due to extremely cold weather; and

WHEREAS, extremely cold weather conditions have created serious economic problems for citizens in the State of Delaware; and

WHEREAS, the extreme low temperatures will create serious budget problems for the State and local communities in Delaware; and

WHEREAS, the impact of unemployment is a fact of life due to frozen conditions on the various rivers and the Delaware Bay in lower Delaware; and

WHEREAS, the projected costs to restore and repair pilings, wharves and sunken boats will present serious economic consequences to individuals and municipalities when the Spring thaws occur; and

WHEREAS, the long term impact on the commercial fishery industry and the recreational industry along the southern part of Delaware River and Delaware Bay and seacoast will reduce by several millions of dollars, the income normally derived from these enterprises during the coming Spring and Summer months.

WHEREAS, the weather has helped to develop unprecedented demands on the State's available fuel supply and severe natural gas shortages have developed; and

WHEREAS, a number of industrial plants and factories have been forced to curtail production or to shut down completely; and

WHEREAS, shopping centers, commercial establishments and many businesses have been forced to shorten their working hours, lower thermostats and adopt other measures to lessen the impact of the fuel crisis; and

WHEREAS, the State, faced with a severe economic problem finds that a loss of tax base brought about by the energy crisis and the cold weather will result in compounding the problem.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, PIERRE S. du PONT, ]V, by the authority vested in me as the Governor of the State of Delaware pursuant to Chapter 31, Title 20, Delaware Code, proclaim that a State of Emergency exists in the State of Delaware. I therefore, invoke the provisions of the Delaware Emergency Operating Plan and I direct each local government in the State to cooperate, in every possible way, with the implementation of the emergency plan in order to assist the State.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I, PIERRE S. du PONT, IV, Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal of the said State

(GREAT SEAL) to be hereunto affixed at Dover, this ninth day of February, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and seventy-seven, and of the independence of the United States of America, the two hundred and first.

PIERRE S. DU PONT, Governor GLENN C. KENTON, Secretary of State