WHEREAS, C. Douglass Buck, Tax Commissioner on behalf of the Tax Department of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for two years preceding such report have failed to pay the taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of this State.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, J. CALEB BOGGS, Governor of the State of Delaware do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Sections 511 and 512, of Title 8, of the Delaware Code of 1953, as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid, are repealed.

A. C. Rowe & Son, Inc., A La Marquise De Sevigne, Inc., A-M Corporation, A-One Rental and Realty Company, Abar Appliance Co., Abbott's-Texas, Inc., Abercrombie-Blair Company, Ace Machinery Service, Inc., Activated Development Corp., Adams Contracting Co., Inc., Admiral Motel and Restaurant Corporation, The, Advertising Service Incorporated, Aerated Fuels Incorporated, Aerator Distributing Corporation, Aero Industries International, Inc., Air America, Inc., Air Union (Inc.), Airborne Equipment Corporation, Airmotive Industries, Inc., Airormarine Transport Corporation, Ajay Contracting Corporation, Alaska Gold Placers Incorporated, Alberta Pacific Oil Pipeline Co., Aldoma Corporation, Allegheny Engineering Corporation, Allen Enterprises, Inc., Allender Publishing Corporation, Alpenn Theatre Corporation, Amco Aircraft Motors Corp., Amer-Can Petroleum Corporation Ltd., American Barter Corporation, American Beryllium Corporation, American Cab Association, American Coffee-Matic Corp., American Construction Corp., American Development Corporation, American Distributors (Inc.), American Documentation Institute Inc., American Equipment Distributors, Inc., American Explorations Corporation, American and Far Eastern Engineers, Inc., American Furniture Carriers Corporation, American Heritage Fund, Inc., The, American Home Sales Corporation, American Industries Exposition Incorporated, American Institute of Advertising, Inc., American Institute of Research, American International Development Services, Inc. of Washington, D. C., American Land and Commercial Company, American Market, Inc., American-Mediterranean Development Corp., American Mortgage and Investment Company, The, American Mutual Benefit Association, American Pacific Corporation, American Schuster Machine Co., Inc., American Tourist Association, Inc. (A. T. A.), American Vegra Corporation, American Wholesale Canvas Goods Manufacturers Association, Ames Oil and Gas Company, Anacostia Athletic Club, Anadarko Basin Gas Pipeline Company, Andalusia Speedway, Inc., Andrews Construction Co., Angele, Inc., Angier Products, Inc., Anglo-Tex Incorporated, Ann Lewis Shops of Charlotte, Inc., Apex Business Services, Inc., Apex Investment Co., Inc., Aqualift Company, Inc., Arcade Cafeteria, Inc., Ardmore Aluminum Products Co., Inc., Argo Chemical Company, Inc., Arizona Mining Corporation, Arkmer Trucking Co., Inc., Arlington J. Williams, Inc., Armstrong Minerals Corporation, Associated Developers, Inc., Associated Enterprises, Inc., Associated Food Sales, Inc., Associated Sub-Contractors and Suppliers of America, Carolinas Division, Inc., Association of American Soap and Glycerine Producers, Inc., Astral Oilgas Leaseholds Inc., Atom Bleach, Inc., Atomic Corporation of America, Augustine Launch Service, Inc., Auto Mart, Inc., Auto-Tank Mfg. & Eng. Corp., Auto Vend Industries, Inc., Auto Vend of Virginia, Inc., Automatic Music Association of Western Pennsylvania, Inc., Automatic Specialty Products, Incorporated, Automotive Economy Corporation, Automotive Specialists Corp., Autophonic, Inc., Avery Construction Company, Inc., Aviation Services Corporation, Awin Builders, Inc.

B and B Market, Inc., B & C Incorporated, B. F. Jones Oil Co., Inc., B. Rapkin Sheet Metal, Inc., B & S Acquisition Corporation, Balladier Company, The, Barbara Stone Shops of Portsmouth, Inc., Barnes-Knight Company, Inc., Barney's Inc., Barrington Manufacturing Corporation, Barry's, Incorporated, Barry & O'Sullivan Inc., Basin Road Shopping Centre, Inc., Bassett Bros., Inc., Beacon Laboratories, Inc., Beautalure Sales Company, Belmont Development and Building Corporation, Belmont Industries, Inc., Beltone Hearing Institute, Incorporated, Ben Franklin Corporation, Berger-Steinmetz Hardware Company, Bernard's Fur Shop, Inc., Bernard's--Texas, Inc., Bernards, Inc., Bert-Nel Corporation, Best Realty Company, Beverly Corporation, The, Bimat Homes, Inc., Birch Construction Corporation, Blackwater Oil & Gas Corp., Bobal Television, Inc., Bond Investment Co., Inc., Bond Vacuum Stores of Carolina, Inc.,Bondwel of New York, Inc., Book Sales Corporation, Boomhower, Inc., Brady Manufacturing Company, Branding Iron Club A Corporation, Brazos-Western Oil & Gas Corp., Broadkiln Pearl Company, Inc., Brodskys, Inc., Bromar Corporation, The, Bror Dahlberg & Co., Inc., Brotherhood of The White Temple, Inc., Bruce Construction Co., Inc., Buckingham Stores, Inc., Burke Distributing Corporation, Business Audit, Inc., Business Builders Corporation, Butler-Zimmermann, Incorporated.

C. L. North & Co., C. W. Cain Tailoring Company, Cacoma, Inc., Cairo Electrical Sales & Service Inc., California-Maine Corporation, Camden-Dover Housing Corporation, Camden Restaurants, Inc., Camlot Productions, Inc., Camp Katandin, Inc., Campbell-Hamilton Corporation, Can Machinery Corporation, Canal Barge Company, Inc., Canby Park Homes Inc., Canton Finance Corporation, Canute Oil Corp., Capital Inspection & Recharge Service, Inc., Capitol Contour Chairs, Incorporated, Capitol Packing Co., Inc., Capitol Restaurant Inc., Car Lease Service, Inc., Car Lease System, Inc., Caribbean Minerals Company, Carroll Construction Co., Inc., Carsmith Realty Co., Carsolite Corporation, Carver Vocational Institute, Cary Maple Sugar Company, Inc., Castle Inc., The, Caston Corporation, Cedar Creek Farms, Inc., Cedar Hill Construction Corp., Celebration Lamp Shade, Inc., Celebrity Caterers, Inc., Centennial Investment Corporation, Central Contracting Co., Inc., Central Cosmetics, Inc., Central Drilling Company, Central States Public Service Co., Central T. V. Inc., Central Western Petroleum Corporation, Certified Research Products, Inc., Chain Stores, Inc., Chainlock Process Corporation, Chair Shop, Inc., The, Champlain Company, Inc., Champlain Valley Broadcasting Corporation, Channel Sightseers Inc., Charge-By-Check, Inc., Chateau, Inc., The, Chesapeake Realty Corporation, Chevy Chase Pet Shop, Inc., Chimney-Furnace Corporation, Choirs, Inc., Chipper Participants, Inc., Christian Leader Publishing Company, The, Cibola Industries, Inc., Cipango Enterprises, Inc., Citizens Development Company Incorporated, City Motor Sales, Inc., Clarence W. McCaulley, Inc., Clean Home Products Incorporated, Clear Creek Mines, Inc., Clifton Woodworking, Inc., Club Mucho, Inc., Club Town & Country, Club Waldorf, Cobey Farm Equipment, Incorporated, Cokel, Inc., Colby Corporation, Collection Service Bureau, Inc., Colonial Food Co., Inc., Columbia Auto Loan, Inc., Combustion Research Corporation, Comet Engineering Company, Inc., Comfort Sales Company, Community TV Systems Inc., Compressed Air Service Corporation, Concrete and Cinder Corporation, The, Congress Shopping Center, Inc., Conservation Engineers, Inc., Consolidated Acceptance Corporation, Consolidated Drug Co., Inc., Consolidated Engineering Company, Consumers Chemical Corporation, Consumers Guild of America, Continental Beverages, Inc., Continental Chester Corporation, Continental & Export Sales Agency of Dallas, Inc., Continental Publishing Company, Inc., Continental Sheet Metal Company, Contract Furnishers, Inc., Cornell Oil & Gas Corp., Coronet Restaurant, Inc., Cosmetics Ltd., Cosmetiques Depaige, Inc., Cosmocolor Corporation, Cosmos Development Co., Inc., Course Oil Corporation, Couzinet Aircraft Corporation, Cowdrey & Co., Inc., Cowell Oil Associates, Inc., Cozy Home Co., Inc., Credit Corporation of America, Inc., Cresco Towing Company, Crest Productions, Inc., Crown Liquor Mart, Inc., Crude Oil Industries, Inc., Cuban Trade Index, Inc., The, Culhane Construction Company, Cunningham-Cobb Construction Company, Inc., Custom-Bilt Fixtures, Inc., Customcraft, Inc.

Daniel Boone Minute Men Association, Dannor Realty Co., Davis-Stewart Commercial Corporation, De Sales Properties, Inc., Del-Mar Mortgage Corporation, Delaire Corporation, Del-ark Corporation, Delaware Coonhunters Association, Delaware Natural Gas Company, Delaware Setter And Pointer Club, Inc., The, Delaware Society of Public Accountants, Inc., The, Delaware Storage Incorporated, Delaware Valley Publishing Corporation, The, Delaware Writers, Inc., Delease, Inc., Delmar Raceways, Incorporated, Delmonia Corporation, The, Delwood Corporation, The, Dennis Loans, Inc., Depositors Certificate Corporation, Deputy Construction Co., Design Service Company of Delaware, Inc., Diamond State Brewery, Inc., Dianol Sales Corporation, Dihong Dredging Corporation, Disco Industries, Inc., District Book Store, Inc., District Cigarette Vending, Inc., District Sales Corp., Domain Investors Corporation, Dome Gas & Oil Corporation, Donald D. Kneesei, Inc., Doug Allan TV and Film Productions, Inc., Douglas Investment Corporation, Drummond Sand & Gravel Corporation, Dual Control Driving Systems, Inc., Dulien Enterprises, Inc., Duplomat Corporation of America, Dyna-Phone Hearing Aid Corporation, Dynamic Electronics Corporation, Dynamics Research Corporation.

E. A. Juzwik & Co., E. A. Stevenson & Company, E. M. Browne International, Inc., Eagle Chemical Company, Inc., Eastern Aircraft Sales Corp., Eastern Development Company, Inc., Eastern Hide & Fur Co., Eastern Marine Company, Eastern Morocco Minerals, Inc., Eastern Paint and Remodeling Company, Inc., Eastern Re-Light Corporation, Eastern Tankers Seaways Corp., Eden Park Builders, Inc., Edgehill Liquors, Inc., Educational Productions, Inc., Educational Sales and Research, Inc., Egg-O-Matic Chickens, Inc., El Canada Columbia Mines Company, El Ghedem Mining Corp., Eldon Miller Mfg. Co., Electric Company of Costa Rica, Electric Sales Co., Inc., The, ElectroComponents Corporation of America, Electrobeam, Inc., Electronic Railway Signal Company, Electroplex Corporation, Elgincor Corp., Elm Crest Farms, Inc., Elmhurst Heating and Appliance Co., Emco Associates, Inc., Empire Engineers & Constructors, Inc., Empire Mining and Refining Company, Inc., Empire Realty & Insurance Corporation, Engineering Associates, Inc., Engstrum Aerosol Valve Manufacturing Corp., The, Enterprise Council No. 16 Junior Order United American Mechanics, Incorporated, Enterprise Supply Co., Eocene Channel Mining Co., Equitable Credit Company, Northeast, Equitable Steel Corporation, Erlebacher, Inc., Essex Farm Labor Association, EthiopiaAfrican-War Relief, Inc., Eubanks, Inc., Eugene Davidson, Incorporated, Eureka Oil Co. Inc., Exotic Aquarium Supply Co., Inc.

F & G Investment Co., Inc., F & H Construction Company, F. Herbert La Rue & Co., F. J. McGinley and Son, Inc., Famous Foods of America, Inc., Far East Commerce Corporation, Ltd., Far East Facilities Corporation, Farmers Sales and Service Corporation, Farr Corporation of Delaware, The, Farrand Chemical Company, Inc., Farval Corporation, Federal Business Machines Corporation, Fenwick Island Company, Fidelity Lodge No. 25, I. 0. 0. F. of Frankford, Delaware, Fidelity Tube Corporation, Fire Ball Cycle Club, Inc., The, Firefoil Corporation, The, First National Hotels, Inc., Fish Distributors Cooperative

Association, Inc., Fisher-Lanham Company, Inc., Flame Restaurants, Inc., The, Flamingo Club, Inc., Flashdex, Inc., Flexi-Fend Corporation, Flordisco, Inc., Florida Citrus Products Corp., Fluid Power Company, Food Bank, Inc., Food Bank of Texas, Inc., Food Development Corporation, Food-Savers Club, Inc., Food Wholesalers Corporation, For-U-Hosiery Mills, Inc., Ford Photo Supply, Inc., Foreign Television, Incorporated, Fortrade Corporation, Forty-Acre Athletic Club, Fotorama Corporation, Fox Hardware, Inc., Frank's Bar & Grill, Inc., Franmor Custom Footwear, Inc., Frazer Products, Inc., Frederick Clothes, Incorporated, French Shop, Inc., The, Friendship Corporation, The, Friendship Stations, Inc., Froma, Inc., Frontier Airmotive, Inc., Furniture Contractors, Inc., Furniture Fair, Inc., The, Fuse Indicator Corporation, Future Oil Corporation.

G. Howard Hodge Foundation, Inc., G. I. Family Travel, Inc., G & M Motors, Inc., Gabriel Pascal Enterprises, Inc., Gap Corporation, The, Garsette Industries, Inc., Gary Marshall Realty and Investment Corporation, Gateway Inn, Inc., Gen Radio and Television Corporation, General Carton Corporation, General Construction Services, Inc., General Electrosonics, Inc., General Magnesium Foundries, Inc., General Pharmaceutical Corporation, General Refrigeration & Heating Products, Inc., Gentry Oil and Gas Corporation, George B. Houck, Inc., Germicidal Corporation of America, Gerrity Company-Seattle, Inc., Giant Department Stores, Inc., Gibraltar Steel Corporation, Gilbertson Botanical Gardens, Inc., Glamorama, Inc., Glasgow Commercial Corporation, Glasgow Rod & Gun Club, Glenside Laundry, Inc., Global Oil & Drilling Co., Inc., Globe-Miami Copper Zinc Corporation, Glu-Pen Corporation, Glu-Pen Western Hemisphere Corporation, Golden Fry Food Products Co., Golden Peacock Restaurant, Inc., Gondola, Inc., Good Samaritan Brotherhood, Inc., Goody's, Inc., Gordon & Sisco, Inc., Government Employees Marketing Service Inc., Governmental Business Services, Inc., Graham's Stores, Inc., Graham-Zerkel Ore Company, Inc., Grand Valley Oil Corporation, Grandon Hotel, Inc., Grandview Construction Co., Great International Development Corporation, Great Oaks Oil & Gas Corp., Green Bay Development Corporation, Green Meadow Farms, Inc., Greenwood Builders, Inc., Greenwood Warehouse Corporation, Gunn Engineering Co., Guy V. Butler & Sons Construction Corporation, Inc.

H. B. Van Dyke Associates, Incorporated, H. C. Marsh & Company, Inc., H. E. Logan Construction Company, Inc., H. S. Azar Company, Incorporated, Haitian Dessalines Western Hemisphere Trade Corporation, Hall-Potomac, Inc., Hamby Bros., Inc., Hampshire Homes, Inc., Happy Home Trailer Co., Harmon Gas Corp., Harold P. Rudolph Sales Co., Harper and Proctor, Inc., Harris Company, Inc., The, Harry Pollin & Sons, Inc., Harvey Jewelers, the., Hathaway Steel Corporation, Havasnak Corp., The, Hawker Uranium Mines Corporation, Hazleton Planing Mill Co., Head of Christiana Cemetery Association, The, Heinz, Johnson, Dunn & Associates--Alabama, Inc., Heinz, Johnson, Dunn & Associates--Arkansas, Inc., Heinz, Johnson, Dunn & Associates--Florida, Inc., Heinz, Johnson, Dunn & Associates--Georgia, Inc., Heinz, Johnson, Dunn & Associates--Illinois, Inc., Heinz, Johnson, Dunn & Associates--Indiana, Inc., Heinz, Johnson, Dunn & Associates--Iowa, Inc., Heinz, Johnson, Dunn & Associates, Kansas, Inc., Heinz, Johnson, Dunn & Associates--Kentucky, Inc., Heinz, Johnson, Dunn & Associates--Louisiana, Inc., Heinz, Johnson, Dunn & Associates--Michigan, Inc., Heinz, Johnson, Dunn & Associates--Minnesota, Inc., Heinz, Johnson, Dunn & Associates--Mississippi, Inc., Heinz, Johnson, Dunn & Associates--Missouri, Inc., Heinz, Johnson, Dunn & Associates--Nebraska, Inc., Heinz, Johnson, Dunn & Associates--North Carolina, Inc., Heinz, Johnson, Dunn & Associates--North Dakota, Inc., Heinz, Johnson, Dunn & Associates--Ohio, Inc., Heinz, Johnson, Dunn & Associates--Oklahoma, Inc., Heinz, Johnson, Dunn & Associates--South Carolina, Inc., Heinz, Johnson, Dunn & Associates--South Dakota, Inc., Heinz, Johnson, Dunn & Associates--Texas, Inc., Heinz, Johnson, Dunn & Associates--Wisconsin, Inc., Heinz, Johnson, Dunn--Atlantic, Inc., Heinz, Johnson, Dunn--Maryland, Inc., Heinz, Johnson, Dunn--Pacific, Inc., Heinz, Johnson, Dunn--Pennsylvaia, Inc., Heinz, Johnson, Dunn--Virginia, Inc., Hemisphere Western Oil Co., Hemsworth, Inc., Henry Company, The, Hi-Ho Club, Inc., Hi-Life Battery Corporation, Hi-Way Bar & Grille, Inc., Hickman's Refrigeration Sales, Inc., Hicks Motors, Inc., Hillcrea Export & Import Corporation, Hilltop, Inc., Hitching Post Foods, Inc., Holiday Isles Co., The, Holzbeierlein and Sons, Inc., Homac Stone Ground Millers, Inc., Home Development Corporation, Home Utilities Corporation, Hopwood Manganese Company, Inc., Horace J. Meyers Co. Inc., Horner, Inc., Hotel Grande, Inc., Houchens Medicine Company, House Aids Products Corporation, House of Wong, Inc., The, Housing Products Corporation, Houston Investors, Inc., Hudson's Bakery, Incorporated, Hyattsville Motors, Inc., Hyde Park Construction Co., Hydrocap Central, Inc., Hydrocap Eastern, Inc.

I. Koulaieff's Sons Incorporated, Illinois-Texas Corporation, Imperial Blue & Photoprint Co. Inc., Independent Syndicate, The, Indian Development Corporation, Indian River Mills, Incorporated, Indoilgasco, Inc., Industrial Development & Financing Corporation, Industrial and General Works Corporation, Industrial Resource and Development Corporation, Inland Mining Corporation, Insuranstock Distributors, Inc., Insuranstock Fund, Inc., Inter-American Mining Corporation, Intercinema, Inc., International Aquella Products, Inc., International Bankers Investment Corporation, International Credit Company, International Film Corporation, International Indev Co., Inc., International Public Relations Corp., International Releasing Organization, Inc., International Services of Information Incorporated, International Telephoto Finish Corporation, International Trading Syndicate, International Travel Consultants, Inc., Interstate Haulers, Inc., Interstate Training Service, Inc., Ira C. Shellender Funeral Home, Inc., Iron Corporation, The, Irving Laboratories, Inc., Italian American Social Club.

J. F. Toner, Inc., J. Rorison, Inc., Jack's Market Co., Jackmor, Inc., James Hannan & Son, Inc., James Roy Company, Japanese Development Corporation, Jewell Oil & Gas Corporation, John H. Whitwell, Incorporated, John M. Given Co., The, John McHenry & Sons, Inc., Johnson Automatics, Incorporated, Joseph Zausmer, Inc., Joyce Wilmington, Ltd., Joyner Corporation, The, JPM Research Institute, Julius & Gerry Golding Foundation, Inc., Jupiter Electric Corporation, The.

K & C Steamship Corp., K and K Sales Co., Inc., K-P Farm Supplies, Inc., Kane Carburetor Corporation of Delaware, Kansas Oil Co. Inc., Karlsson Construction Company, Kay-Em Enterprises, Inc., Keenan Properties, Inc., Kelldano Builders, Inc., Kenbar Company, Inc., Kenford, Inc., Kenmore Realty Co., Inc., Kent Lumber & Supply Co., Kentucky Oil and Mineral Development Company, Kellwood Corporation, The, Kenyon Auto Finance Company, Keystone Shipping Corp., King Enurtone Laboratories of Washington, D. C., Inc., King Land & Gas Company, Kistner Corporation, The, KLB Oil Corporation, Konrad's, Inc., Koster's Frozen Food Lockers, Inc., Krock-Erwin Associates Incorporated, Kutner & Son Flour Co.

L. J. Cowie Company, Inc., LaComeur Restaurant and Lounge, Inc., Lacy's, Inc., Lacy's, Inc. of Georgia Avenue, Lacy's, Inc. of Northeast, Lacy's, Inc. of Southeast, Lan-A-Tone Corporation, The, Lalo Corporation, Lancaster Dairy Queen, Inc., Lapot, Inc., Larstan Vendors, Inc., Lattin Company, Inc., Laurel Dress Co., Laurel Steel and Iron Works, Inc., Lea Liquors Company, Le Mieux Brothers, Inc., Les Amis Des Enfants De France, Inc., Level Coal Mining Company, Inc., The, Levittown Educational Foundation, Lewes Anglers Association, Life-Time Battery Distributors, Inc., Likini Sprinkler Service, Limited, Lillian Shutter Productions, Inc., Lindberg Instrument Co., Inc., Lincoln Tanning Company, Lindsey Television Company, Lingold Company, The, Link Radio Corporation, Lithoprintex Corporation, Little Laura Lee Circle Kings Daughters, Incorporated, Livingston Uranium Corporation, Lloyds London (Canada) Limited, Loch Lynn Gas Corp., Loewi-Properties Inc., Longfellow Park Cafe, Inc., Longobardi Enterprises, Inc., Lou Daniels Inc., Louis Schwartz Stores of Wichita Falls, Inc., Louise Armour, Inc.

M. B. Speer & Co., Incorporated, M-R Safety Ejector Parachute Corp., Madison Athletic Association, Magar Home Products, Inc., Magellan's International, Inc., Magniwave Corporation, The, Mail Users Association of America, Inc., Majestic Pearls Center, Inc., Major Insulation Company, Major Motor Sales, Inc., Malcolm Apartments, Inc., Maple Oil, Inc., Mar-Lyn Corset Shop, Inc., Marine Salvage and Research Corporation, Maritime Carriers Corporation, Market Service Station, Inc., Mars Restaurant, Inc., Marsh Realty, Inc., Marshallton Consolidated Civic Association, Marwood, Inc., Maryland Bearings Inc., Masbestex Corporation of America, Mason-Dixon Enterprises, Inc., Masterline Corporation of Delaware, Maverick Flameproofing Corporation, Maxmor Associates, Inc., McCarthy Associates, Inc., McGough, Inc., McMillan Chevrolet Company, Meadowbrook Apartments, Inc., Melberne Construction Co., Inc., Melton & McDaniel, Inc., Mensch & Company, Inc., Merion Corporation, Merritt Hotel Corporation, The, Metals and Materials, Inc., Metropolitan Investment Corp., Mexican Enterprises, Inc., Meyer's Poultry Co., Michigan Marine, Inc., Mid-Eastern Oil Corp., Mid-State Appliances & Service, Inc., Middle Atlantic Truck Owners Association, Inc., Middleton Steel Co., Inc., Midwestern Utility Engineers, Inc., Miers & Rogers Well Servicing, Inc., Millened, Inc., Millor Products, Inc., Millsboro Packing Company, Millside Stores, Incorporated, Milton Isen, Inc., Mineral Creek Land Company, Inc., Mines & Minerals, Inc., Minyar Corp., Miracle Block Corporation, Miracle Hinge, Inc., Mo-Ill Stave Co., Mobile Salvage Corporation, Modern Upholsterers Inc., Mondial Industries, Incorporated, Money Back Stamp Corporation, Montauk & New London Steamboat Company, Inc., Montgomery Hotel Co., Moonlight Carry Out Shop, Inc., Moor-house, Bowman & Brandt, Inc., Morano's Liquor Store, Inc., Morris M. Rosin, Inc., Morris Manufacturing Company, Morrows Corporation, The, Mortgage Loans, Inc., Mother Hubbard's Carry Out Shops, Inc., Mundy Engineering Corporation, Inc., Municipal Securities, Inc., Muntz Car Company of California, Murray Drug and Chemical Company, Inc., Murwin Improvement & Development Corp., Mutual Finance System of America, Inc.

N. M. A. C. P. A., Inc., Namreed Corporation, National Aircraft Service Corporation, National Auto Brokers, Inc., National Automotive Forwarding Company, National Business Corporation, National Credit Card, Inc. of Delaware, National Development Corporation, National Electronics Corporation, National Engineering Associates, Incorporated, National Food Market Incorporated, National Foundation for Children's Day, Inc., National Foundation for Good Government, Inc., National General Grand Masonic Congress of The John G. Jones Affiliation, A. F. & A. M. for the United States and Canada, Inc., The, National Heating Corporation, National Hotels, Inc., National Independent Transport Association, Inc., National Transport Equipment Co., National Transportation Co., Inc., Needles-Safeway Wholesale Cleaners and Dyers, Inc., Negro Republicans, Inc., Neilsam Warehouse Co., Inc., Nelson Chemical Corporation, Nelson-Combs, Inc., Nelson Motor Co., Inc., Nelson Roofing Company, New Castle Historical Society, New Dictatype Company, Incorporated, New London Corp., New-Penn Construction Company, Newport Shopping Center, Inc., Newton Investment Company, Ney's Shopping Service, Inc., Ninth & Broad Street Corp., No-Run Corporation, North American Pipeline Producers Co., North Star Mines, Ltd., North Star Oil & Uranium Corporation, North Texas Re-Light, Inc., Northeast Contractors, Inc., Northern Virginia Building Owners and Managers Association, Nu-Way Trash Company, Inc.

O'Day Engineering Corporation, Oakes and Oakes, Inc., Ocean View Poultry Company, Ohio River Steel Corporation, Oil Financing & Development Corporation, Oil Review Publishing Company, The, Okinawa Flour Mill and Feed Company, Incorporated, Oklahoma Glass Fiber Corporation, 1953 Camera Show of Washington and Baltimore, Inc., 1912 Resaurant, Inc., 1737 De Sales, Inc., Open Door Cafeteria, Inc., The, Original Ham 'N Egger, Incorporated, The, Orinoco Oil Company, Orion Productions, Inc., Orleans Company, Inc., Osiecki-Delaney Promotions, Inc., Overbrook-Pickering Corp., Overseas Processes & Products, Inc., Owens Penn Gas & Oil Company, Owensboro Oil Operations, Inc.

P. & F. Drilling Co., Inc., P. H. Thomas & Associates, Inc., P. and J. Restaurant, Inc., P. 0. Smith Sales and Service, Inc., Pacific Mortgage & Investment Company, Inc., Pacific Telecoin Corporation, Pan American Carton Corporation, Panama American Petroleum Corporation, Pantico, Inc., Park-Ad Company, Parkreek, Inc., Parr-Massell Warehouse Company, Parsenn, Inc., Partridge & Co., Inc., Past Sachems Association of Red Men of Delaware, The, Patriotic Order Sons of America Building Association, Paul J. Sheridan, Incorporated, Peerless Coal Company, Pen Liquors, Inc., Pen-Rich, Inc., Peninsula Stock Car Racing Association, Inc., Penn-Rose Auto Sales, Incorporated, Penn-Washington Oil & Gas Company, Pennler Theatre Corporation, Penrock Construction Co., Inc., Pennware Theatre Corporation, Perm-A-Grip Fastener Co., Inc., Permachem Foundation, Inc., The, Permian Basin Television Company, Permyron Corporation of America, Pestex Company, Petco, Inc., Petroleum Research Corporation, Philcot Corporation, Pioneer Rental Corporation, Pittsburgh-McLaren Gold Mines, Inc., Plymouth Transportation & Service Corporation, Poland, Inc., Polly Prim Laundries of America, Inc., Por-Tel, Inc., Port Angeles Western Railroad Company, Port of Delaware Authority, Inc., Potomac Garage, Incorporated, Potomac Industries, Inc., Potomac Sea Food Restaurant, Inc., Powers Manufacturing Company, Powhatan Realty Co., Prince Boat Corporation, Printz Builders, Inc., Producing Oil Wells, Inc., Progressive Bakery Machines, Inc., Property Development Co., Propetro, Inc., Prudence, Incorporated, Prudential Steamship Agency, Inc., Prudential Steel Corporation, Public Preference, Inc., Public Service Contractors, Inc., Purchase and Supply Corporation, Purnell's Farm Implements, Inc., Purnell's Garage, Inc., Pychco Products Corporation.

Quaker Trading Corporation, Quality Chemicals, Inc., Quantum Corporation.

R. Joseph Kuklich, Inc., R-0 Corp., R & S Cleaners, Inc., Raleigh Hotel Operating Company, The, Ralph W. Bugli, Incorporated, Ramac Corporation, The, Ramsdell Mining & Industrial Corporation, Rave Laboratories Inc., Raymond M. Wilmotte Inc., Realty Exchange, Inc., Rebel Social Club, Inc., Recordgraph Corporation, Red Clay Valley Association, Inc., Reducomatic Corporation, Rehoboth-Indian Beach Surf Club, Inc., Reinforced Paper Bottle Corporation, Relda Fine Shoes, Inc., Remco Products, Incorporated, Remer, Mitchell & Reitzel, Inc., Remote Divers, Inc., Replasco, Inc., Restmere Estates, Inc., Revacto Distributing Corporation, Revere Oil & Gas Co., Rex Construction Co., Inc., Rialb Associates, Inc., Rich Coffee Company, Richard G. Alexander Manufacturing Company, Richmond Harris, Inc., Ricky Ties, Inc., Ries & Weber, Inc., Roan and Poppelman, Inc., Robbins Trailer Corporation, Robert J. Henry Ltd., Robert Tunica Electric Company, Robinson Lumber Company, Rockingham Poultry Co., Inc., Rodin Museum of Philadelphia, Jules E. Mastbaum Foundation, Incorporated, Rolyn Corporation, Roma Chemical Corporation, Ronfred Corporation, Rosemarie De Paris, Washington, Inc., Ross Wholesale Jewelers, Inc., Roswell W. Geils Associates, Inc., Royalty Corporation of America, Rudon Productions, Inc., Russcarr, Inc., Ryan Foundation, Inc., The.

S. B. Q. Company, S. N. McBride Co., Inc., S S & G Building Corporation, S. & S. Shop, Inc., The, S. W. Paul Company, Saf-T-Gard, Inc., Safety Tower Ladder Company, St. Clair Corporation, Salomon & Hyatt Corporation, Samson United Corporation, Samuel Brothers, Inc., Scandinavian Enterprises, Inc., Scherer-Boyce Co., Inc., Schlafly Nolan Oil Company, Inc., Scibor Associates, Inc., Scientific Nutrition Corporation, Seaford Package Store, Inc., Seaside Homes, Inc., Seaword S. Lee, Inc., Second Ward Republican Club, Security & Foreign Trading Inc., Selda, Inc., Seneca Enterprises, Inc., Service Supply Stores Inc., Sessany Corporation, Shepard Line (Argentina), Inc., Sherman Plastering Corporation, Shipley Corporation, Shipley Park Corporation, Shirley Presentations, Inc., Shoreham Park Men's Shop, Ltd., Silas Williams Rubber Corporation, Silco Products Corporation, Simco Sewing Machine Co. Inc., Sinfra Corporation, Skinner Motors, Inc.--Delaware, Sky-Ride Helicopter Corporation, Slagle Beryllium Company, Inc., Smith, Davis Corporation, The, Smith and McGuire, Inc., Sod Edman & Son, Inc., Solar Products Corporation, Sommer Bros. Construction and Schriber Contracting Co., Inc., Sontho, Incorporated, Sound Marine Construction Company, The, Southeast Market, Inc., Southern Associated Oils, Inc., Southern Florida Television Corporation, Southern Maryland Builders, Inc., Southern Tractor Manufacturing Corporation, Southwest Steel Export Corporation for Central America, Southwest Steel Export Corporation for Mexico, Southwest Steel Export Corporation for South America, Spartanburg Transit Co., Speed-Jet Oil Tank Service Company, Spencer Grean Investment Research, Inc., Sportstown, Inc., Spot, Inc., The, Stadium Golf Courses, Inc., Stagson Research Corporation, Stamco Products, Inc., Standard Meat Co., Inc., Standard Valve & Coupler Sales, Inc., Stanley Loans, Inc., Stanley-Marshall Company, Inc., Star Radio Company, Star Realty Corporation, State-Line Mines, Inc., State Sewing Center, Inc., of California, Steel Transport, Inc., Steen's Hatchery, Inc., Stenfer Hardware and Supply Company, Sterile Milk Products Corporation, Sterling Engineering & Construction Co., Sterling Finance Corporation, Stevens Stores, Inc., Strategical Demolition Torpedo Company, The, Strawberry Tungsten Mines, Inc., Struc-Tite Laboratories, Inc., Stylecraft Greetings, Inc., Super Food Market Inc., Superior Ice, Inc., Superior Mining Corporation, Supia Gold Dredging Company, Suprene Contractors, Inc., Sussex County Petroleum Dealers Credit Association, Inc., The, Swann Construction Corporation, Swanwyck Social Center, Inc., Swensons, Inc., The, Synchro Electronic Corporation, Synvar Southern Corporation.

T & D Construction Co., T. F. Macknik Laboratories, Inc., Taylor Products, Inc., Tax Info., Inc., Tea House, Inc., The, Technical Associates, Inc.-, Telephone Answering, Inc., Telephone Answering & Recording Corporation, Television Corporation of America, Television Progress, Inc., Television Rental and Sales Corporation, Television Tube Corporation, 10511 Artesian Corporation, Texas Central Oil and Gas Co., Texas Coast Oil and Gas Company, Texas Republic Oil Company, Texas Southern Oil Corporation, Texas Ventures, Inc., Textile Engineering Corporation, Thellman Manufacturing Company, Theodore Morde, Incorporated, Third Street Social Club, Inc., Third Ward Republican Club, Tidelands Engineering & Supply, Inc., Tim Bruce Oil Corporation, Tonto Minerals, Inc., Tool Steel Corporation, Topical Emprise Corporation, Touche, Inc., Town Talk Bakery, Inc., Trans-American Television Corporation, Trans-American Television Enterprises, Inc., Trans-Texas Gas Pipeline Company, Travel Facts, Incorporated, Treesdale Laboratories, Inc., TriPicks, Incorporated, Tri-State Electrical Inspection Co., Tropic Shop, Philadelphia, Inc., Tropical Agencies, Inc., Tropical Broadcasting Company, True Holiness Church of Christ, Incorporated, Tully Construction Co., 21st Century Productions, Inc., Twin City Securities Corporation, Twin States Foundry & Marine Works, Inc.

U. P. A. D. Incorporated, Union Holding Corporation, Union-May Co., Inc., United Commercial Acceptance Corporation, United Electric Controls Corporation, United Foundation of U. S. A. Inc., United Negro Assemblage, Incorporated, United Productions Co., Inc., United Setonia Mines, Inc., United States Improvement Co., Inc., United States Pipe Line Company, United Steel Manganese Corporation, Universal Applied Science Corporation, Universal Associates, Inc., Universal Electronics Corporation, Universal Oil Well Tool Company, Universal Peace Institute, Inc., The, Universal Sports Events, Inc., Universal Steel Strapping Co., Universal Strapping Distributors, Inc., Utilities Construction Corporation, The.

Vaco Manufacturing Corporation, Van-Rega, Inc., Vandever Ave. Realty Co., Inc., Variety Sales Company, Inc., Variety Vending Corporation, Various Enterprises, Inc., Vendome International Corporation, Vicky's Beauty Shoppe, Inc., Village Flower and Gift Shoppe Inc., The, Vilone Village Civic Association, Vinal E. Bennett, Inc., Vita Meter Corporation, Vogue Cleaners, Inc., Volunteer Firemen's Relief Association of Wilmington, Delaware, The.

W. Earl Richards General Agency, Inc., W. L. Griffith Company, Waco Industries, Inc., Wal-Don, Inc., Walter J. Taylor & Company, Walter 0. Bennett & Co., Walter Realty Company, Ward Wholesale Drug Company, The, Warren R. De Long, Inc., Warsaw-Bregman, Inc., Washington Auto Body & Paint Works, Inc., Washington Brokerage Co., Inc., Washington Construction Co., Inc., Washington Food Services, Inc., Washington Institute of Medicine Research Foundation, Washington Steamship Corporation, Washington Trade Associates, Inc., Webster Coal Co., Weitner Aerophoto Service, Incorporated, West Broad Street, Inc., West Farm Maintenance Corporation, West Side Republican Club, Westchester Co-Operative, Inc., The, Western Metals, Incorporated, Western Steel Corporation, Western Sulphur Corporation, Western Tube Corp., Westex International Corporation, Westview Construction Company, Wheeler's Wholesale Florist, Inc., Whit Co., Inc., The,Whitney Import Corp., Whitney Properties, Inc., Wil-Del Housing Corporation, Wildwood Follies Theatre, Inc., Will Park, Inc., Wm. A. Ruth, Inc., William E. Williams Company, William J. Hobbs Associates, Inc,, William W. Christmas Research Corporation, Williams & Gordon, Inc., Williams Real Estate Company, Williams-Shepherd Construction Corporation, Williston Basin Oil Company, Wilmington Auto Auction, Incorporated, Wilmington Construction Company, Wilmington Glass & Chemicals Corp., Wilmington Live Stock Yards, Inc., Wilmington Photo-Play Company, Wilmington Press Club, Inc., Wilson Dairy Co., Inc., Witherspoon Inn, Inc., Witt & Company, Inc., Wolcott Research Corporation, Wonder Products, Inc., Woodbine Oil Corporation, Woodson Construction Co., World Industrial Development Syndicate, World Traders & Developers, Ltd., Wychwood Oil Incorported.

Young Development Company, Young Trading Company, Ltd., Yukon Contractors, Inc.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, J. Caleb Boggs, Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal to be hereunto affixed this seventeenth day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fifty-seven, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and eighty-first.


By the Governor:


JOHN N. McDOWELL, Secretary of State