WHEREAS, Alexander R. Abrahams, Tax Commissioner on behalf of the Tax Department of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for two years preceding such report have failed to pay the taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of this State.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, DAVID P. BUCKSON, Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Sections 511 and 512 of Title 8 of the Delaware Code of 1953, as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid, are repealed:

A & C Exploration, Ltd., A & H. Realty Corp., A. L. McCabe Construction Co., A. P. Croll and Son, Inc., A. P. Pattison and Company, Incorporated, Able Ron-Del., Inc., Abrams Shoe Company, Inc., Ace Turner Uranium Corporation, Acme Reporting Company, Actrol, Inc., Ad-Craft Inc., Addison Vars, Inc., Admiralty Lines, Inc., The, Advance Battery Corporation, Adventurers Inc., The, Advertising Plastics Company, Agricultural Consultants Inc., Air Traffic and Service Corporation, Aircrafts Consolidated Incorporated, Airline Equipment Corporation, Airways Cafeteria, Inc., Airways Mapping Service, lnc., Alberta Oil Sands Inc., Alfredo's Restaurant, Inc., Allen Kander and Company, Allied Electric Supply Company, Allied Trading Corporation, Almack, Inc, Alpenn Theatre Corporation, Altman Bros. Shoe Mfg. Company, AmMex Minerals, Inc., Am-Ore Corporation, Ambassador, Appliance & Television Co., Inc., Amerasia Consultants, Inc., American Abroad, Inc., American Aircraft and Equipment, Inc., American Brands, Inc., American-Caribbean Oil Co., American Commercial Sales Corp., American Consolidated Tele-Pictures, Inc., American Durox Corporation, American Flow Control Corporation, American & Foreign Banking Corporation, American & Foreign Financial Company, American & Hellenic Club, Inc., American Merchant Marine Corporation, American Natural Resources Corporation, American Oil Management Corporation, American Pakistan Steamship Line, Inc., American Pest Control, Inc., American Pharmaceutical Company, Inc., American Rail Anchor Company, American Rare Earths Company, Inc., American Resort Association, Inc., American Seafood Distributors Association, Americraft Corporation, Amherst Hosiery Mills, Inc., Anchor Reorganization Corporation, Andalusia Motel, Inc., Andrew Corporation, Ann Lewis Shops of Corpus Christi Inc., Ann Lewis Shops, Inc., Ansbro and Mason Incorporated, Anthony's, Inc., Antone Petroleums, Inc., Antonio Beauty System, Inc., Aradel, Inc., Arcada Dispensary, Inc., Arden W. Morgan & Associates, Inc., Ardis, Inc., Argee Oil Corporation, Argo Linoleum Co., Inc., Ariadne Corporation, The, Arivaca Mining Company, Arkansas Oil Ventures, Inc., Arliss Plastics Corporation, Arnold Publications, Inc., Associated Aerial Survey Co., Associated International Film Producers, Inc., Associated News Service, Inc., Associated Optometric Service Plan of America, Inc., Atlantic Midget Movies Inc., Atlas Poultry Packers Co., Inc., Atomic Energy for Industry, Inc., Atomic Fuel Extraction Corp., Audubon Park Raceway, Inc., Avant-Garde Engineering Company, Aviation Corporation of America, Avquip Corporation, Ayers Enterprises, Inc.

Bakery Development Co., Baltimore Market, Inc., Barber Holding Company, Bargaintown, Inc., Barley Mill Road Homes, Inc., Baseline Manufacturing Corporation, Basic Equities, Inc., Basic Metals, Inc., Bass Cove Lodge, Inc., Baxter's Incorporated, Bay Lounge, Inc., Bay Road Auto Body Shop, Inc., Bayou Drilling Company, Inc. of Delaware, Bayview Riding Stable, Inc., Beachway Heights, Inc., Bear Paving Company, Beauty Tone Kitchen Cabinet & Plastic Corp., Bebe, Inc., Beintker & Sons Mobile Home Park, Inc., Bell Portable Sewing Machine Corporation, Belvedere Corporation, The, Ben Franklin Oil & Gas Corp., Benham Sportswear Incorporated, Berger, Incorporated, Berkeat, Inc., Best Motors, Inc., Bethlehem Foundry and Machine Company, Better Reading Program, Inc., Beverly Hills Development Corp., Bigley Contracting Co., Biltmore Foods of Florida, Inc., Black Swamp Ditch Company, Blair Management Corporation, Blenda-Del Sales Company, Inc., Blo-Dri Corporation, Blood-stock Agency of Texas, Inc., Blossburg Sand and Gravel Co., Blue Bonnet Minerals, Inc., Blue Water Uranium Corporation, Bluefield Mining Corporation, Blum's Shoppe, Inc., Bo-Mac Corporation, Boka Electrical Construction Co., Inc., Booth Cabinet Works, Inc., Braddock Investment Corporation, Bradford Builders, Inc., Brandywine Music Box, Inc., Brandywine Soft Ball Club, Brentwood Trailer Distributing Co., Inc., Brigade Productions, Inc., Bristol Installation Co. Inc., Brock Projectomatic Incorporated, Brontosaurus Exploration, Inc., Brookmont Builders, Inc., Brookside Bowling Alleys, Inc., Brookside Realty Corp., Brown-Allen Company, Brown & Barrett, Inc., Brown & Callahan, Inc., Brown Canning Co., The, Brownie's Incorporated, Bruner Construction and Development Co., Inc., Bubser Lumber Company, Builders Loans Inc., Building and Suppliers, Inc., Bunny Bear of Illinois, Inc., Burke Pontiac, Inc., Burnex Corporation, Busatti Corporation of America, Business Aircraft Leasing, Inc., Business Development Fund, Incorporated, Business Machines, Inc., Buyers and Builders Corporation.

C. J. Dorrian, Incorporated, Cabin Creek Mining Corporation, Caille, Incorporated, Cakery Bakery, Inc., Cal Fishing Corporation, Calivada Mining Corp., Cam-Del Corporation, Camoose Uranium Mines of America, Inc., Capital Services Corp., Capital Supply Company of Washington, Capitol Parking, Inc., Capper & Co. I, Capper & Co. II, Caracas Fund, Inc., Cardwell Electronics Corporation, Cargo Transport Leasing Corporation, Caribben Development Co., Caribben Hotels Holding Corp, .Caribbean Metals Corporation, Carl & Dave's, Inc., Carroll COnstruction Co., Inc., Carry-Air Transport, Inc., Carter Holding Company, Inc., Casula Roofing Company, Inc., Cathedral Stores, Inc., Cearte Enterprises, Inc., Central American Petroleum Co., Central Linoleum Company, Chambers Rocks, Inc., Champion Door Company, Chandler Food Products, Inc., Charles Klein Sales, Inc., Charles P. Witsil Holding Corporation, Charles P. Witsil, Inc., Charleston Wrecking Company, Inc., Chemical Sealers, Inc., Chemical Weed Control, Incorporated, Cherry Hill Development Co., Chesapeake Building & Lumber Co., Chesapeake Corp., Chesapeake Development Corp., Chesapeake Remodeling Company, Inc., Chic-Loaf, Inc., Chickasaw Oil Company, China Loan Company, Chivor Emerald Corporation, Christiana Developers, Inc., Cicoil Company, Incorporated, Cincinnati Marine Service, Ipe., Cinema Productions, Inc., Cinemasters International Incorporated, City Electric Company, City-Wide Trucking Corporation,

Classified Business Directory, Inc., Clay's Motels, Inc., Clay Oil Corporation, Clay Plymate Company, Inc., Clerical Associates, Inc., Clio Hosiery Mills, Inc., Clover Corporation, Club Fourteen, Inc., Clyde Investment Corporation, Colgate Manufacturing Corporation, Collins Gardens, Inc., Collins Housing Corporation, Collins Park Water Company, Collins Realty Company, Colonial Contractors, Incorporated, Color Key, Inc., Colorado Resources, Inc., Colorvision Sales Corporation, Colorvu Corporation, Columbia Metals, Inc., Columbia Oil Producing Co., Inc. of Delaware, Columbia Petroleum Corporation, Columbian Arms Apartment, Inc., Comficor, Inc., Commercial Fidelity Corporation, Commodore Catering Company, Inc., Commodore Management Corporation. Community Building of America, Inc., Compatible 3-D TV Corporation, Concord Motors, Inc., Condor Petroleum Company, Inc., Conference of Fundamental Churches, Inc., The, Connecticut Electronic Alarm System, Inc., Consolidated Electric Service, Inc., Consolidated Engineering Industries, Inc., Consolidated-Hammer Dry Plate & Film Company, Continental Development Co., Continental Hotels System of America, Inc., Continental Hotels System, Inc., Continental Loan Company, Continental Petroleum Bureau, Inc., Continental Sulphur and Phosphate Corporation, Contour Truck Guards, Inc., Cook County Slenderella Systems, Inc., Cooperative Steno, Incorporated, Copper Canyon Mining Company, Cooperam Corporation of Canada, Ltd., Corbeille Interiors, Inc., Corblan Petroleum Corporation, Cordele Uniform Corp., Corning, Bryan Associates, Inc., Corporation Company of America, The, Corrosion Engineering Co., Corrosite Corporation, Cosabo, Inc., Cosmetic Fair of Detroit, Inc., Cosmetic Fair of Evansville, Inc., Cosmetic Fair of Indianaplos, Inc., Country Club Builders, Inc.., Crafcon Corporation, Crather, Inc., Credit Association of the United States, Inc., Crivella Investments, Inc., Crosby Brands, Inc., Cuban Canadian Petroleum Company, Ltd., Cuban-Caribbean Development & Management Corp., Cuban Independent Oil Corporation, Cushion-Brace, Inc.

D & D Construction Co., Inc., D & D Drilling Company, D. E. Foote & Company, Incorporated, D-K Drilling Company, D & S Ford Sales, Inc., Daigle Motors, Inc., Dakir Corporation, Dallas Oil Company of Texas, Inc., Dalton-Burrell, Incorporated, Dania Company, Inc., Darby Corporation, Darley Stores, Inc., David J Corporation, Davis & Davis General Contractors Incorporated, Davis Oil & Gas Corp., Davy Development Corporation, Deer Spring Development Co., Inc., Del Grosso Liquors, Inc., Del-Mar Improvement Association, Del Rio Import & Export Corp., Delaware-Alaska Steamship Company, Delaware City Cab Co., Delaware City Housing Corp., Delaware Enterprises, Inc., Delaware Finance Company, Delaware Jazz Workshop, Inc., Delaware Processing Corporation, Delaware Refrigeration, Inc., Delaware Sports, Incorporated, Delaware Sportsmen's Club, Delaware Trading Corp., Delaware Valley Associates, Inc., Delaware Valley Development Corporation, Delaware Valley Overall Service, Inc., Delaware World Fair & Trade Exposition, Inc., Delhoma Supply Company, Inc., Delmarva Communications Sales & Service, Inc., Delmarva Enterprises, Inc., Delmarva Service Co., Inc., Delmarva Shrine Club, Inc., Delpa, Inc., Delta Company, Inc., Deltex Realty Corporation, Deltronics, Inc., Development Services, Inc., Dey Investment Corporation, Dials, Inc., Diamond Egg Club, Inc., Diamond State Iron Works, Inc., Dine A Mite Restaurant, Inc., Doley Oil Company, Dominion Montana Corporation, Don Juan Corporation of New York, Don Selby Associates, Incorporated, Donald's Clothes, Inc., Dorchester Publishing Company, Inc., Dormac Corporation, Dormitzer Electric & Manufacturing Company, Inc., Dover Army & Navy Stores Co., Dramsales, Inc., Draperies Un-Limited, Drucker Furniture Company, Drummond Sand & Gravel Corporation, Duffy's Circus Bar, Inc., Dumon Securities Corporation, Dunhanna Corp., Dunleavy Bros. Company, Duval Freight Association, Inc.

Eagle Gamma Corporation, Earl Shirley, Inc., Earthmaster Manufacturing Co., Inc., East Land Motor Corp., East Side Cabs, Inc., East-West International, Inc., Eastall Corporation, The, Eastern Dairy Kwip Co., Eastern Securities Company, Eastern States Supply Corporation, Eastern Uranium, Inc., Eastman Heights, Inc., Eclectrics, Inc., Ed Cary Motors, Inc., Edgar Allen Steel Co., Inc., Edge Moor Iron Works, Inc., Edgemoor Supply Co., Edgewater Beach Slenderella Systems, Inc., Edlo Realty Co., Ednabi, Incorporated, Educational Aid, Inc., El Socorro Mining Corporation, Electric Services, Inc., Elgin Slenderella Systems, Inc., Elite Homes, Inc., Elk Mining and Developing Company, Elsmere Homes, Inc., Endowment Foundation, Inc., Equity Development Corp., Ernest M. Loeb Company, Inc., The, Ernest T. Kimberley, Inc., Ettinger Manufacturing Company, The, European Goodwill Tours, Inc., European Production and Supply Corporation, Evangelical Foreign Missions Association, Evans International (Louisa) Inc., Everest Food Products Corporation, Exec-Air Corp., Executive Consultants, Inc., Executives' Club, Inc., Experimental Seed Farms, Inc., Exploration Enterprises Inc., Eze Golf Corporation.

F. A. Collins, Inc., F & J Motors, Inc., F. L. Sprayberry, Inc., Fabricated Supplies Corp., Factory Outlet Stores, Inc., Falcon Productions, Inc., Far Eastern Markets, Inc., Farewood Oil Producing Corp., Fetico Ventures, Inc., Finance and Investment Corporation, The, Financial Fact Finders Company, First Delaware Corporation, The, First Equity Corp., First Niagara Corporation, First Pacific International Corporation, The, First State Mortgage Corporation, Five-Fifteen, Inc., Five States Wonder Mile, Inc., The, Five States Wonder Mile, Section One, Inc., The, Five States Wonder Mile, Section Two, Inc., The, Flathead Petroleum, Inc., Fluorspar Corporation of America, Fontaine Gelee Royale Limited, Food Industries, Inc., Foods Display Corp, Foreign Transport, Inc., Foster-International Central West, Inc., Foster-International Northwest, Inc., Foster-International Southeast, Inc., Foster-International Southwest, Inc., Foundas, Inc., Foundation Plan Incorporated, Fraim's Dairies, Inc., Fralen Advertising Promotions, Inc., Frank Holtman Realty & Construction Co., Inc., The, Frank M. Cryan Co. Inc., Franklin International Oil Corporation, Frazee Retail Lumber Co., Frazee Wood Products Co., Freeman Electric Construction Co., Inc., Freestone Bathhouse Co., Inc., Freestone Parking Co., Inc., Freestone Potomac Corp., Frehling Enterprises, Inc., Freight Yards, Inc., Freightways Equipment Co., Friday Products, Inc., Friends of Ireland, Inc., The, Frigidinner Inc., Frontier Foods Corp., Fruit Juices, Inc., Frye Corporation, The.

G & J Construction Company, Inc., Gallina Mountain Uranium Corporation, Gallop Import & Export Co., Inc., General Aero & Electronics Corporation, General Gum, Incorporated, General Investment Research Corporation, General Sales Corporation, Geneva Club House of Philadelphia, Inc., Genie-Craft Corporation, Geophysical Oil Surveys, Inc., George W. Riley, Inc., Georgetown Kitchens, Inc., Georgia International Oil Company, Gheens Foundation, The, Giant Community Development Corporation, Giant Petroleum Corporation, Gilbert Realty Co., Gilpak, Inc., Glenn McCarthy, Inc., Global Uranium Co., Golden Banana, Inc., Golden Saturn Oil & Gas Inc., Gorrell Publishing Co., Inc., Goss and Goss, Inc., Grand Lodge Convention Committee of I. B. P. 0. E. of W. Inc., Grandee Foods, Inc., Gravity Die Casting Corporation of America, Great Eastern Import Co., Inc., Grecian Marbles, Incorporated, Great Western Slenderella Systems, Inc., Green Meadows Market, Inc., Grime-Go Company of Charlotte, Grime-Go Company of Florida, Grime-Go Company of Virginia, Gruber Investment Co., Inc., Guano Corporation, The, Guardian Financial Corporation of Orange, Guardian Financial Corporation of Wichita, Guayaquil and Quito Railway Company, The, Guido De Flaviis & Sons, Inc., Gulfmex Shipping Corporation.

H. B. Lambert Co., H. C. Seitz Adjusters, Inc., Hal Roach Productions, Inc., Halcyon Homes, Inc., Hallmark Construction Corporation, Halton Corporation, The, Ham Operating Co., Inc., Hamilton-Lewis, Inc., Hammond Industries, Inc., Harbigger Enterprises, Inc., Harbison & Masi, Inc., Harley Buick, Inc., Harmony Kitchens, Inc., Harold E. Tiffany, Incorporated, Harold J. Gartner, Inc., Harrison Bros. Florists, Inc., Harry C. Sapowith, Inc., Harry L. Grant Service, Inc., Hasol, Inc., Havana Racing Company, Inc., Haweck Homes and Improvement Corporation, Hawkins Construction Company, Inc., Hayward & Meseck, Inc., Hazen Metallurgical Corporation, Hearn Ford Company Inc., Heart of America Scholarship Foundation, Heliogen Corporation, Hendry Built Homes, Inc., Hendry Construction Company, Henry and Gibson Built Homes, Inc., Henry's Drive-In of Wisconsin, Inc., Henry Schafer, Incorporated, Herman's, Inc., Hickey Brothers, Inc., High Fidelity Fair, Inc., Highland Park Slenderella Systems, Inc., Highmount Motors Corp., Hillside Slenderella Systems, Inc., Hitchens Poultry, Inc., Holiday Pool Co., Inc., Hollenbeck & Juell, Inc., Hollis & Eckerle Corporation, Holston Realty, Inc., Home Guide, Inc., Hoosier Trailer Leasing Co., Hope Summit Corporation, The, Hospital Seals, Inc., Howard H. Nuzz, Inc., Hub of Houston, Inc., Hubert A. Guyer Co., Hudson River Minerals Co., Inc., Hueber Towing Service, Inc., Hughes Distributing, Inc., Hullinger Productions, Inc., Humanities, Inc., Hungarian Revolutionary Parliament, Inc., Hydromatics Corporation, Hyman & Quinby, Inc. Ideal Funeral Home, Inc., Ideas Unlimited, Inc., Identity Recorder Sales Co. of Delaware, Imperial House, Ltd., Indon International Banking Corporation of America, Indusco, Inc., Industrial Advertising Corporation, The, Industrial Employees' Transportation Club, Inc., Industrial Export-Import Corporation, Ingerman's Men's Shop, Inc., Institute For Research In Voice and Speech, Inc., Inter-American Business and Development Corporation, Inter-American Emerald Corporation, Inter-American Engineering & Construction Company Inc., Inter-American Industries, Inc., Inter-American News, Incorporated, Intercinefilm Productions, Inc., Interdenominational Foundation, The, International Brewing Corporation, The, International Building Materials Corporation, International Closed Circuit Television, Inc., International Electronized Chemicals Corporation, International Exploration, Mining & Refining Corporation, International Forming Machine, Inc., International Marketors Inc, International Patents, Ltd., International Securities Corp., International Standard Corporation, Interstate Hotel Management Corporation, Interstate Minerals, Inc., Interstate Realty Corp., Island Air Sales Corporation, Iso-Mite Processes, Inc., Italian-American Republican Club Inc., Ivy Newspapers, Inc.

J. L. Hurley & Associates, Inc., J. 0. Dotson Investment Corp., J & S Construction Company, Inc., J-S Sales Co., Inc., Jackson Lodge Masonic Hall Corporation, Jafran Products Inc., Jarvis Manufacturing, Inc., Jean Baptiste Boutte Corporation, Jefferson Research Foundation, Inc., John Hamlet's Birds of Prey, Inc., Johnson Trailer Distributing Co., Inc., Jolles Bros., Inc., Joseph L. Segimont & Company, Inc., Jos. M. White Co., Jumbo Copper & Iron Mines, Inc.

K P Hardware Company, Inc., K & W Fishing Tools, Inc., Kaeslin Garden Apartments, Section 1, Inc., Kaeslin Garden Apartments, Section II, Inc., Kagel Paint Center, Inc., Kaiser Marine Corporation, Kansas Oil and Gas Corporation, Kelly Company of New York, Inc., Kentley Corporation, Kenwood Uranium Corporation, Kerry Company, Keystone Feed & Farm Products Corporation, Keystone Wrestling A. C. Inc., Kincaid Midland Oil Co., King Manganese Corporation, Kleen Products Co., Inc., Knox Finance Company, Koband Services, Inc.

L. B. M., Inc., L & B Talent Management, Inc., La Luz Leasing and Milling Corporation, Lafayette Hotel, Inc., Lagrange Park Slenderella Systems, Inc., Lake View Farms, Inc., Lamac Oil Company, Lancaster Sportsmen's Club, Lanco Corporation,

Lantern Hill Homestead, Inc., Lark Drilling Co., Inc., Lauderdale Drilling, Inc., Lauderdale Mining and Development Enterprises, Inc., Laurel Farm Supply, Inc., Lease and Royally Incorporated of America, Leased Departments, Inc., Leatherhide Industries, Inc., Lebo Company, Ledogar, Brooks and Company, Inc., Leesite Diatom & Chemical Corporation, Leibowitz Store, Inc., The, Lemex, Inc., Len Dee Corporation, The, Leonard Realty Corp., Lester Bannng, Inc., Letranco, Inc., Lewis of Delaware, Inc., Lewis-Skeel, Inc., Liberty Vending Service, Inc., Life Science Foundation, Life Shares, Inc., Lightning Preventer Corporation of America, Lincoln-Jefferson Party, Inc., Lincoln Loan Association, Lincoln Reactor Metals, Inc., Lincoln Surf, Inc., Lion of Ethiopi, Incorporated Lip-Mate Corporation, Llobet Enterprises, Inc., Loch Haven Beach, Inc., Lomega Explorations Limited, Loop Fish & Oyster Co. Inc., Loren Building Corporation, Low, Shaw & Company, Inc., Lowell M. Birrell & Company, Ltd., Lyons International Corporation, Lysle Synthescope Corporation.

M—H Enterprise, Inc., M & M Boys 'n Girls, Inc., M. and M. Burner Services, Inc., M. V. Inca, Inc., Mab Carpet Distributors, Inc., Maclen Corporation, The Madaras Corporation, Madaras Steel Corporation of Texas, Madco Drilling Co., Madrillon Company, Inc., Maitland Corporation, Mallory Medical Factor System, Inc., Mannion & Associates, Inc., Mapleleaf Chevrolet, Inc., Mardan Corporation, Marengo Television Service, Inc., Maricopa Dust & Spry, Inc., Marie M. Monaghan Co., Market Realty Corporation, Marlen Gardens, Inc., Marshallton Civic Club, Martin Company, Advertising, The, Martin David Investment Corporation, Martin Development Corporation, Martin Liquor Company, Marva Forest Products, Inc., Master Craftsman Lithographic Service, incorporated, Matson Run Company, Mayflower Motors, Incorporated, McBright, Incorporated, McCoy Motors, Inc., McHenry Industries, Inc., McKee Motors, Inc., Medic-Instruments, Inc., Medical and Surgical Research Institute, Inc., Melody Inn, Inc., Men and Women's Christian Association, Mercury Corporation of The Americas, The, Mercury Electronics Corporation, Merrill Avenue Slenderella Systems, Inc., Meteor Air Transport, Inc., Metropolitan Motor Corporation, Mex-American Minerals Corporation, MexAmerica Mercury, Inc., Mexican Gulf Sulphur Company, Mexican Mining Industries, Inc., Mid-Gulf Oil & Refining Co., Mid-Hudson Natural Gas Corporation, Mid-States Terminals, Inc., Mid-West Laboratories, Inc., Middle East Industries Corporation, Midland Oil Production and Exploration, Inc., Midstates Development Corporation, Midwest Furniture, Inc., Miles and Company, Inc., Milford Gardens, Inc., Milford Poultry Co., Inc., Milford Recreation Center, Inc., Military Investors Development Corporation, Military-Strategic Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Miller Air Lines, Inc., Miller Bros. Circus, Inc., Millsboro Kiwanis Club, Inc., Millstadt Milling Company, Milroy Corporation, Minerals Research Corporation of America, Mining & Development Corporation of America, Minnesota Uranium, Inc., Miracle Prop Corp., Mirror-Lite Corporation, Missouri Transmission Corp., Modern Wholesale Floor Products, Inc., Mohawk Patent Holding Corporation, Molina Gabler Enterprises, Inc., Monarch Construction Co., Inc., Monarch Properties, Inc., Monmouth Industries, Inc., Monsieur Marcel-Toronto, Ltd., Moody Industries, Inc., Mookl Chemical & Gas Corp., Moore-Ford Company, Morgan County Motors, Inc., Morris Enterprises, Inc., Morris Road Apts., Inc., Motel Corporation of Italy, MotorLube Corporation, Multiple Service Corp., Multiproducts Company, Inc., Murphy & Kirk, Inc., Mutual Pictures of California, Inc.

N L A, Inc., Nanticoke Development Company, Nash Homes Incorporated, Nar Recording & Music Publishing Co., Inc., National Association of Evangelicals, National Coupon Clearing House, Incorporated, National Credit Control Bureau, Inc., The, National Engineers Register, Inc., National Entertainers Investment Corporation, National Fur Concessions, Inc., National General Grand Masonic Congress of the John G. Jones Affiliation, A. F. & A. M. for the United States and Canada, Inc., The, National Hardware, Inc., National Health Services Corporation, National Hydrocarbon Company, National Industrial Piping Company, Inc., National Industrial Supplies Company, National Lumber & Supply Co., Inc., National Multiweaving Company, National Police and Sheriffs' Association, National Prime Window Co., Inc., National Resistance Corporation, National Shopping Centers, Inc., Nationwide General Engineering Associates, Inc., Natural Frozen Foods, Inc., Negro Models Inc., Nevada-Utah Uranium & Oil Corp., Newark Woodworking Company, New Castle County Air Base Aero Club, Inc., New England Tanker & Shipping Corporation, New Guinea Corporation, New Orleans Storage and Pipeline Co., New-Tex Oil Co., Inc., Newark Farmers Market and Auction Co., Newark Plumbing & Heating Supply Co., Newmex Mining Corp., Newport Land and Investment Company, Nido Corporation, The, Ninth Infantry Division Association, The, Nio Tanta Corp., Nitro Phosphates, Inc., Nixon Oil Corporation, Nordau Development Co., Nordon Corporation Limited, Normandy Electronics, Inc., Norridge Slenderella Systems, Inc., North Star Oil & Uranium Corporation, Northeast Market Storage Co., Inc., Northeastern Council for Latin American and Inter-American Studies, Inc., Northeastern Rolling Mills, Inc., Northeastern Tankers Corporation, Northern Motors, Inc., Northern Mains Exploration Co., Nu-Way Products, Inc., Nuclear Reduction Company, Nyala Corporation, The.

Oates & Co., Inc., O'Bannon Uranium Company, Ocean River Enterprises, Inc., Ocean Salvage Company, Odessa Foods, Inc., Ohio Oil & Gas Company, Oil Finance Corp., Oil Producers, Inc., Old Dominion Manganese Company, Incorporated, Oilfield Equipment Leasing Service, Inc., Olean Industries, Inc., Omega Printing Company, The, Operation AFD Maintenance Engineers, Inc., Opportunity Enterprises, Inc., Ord Ingram Ltd., Organic Dehydrated Foods, Inc., O'Shea Electronics, Inc., Oslager Hotel Corporation, Ostberg Seed Co., Overseas Exporting Corp., Owl Brand Products Co., Owls Nest Corporation.

P. B. Realty, Inc., P. & L. Inc., P. & H. Contractors, Incorporated, P. M. Productions, Inc., Pacific Broadcasting Company, Pacific Chemical Co., Inc., Pacific Oil Producers Corporation, Package Printing Corp., Palmbilt Corp., Pampa Valley Inc., Pan-American Trading Co., Inc., Pan American Van & Storage, Inc., Pape Trailer Distributing Co., Inc., Paradox Petroleum Corporation, Parimutuel Exchange Corporation, The, Paris Festival Week, Inc., Parkchester of Wilmington, Inc., Parkway Baking Company, Parx Products Corp., Pastel Cleaners, Inc., Patents, Inc., Paul Hesse 3-D Arts, Inc., Pearce Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., Peerless Realty Corporation, Pegedan Corporation Incorporated, Pemskor, Inc., Penn Industrial Consultants, Penn-Wood Oil Co., Inc., Peninsula Asphalt Products, Inc., Pennington Brothers, Inc., Peramco Oil Corp., Perfect Photo Identification, Inc., Perma Products, Inc., Petaca Mining Corporation, Petelle Real Estate Corporation, Petelle-Wallman Mercury, Inc., Petrex Corporation, Petro-Plastic Engineering, Inc., Petrotechnic Corp., Philbar, Inc., Philip Stahl & Associates, Incorporated, Philippine Development Corporation, Philippines Engineering Corporation, Phyllse Inc., Piaget Montgomery Corporation, Piedmont Gas Company, Pigeon Hole Parking Operating Co., Inc., Pilot Products Company, Inc., Pinkert Apartments, Inc., Porcupine United Gold Mines, Inc., Port Mahon Seafood Company, Porter Builders, Inc., Positions Incorporated, Postles Corner-Pickering Beach Oil Pipe Line Associates and Company, Potomac Park Apartments, Inc., Potomac Point Construction Corp., Premier Cab Association, Prince Georges Terminal Corporation, Printz Boulevard Enterprises, Inc., Producers Investing Corp., Professional Building Corporation of Washington, D. C., Professional Men's Association of America, Inc., Pryor Mountain Mining & Exploration, Inc., Pub of Greater Miami, Inc., The, Public Relations Associates, Inc., Purocaine, Inc.

Quaker City Leasing Corporation, Quaker Ice Cream Co.

R. F. King Service Corp., R. H. Homes, Inc., Radalite Corporation, The, Radian Instrument Company, Radio Producers Incorporated, Raglan Corporation, Ralph E. Davis, Inc., Rambo & Symond, Inc., Ramona Hosiery Mills, Inc., Ramsey, Inc., Ram-sing Foundation, Randall C. Handy, Inc., Ray's, Inc., Ray's Jewelry Corp., Reactor Minerals, Inc., Real Estate Investment Company, Realty Brokers, Inc., Red Horse Mercantile Corp., Red Garter Music Hall, Inc., Red Robin Highway Dining Units, Inc., Redi-Taters, Incorporated, Redskin Van Service, Inc., Reelshav Inc., Regency Foundation Inc., Regenerite Corporation, Refrigeration Service Co., Inc., Reliable Manufacturing Co., Inc., Rest Haven, Inc., Revenue Bond Institute of America, The, Reynolds Mining and Development Corporation, Reynolds Soil Development Corporation of (Chuckawalla Valley), Rhodes Sales Corp., Rich Uranium Co., Ripley Apartment Cooperative, Inc., River Services, Inc., Road Construction Company Incorporated, Robert F. Miller & Associates Incorporated, Robert G. Dick Co., Inc., Robert H. Carr & Sons, Inc., Robert Laws Company, Inc., Robert S. Grier Foundation, Inc., The, Robot Devices Incorporated, Rockford Laboratories, Inc., Rockefeller International Oil Corporation, Rodes, Inc., Rodes Optical Company, Rose's Gulf Service, Inc., Rosemar Corporation, Rosewood Homes, Incorporated, Royal Dukes' Club, Incorporated, Rubsam Corporation, Rupnick's Corporation, Russell S. Fisher, Inc.

S & K Cleaners & Launderers, Inc., S. Klein, Inc., S. & L. Optical Importers, Inc., S & T. Floors, Inc., Sabe Construction Co., Sacred Music Corporation, Salt Dome Sulphur Corporation, Samuel M. Pinsly Associates, Inc., San Remo, Ltd., Sandrac Development Corporation, Sanitary Specialty Services, Inc., Santas Holiday, Inc., Savoy Steel Co., Schaffer Appliances, Inc., Schoonover, Inc., Schuttig and Company, Inc., Scott, Inc., Scott Social Club, Seal Coatings, Inc., Security Auto Leasing, Inc., Securus Corporation, Sedgely Farms Water Company, Selenium Corporation of America, Sellhorn's Mobilehomes Association, Seminole Boat Co., Service Furniture Company, Inc., Shellady, Inc., Shoreham Music, Inc., Shoreline Towers, Inc., Sincere Overseas Corporation, Sisson Ranch Company, Inc., Skiatron Franchises, Inc., Slenderella Enterprises, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Anaheim, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Arlington, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Aquila Court, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Atlanta, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Bay-Fair, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Beaumont, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Bellevue, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Berkeley, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Beverly Hills, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Blue Ridge, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Braeswood, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Buckhead, Inc., Slenderella Systems of California Street, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Carmel, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Clayton, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Connecticut Avenue, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Dallas, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Gateway, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Glendale, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Greenwich, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Gulfgate, Inc„ Slenderella Systems of Hampton, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Hollywood, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Honolulu, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Houston, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Huntington Park, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Illinois, Inc., Slenderella Systems, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Jacksonville, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Jennings, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Kansas City, Inc., Slenderella Systems of La Jolla, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Lakeside Center, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Meadows Center, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Mission, Inc., Slenderella Systems of North Park Village, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Oak Cliffs, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Oklahoma City, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Omaha, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Palm Springs Inc., Slenderella Systems of Palo Alto, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Pasadena, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Portland, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Prairie Village, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Preston Equare, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Richmond Heights, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Ridglea, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Sacramento, Inc., Slenderella Systems of St. Louis, Inc., Slenderella Systems of San Bernardino, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Santa Monica, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Seven Corners, Inc., Slenderella Systems of South Bend, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Southland, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Tacoma, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Troost Avenue, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Tucson, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Tulsa, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Union Square, Inc., Slenderella Systems of University Hills, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Valley Fair, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Warrensville Center, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Westport, Inc., Slenderella Systems of Wilf air, Inc., Stenderfmor Industries Mfg. Company, Inc., Smith and Strevig Pharmacists, Incorporated, Smith & Strevig, Inc., Smith Auto Repair Service, Inc., Snap-Cap Tool Corporation of Delaware, Snider's Restaurant, Inc., Somerset Sales Company, Songur & Company, Inc., Southern Commercial Construction, Inc., Southern Engineering Company & Associates, Southern Hotel Supply Company, Southern Iron Corporation, Southern Maryland Inns, Inc., Southern Operating & Management Co., Southern Sales and Brokerage Agency, Inc., Southern & Western Land Corporation, Southwest Industries, Inc., Southwest Metals Company, Southwestern Chemical & Mineral Corporation, Southwestern Oil and Uranium Corporation, Southwestern Reserves Company, Speed Stables, Inc., Speedways, Inc., Speedway Realty, Inc., Spirit Mountain Caverns, Inc., Spiritual Church of Prophesy and Healing Through Faith in God, Inc., The, Sports Films, Inc., Spotlite Enterprises, Inc., St. Stanislaus Kostka Benefit Society, Standard Business Machines Washington Agency, Inc., Standard Chemical Corporation, Standard Consolidated Petroleum, Incorporated, Standard Testing Laboratories, Inc., Stanley-Norman, Inc., Star Oil Company, State Furniture of Virginia, Inc., Station House, Inc., Steel Ingot Production, Inc., Stephen Apartments, Inc., Sterling Products Company of Washington, Sterling Securities Corporation, Sterling Supply and Lumber Company, Stillwell & Company, Inc., Stone & Glass Ltd., Stretch Wire Corp., Strob-Lite Sales, Inc., Structo Schools Corporation, Studio A, Inc., Style, Inc., Suburban Linoleum & Tile Co., Submersible Oil Pump Corporation, Sugar and Spice Drive-In, Inc., Summersett Chemical Co., Sun-Up Corporation, Sundeck Development Corporation, Sunset Imperial Corporation, Super Mushroom Corporation, Susan Laurie, Inc., Sussex Electricians Local No. 1, Inc., Swirling Corporation, Swissvale Steel Corporation, Symco, Inc., Sycamore Builders, Inc.

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Yazoo Delta Mortgage Company, York Associates, Inc., Young Ideas Inc., Young Petroleum Corporation, Your Justice Incorporated.

Zephyr Awning and Manufacturing Company, Inc., Zenith Industries, Inc., Zipwell Corporation.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, David P. Buckson, Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal to be hereunto affixed this sixteenth day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and sixty-one, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and eighty-fifth.


By the Governor:


GEORGE J. SCHULZ, Secretary of State