WHEREAS, by the 51 Delaware Laws, Chapter 322, as amended by 52 Delaware Laws, Chapter 274. the old Detention Home at 308 West Street, Wilmington, was released to The Prisoners Aid Society of Delaware for the use and purpose of operating the same as a temporary residence to assist for short periods of time persons placed upon probation or parole or released at termination of sentence from our Correctional Institutions, so that in a program of Prevention and Rehabilitation, they may adjust to the Community under a degree of supervision while becoming contributing, law-abiding citizens; and

WHEREAS, 308 West Committee of The Prisoners Aid Society has operated said 308 West Residence since March 1958, for the purpose set forth in the foregoing Acts of the General Assembly; and

WHEREAS, the intermediate program offered by the 308 West Residence project has received commendation from the Welfare Council of Delaware, and has received national and international recognition as a method of rehabilitation and reduction of crime, as evinced by a three-year grant from the National Institutes of Mental Health of the United States Public Health Service of the Department of Health, Welfare, and Education; and

WHEREAS, because of the expiration of the United States Government grant as of December 31, 1961, partial financing by the State of Delaware will be necessary to continue the Program for the period commencing January 1, 1962, until the report of the Commission, appointed by the Governor to make an overall State-wide study and survey of the State's Correctional services with recommendations, is presented and considered by the General Assembly:

fourths of all Members elected to each House thereof concurring therein):

Section 1. That the sum of Five Thousand ($5,000) Dollars be and the same is hereby appropriated to the 308 West Residence to cover the expenses of the 308 West Residence in operating this program as provided by 51 Delaware Laws, Chapter 322, said sum to be paid to the 308 West Residence commencing January 1, 1962, in such amounts as requested and upon warrants signed by the Treasurer of the 308 West Residence.

Section 2. This Act shall be known as a Supplementary Appropriation Act and the money hereby appropriated shall be paid out of the General Funds of the State Treasury not otherwise appropriated.

Section 3. The 308 West Residence Committee shall make its Report with Recommendations to the Governor and the General Assembly with respect to said Rehabilitation Project in 1962, as soon as practicable and feasible.

Approved January 8, 1962.