Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Delaware:

Section 1. § 2521, Title 12, Delaware Code, is hereby repealed and a new § 2521 enacted in lieu thereof to read as follows:

§ 2521. Kent County

The fees of the Register of Wills in Kent County, for the services specified, shall be as follows--

For filing petition for granting letters of administration

or testamentary $ 1.00

For granting letters of administration under seal, taking bond

and making registry thereof, if the estate is under $100.00 1.25

Over $100.00 and less than $500.00 2.00

Over $500.00 and less than $1,000.00 3.00

Over $1,000.00 and less than $5,000.00 5.00

Over $5,000.00 and less than $10,000.00 8.00

Over $10,000.00 and less than $20,000.00 12.00

Over $20,000.00 and less than $50,000.00 15.00

Over $50,000.00 and less than $75,000.00 20.00

Over $75,000.00 and less than $100,000.00 25.00

Each additional $100,000.00 over the first $100,000.00 10.00

Taking and registering probate of will 2.00

For granting letters testamentary under seal, same as

for letters of administration.

Copy of will annexed to letters testamentary, two cents per line

of eight word. Entering renunciation .25

Making and registering order for advertising

letters of administration or testamentary 1.00

Hand bills 1.00

Filing inventory, and making registry of such filing and

of appraised value of goods and chattels therein .25

Filing list of debts .25

For recording and indexing accounts 2.00

For adjusting, settling and certifying accounts, one per cent of

the net personal estate, disregarding all disbursements made,

or to be made, for legacies, bequests or distributive shares

due to legatees, heirs-at-law, or persons otherwise entitled.

Entering caveat .50

Issuing citation .50

Issuing subpoena to give evidence, all witnesses named before

the issuing of the subpoena to be named therein .50

Issuing an attachment 1.00

Taking depositions at large upon the litigation of a cause,

two cents per line of ten words, and twenty-five cents

additional for each deposition.

Entering interlocutory order upon the litigation of a cause .50

Entering sentence or decree upon the actual litigation of a cause 1.00

Filing petition or application for revoking letters of

administration or testamentary 1.00

For sitting in trial of cause, per day 5.00

For recording release, acquittance or receipt 1.00

For acknowledging an acquittance, or any paper

necessary to have acknowledgment thereto .50

For recording will and probate, or any other writing proper to be

recorded, and not provided for in this section, two cents

per line of eight words.

Certifying an extract, two cents per line of eight words.

Affixing seal of office to any writing not hereinfore

mentioned, and for which no other fee is allowed .50

Making search .25

Copy of examplification of a record under seal not before

provided for, two cents per line of eight words.

Section 2. This act shall be effective and apply to the estates of all persons departing this life after the passage of this act and nothing herein contained shall be construed as changing or affecting the fees to be charged by the Register of Wills for the estates of those decedents departing this life prior to the passage of this act.

Approved July 9, 1959.