WHEREAS, E. Hobson Davis, Tax Commissioner on behalf of the Tax Department of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for two years preceding such report have failed to pay the taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of this State.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, ELBERT N. CARVEL, Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Sections 511 and 512 of Title 8 of the Delaware Code of 1953, as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid, are repealed:

A. A. Ruggerio & Son, Inc., A. A. T. A. Of America, Inc., The, A. & C. Clothes, Inc., A & H Engineering Services Co., A. N. R. Corp., A. R. T., Inc., A. S. N. Inc., A. V. De Marco Foundation, Inc., Academy of Radio Arts and Sciences, Incorporated, The, Acme Bridge & Tennis Club of Delaware, Active Realty Company, Inc., Ade1phi Hardware, Inc., Adga Oil Company Inc., Adsa Corporation, Advance Corp. of America, Air Route, Inc., Air Shippers, Inc., Aircraft Dynamics International Corporation, Airmotive Reclamation, Inc., Ajax Petroleum Corporation, Akers' Products Company, Incorporated, Akers' Service Company, Incorporated, Al and Ad's Inc., Al-Ru Development Co., Alameda Corporation, Alaska-Tuttle Engineering, Inc., Alcore Homes Incorporated, Alfi's, Inc., Alkor Corporation, All-State Investment Company, Inc., All-States Income Tax Service Corporation, The, Allies Inn, Inc., The, Alry Corporation, Alumisign Corporation, Amalgamated Corporation of America, Amalgamated Growth Industries, Inc., Ambassador Towers, Inc., The, Amcan Oil Producing Corporation, American Brazilian Development and Exploration Company, American Building Components, Inc., American Business Institute, American Central Oil Corporation, American Diagrid Corporation, American Foundation for World Trade Studies, Inc., American-Haitian Foundation, Inc., American Health Studios, Inc., American History Institute, Inc., The, American International Airways, Inc., American International Corporation, American Lighting Manufacturers Association, Inc., American Manuscripts, Inc„ American Pipe Industries, Inc., American Precision Engineering Corporation, American Shippers, Inc., American Sulphur Company, American United Investments, Inc., Amro Food Specialties Inc., Anchor Inn, Inc., Andrew Robbin, Inc., Anderson Oil & Gas Co., Anglo-American Petroleum Corporation, Anglo American Tourist Service Association Incorporated, The, Appalachian Gas & Oil Corp., Arizona Reduction Company, Inc., Architects' Service Corporation, ArlandriaBrooks, Inc., Armed Services, Ltd., Arnold L. Kimmes Investment Corporation, Arnold S. Jaccard Corporation, Arsenal on the Green, Inc., Art Craft Paint & Wallpaper Co., Inc., Asher Construction Corp., Assawoman Sand Co., Associate Realty Co., Inc., Associated Hebrew School, Inc., Associated Independent Canners Inc., Associated Industries, Inc., Astro Dynamics Corporation, Atlantic Seaboard Resources Corporation, Atlas Wonder Building, Inc., Austin-Lee, Incorporated, Auto Traders, Inc., Automatic Orange Juicer Corporation, Automation-Engineering Corporation, Automotive Imports, Ltd., Automotive Sales Institute.

B. H. Sisholz, Inc., B. L. Jackson, Inc., B-M-K Corporation, B & 0 Enterprises, Inc., B. P. Productions, Inc., Babcock Printing Press Corporation, Baltimore Delicatessen, Incorporated, Bandwagon, Inc., Banner Buick, Inc., Bar-Kay, Inc., Barita International, Inc., Barnes Oil Company, Barnhart-Morrow Consolidated, Inc., Barnwell Associates Inc., Barnwell Exploration & Development Company, Inc., Barons Club, The, Barry Enterprises, Inc., Basco, Inc., Basin Comstock Mining Company, Bay Shore Mining Corporation, Bayne & Scates, Inc., Beatty Contracting Co., Inc., Beaumont Industries, Inc., Beauty-Tone Homes Inc., Beechman Corp., Belhaven Lumber Industries, Inc., Bell-Owens Electronics, Inc., Bellas Hess Serve-Yourself, Inc. of Greenville, Bellas Hess Serve-Yourself, Inc., of Jackson, Belle-air Towers, Inc., Benal, Inc., Berger Realty Co., Beryllium and Rare Earths, Incorporated, Bettendorf Steel Casting Company, Betts Poultry Company, Inc., Big D Inc., The, Big Shelby Candy Company, Billingsley Realty Co., Inc., Biltmore Foods, Inc., Bio-Research, Inc., Bird House Products Inc., Black Hills Tin Company, Blair-Neubauer, Inc., Blairco Industries, Inc., Blakeslee Forging Company, The, Blue Chip Corporation, Bonded Leathers, Inc., Boulevard Motor Company, Incorporated, Bountiful Enterprises Co., Inc., Boxwood Flying A Service, Inc., The, Bradlee-Brooks, Inc., Bradshaw Drugs, Inc., Brandywine Coal Producing Co., Brandywine Motors, Inc., Brandywine Services Organization, Inc., Bricklayers International Union No. 1 of Delaware, Bright Uranium Corporation, British Isles Distributing Corporation of America, Brittingham's Feed Co., Broiler Producers, Inc., Broken Arrow Oil Co., Brook Hills Construction Co., Inc., Brown's Drugs, Inc., Browne Window Manufacturing Company, Inc., The, Bruce Laboratories, Inc., Budd Builders, Inc., Building Management Service, Inc., Building Services, Inc., Bureau of Business Research, Inc., Burke Construction Corporation, Burke Corporation.

C. E. Muir Co., C. G. Glasscock Oil Corporation, CaibarienRemedios Water Works Company, California Lead Burning Company, Inc., California Machine Distributors, Inc., Cambrian Drilling Corp., Camdale Corporation, Cameron Industries, Inc., Canadian Uranium Mines, Ltd., Cap-Roe Oil Company, Capital Camera Center, Inc., Capital Discount, Inc., Capital Investors, Inc., Capitol Hill Oil Corporation, Capitol Petroleum Corporation, Capitol Plumbing, Inc., Capitol Plumbing, Inc. of Elkton, Cap-weal Corporation, Caravan Sales Corp., Carmel Petroleum Inc., Carmi-Ezzell Wood Products, Inc., Casita, Inc., Castile Enterprises, Inc., Castings, Inc., Castle Coal Company, Castle-Kent Poultry Co., Cathedral Caverans, Inc., Cavalier Liquors, Inc., Cedco Electronics, Inc., Central America Development Corp., Central American Oil and Mining Company, Central Oklahoma Oil Corporation, Central Western Petroleum Corporation, Central Wyoming Oil & Uranium Corporation, Century Concrete Products, Inc., Century Sign Co., Inc., Century Publishing Company, Inc., Ceraseal Chemical Corporation, Chambliss Engineering Corporation, Chanute Apartments Corporation, Chanute Gardens Corporation, Chefs Diner, Inc., Chelf Recorder Corporation, Chelsea Country Club, Chemical Ventures Syndicate, Ltd., Cheminol Corporation, Chestnut Hill Rehabilitation Center, Inc., Chicken Shack, Incorporated, The, Christian Knights, Inc., The, Ciro's Famous Village Restaurant, Inc., City Bowling Alleys, Incorporated, City Wide Loan Co., Citywide Realty Co., Inc., Civil Constructors, Inc., Clark Oil Corporation, Clark Stenographic Typewriter Company, Clean-Rite Chemical Company, Inc., Climax corporation, Clinical Products Corp., Clint Royce, Inc., Clock Dry Cleaners, Inc., Clover Leaf Corporation, Coastal Farms Co-Operative Association, Inc., Cobar Realty Company, Inc., Coffee Royal, Inc., Coggin Chevrolet Inc., Collegiate World, Inc., The, Colmar Construction Company, Inc., Colonial Finance Corporation, Color Conversion Corp., Colorado Water and Power Company, Columbia Truck Leasing Company of Cincinnati, Ohio, Inc., Comico Corporation, Commerce & Industry, Inc., Commercial and Industrial Research Corporation, Commercial Syndicated Films, Inc., Commission for the Study of Industrial Medicine in the United States, Inc., Commonwealth Commercial Corporation, Commonwealth Leasing Corp., Compact Advertising Agency, Inc., Computer Enterprises, Inc., Computer Export Corp., The, Concord Avenue Auto Sales, Inc., Concord Supply Company, Conference of African Union First Colored Methodist Protestant Church, The, Congressional School of Alexandria, Inc., Congressional School of Arlington, Inc., Connecticut Pipeline and Storage Company, Consolidated Aviation Equipment, Inc., Consolidated Life Companies, Inc., Consolidated Lithium Mines, Inc., Consolidated Transmission Corporation, Construction Specialties, Inc., Consumer Nationwide Liquors-Purchase Service, Inc., Continental Carton Co., Inc., Continental Restaurants, Inc., Contractors Association of Delaware Valley, U. S. A., Convenience Foods, Incorporated, Coquina Apartments Inc., Corona Corporation, Coronado Mines, Inc., Corrigan Construction Corporation, Coseley Buildings, Inc., Coudurier, Fructus & Devigne Inc., Countrywide News Retailers Association, County Aluminum Products Co., Inc., County Seat Motor Company, Incorporated, Credit Bureau of Newark, Inc., Cresswell-Welch Corporation, Crest Tele-Fea. tune Corp., Crosstown Motors, Inc., Cuba-Continental Oil, Inc., Cubcan Petroleum Corporation, Cubru Oil & Gas Corporation, Custom Taxicabs, Incorporated, Cyclotrona, Inc.

Daileys of Oklahoma, Inc., Daileys of San Antonio, Inc., Dairy Advance Marketers, Inc., Dakay Associates, Inc., Dakota Investment Corporation, Dalco Uranium, Inc., Dale Hilton Inc., Daniel Diener & Co., Inc., Darling Apartment Co., Datamation Associates, Inc., David Max and Co., D'Cal-A-Rite, Inc., Decatur Rock & Asphalt Co., Decatur Rocket Car Wash, Inc., Decavitch Stables, Inc., Deep Well Water Co., Deerfield Stables, Inc., Defco Company, Inc., Delaire Electronic Instruments, Incorporated, Delaware City Water Company, Delaware Music Corporation, Delaware Oyster Plantations Inc., Delaware State Fair, Inc., The, Delaware State Fair Liquor Store, Inc., Delaware Truck Rentals, Inc., Delaware Valley Beer Distributors Association, Delaware Valley Swimming Pools, Inc., Delaware Variety Store, Inc., Delmar Raceway, Inc., Delmarva Leasing Corporation, Delmarva Safety Drivers Association, Delmarvar Advertising Programs Inc., Delvue Plumbing & Service Company, Depthorama Corporation Inc., The, Derraugh Lackner, Inc., Developers Mortgage Service Corporation, Development Securities Corp., Diamond Sales & Service Co., Diamond Three Corporation, Dieterich Field Inc., Dillon Enterprises, Inc., Diners, Inc., Dinner-on-aDagger, Inc., Discount Sales Company, Dispenser Valve Corporation, Distefano Bros. Inc., Distributors Inc., District Lock & Hardware, Inc., Divine and Herb Healing Association, Divirgilio & Lawson, Inc., Dixie Land & Timber Co., Dob-Saw Enterprises, Inc., Dr. Huber's Hi-Health Products, Inc., Dolton Realty Company, Dome Enterprises, Inc., Dominion Corporation, The, Dominion Minerals Development, Incorporated, Donald Motors, Inc., Dormac Textiles, Inc., Doug M. Smiley Real Estate, Inc., Downing Buick, Inc., Drakes Distributors, Inc., Driscoll Corporate Gifts, Inc., Drug Fair, Inc., Dubl-Chek Corporation, Duo-photo Corporation, Duralite Corporation, Duroco Company, The.

E. A. Juzwik & Co., E. A. Moreland Construction Co., E. A. Riebe Foundation, Inc., E. C. James, Incorporated, E. & E. J. Pfotzer, Inc., Earl Hayes Enterprises, Inc., Earth Products Corporation, Eastcentral Corporation, Eastern Answers Incorporated, Eastern Division, Sam Snead Golf Schools, Inc., Eastern Electronic Communications, Inc., Eastern Gardens, Inc., The, Eastern Parking Garages, Inc., Eastern Shore Farms Cooperative, Inc., Eastmount Corporation, Economy Homes, Inc., Eden Park Gardens Civic Association, Inc., Edgehill Liquors, Inc., Educational Institute of Industry, Inc., Educational Toy Company of America, Eighth Ward Republican Club, El Mexico, Inc., Electro Titanium Corporation, The, Elk River Basin & Boat Supply Co., Elkan-Vogel Company, Ellen-Fredrick, Inc., Elwil, Inc., Elwood E. Rice Foundation, Inc., Empire Machinery Company, Emsco Research Laboratories, Inc., Envoy International Corporation, Equi-Flow, Inc., Equitable Realization Corp., Equity Associates, Inc., Escar Metallurgical, Inc., Excavating, Incorporated.

F B & B Realty Corporation, Fabusme Corporation,.Fairland Development Corp., Fairview Shopping Center, Inc., Fal-Co Incorporated, Falcon Chemical Co., Far Eastern Trading, Incorporated, Farmers Creamery Inc., Farmer Frank, Inc., Fashion Shop of Dover, Inc., The, Federal Bowling Centers, Inc., Federal Financial Recovery Service and National Credit Rating and Reporting Bureaus, Inc., Feldman Furniture Company, Fentress Coal & Coke Company, Fentron Architectural Metals Corp., Fert0-Stik, Inc., Figurette International of Erie, Inc., Financial Service Corporation, First Lewis Corporation, First Washington Corporation, The, Five Points Realty Co., Inc., Five Points Realty, Inc., Flintridge Oil & Gas Co., Inc., Florida Manganese, Inc., Florida Sun-Tan, Inc., Florist Supply Co. of Washington, Floxolf Chemical Corporation, Food Handlers, Incorporated, Forrest Home Builders, Inc., Fort Stanton Park Inc., Four Acres Trailer Sales, Inc., Four Seasons, Inc., Frank and Anna Wiencek Foundation, Inc., Frank Murray Construction Co., Inc., Frank S. Platt Company, Franklin Shockey Corporation of Delaware, Frederick Rental Properties, Inc., Freemen Incorporated, French Theatre and Arts Foundation, Front Liquors, Inc., Frontier Motors, Inc., Fry Brothers Development Corp., Fry Manor Development Co., Inc., Frye Foundations, Inc., The, Functional Glass Corporation.

G. M. Bartlett Company, G. M. Supply Co., G. W. Pierce Associates, Inc., Gala Gems Sales Corporation, Gardner Minerals, Inc., Garland Properties, Inc., Gateway Airlines, Inc., Geisinger & Rau Incorporated, Gej Corporation, Gem City Transfer Co., General Acceptance Company of Kansas, General Corporation, General Fastener Corporation, General Mechanical Contractors, Inc., General Reporting Corporation, General Tire Realty Company, George C. Whitney Co., The, George G. Richardson, Inc., Get Acquainted Book, Inc., Giant Sales, Inc., Gilbert and Hamilton, Inc., Gilbert International, Incorporated, Gildea Corporation, Girlstown U. S. A., Inc., Gleason Cell-U-Con Co., Inc., Glenn Homes Co., Golden City Restaurant Corporation, Good Earth Fund, Inc., The, Goodyear Electronics Corp., Goslee Motors, Inc., Grace Orthodox Presbyterian Church of Middletown, Delaware, Inc., The, Granwood Floor & Wall Co., Inc., Graphic Investment Corporation, Graphic Supply Company, Grecian American Resources Development Corp., Greentex Petroleum Corporation, Greenwood Mfg. Corp., Group Projects Corporation, Gruen Fabrics, Inc., Guaranteed Car Protection of America, Inc., Guaranteed Home Expansion Corporation, Guild House of Tucson, Inc., Guild of Ethical Funeral Practice, Inc., Gulf Coast Production, Inc., Gulf Shipping Lines, Inc.

H. H. H. Company, Inc., H. H. Quillen and Son, Inc., H. P. Horton & Associates Inc., H, W & G. Corporation, Halecombe Construction Company, Halls of Albuquerque, Inc., Halls of Dallas, Inc., Halls of Houston, Inc., Hamish Incorporated, Hammond Oil & Gas Corp., Harbor Side Carriers, Inc., Hardie-Duncan Investment Corp., Hardin Products, Inc., Harlem Club, Inc., The, Harlem Realty Company, Harmaray Corporation, Harold Young Productions, Inc., Harris-Smith & Associates, Incorporated, Hartford Finance Co., Inc., Hawkins Broadcasting Co., Inc., Hazelmere Farms, Inc., Health Budget Association of America, Inc., Helm Corporation, Henry Eashum and Son, Inc., Herbert Perry & Co., Inc., Heritage Society of America, Hersh Oldsmobile, Inc., Highland Merchandising Co., Hilltop Management and Engineering Services Corporation, Holt's Inc., Home Improvement Council, Inc., Homes by St. John, Inc., Hospital Sanitation Equipment Corporation, Hotel Darling Co., Household Products Company, Howard Ricketts, Inc., Hub of Fort Worth, Inc., Hub of Oak Cliff, Inc., Hub Terminals, Inc., Hub Transportation Company, Inc., Human Factors Research Bureau, Inc., Hydrocon, Incorporated, Hydrotherapy, Inc., Hygienic Process Corp., The.

Idaho Alta Metals Corporation, Illinois Oil Company, Imperial Apartments, Inc., Imperial Paving Company, Inc., Incanadium Corporation, Incorporated Service Ltd., Independent Barge and Structural Workers Union, Indiana Furniture Corporation, Indoor Advertising, Inc., Industrial Designing & Development Corp., Industrial Economics Associates, Inc., Industrial Improvement Corp., Industrial Management Corporation, Inland Navigation Company, Insurance Investment Corporation of Chicago, Insurance Standards and Management Co., Inter-Continental Engineering & Export Company, Inc., Inter World TV Films, Inc., Interchange Motor City of Chicago, Inc., Intercontinental Mercury Corporation, Intercontinental Petroleum Co., Inc., Intercontinental Supplies Corporation of America, International Associates & Co., Ltd., International Clearing Corporation, International Contract Services, Inc., International Drill and Equipment Co., International Exploration Corporation, International Hardware Engineering Sales, Inc., International Mercantile Corporation, International Natural Vision Corporation, International Project Developers, Inc., International Research & Investigative Associates, Inc., International Trade Development Corporation, International U. S. Exporters, Inc., International Western Petroleum Corporation, Iroquois Oil Corporation, Isaac L. H. Watson Post No. 25, American Legion, Inc., Italian American Beneficial Society of Christopher Columbus, Ivy Hall Apartments, Inc., Ivy Records, Inc.

J & E Trucking, Inc., J. Evans Sylvanus, Inc., J. Giuffrida, Inc., J. & M. Variety Store, Inc., J. P. Banning Materials Company, Inc., Jackson Enterprises, Ltd., Jackson Service Company, Inc., James J. Daly, Inc., James Simmons Associates, Incorporated, Jameson Enterprises, Inc., Jamestown Builders, Inc., Janaf, Incorporated, Jay Richard Kennedy Leasing Corporation, Jay's Liquors, Inc., Jim Taylor Corporation, John E. Rafferty, Jr., Inc., John M. Fiorentino, Inc., John P. Burrell and Co., John R. Hardin & Associates, Inc., Judea Petroleum Corporation, Junior Hotels of America, Inc.

Kadenacy Corporation, The, Keer, Maurer Co., Kelmar Oil International, Inc„ Ken Fogle Car Leasing Company, Inc., Kennedy Productions, Inc„ Kensington Construction Corporation Kent Motor Company, Inc., Kent Sales, Inc., Ketchum Industrial Products Inc., Kil-Bros. Realty Corp., Kilsheimer Bros., Inc., Kingsley Productions, Inc., Konkord Motors, Inc.

L. G. Lauru Associates, Inc., L & H. Collection Agency, Inc., L. L. Constantin & Co., Inc., L. W. Walls & Co., Inc., La Salle Building Corporation, Lago Vista Oil Company, Laguna Mar, Inc., Lake Marine Transit Company, Lamplugh's Service, Inc., Laurel Industries, Inc., Law of the Land, Inc., The, Leasing Corporation of America, Lebrasseur Lackner, Inc., Leo H. Berstein Associates, Inc., Leonard Iacono Construction Company, Libby Steel, Inc., Liberty Cab Association, Inc., Liberty Thrift Foundation, Incorporated, Liberty Trucking Company, Lifenu Corporation of America, Lighthouse Diner, Inc., The, Limestone Realty Co., Lincolnview, Inc., Lion Securities Corporation, Lions' Lake Park, Inc., Lippincott Pictures, Inc., Liss Realty Co., Inc., Loewy Engineering Co. Ltd., Logan Productions, Ltd., Longmeadow, Inc., Louis Publications, Inc., Loupap, Inc., Lube Foods Company, Luhoc Mining Corporation, Lutz Equipment Co., Lynn Company.

M. A. P. Corporation, M. H. McClure Inc., M. J. R. Enterprises, Inc., M and M Feed and Farm Supply, Inc., M. Silverman & Son, Inc., M. T. D. Corp., Mac Arthur and Ebert, Inc., MacDonnell Lackner, Inc., Machines, Ltd., Mackinac Oil Company, MacVan Corporation, Madison County Pools, Inc., Magnesium Corporation of America, Manganese and Metals, Inc., Manor Park Apts. Sec. 1, Inc., Manor Park Apts. Sec. 2, Inc., Mansfield Hardwood Lumber Company, Manufacturers Trading Corporation, Mapa Corporation, Maranatha Girls Emergency Home, Inc., Margold, Inc., Marine Food Products, Inc., Marine and Port Enterprises Inc., Marionette Productions, Inc., Maritime Development Co., Inc., Maritime Educational Union, Inc., Mark I Drilling Co., Marketing Corporation of America, Marklin Company, Marlboro Pike Development Co., Marotta Southwestern Valve Corp., Marpede, Inc., Marshall Matson Properties, Inc., Maryland Investors Corporation, Master Builders, Inc., Master Building & Supply Co., Mateloc, Inc., Mayer-Myles Laboratories, Inc., McKean-Bradford Petroleum Corporation, Meats Wholesale, Inc., Mechatronics Corporation, Medec Investment Corp., Media Arts Association Meidel Manufacturing Corp., Melba Machinery Royalty Corporation, Mercantile and Realty Company, The, Merchants Discount Corporation, Meridian Industries, Inc., Meteor Financial and Development Corp., Metropolitan Employment Agency, Inc., Metropolitan Food Plan Association, Inc., Michicolo Uranium Corporation, Michini, Inc., Middle East Minerals Incorporated, Middle East Mining Corporation, Midland Corporation, Midsouth Corporation, Midwest-Gulf Oil Corporation, Midwest Highway Sales and Service Company, Inc., Midwest Ogden Purifier Corp., Midwest-Sun Oil Corporation, Miles Charming Mines, Inc., Mikad Productions, Inc., Milford Motors, Inc., Milton Feed Service Co., Ministers' Service Society, I. E. E., Minol Corporation, Minute Men of Delaware, Inc., Mission Broadcasting Company, Mister Service, Inc., Mobile Penn Motor Co., Models' Cosmetics Inc., Moder-Rate Homes, Inc., Modern Automatic Car Wash Co., Modern-Bond Corporation, Modernage Record Corporation, Moffett and Bleile Service Company, Mohawk Land & Timber Company, Montana Chemical & Milling Corporation, Montana Gold & Chemical Company, Montgomery County Fiat, Inc., Moore Oil, Inc., Morningstar Apartments, Inc., Morris and Van Wormer International, Inc., Motel Corporation of America, Motor Credit Company, Inc., Municipal and Utility Supply Corporation, The, Mutuelgram Corporation.

N. A. Saigh Company, Inc., Naaman's Tea House, Inc., Nacon Mining Co., Ltd., Natalie, Inc., Nathan Platsky, Inc., National Anti-Price Fixing Association, National Bellas Hess Miami Stores, Inc., National Bellas Hess Stores, Inc., of Dale Mabry, National Bellas-Hess Stores, Inc., of North Gate, National Builders and Contractors, Inc., National Drilling Company, National Electro Process Corporation, National Floor Care Systems, Inc., National Geriatric Institute, National Interchange Motor City, Inc., National Lithium Corporation, National Mortgage Discount Corporation, National Motel Magazine Publishing Co., Inc., National Motels, Inc., National One, Inc., National Power Cost Service, Inc., National Producers Service, Inc., National Tax & Loan Corporation, National Tax Research Institute, National Veterans Committee, Inc., National Video Productions, Inc., Nevada Tungsten Corporation, New Castle Thoroughbred Racing Association, Inc., New Fuel Saving Device Manufacturing Co., Inc., New Idea Marketers, Inc., New Services Founding Corporation, New York and Chile Mining Corporation, Newark Housing Associates, Inc., Newark Professional Center, Incorporated, The, Niemi Engineering Corporation, Nike Village, Inc., Nike Village No. Three, Inc., Nike Village No. Two, Inc., Nitas Mining Corporation, Nixon Street Apartments, Inc., Nodana Petroleum Corporation, Noramco Exploration, Inc., Nordic of Delaware, Inc., Norman L. Sharp, Incorporated, Normandy Village, Inc., North American Beryllium Co., Inc., North American Cigarette Manufacturers, Inc., North American Properties Corporation, North American Tire Corporation, North Park-lawn Corporation, Northeast Steel Corporation, Northern Builders Acceptance Corporation, Northern Resources, Ltd., Northwest Structo Schools Corporation, Nu Stop Inn, Inc.

Oakgrove Cooperative Corporation, Ocean Bottom, Inc., Ocean Ridge Apartments, Inc., Ocean Wind Corporation, O'Dell Oil Corporation, Oil Corporation of America, Oil & Gas Investment Fund, Inc., Oilfields Supply and Trading, Inc., Oketex Petroleum Corporation, Oklahoma Transmission Corp., Olden Properties, Inc., Oldfield Properties, Inc., Olympia Enterprises, Incorporated, Olympic Rambler, Inc., O'Neil-Havier Industries, Inc., 1912 Restaurant, Inc., 1303 Corporation, Orcal, Inc., Orcoa Sales & Development Corporation, Orton Terrace, Inc., Oscar Gilmer, Inc., Owego Food Plan, Inc., Owl Theatre Company, Oxyblast, Inc.

Pacific Caribbean Corporation, Pacific Venture Steamship Corporation, Paco Sales Company, Pajamacraft Corporation of America, Palol Perfumed Products, Inc., Pan-Marine Shipping Company, Inc., Panamanian Industries, Inc., Paramount Road Markers, Inc., Park-It Corporation, Park-O-Matic, Inc., Park Tower, Inc., Parklynn Limestone Drugs, Inc., Pathfinder Petroleums, Incorporated, Paul Developments, Inc., Paul Engstrum Associates, Inc., Paul F. Fox, Inc., Paulding Signs, Inc., Payne Land and Livestock Company, Peak Uranium Mining Co., Pearce Petroleum Corporation, Pecos Petroleum Corp., Peerless Nuclear Minerals, Inc., Penn-Del Engineering & Manufacturing Co., Pennsylvania Institute of Investment Firms, Pennypacker Yarn Company, Inc., Perma Glass Fibre Fabrics Incorporated, Permadent Products Corp., Perpetual Land Lease of America, Inc., Petro-Tech, Inc., Petromark, Inc., Phi Sigma Chi Fraternity Incorporated, Philadelphia Daily News Charities, Inc., Philip Green and Company, Inc., Philpotts Shipping Agency, Inc., Phoenix Center Management Corporation, The, Pierce Research Associates, Inc., Pilot Sales Co., Pine Room, Inc., Pine Tavern, Inc., Piombino Dry Wall & Plastering Co., Inc., Pittsburgh Warehouse and Van Company, Inc., Planet Restaurants, Inc., Planned Credit, Inc., Plaza Radio & TV Co., Plymouth Trading Corp., Polan Banks-National Productions, Inc., Polite Esso Service, Inc., Ponderay Pulp and Paper Company, Port Arthur Iron Ore Corporation, Porter Realty Company, Poster Truck Alvertising Inc., Powers and Company, Premium Finance Company, Preservers of Willing Employees Rights Inc. (Power), Prima Ghana Industries, Inc., The, Prime Department Stores, Inc., Printers' Finishing and Binding Company, Inc., Probus Oil Company, Provident Minerals Corporation, Pruyn-Moore, Inc., Public Credit and Savings Corporation, Pulp Processing & Licensing Corporation, Pyramid Exploration Corporation.

Quad-City Telecasting Corporation, Queen Bee Oil Company, Incorporated, The, Queen-O-Donut Manufacturing Company, Quelcor of Cincinnati, Inc., Quinela Oil and Gas Company. R A M Company, R. A. Prendergast & Son of Delaware, Inc., R & B Associates Inc., R. E. C., Inc., R. E. Zuker & Co., Inc., R. Mars, The Contract Co. of Washington, R. S. Evans Motors, Inc., Radiant Combustion System, Inc., Radio Recording Artists, Inc., Radiograph Development Corp., Ralph Barstein & Company, Inc., Ramapo Uranium Corporation, Rapkin Realty, Inc., Rateonics Corporation, Record Advertiser Publishing Corporation, Record Loft Incorporated, The, Recorded Bible Society, Records Engineering, inc., Red Front Market, Inc., Rehoboth Driving Range, Inc., Religious Research Society, Renta Cruiser, Inc., Renwood Company, Republic Cement Corporation, Research Communications, Inc., Resources International, Inc., Revelon Garment Co., Inc., Reverence Records, Inc., Rice Leaders of the World Association, Incorporated, Rico, Inc., Rio Grande Eastern Corporation, Rip Jacob Chevrolet, Inc., Robert Reid, Inc., Robino Builders, Inc., Robino Homes, Inc., Robinson Foundation, Inc., The, Robotyper Corporation of D. C., Rochester Pipe Products Co., Romance Records, Inc., Ronna Dance Supplies, Inc., Rosejay, Inc., Rotonda Associates, Inc., Rowe V. Pleasanton, Jr., Inc., Rozana Doran Associates, Inc., Royal Fraternity Association, Royal Order of the Sneeze, Inc., Royal Pharmacal Corporation, Rucker's Poultry Farm & Hatcheries, Inc., Russell Schwinger & Co., Inc., Ryan Chevrolet, Inc. S. C. C. International Corporation, S. M. S., Inc., S. M. S. Siracura-E-Giovane Italia, Inc., S. S. W. Incorporated, S and T Construction Corporation, Saber-Que Sales Co., Inc., Sagar Agencies, Inc., St. Gregory World Carrier Corporation, Saint Michael Arcangelo Italian Catholic Mutual Beneficial Society of Wilmington, Del., Sales Network Incorporated, Sammy Green's Inc., Samoan Airlinpc, Limited, Saunders Home Workshop, Inc., Save, Inc., Saxony Restaurant, Inc., Scofield Brothers, Incorporated, Screen Company of America, Sea Cloud Corporation, Sea-Mar Marina of Delaware, Inc., Seaboard Commercial Corporation, Secret Island, Inc., Security Electronics Corporation, Security Machine Products Company, Seebee Corp., Seejay Construction Corporation, Sergeant Marty Snyder Foods Corp., Seven-Tee Corporation, Seventeen Sixty-Two K. Street, Inc., Seybolite Products Corporation, Shenandoah Drilling Corp., Sherbrook Development Corporation, Sherry-Richards Company, Shore Services Corp., Shoreland Petroleum Inc., Show Business, Inc.,

Shulman's Smoked & Cured Meat, Inc., Silbee Friendly Inn, Inc., Silhouette-AHS International Corporation, Silhouette Home Plan International, Inc., Silicato Construction Co., Inc., Sky Coach Airlines Agency, Inc., Skyland Motors, Inc., Slayton Associates, Inc., Slenderella Systems of National City, Inc., Slenderella Systems of New Orleans, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Phoenix, Inc., Slenderella Systems of San Diego, Inc., Sodak Uranium and Mining Company, Inc., Solar Dynamics Corp., Soldoro Corporation, Sonora Electronics, Inc., Sooner State Oil Co., Inc., South Parklawn Corporation, Southdown Inc., Southeastern Novelty Co., Inc., Southern Barge Line Corporation, Southern Knickerbocker Investors, Inc., Southern Planning Corporation, Southern Printing Company, Southland Motors, Inc., Southwestern Research Development, Inc., Southwestern Thoroughbred Sales Company, Inc., Speed-O-Stat Corporation, Spibec Corporation, The, Springfield Steel Corporation, Sta-Tex Oil Company, StaVu Company, Inc., Stacey-Warner Corporation, Stalco, Inc., Stamford Enterprises, Inc., Standard Duplicator & Carboncrafters, Inc., Standard Liquor Co., Inc., Standard Pipe Line Company, Standen & Company, Inc., Star Parking Corporation, Statewide Music Distributors, North, Inc., Stellarcon Corporation, Stephen's Franchise Distributor Inc., Sterling Diamond Tool Incorporated, Stewart Manufacturing Company, Storyland Village, Inc., Stratford Building Co., Suburban Delivery Service, Incorporated, Success Publishing Company, Sumatra Oil Corporation, Summersett Company, The, Sumpter Oil & Gas Co., Inc., Sun-quest Towers, Inc., Suppressed Inc., Sussex Beverage, Incorporated, Sussex Merchandise Mart & Auction, Inc., Swanwyck Construction Co., Symphonic Sound Service, Inc., Syrian Arabian Oil Co.

T-M Corporation, T & T Company, Inc., The, Talent Showcase, Inc., Tana Mera, Inc., Tarco Construction Co., Inc., Tax Research Bureau, Inc., Taylor Enterprises, Inc., Tech-Steel Products, Inc., Teche Production Company, Inc., Ted Oberfelder Broadcasting Co., Inc., Tele-Broadcasters International, Inc., Ten Sixteen Corporation, Tennessee Fabricating Company, Tenpins, Inc., Terra-Fin Corporation, The, Texas Marine Transport Company, Inc., Therm-O-Glar Corporation, Termo-Tex Corporation, Thompson Gearless Pump Jack Corporation, Three Bays Line, Inc., Three Bells Mining and Milling Company, Three Ten Corporation, 3325 North Ocean Boulevard Building, Inc., Thunder Basin Oil Company, Tic Tac Toe, Inc., Timemaster Corporation, The, Tionesta Pipelines Inc., Tom Thumb Diners, Inc., Tower of Golden Isles, Inc., Town and Country Hardware Company, Towne Mfg. Corp., Townsend Cleaners, Inc., Toy Fair, Inc., Trad Electronics Corporation, Tradewind Airways, Inc., Trans-African Diamond & Gold Mining Corp., Trans-America Utility Corporation, Trans-Andes Oil Co., Ltd., Trans-Caribbean Development Corporation, Trans-Pacific Resources Corporation, Trans-Sierra Petroleum Corporation, Trans-Utah Pipelines, Inc., Trans-World Construction Corporation, Trans-World Development Ltd., Transco Chemical and Mining Co., Transidyne Incorporated, Transistor Corporation of America, Transportation Utilities, Inc., Trefousse Gloves, Inc., Treso Stud Farms, Inc., Tri-State Service, Inc., Triad Hosiery Company, Triangle Inn, Inc., Tricon Eastern Corporation, Trojan Brick Corporation, Trucial Coast Petroleum Limited, 12th and K, Inc., Twin Oaks Industries, Inc., 2403 Knoxville, Inc., Tyler Engineering and Development Company.

U & K Realty Corp., U M & M Inc., U. S. Marine & Tackle Co., Inc., U. S. Radiant Heat Corporation, U. S. Surinam Exploitation Corporation, Ultimo Manufacturing Corporation, Union Central Construction Corp., Union Materials Corporation, Union Pacific Minerals Corporation, Unison Equipment Co., Inc., United Forest Products Corporation, United Prudential Trading Stamp Company, United Standard Corporation, United States Aerosol Specialties Corporation, United States Appraisers, Inc., United States Bagasse Products, Inc., United States Coconut Fiber Corporation, United States Contracting & Development Co., United States Storage and Pipeline Corporation, Universal Builders, Inc., Universal Dynamics, Inc., Universal Industries, Inc., Universal Plastics Corporation, Universal Research Corporation, Universal Stamp and Trading Company, Universal Talent Management, Inc., Upton Oils, Limited, Uranium Enterprises, Inc., Utah-Dugway, Inc., Utility Car Corporation.

Valiant Films Corporation, Valley Lane Corporation, Vanguard Drug Corporation, Vanguard Petroleum, Inc., Vehicle Research Corporation, Venders Incorporated, Venture Resources, Inc., Vernon L. Sellers, Inc., Vickers Construction Corporation, Victor Metal Products Corporation, Villa D'Este Apartments,

Inc., Village Inn, Inc., Visual Media, Inc., Vitalo Concrete Construction Co., Inc., Vitamin Beverage Corporation.

W. H. T. Holding Corp., W. L. Transportation Company, W. R. Westfall, Inc., W. S. & F. J. Boyce, Inc., Wabash Valley Oil and Gas Company, Wagon Wheel of Smyrna, Inc., Wake Development Company, Wales of Dallas, Inc., Walker & Lloyd Construction Co., Wallace Groves Foundation, Inc., The, Walt Poirier Co., Ward Petroleum Corporation, Ward Wheelock Company, Washington Exclusive, Inc., Washington Kwik-Kafe Services Inc., Washington Loan Association, Inc., Washington Snack Shop, Inc., Washington Television & Appliance Corporation, Washington Trading Corporation, The, Waste Processes, Inc., Watts Brothers, Inc., Well Protection Company, Inc., Wesley Jagger, Incorporated, Western Cavendish Uranium Mines Corp., Western Cement Corporation, Westhill Realty Corporation, White Marsh Branch Ditch Company, Whitedelf Mining & Development Company, Whitney and Company, Incorporated, Wm. E. Cramer Co., William L. Foss, Incorporated, William R. Mccoo Company, Inc., Wilmington Container Co., Wincoa-Window Corporation of America, Winston Land Company, Winthrop Orchards Inc., The, Witherspoon Estates, Ltd., Wood Associates, Inc., Woodland Development Co., Woodland Homes Civic Association, Inc., Woodlawn Monumental Works Company, Woods Oil and Gas Co., Woodside Appliances, Inc., Worcester Company, Work Hoist & Body Corporation, World Steamship Corporation, World Wide Collection Services, Inc., World-Wide Film Productions, Inc., Writers Central Clearance Agency, Inc.

Yast Manufacturing Corporation, Yeaton & Company, Incorporated.

Zanzibar, Inc., Zenda Manganese, Inc., Zipkin, Incorporated, Zuriam, Inc., Zylon Incorporated.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, Elbert N. Carvel, Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal to be hereunto affixed this twenty-fifth day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and sixty-two, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and eighty-sixth.


By the Governor:


ELISHA C. DUKES, Secretary of State