WHEREAS, Alexander R. Abrahams, Tax Commissioner on behalf of the Tax Department of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for two years preceding such report have failed to pay the taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of this State,

NOW, THEREFORE, I, J. Caleb Boggs, Governor of the State of Delaware do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Sections 511 and 512, of Title 8, of the Delaware Code of 1953, as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid, are repealed.

A. B. Post Corporation, A B S Trash Company, Inc., A. Cooper & Son, Inc., A. E. Dorman & Son Inc., A. G. S. Rebuilders, Inc., A & J Pedicone Bros., Inc., A. M. B. Corporation, A. Reed & Company, Abacus, Inc., Abco Engineering Company, Inc., Adams Building Corporation, African New World Corporation, Agri-Plast Corporation, Agricultural Construction Company, The, Air Improvement Corporation, Air Tour Airfields Co., Air Transport Charter Exchange, Inc., Airborne Geophysical Surveys, Inc., Albamar Investment Corporation, Aldor Associates, Inc., Alexander Betcher, Inc., Alexander Realty Company, Algwen Corp., The, All Weather Heating and Waterproofing Co., Inc., Allied Concrete Co., Inc., Allied Painting Co., Inc., Alloys Steel Service Corporation, Alma Homes Corporation, Alretta Incorporated, Altus Housing Corporation, Alvin Apartments, Inc., American Builders, Inc., American Business Controls of Illinois, Incorporated, American Camera Corporation, American Canadian Oil & Drilling Corporation, American Canadian Ventures, Ltd., American Chemical Industries, Inc., American Ecla Corporation, American Economics Corporation, American Engineering Institute, American Film Productions, Inc., American Heritage Education Corporation, American Homemakers Guild, Inc., American Insurance Association, American International Industries, Inc., American Investment and Development Company, American Liberation Center, Inc., American National Fur Breeders Association, American and Overseas Development Corporation, American Personal Products, Inc., American Photo-foil Corporation, American Products Corporation, American Protex Company, The, American Radio Listener Stamps, Inc., American Scrap Corporation, American Service Publishing Company, Inc., American Tradition Association, American Whaling Company, The, Anchor Drilling Co., Anglo-United Petroleum Corp., Ann Lewis Shops of Washington, D. C., Inc., Antilles Beverage Corporation, Antony L. Geyelin Company, Appalachian Steel Corporation, Appleby Co., The, Arcade Investment Co., Inc., Arcade Rent-A-Car Corporation, Archibald John Edge Foundation, Arden Realty Company, Arias Foundation, Inc., The, Arkansas Minerals, Inc., Arnn and Associates, Inc., Arnora Sulphur Mining Corporation, Arthur Burt Shoe Company, Artini & Consuelo, Inc., Artists Entertainment Bureau, Inc., Artists' Theatre, Inc., Arvonia Realty Company, Arze Construction Corporation, Asheboro Smelting & Refining Corporation, Ashley-Rhodes, Inc., Associated Engineering Services, Inc., Atad Trading Corporation, Atlantic Gardens Sec. 1, Inc., Atlantis Marine Corporation, Atomic Capital Corporation, Atomic Energy Uranium, Inc., Atomic Metals Corporation, Atomic Uranium Corporation, Auger Drilling Company, Auto Loans, Inc., Auto Seat Cover Company, Inc., Auto Underwriters, Inc., Auto Valet, Inc., Automagraph Company, Inc., The, Automatic Air Conditioning Corporation, Automatic Electric Windows, Inc., Automotive Importers, Inc., Aviation International Delivery Service, Inc., Automatic Machines Corporation.

B. & K. TV Films, Inc., B. L. Eberts Associates, Inc., B & W Foundation, Inc., Baltimore Merchandising & Sales Services, Inc., Bam's Garage, Inc., Bancroft Corporation, Bankers Realty & Security Corporation, Barbara Daru Enterprises, Inc., Bargains, Inc., Barker, Smith and Company, Baronial Order of Magna Charta Corporation, The, Barry Enterprises, Inc., Bart D. O'Brien, Inc., Bartin Sales, Inc., Baruch Gas & Chemical Co., Inc., Bay Side, Inc., Beach Road Development Corp., Beacon Corporation, The, Beacon Wool Corporation, Bear Wholesale Distributors, Inc., Beardslee Chandelier Manufacturing Company, Bechas, Inc., Beck Mining Company, Bel-Terrace Corporation, Best Aluminum Storm Sash Co., Inc., Best Aluminum Storm Sash Co., Inc., of Conn., Best Aluminum Storm Sash Co., Inc. of N. J., Beste Provision Company, Bethesda Salvage Co., Inc., Bethlehem Laboratories, Incorporated, Better Services, Inc., Beutalure Lab., Inc., Beverly Gardens Apartments, Inc., Big Apple Super Markets of Avondale, Inc., Bill Plowfield and Associates, Inc., Bilmor Construction Co., Binini, Inc., Bionics, Ltd., Bishop's Flowers Inc., Blake-Epstein Realty Co., Inc., Blake-Warren Corporation, Blake-Warren Sales Corporation, Bligh Company, The, Blue Ridge Natural Gas & Oil Corporation, Bluebird Inn, Inc., Bluemont Properties, Inc., Blum Investment Corporation, Blundon Investment Corporation, Board of Stewards of The Wilmington Conference of The Methodist Episcopal Church, The, Bolivian-Fleischer, Inc., Bolling Oil Corporation, Bond Painting, Inc., Booth Glass Co., Inc., Booz-Dvorak Corporation, Borzillo Enterprises, Inc., Boyer and Smith Block & Sand Co., Brandywine Enterprises, Inc., Brandywine Home Improvement Co., Brett Corporation, Brewer & Company, Inc., Briar Creek Corporation, Bridgeville Diner, Inc., Bright, Incorporated, Brightwood Auto Body Works, Inc., Broad Acres, Inc., Brogan-Killoren Corporation, Brundidge Apartments, Inc., Buckeye Steak House, Inc., Buckley Engineering & Exploration Co., Budin & Nolly, Inc., Burch Employment Center, Incorporation, Business Liquidation Corporation, Butros M. Fakhry Corporation.

C. J. Eckhardt Co., C. L. Pardo Oil & Gas Corporation, Calaveras Central Mining Corporation, Calhoun Mines, Inc., Camden Park Housing Corp., Camel Oil & Gas Co., Camgulf Petroleum Corporation, Camille Finance Company, Camphorole Products, Inc., Canadian Homes and Mortgage Corporation, Candelaria Mines Realization Corporation, Canion Industries, Inc., Cantex Uranium Corp., Centrell & Cochrane-Texas Corporation, Canusa-Asiatic Exchange Limited, Capital Financial Enterprises, Inc., Capital Investment Co., Capital Seating Co., Inc., Capitol Block & Supply Co., Inc., Capitol Carpetred Company, Capitol Fabrics, Inc„ Capitol Hill Press, Incorporated, The, Capitol Mortgage and Investment Corporation, Capitol Radio & Television, Inc., Capitol Sunroc Agency, Inc., Capro Industries Corporation, Caribbean Export Corporation, Carleys, Inc., Cash & Crabill, Inc., Casibil Corporation, Castor Brothers of Pennsylvania, Inc., Caterpillar Club Inc., Causeway Realty Corporation, Cedar-Wise, Inc., Central City Businessmen's Association, Inc., Certified Home Equipment Corp., Chace Industries, Inc., Chadwick Sales, Inc., Chamber of Commerce, Newark, Del., Inc., The, Chambill, Inc., Charming Development Co., Inc., Charlaine Corp., Charles L. Hartman Enterprises, Inc., Charlotte Blouse Co., Inc., Charmeur Products, Incorporated, Chatham Materials Company, Cherokee Industries, Inc., Chesapeake Broadcasting Company, Inc., Chesterfield Land Corporation, Chesterfield Uranium Corporation, Cheswold Volunteer Fire Company, Chevy Chase Contracting Co., Inc., Chicago Export Corporation; Chieftain Industries, Inc., Christian Laymen's Crusade, Inc., Christopher Candy Company, Church of God, The Faith of David, Inc., The, Citizens Mortgage and Investment Co. Inc., Citrus Corporation of America, City Mortgage Company, Inc., City Sewing Center, Inc. of Delaware, Civic Arena, Inc., Class Funding Corp., Coast Line Oil Corporation, Coastal Carriers Inc., Coastal and Northern Gas Company, Coastal Pipe Line Company, Coating Engineers, Inc., Coffee Credit Corporation, Colchem Corporation, Coleman Montgomery Company, Inc., Colloidal Processes, Inc., Colonial Concrete Incorporated, Colonial Investment Co., Columbia Development Corporation, Columbia Manor, Inc., Columbia Optical Wholesalers Laboratory, Inc., Columbia Western Oil Company, Columbiana Coal and Clay Company, Columbium-Tantalum-Uranium Corporation, Columbus Construction Company, Commander Italian Restaurant, Inc., Commerce International China, Inc., Committee of Mercy, Inc., The, Community Auto Sales Co., Conneaut Chemical Company, Incorporated, Connell Homes, Inc., Consolidated Mfg. Co., Consolidated Sales Corporation, Continental Brokerage Corporation, Continental House, Inc., Continental Mining Corporation, Convert-A-Phone Company, Inc., Cook Development Corp., The, Cookson Corporation, Cooper Market, Inc., Cooper & Peterson Sandwich Shops, Inc., Coprox, Inc., Corporation Fiscal Company, Coudurier, Fructus & Devigne, Canada, Ltd., Council on Radio Journalism, Inc., Country Homes Building Co. Incorporated, Country Store, Inc., Country-Wide Business Sales, Inc., Cowie & Anderson, Inc., Coxe Stoker Engineering Company, Crusader Cab Service, Inc., Crystal Air Conditioner Corp., Cunningham Lumber Company, Inc., Custom Electronics, Inc., Custom Taxicabs, Incorporated, Cut Rate Sales, Inc.

D. R. Altick, Inc., Danny Machin, Incorporated, Darneille Vented Roads, Inc., Darnell Theatres, Inc., Daron Corporation, Dass, Inc., Davidson Oil Development Company, Inc., Day Basket Factory, Inc., De Foe--Cummings, Inc., Dean G. Strickler, Inc., Deardorf Oil Corporation, Dee Zee Investments, Inc., Deep Breathers Co., Deerhurt Maintenance Corporation, Del Campo Fuel Oil Co., Del Campo Roofing Co., Del-Mar-Va Forest Improvements, Inc., Delamore Street Hardware Company, Delaware Artificial Breeders Cooperative, Inc., Delaware Business Equipment, Inc., Delaware Citizens Association, Delaware Freight Lines, Inc., Delaware Kennel & Raceway, Inc., Delaware, Maryland & Virginia Camp, Incorporated, Delaware Metaplast Corporation, Delaware Nation-Wide Credit Corporation, The, Delaware Philharmonic Symphony and Opera Society, Delaware 730, Inc., Delaware Speedway, Inc., Delaware State-Wide Chest X-Ray Survey, Inc., Delaware Steel Erectors & Rigging Co., Delaware Valley Industrial Authority, Inc., Delbay Sea Foods Co., Inc., Delicate Products Corporation, Demille Products, Incorporated, Denovo Corporation, Derr Casket Company, Diamond Home Improvement Co., Diamond State Plumbing and Heating Supply Company, Dickanball Corp., Dismuke Rubber Corporation, Display Animations, Inc., District Insurance Company, Incorporated, Divex Oil and Land Development Corporation, Dixie Gold Mining Company, Dixie Plumbing Supply, Inc., Do-Boy Do Nuts, Inc., Dr. A. Reed Cushion Shoe Corporation, Doctors Osteopathic Hospital, Incorporated, Don Scottus Laboratories, Inc., Dover Drilling Corp., Dunlinden Acres Civic Association, Inc., Durham Electric Co., Durries Crane Management Co., Dynataur Corporation of America.

E. & A. Enterprise, Inc., E. C. Lattomus, Inc., E. T. Connaway Co., Inc., E. Tosse & Co., Inc., E. W. Thomas and Company, Eagle Construction Company, East Coast Uranium Company, Eastern Highway Express, Incorporated, Eastern Musical Instruments Corporation, Eastern Shore Construction Company, Eastern Shore Pipe and Rigging Co., Eastex Mining Company, Inc., Eastlake Liquors, Inc., Eckert-Keystone Aviation, Inc., Economy Mud Sales Company, Economy Sugar Operations, Inc., Edmax Services Corp., Educational and Research Publishers, Inc., El Centro Uranium Mining Co., Inc., El Greco Supper Club, Inc., Elastic Rail Spike Corporation, Electric Development Research, Inc., Elizabeth Shepherd, Incorporated, Ellen-Fredrick, Inc., Elsmere Gardens Development Co., Elsmere Manor Civic Association, Embassy Garages, Inc., Emerald Enterprises, Inc., Empire Oil & Refining Co. Inc., Empire State Mining and Mineral Corp., Enos Drilling Corporation, Equi-Flow, Inc., Equitable Corporation, Erecto Corporation, Erwin News Service, Inc., Essex Builders, Inc., Eterna Homes, Inc., Eureka Steam Engine Company, Inc., Exchange Oil Purchasing Corporation.

F & G Restaurant, Inc., F. H. Holtz, Incorporated, F & S Realty Corporation, Fair, Inc., The, Fairfax Films, Inc., Fairview Realty Company, Falcon Uranium and Oil Company, FaluHomesloyd Corporation, Family Times Inc., Family Times Publishing Company, Farm Management Institute, Incorporated, Fashion Cleaning Services, Inc., Federal Corporation, The, Feldspar-Mica-Uranium Corporation, Ferargil, Incorporated, Ferrara Associates, Inc., Fiber Glass Plastics Corporation, Fibre Drum Manufacturers Association, Fiesta Promotions, Inc., Filsmere Corp., First Commercial Bankers Incorporated, First District Voters Club, First New England Corporation, First United Construction Corporation, Fisher, White and Associates, Inc., Fistere, Inc. of North Carolina, Fleetwood Sales Service, Inc., Food Farm Super Market, Inc., Foreign Investments Incorporated, Foreign Services Corporation, Forto-Nite Corporation, Francis P. Nepa & Company, Frandum Corporation, Frank Locastro, Inc., Frank V. Warren, Incorporated, Franz Bader, Inc., Fraternity Press, Inc., Frederick Housing Corporation, Frederick Loren Dance Studios, Inc., The, Frederick Petroleum Corporation, French Toast Corporation of America, The, Friendly Village, Inc., Front Range Uranium Mines, Inc., Future Industries, Inc.

G B C Sales & Service Incorporated, G. G. Griffis, Inc., Galso Construction Corp., Gardner-Green, Inc., Gardner Thermal Corporation, Garrett Forest Land Company, Incorporated, Garry's Service, Inc., Gas Well Servicing Company, Gayety Buffet, Inc., The, Gems International, Inc., Gene's Inc., General Distributors, Inc., General Equipment Sales Corp., General Glass & Mirror Co., Inc., General Investment Company, General Minnesota Utilities Company, General Patent Corporation, General Refrigeration Corp., General Tung Oil Corporation, George A. McMahon, Inc., George Gray Construction Company, George H. McGovern, Incorporated, George Mac Development Corp., Georgetown Speedway, Inc., Georgian Lithographic Co. Inc., Geyelin Incorporated, Gipps Distributing Company, Glass Manufacturing Company, Inc., Glen Burnie Ready Mixed Concrete Co., Global Trading Corporation, The, Globe Contracting Co., Inc., Globe Development Corp., Goals, Incorporated, Goldenbergs Mart, Ltd., Goldwon Enterprises, Inc., Good Neighbors of The World, Incorporated, Gould Electro-Metallurgical Corporation, Governor Printz Realty Company, Great Bend Oil & Gas Corp., Great Chrisian Crusade, Inc., The, Great Circle Industries, Inc., Great Northern Uranium Mining Co., Inc., Great Southern Minerals, Inc., Greater Washington Electrical Wholesalers Association, Inc., Green Mountain Oil Corporation, Greens Farms Stable, Inc., Gregory, Inc., Grondine-Berg Company, Gyro-Balance Corporation.

H. B. Jacobs Painting Co., H. C. Malcolm & Sons, Inc., H. M. Keiser, Inc., H & 0 Refrigeration Co., Inc., H & S Trucking Co., Haljon Corporation, Hampshire Hotels, Inc., Hamton Company, Inc., The, Hap Corporation, Harco, Inc., Harmonson Hardware Co., Harold's Liquors, Inc., Harper Restaurant, Inc., Harris --Hub Bed and Spring Company, The, Harris Preserving Co., Hart Loan Society of Philadelphia, Hazelett Metals, Inc., Hendrick's Market, Inc., Henley -- Filson Company, Inc., Henmar Uranium Corp., Henney New England Company, Henrox Corporation, Henry B. Warner & Co., Inc., Herbert Alexander Incorporated, Heritage Enterprises, Incorporated, Hi-Way Liquors, Inc., Highway Trailer Holding Company, Hill -- Johnson, Inc., Hill--London Trading Corporation, Hillcrest Vernon Corporation, Hils Trading Corporation, Hinderer Realty Corporation, Hinson & Company, Inc., Holiday Homes, Inc., Holiday Homes Manufacturing Company, Inc., Holiday Petroleum Corporation, Holloway's Paramount Restaurant, Inc., Holly Cleaners, Inc., Home Builders and Supply Co., Inc., Homestead Company, The, Homestead Ice Company, Homestead Real Estate Corporation, Honkers Club, The, Honor Systems, Inc., Hopf Institute of Management, Inc., Hosco Corporation, Hotel Tax Controls, Inc., Housing Producers, Incorporated, Housing Producers No. 3, Incorporated, Housing Producers No. 2, Incorporated, Howard Hoyt Inc., Howard Oil Company, Hug Acceptance Corporation, Hug Company, The, Hydrogen Oil Corporation, Hyman's Super Market, Inc.

Ideal Contractors, Inc., Image and Sound Service Corporation, Independent Sky Coach System, Inc., Indiana Avenue Parking, Inc., Industrial Decorators, Inc., Industrial Improvement Corporation, Industrial Radiant Heat Corporation, Industrial and Reclamation Service Corp., Industry for Delaware, Inc., Instant Beverage, Inc., Insulation Products Corporation, Insurance Investment Corporation, Insurement Corporation of America, Inter-American Development Corporation, Inter-Hemisphere Trading Corporation, Intercontinental Engineering & Construction Co., Interfaiths Inc., Interim Management Company, Inc., International Center of Engineering Organization, Inc., International Cinema Productions, Inc., International Development Placement Association, Incorporated, International Dryer Corporation, International Finance & Exchange Co., Inc., The, International Industries and Developments, Inc., International Market Research Corporation, International Telecoin Corporation, International Television Corporation, Interore Far East, Incorporated, Interstate Concrete Corp., Interstate Securities Corp., Irvin's, Inc., Irvin Terry Trading Co., Inc., Island Mesa Uranium Co., Inc.

J and J Contractors, Inc., J. L. Winston, Inc., J. Walter Smith Associates, Inc., Jackson Terrace, Inc., James David Upholstering Company, James Realty Company, Jarmon Properties & Oil Development Corp., Jarmon Van Lines, Inc., Jarowall Corporation, Jet Ignition Company, Inc., Jewell Products, Incorporated, Jim Magner, Inc., Joan Raye Laboratories, Inc., John Finn, Jeweler, Inc., John J. Clarke and Son, Inc., John R. Markey and Associates, Inc., John R. O'Brien & Associates, Inc., John R. O'Brien Service Corp., John V. Hackett Incorporated, Johnson Corporation, The, Johnson Industries, Inc., Joliet Arsenal Homes, Inc., Jones-Brittingham, Inc., Jorene Shops Inc., Just Us Club of Greenwood, Delaware.

Kefko Associates, Inc., Kelleher Securities Corporation, Kemp Uranium Corporation, Kent, Incorporated, Kern Front Oil & Gas Corp., Kessler Motor Sales, Inc., Keval Development Corporation, Keystone Ice Company, Kiddie Towne, Inc., KingLite Corporation, King Solomon Uranium Mines, Inc., King Street Service Center, Inc., Kirk Jewelers, Inc. of Birmingham, Kirk Jewelers, Inc. of Jackson, Miss., Kitchen Mart, Inc., Klik, Inc., Klomac Builders, Inc., Knap America Incorporated, Korby Slacks, Inc., Korea Supplies, Inc., Korean-American Purchasing & Sales, Inc., Krebs & Company, Incorporated, Kurt Heath Studios, Inc.

L. A. Lewis, Inc., L. Court Butler, Inc., L. R. Mackenzie, Incorporated, Lakeview Development Corporation, Landes Poultry Inc., Landrith & Huddleston, Inc., Larson & Higgins, Inc., Lassiter Lumber Co., Inc., Latex Research Co., Latin American Fruit and Shipping Corporation, Latin American Magazines, Inc., Latt's Tie Bar, Inc., Launderette Soap Corporation, Lawbar Investment Co., Inc., Lawrence C. Morris and Son, Inc., Lee Brothers, Inc., Lee Plastics Co., Inc., Leslie Mines, Ltd., Lewes Amusement Co., Lewes Service Centre, Incorporated, Lewis International Trading Corporation, Life Fund, Inc., Light Advanced Vehicles, Inc., Light Metals Refining Corporation, Lillard Foundation, Inc., The, Limestone Acres, Inc., Lin-Bar Dress Corp., Lincoln Power Corporation, Lindsay Manufacturing Corporation, Little Caledonia, Inc., Little Giant Investment Company, Little Imp, Inc., Locomotive Economizer Corporation,. The, Loeb Investment Company, Lone Star Sulphur Corporation, Lorraine Athletic Club, Lott Industrial Development Corporation, Loumil's Jewelery Exchange, Inc., Lucille Vogeler, Inc., Lunchomat Corporation of America, Lytle Buick Company.

M. K. Investments, Inc., Mack-Lang Uranium Corporation, Madill Beverages, Inc., Madison Social Club, Magnetic Music, Inc., Mail-Order Corporation, Major Motor Sales of Va., Inc., Management and Development Corporation, Manganese Corporation of Delaware, Mann's Enterprises, Inc., Manor Hill Salad Company, Midwest, Inc., Mansfield Tractor Co., Inc., Marchant Productions, Inc., Marco Flow-Master, Inc., Margaret Van Hook School, Incorporated, Marilyn Blake Cosmetics, Inc., Marine Service Corporation, Mario's, Inc., Mark Howard Corporation, Markan Construction Company, Market Pharmacy Co., Inc., Marmel Investment Corp., Martin Testers, Inc., Marvan Realty Co., Marvel Auto Paint & Body Works, Inc., Massey Motors, Inc., May-Me Corporation, Mayflowers Sightseeing Tours, Inc., McDebb Corporation, The, McDonald & Eide, Incorporated, Mc-Ewan Development Co., Inc., McKenzie Construction Company, Inc., McNabb--Plympton Corporation, MDM Corporation, Mears Welding Service, Inc., Mechanipark Systems, Inc., Medart Company, Megonigal's Electrical Service, Inc., Megonigal-Legates & Co., Mercury Utility Aviation Service, Inc., Merrimac Shipping Corporation, Metropolitan Sun-Tan Services, Inc., Micalan Corporation, Mid-Atlantic Investment Corporation, Mid City Investment Co., Inc., Mid-Continent Uranium Corporation, Mid-East Shipping Company, The, Mid-Eastern Construction Corp., Mid-Eastern Investment Corporation, Mid-West Minerals, Inc., Mighty Motor Cars, Inc., Milford Jewelers, Inc., Military Cleaners of Penna., Inc., Mill Creek Construction Co., Mill-Stad, Inc., Milsom Metal Products, Inc., Milton & Company, Inc., Milton's, Inc., Milton Poultry Sales Corporation, Minerals Exploration Company, Inc., Minnetex Development Co., Miracle Car Wash, Inc., The, Miracle Mile Center, Inc., Miragraph Corporation, Mr. Petroleum, Inc., Mobile Drilling Company, Inc., Modern Home Supply Co., Modern Safety Road Markers Corporation, Mohawk Oils, Inc., Mohawk Valley Television, Inc., Montgomery Industries, Inc., Monthly Income Shares, Inc., Morris Poultry Company, Morse General Tires, Inc., Motortrains Inc., Mt. Hebron Cemetery, Inc., Mountain States Logging Service, Inc., Multi-Plant Corporation, Myo-Flex Corporation.

Na-Dor Button Corporation, Na-Mar Holding Company, Naer Corporation North American Electronic Research Corporation, Nation Wide Business Brokers, Incorporated, National Auction Productions, Inc., National Business Broker's Clearing House, Inc., National Cast Iron Pipe Company, National Cleaners of Delaware Co., National Drywall Applicators Co., Inc., National Food Services, Incorporated, National Motor Sales Co., National Properties Corporation, National Shooters' Supply, Inc., National Slag Company, National Terra-Stone Corp., Natural Gas Resources Corporation, Neptune Grill, Inc., New Castle Liquor Mart, Inc., New England Steel Corporation, New Jersey Finance & Discount Corporation, New Line, Inc., New Method Varnish Company, New Mexico Petroleum Co., Inc., New Ventures Press, Inc., New World Oil, Inc., Newark, Delaware, Junior Chamber of Commerce, Incorporated, Newport Bakery, Inc., Newport Fencing Company, Nicollet Avenue Properties Corporation, Nils Brekke, Inc., Ninora Leasing, Inc., Nitrates Incorporated, Normandy Land Club, Inc., North America Realty Corp., North American Atomic Corporation, North American Distributing Co., Inc., North American Products, Inc., North American Television Productions, Inc., North Park Uranium Co., Inc., North Portal Construction Co., Inc., North T-V, Inc., Northern Oil and Gas Corporation, North Virginia Chinchilla Breeders, Inc., Northwest Amusement Enterprises, Inc., Northwest Natural Gas Company, Northwest Toll Bridge Company, Northwest Uranium Corporation, Nsal Corporation, Nuway Products, Inc.

O'Brien Lumber Company, Inc., O'Brien & Redmond, Inc., Ocean Road, Inc., Ohio Valley Corporation, Oil and Gas Investors, Inc., Oklahoma Oil & Gas Corporation, Old Hickory Tavers, Inc., Old Home Bakeries, Inc., Old Nassau Exploration Company, Oley Mfg. Corp., Oley Products Inc., Olsen-Blount Drilling Co., Olson's Foods, Inc., Olympia Bakery, Inc., Olympic Funding Corp., Olympic Tennis Club, Inc., 1001 Connecticut Ave., Inc., Oremont Oil Corporation, Orex Corporation, Ort Reconstruction Fund, Inc., Oscar George, Inc., Outlook Publishing Co., Inc., Overlook on The Potomac, Incorporated, Overseas Corporation, Overseas Investment Company, Inc., Overways, Incorporated.

P. & H. Investment Company, P-J. Inc., P. J. Investments, Inc., P & M Poultry Stores, Inc., Pacific Export Company, Pacific Sulphur Corporation, Packaging Service Corporation, Page and Kramer Electronics Corporation, Pan-Am Exports, Ltd., Pan-American Transportation Co., Paper Corporation of America, Paraguay Land and Cattle Company, Parkchester Corporation, Parkers, Inc., Parking Lot, Inc., Parklot, Inc., Parks Motor Co., Passin Chillum Heights Market, Inc., Pat's Auto Service, Inc., Patrick Henry Lodge No. 11 of The Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Paul V. Boyer, Incorporated, Pax Company, Pay Rock Oil, Incorporated, Pecos Valley Portland Cement Company, Peerless Tool & Die Co., Peninsula Corporation, The, Peninsula Home Furnishing Co., Penn Charcoal and Chemical Co., Penn Seaboard Corporation, Pennsylvania Peerless Corporation, Perkins Foundation, Inc., Perma-Wall Construction Co., Permanesque Homes of Delaware, Inc., Persion Project, Inc., Peter Epsteen Motors, Inc., Petrofield Inc., Petroleum Recovery Engineering Corporation, Petroleum Rights Corporation, Petroleum Service Company, Petry, Inc., Phil Babys Company, Inc., The, Philadelphia Shipbuilding and Drydock Company, Philadelphia Steamship Agencies, Inc., Philip M. Jullien & Co., Phonadeck of Washington, D. C., Inc., Photoramic Films, Inc., Pictoprint Corporation, Pinks Branch Ditch Co., Plains Empire Petroleum Co., Inc., Plastiforms, Inc., Play Room, Inc., Plaza Dress Shop, Inc., Pollee Shoppe, Inc., Popular Finance Company of Silverton, Porrocco, Inc., Port of Chesapeake Authority, Inc., Post House, Inc., Potomac Contractors, Inc., Potomac Pad and Mirror Corporation, Power Sales Agency, Inc., Precision Diecasting Corporation, Premier Hudson Corporation, Premier Star Mining Company, Preston Export Laboratories, Inc., Prestressed Concrete Corporation, Price Vacuum Stores of Delaware, Inc., Prime Manufacturing Corporation of Delaware, Processed Metals Corporation, Product Development Corporation, Products & Licensing Corporation, Products of The Tropics, Inc., Publication Properties Proprietorship, Inc., Publicity Corporation of America, Pulgini Well Drilling Company, Pullella & Baldini Construction Co., Pure Candies, Inc., Pyne's Wilmington Shopper, Incorporated, Pyrocote Chemicals, Inc., Pyrocote, Inc.

Qualified Research Products, Inc.

R. J. Cochran Power Unit, Inc., R-Kay Mfg. Co., Inc., R and P Masonry Company, Inc., R. W. F. & Son, Inc., Rain-Rap Western Hemisphere Sales Corp., Rainbow Decorators, Inc., Ralph L. Torreyson Company, Inc., Ramco Company, Inc., The, Rand & Webster Imports, Inc., Rayne's Motor Sales, Inc., Recreation, Inc., Redifresh Corporation, Regent Contracting Company, Incorporated, Reid and Fort, Inc., Rellim Industries, Inc., Remsen Oil & Gas Co., Renaissance Films, Inc., Renault Plasticar Corp., Republic Construction Corporation, Republic Uranium Corporation, Research Associates Inc., Research Foundation, Inc., Retail Dry Cleaners Association of Greater Washington, Rex Industries, Inc., Rex Uranium Corporation, Reximport, Inc., Richardson Park Motors, Inc., Rigid Vinyl Corporation, Riley and Evans, Inc., Robert A. Vogeler, William H. Widener & Associates, Inc., Robert Cleeland's Sons, Inc., Robert R. Nash, Inc., Robert Winston, Inc., Roebling Construction Company, Inc., Rolac Investment Corporation, Rosen Vending Service Inc., Ross Engineering Company, Ross General Jewelers, Inc., Ross Jewelers, Inc., Ross Jewelers, Inc. of Atlanta, Ga., Ross Jewelers, Inc. of Birmingham, Ross Jewelers, Inc. of Columbus, Ga., Ross Jewelers, Inc. of Florida, Ross Jewelers, Inc., of Mississippi, Ross Trucking Co., Rosslyn Motor Sales, Inc., Roy Corporation, The, Roy Greene, Inc., Royal Oak Hotel, Inc., Royco Metal Ware Company, Ruths Steam Storage, Incorporated, Rutter Fund, Inc., The S. Gilbert Pierce, Inc., S R Enterprises, Inc., Sabin St. Germain De Cuba, Inc., Saf-T-Dot Corporation, Safe Drivers Club, Inc., Safe Seal Tubes, Inc., Safety Service Milk Bottle Corporation, Safeway Liquors, Inc., Safeway Mining Machine Corporation, Safeway Neon Service, Inc., Saigh Engineering Company, Salesmaster, Inc., Sam-Real Co., Samaljo Trading Corporation, Sampson Rubber Products Corporation of Delaware, San Juan Uranium Corporation, Sanitary Land Fill, Inc., Savings and Loan Designers, Inc., Saybee, Inc., Schaefer-Hauser Casablanca, Ltd., Schriber Decorating Co., Inc., Schroder Motors, Inc., Sea Trailers, Inc., Seaboard Mineral Products, Inc., Selevision Corporation of America, Selevision Florida, Inc., Selevision Western, Inc., Seminole Rock Company, Senate Realty Corporation, Senogas Corporation, Servi-Cycle Eastern Corporation, Service Personell Purchasing Corp., Servo-Automation Corporation, Seven Mile Uranium Company, 7750 South Shore Corporation, 77 Corp., Shade King Washington, Inc., Shadel, Hinson, Young, Inc., Shepard Line (Brasil), Inc., Sheridan Service, Inc., Sherwood Park, Inc., Shopping Centers, Inc., Shur Chemical Products, Inc., Shuster's, Inc., Silicato Bros., Inc., Silver, Inc., Singer Holding Company, Skybreak Carolina Corporation, Skytrain Airways, Inc., Smiles Corporation, Smith Hi-Line Company, Smith Sashless Company, Snyder's Mercantile, Inc., Somers Engineering Corporation, Sonic Research Corporation, Sonyxela Mining Company, Inc., South American Investing Corporation, South American Service and Development Corporation, Southeast Airlines Agency, Inc., Southeastern Associated Jewelers, Inc., Southern Leasing Corporation, Southern Marketing Corporation, Southern Mercury, Inc., Southern National Corporation, Southern Optical Co., Inc., Southold Corporation, Southern Refrigeration & Warehousing Co., Inc., Southwest Television-Radio Campaign, Inc., Speculative Venture Capital, Inc., Spring Road Cafe, Inc., Square Root Industries, Inc., Standard Products Exports Incorporated, Standard Uranium Company of America, Stanford Petroleum Corporation, Stanley's Men's Shop, Inc., Stanton Crest Civic Association, Star Sewing Machine Co., Inc., Starbuck Steamship Corporation, State Heating Company, Statewide Drive-In Theatres, Inc., Steele D. Williams Enterprises, Inc., Steele Enterprises, Inc., Stein Construction Company, Inc., Stenta Corporation, Steriloptics, Inc., of Delaware, Sterling Industries Incorporated, Stewart-Jordan Company, The, Strato-Mart, Inc., Strauss Jewelers, Inc., Stuart Kingston Jewelers, Inc., Stuk-O-Rite, Inc., Stylon Hosiery Mills, Inc., Successful Sales Institute, Inc., The, SucroWax, Inc., Sunbury Enterprises, Inc., Sunbury Wire Rope Sales Company, Inc., Sunnyfield, Incorporated, Super Cab Company, Incorporated, Super-Corporations of America Depositors, Inc., Superior Print Shop, Inc., Superior Products, Inc., Supreme Butter and Egg Co., Inc., Supreme Enterprises, Inc., Surgical Products Laboratories, Inc., Sussex Boat Company, Sussex Central Hospital, Inc., Sussex Real Estate & Insurance Agency, Inc., Sytro Uranium Mining Co., Inc.

Tanners Research Corporation, Tapes, Inc., Taunton Apparel Supermart, Inc., Tay-Vas Company, Inc., The, Techrep Corporation, Telaco Petroleum Company, Tele-Music, Inc., Telecoin Corporation, Telescreen Corporation, Texal Corporation, Texan Stevedoring Corp., Texas Exploration Company, Texas-Georgia Oil Company, Texas Louisiana Oil Development Corporation, Texas State Gas Co., Inc., Textile Mills Securities Corporation, Third & Eye Inc., Thomas-Bonnie Building Corporation, Thomasville Furniture Corporation, Thunderbird Oil Company, Timberlake Inc., Tiny Tot Shop, Inc., Toby's, Inc., Tocsin Electronic & Engineering Co., Inc., Today's Cafe, Inc., Tooth Polisher Corporation, Top Flight Pictures Corporation, Tournament of Thrills, Inc., Toye Taxi Co., Trade School Charities Inc., Trans-America Travel Agency, Inc., Trans-Hemisphere, Ltd., Trans-Lux Liquors, Inc., Trans-Southern Oil & Gas Corporation, Trans-World Productions, Inc., Transit Refrigeration Inc., Transportation Development Corporation, The, Transworld Supplies, Inc., Travel Drill Co., The, Travelfares, Inc., Traynor-Dever, Inc., TriCounty Provision Co., Tri-State Motor Lines, Inc., Tri-State Oil and Gas Corporation, Tri-State Petroleum Co., Inc., Triangle Restaurant, Inc., Trocadero, Inc., Tuftred Carpets, Incorporated, Tulsa Security Oil Company, Inc., Turf Club, Inc., TV Boxing Fans Alliance, Inc., 20th Street Market, Inc., Twin Cities Development Corporation, 2514 K Street, Inc., Tyson's Corner Land Corporation.

U. S. Automatic Machinery and Chemical Corporation, U. S. Bankers Couriers, Inc., U. S. Oil & Gas Corp., United American Management Corporation, United Automatic Rifles Corporation, United Canadian Mining Co. Ltd., United Chemical Company, United Construction Company, Incorporated, United Constructors Corporation, United Federal Corporation of America, United Food Stores Corporation, United Hydraulic Pump Corporation, United Printing Ink Laboratories, Inc., United Radiator Corporation, United Rebuilders, Inc., United Royal Exploration and Mining Company, United States Arms Corporation, United States-Canadian Uranium Corp., United States Cement Corporation, United States Dental Company, United States Directories, Inc., United States Export & Import Corporation, United States-German Board of Trade Inc., United States Titanium Corp., Universal Aviation Services, Inc., Universal Construction Co., Universal Engineering Inc., Universal Fashions, Inc., Uranium Explorations, Inc., Uranium & Oil Corporation, Uranium Prospecting Corporation of America, Urahium Research & Exploration Company, Uranium & Titanium Corporation, Urano Atomic Corporation of America, Urcy, Inc., Utah Drilling Company, Utah-Wyoming Atomic Corporation.

V & L Corporation, V-M Corporation, Van Dyke Insurance Association, Van Dyke Realty Corporation, Vandersee Engineering Company, Venezuela Investment Company, Venture Capital Corporation, Vermiculite & Industrial Petroleum Products, Inc., The, Vermont Lumber Inc., Vernon Motors Corporation, Video Corporation of America, Videoscript, Inc., Virginia Live Fur Parade, Inc., Von Evan, Inc.

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Ziegler, O'Malley, McBroom & Erickson, Inc., Zigrich Construction Corporation.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, J. Caleb Boggs, Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal to be hereunto affixed this twenty-second day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fifty-eight, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and eighty-second.


By the Governor:


JOHN N. McDOWELL, Secretary of State