WHEREAS, the men and women who comprise the organized labor movement in this State contribute in a substantial degree to our economic stability; and

WHEREAS, the purchasing power of a preponderant majority of our people in all walks of life has been increased by labor's program for economical and social advancement; and

WHEREAS, as the direct result of labor's endeavors to obtain for the wage earners a more suitable share of the fruits of their labor, business has benefitted through increased productivity, an expanded market and greater purchasing power among our people; and

WHEREAS, the purchase of Union Label goods and the patronage of services designated by Shop Cards and Service Buttons by an ever-increasing number of our people are conducive to the maintenance and improvement of our high standard of living and of desirable working conditions; now

THEREFORE, I, J. CALEB BOGGS, Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby proclaim the period of September 5 through 11, 1960, as


and call on citizens to observe the week as further recognition of the contributions of organized labor to the economic stability, increased productivity, and constantly improving living and working conditions of our people.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I, J. Caleb Boggs, Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal of the said State to be hereunto affixed at Dover this seventh day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and sixty and of the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and eighty-fifth.


J. CALEB BOGGS, Governor

GEORGE J. SCHULZ, Secretary of State