TO: Heads of State Departments and Agencies

SUBJECT: Policy for Employment of the Physically Handicapped

WHEREAS, utilization of physically handicapped persons in productive employment is sound and necessary, both for the contribution handicapped citizens can make to the Delaware economy and for the sense of independence and well-being that such employment provides the handicapped person; and

WHEREAS, it is fitting that Government should lead the way in selective placement of physically handicapped persons so as to utilize their skills and abilities, and help make these less fortunate persons productive members of our society:

NOW, THEREFORE, I reaffirm that the employment policy of the Executive Branch of the Government of the State of Delaware shall be as follows:

1. Physical standards will be fair, reasonable, and adapted to the realistic requirements of jobs.

2. An opportunity will be provided for a fair appraisal of pertinent qualifications of physically handicapped applicants and employees.

3. Physical abilities of handicapped persons being considered for appointment or reassignment will be appraised in relation to the essential physical requirements of jobs.

4. Employees who acquire disabilities as the result of work injuries, off-the-job accidents or disease conditions, will be given full opportunity in re-employment or in transferring to other more suitable jobs.

5. Recourse to unduly prolonged or permanent benefits under the Employees' Pension Act shall be avoided whenever possible. Disability retirement shall be considered only after every feasible effort at reassignment has been made.

I urge that all levels of administration and supervision in the Executive branch take part in the implementation of this policy. Agencies should take such action as is necessary to bring about an understanding and application of the policy by all appointment officials and others who have responsibility in hiring or reassignment of employees. In addition, agency management should make a periodic review of the manner in which this policy is being carried out.

APPROVED this twenty-ninth day of November, 1961.


By the Governor


Attest: ELISHA C. DUKES, Secretary of State