WHEREAS, C. Douglass Buck, Tax Commissioner on behalf of the Tax Department of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for two years preceding such report have failed to pay the taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of this State.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, J. Caleb Boggs, Governor of the State of Delaware do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Sections 511 and 512, of Title 8, of the Delaware Code of 1953, as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid, are repealed.

A. A. A. Inc., A. C. Service, Inc., A. U. M., Ltd., Abbey Home Improvement Co., ABC Unit Homes, Inc., Accurate-Bend Process Co., Inc., Acme Production Company, Acme Restaurant Supplies, Coach, Inc., Air Lifts, Inc., Air Marshal Corporation, Air Inc., Acres Swimming Club, Inc., Activated Industries, Inc., Agricultural Development, Inc., Air-Ceal Homes, Inc., Air Signal Corporation of Washington, Airborne Units, Inc., Airline Training Service, Inc., Airmar Corporation, Al's Wine & Liquor Center, Inc., Alas, Inc., Aldon's Distributing Company, Alkalmetals, Inc., All Air, Inc., Allendale Corporation, Inc., Allied Nations Supplies Corporation, Aluminum Products, Inc., American Agricultural Institute and Fact Finding Foundation, Inc., American Asbestos Mining Corporation, American Bowling Corporation, American Business Counselors, Incorported, American Calfide Corporation, American Cowboy Holsters, Inc., American Credit Corporation, American Creosote Works of Delaware, Inc., American Diamond Mining Corporation, American Electroaire Corporation, American & Foreign Productions, Inc., American Gas & Chemicals, Inc., American General Oil & Gas Company, American General Products Corporation, American Guaranty System, Inc., American Helicopter

Airlines, Incorporated, American Investors Acquisition Plan, Inc., American Israel Hotels, Inc., American Meat Market, Inc., American Medical Centers and Life Extension Association, American Metallic Chemicals Corp., American Mining Company, American Petroleum & Exploration Company, American Pipeline Producers, Inc., American Quicksilver Company, American Rebuilders Association, American Shirt Shops; Inc., American Texolite Corporation, American Uranium and Minerals, Inc., American-Western European Tobacco Company, Inc., Amertin, Inc., Amertronic, Inc., Anacosta Auto Sales, Inc., Anadarko Royalty Corporation, Anchor Steel Corporation, Andrew Concrete Corp., Angie's Storm Window Co., Anglo-American Aviation Corporation, Ann Lewis Shops of Alexandria, Inc., Ann Lewis Shops of Shirlington, Inc., Anresh, Inc., Apex Engineering Corporation, Apmac, Inc., Appalachian Oils, Inc., Application Engineering, Inc., Arabian American Airlines, Inc., Arlington Dredging Corporation, Armed Services News Corporation, Armo Products, Inc., Arnold, Inc., Arro Oil and Refining Company, Arrow Pharmacy, Inc., Arrowhead Petroleum Corporation of Delaware, Art Products Company, Artcraft Interior Decorators, Inc., Asbury Corporation, Associated Business Counsellors, Inc., Associated Contractors, Inc., Associated Flooring Co.. Inc., Atlantic Aircraft Corporation, Atlantic Holders, Inc., Atlantic Sand and Gravel Co., Inc., Atlantic Steel Boiler Co., Inc., Atlas Power Corporation, Atomic Energy Fund, Inc., The, Atomic Watch Crystal Corporation, Audiences Unlimited, Inc., Auto Safety Signal Co., Inc., Auto-Vend, Inc., Automatic Redial Corporation, Avenue Motors, Incorporated.

B. F. Fitch Corporation, B & F Rebuilders, Inc., B & J Construction Company, Inc., B. J. O'Brien Estate, Inc., The, B. T. S., Inc., B & W Co., Inc., The, B and W Manufacturing Company, Ballou & Company, Inc., Barbara Daru Cosmetics, Inc., Barr Co., Inc., The, Bear Construction Company, Behr-Manning Corporation, Bel's Gift & Typewriter Co., Inc., Bellefonte Cab Company, Belleview Investment Corporation, Belvedere Volunteer Fire Company, Benning Drive-In, Inc., Best Sew-Vac, Inc., Beverage Licenses, Inc., Beverage Ice Marketers, Inc., Beverly Hosiery Mills, Inc., Bible Church, Inc., The, Bill Doolin Enterprises, Inc., Bill Doolin Exporting Company, Inc., Bison Cab Association, Blair County Aviation Company, BlitzA-Bugs Company, Blue Hen Farms, Inc., Blue Point Chemical

Industries, Inc., Blue Ridge Sanitary Corporation, Bocorp, Inc., Bolivian Nickel and Metal Company, Bonded Building Contractors, Inc., of Washington, D. C., Bonnett-Engh Fertilizer Co., Boon-Strachan Company, The, Boots and Saddle, Inc., BostwickBatterson Company, The, Botri Holding Corporation, Bowie Feed Company, Inc., Brandywine Art & Book Shop, Inc., Brandywine Athletic Club, Inc., Brandywine Music Center, Inc., Brandywine Reformed Methodist Association of Delaware and Adjoining States, Brassert Corporation, The, Broadway Lunch of Washington, D. C., Inc., Budgetmaster Food Plan, Inc., Builders Supplies Corporation, Bulldog Publishing Corporation, Burks Realty Company, Burns Grain Corporation.

C. B. Antill & Company, C. & E. Marshall Co., C. E. Richardson, Inc., C & K, Inc., C & M Helicopter & Engine Corporation, C. W. Hendley & Company, Incorporated, Cafes Management Corporation, Inc., Caldisco, Inc., Calon Corporation, Calvert Development Company, Inc., Calvert Fund, Inc., Calvert Securities Corporation, Cambridge Construction Company, The, Cameron Investment Corporation, Canavan and Davis Oil Co., Capital Frozen Foods, Inc., Capital Linoleum Company, Incorporated, Capital Liquor Store, Inc., Capitol City Engineering, Inc., Capitol City Tile Corporation, Capitol Overseas Corporation, Capitol Sales Corporation, Car-Bar Investment Co., Inc., Careful Cleaners, Inc., Caribbean Western Hemisphere Shopping Corporation, Caribe Minerals Corporation, Carl M. Sherman, Inc., Carlton Corporation, Carolina Land & Sales Co., Caro11 Springs Development Corporation, Carter Lumber Company, Carvel Oil & Gas Co., Inc., Catalog Santa Claus, Inc., Cedar Inn, Inc., Century Industries Corporation, Century Twenty-One, Inc., Chas. P. Wagner & Bro., Inc., of Oregon, Chef-Field Garden Apartments, Inc., Chemical Tube Corporation, Chemicals Recovery Co., Inc., Chester Contracting Co., Inc., Chester Davis Builders, Inc., China Film Enterprises of America, Inc., Chlorophyll Chemical Corporation, Chris Lundell Corporation, Chrispete Management Corporation, Chromart Film Industries, Inc., Chrysler-Desoto-DodgePlymouth Dealers' Ass'n. of New Jersey, Inc., Chryslqr-DesotoDodge-Plymouth Dealers' Ass'n. of Virginia, Inc., Citrus Meats Corporation, City Coal & Ice Company, City Finance Company, Southeast, Civic Welfare Enterprises, Inc., Civil Constructors, Inc., Clarence R. Siegel, Inc., Clarendon Dredging Corporation, Clark & Clark Co., Classic Valet Inc., Clawin Incorporated, Clewiston Dredging Corporation, Cliffbourne Apartments, Inc., Clorpak Corporation, Clovercoll Corporation, Cloverdale Bottling Company of Wilmington, Club 400, Inc., Coastal Products Pipe Line Company, Code-Ray, Inc., Coinco Corporation, Colloid Corporation of America, Colonial Post No. 838, Veterans Of Foreign Wars of The United States, Incorporated, Colorado Oil Ventures, Inc., Columbia Carburetor Company, Columbia System, Inc., Columbus Grill, Inc., The, Commercial Equipment Corporation, Community Stores, Inc., Concord Restaurant, Incorporated, Congress Heights Pharmacy, Inc., Connecticut Development Corporation, Connecticut Mining and Milling Company, The, Consolidated Conditioning Corporation, Consolidated Farm Commodities Corporation, Consumers Gas Services, Inc., Continental Commodities, Inc., Continuous Hot Water Heater Co., Inc., The, Convair Corporation, Conver Engineering & Construction Co., Cordele Amusement Company, Inc., Corn Belt Transportation Company, Inc., Corning Amusement Company, Inc., Coronado Copper Mines Corporation, Coronation Mining Co., Inc., Cotes-De Fer Corporation, Cotton Town of Delaware, Inc., Courant Press, Incorporated, The, Creations, Inc., Creative Counselor Services, Incorporated, Crescent Disposal Company, Cress-mark Builders, Inc., Crest-Tex Mills, Inc., Crewe Minerals Corporation, Crouch's Funeral Home, Inc., Crow's Nest, Inc., Crown Films, Inc., Crown Investment Co., Crown Jewel Ware, Inc., Crown Sales Agency, Inc., Customcraft Radio Television Corporation, Cutting Tool Manufacturing Association, Cy Ellis Restaurant, Inc., Cyclemaster of America, Ltd.

D. A. Hanes Co., D. A. Hanes Development Co., Inc., D. C. Investment Corp., D. H. Workman & Company, D S Homes, Inc., D & V Mason Contractors, Inc., Dagsboro Volunteer Fire Company, Dahlke-Process, Inc., Dakota-Montana Oil Leaseholds, Inc., Dakota Oil Ventures, Inc., Dakota Williston Oil Corp., Dalcyn Corporation, Dama Exclusive Products, Inc., Danville Realty, Inc., Darifresh Incorporated, De Forest Patent Holding Company, De Forest Phonofilm Corporation, De Lisser Machine & Tool Corporation, Debonair Cleaners, Inc., Decker Corporation, The, Deemer Storm Window Co., Deford-Hall, Inc., Del-Mar Contractors, Inc., Del-Mar-Va Broiler Industry, Inc., The, Delaware Enterprises, Inc., Delaware Harness Racing Association, Inc., Delaware Live Stock Show, Inc., Delaware River Steel Corporation, Delaware School Foundation, Inc., Delaware Valley

Drug Co., Inc., Deleal, Incorporated, Delmar Homes, Inc., Delny Realty Corp., Delta Services Co., Deltex Chemical Co., Deltex Industries, Inc., Deluxe Club, Derewal International Rare Metals Corp., Diamond and Gold Company of Venezuela, The, Direct Mail Advertising Service, Inc., Distillers Corporation of Venezuela, Distribution Research, Inc., District Builders Inc., District Hotel Supply Company, Inc., Don-Paula Company, The, Double H Realty Company, Inc. The, Douglas Manufacturing Corporation, Dover Abattoir, Inc., Dover Excavating Corporation, Dowdle Construction Corporation, Dra Mu Productions, Inc., Drill Bit Sales Corporation, Drumond Associates, Inc., Dual Remote Control Company, Inc., DunLeith Hills, Inc., Dupont Iron Works, Inc., Dynamic Electronics--Washington, Inc., Dynamic Service Co., Inc.

E. M. Newlin and Company, E. S. Armstrong & Co., Earl R. Nixon Foundation, Inc., The, East-West Gas Corporation, Eastern Foundation Corporation, Eastern Grain Growers, Inc., Eastern Hearing Corporation, Eastern Improvement Company, Eastern Machine and Tool Works Corp., Eastern Motors, Inc., Eastern Products Company, Eastern Trade and Development Corporation, Eastgate Corporation, The, Eastlake Athletic Association, Eastwood Corporation, The, Edge Moor Realty Company, Edgemoor Drug Company, Edmar Corporation of Texas, Edwin B. Feldman, Inc., Efferson Sales Corporation, Eggert's, Inc., Egyptian Hotels, Inc., Eighth Avenue One-Hour Cleaners, Inc., Electro-Gravities, Inc., Electro Science, Inc., Eli Export Corp., Ellis Construction Company, Embassy Realty Company, Empire Ordnance Corporation, Engel-Pack Co., Inc., Engineering Laboratories, Inc., Engineering & Manufacturing Corporation, Engineers, Incorporated, Equipment Operations Corporation, Estee Production Company, Evans International Corporation, Excelco Inc., Executive Air Services, Inc., Executive Personnel Consultants, Inc.

. H. Koller & Co., Inc., F. & H. Realty Company, Incorporated, F & J Apartments, Inc., Fabricators Mfg. Co., Inc., Fairmont Petroleum Company, Inc., Family Food Wholesalers Corporation, Famous Bar, Inc., Far East Development Corporation, Fashion Shop, Inc., Faulkner Construction Panel Co., Inc., Faulkner Garage Corporation, Fayetteville Baseball Club, Inc., Federal Carriers, Inc., Federal Motors, Inc., Felton Community Fire

Company, Inc., Fen-Mar Company, Inc., Fia, Inc., Film-harmonics, Inc., Fin and Feather Club, Inc., Fine Pharmaceuticals Inc., Fire Detection Services, Inc., Fire Safety Sales & Engineering Company, First National Enterprise, Inc., Five-Forks Gas & Oil Co., Inc., Five Point Tavern, Inc., Fleet Aircraft, Inc., Flexible Packaging Institute, Inc., Florida Fruit Company, Incorporated, Florists Telephone Service, Inc., Food Management Specialists, Inc., Fork Lift Rental Corporation, Formacs, Inc., Fort Davis, Incorporated, Fort Totten Corporation, Four Chaplains, Inc., The, 414 Corp., The, Francis F. Rickards Real Estate, Inc., Francis N. Campbell & Son Oil Corporation, Francisco's, Inc., Frank Mason Research Co., Inc., Frank Turner, Inc., Fred Bernet Foundation, Inc., The, Freedom's Profits, Inc., Freezer-Food Plan, Inc., Freshmaster Corporation of Delaware, Freshmaster-Washington, Inc., Friendly Tavern, Inc., Front Range Uranium, Inc., Fuel Oil Supply Company.

G C G Building Products Corp., G. D'Amico Macaroni Corp., Gade Manufacturing Co., Gallaudet Delicatessen, Inc., Gambacorta, Inc., Gardiner Enterprises, Inc., Garrett Gas Corporation, Gas Building Corporation, General Aviation Corporation, General Aviation International, Inc., General Industrial Corporation, General Jewelers, Inc., General Metal Products Corporation, General Talking Pictures Corporation, General Telecasting Systems, Inc., Geophysical Engineering Corporation, George M. Forman and Company, George Valve Company, 'Georges, Inc.', Glass-Boone Minerals, Inc., Gleade Sales Corporation, Glen Industries, Inc., Glide-A-Door Co., Inc., Golden Gate Gas & Oil Development Co., Good Neighbor League, Inc., Goodloe Motors, Inc., Goodman & Goodman, Inc., Grand United Order of Odd Fellows Inc. of Camden, Granite Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc., Grayhill Drilling Company, Great Eastern Service Corporation, Great Plains Television Corporation, Great Western Natural Gas & Oil Corp., Greater New Yolk Defense Manufacturing Pool, Inc., Greenway's Auto Sales Corporation, Guiberson Diesel Engine Company, Guilford Construction Company, Gulf Coast Asiatic Corporation, Gulf Coast Trading Corporation, Gulf Used Car Company, Gunter Hosiery Corporation, Guy Whiteford, Inc.

H. H. & B. Corporation, H & H Enterprises, Inc., H. H. Senger Milk Transportation, Inc., H & L Auto Wash, Inc., Haggerty Enterprises, Inc., Haggerty Ordnance & Manufacturing Co., Inc., Haley Corporation, The, Hamilton Paper Stock Company, Inc., Hancock Fabrics, Inc., Hanssa Corporation, The, HarBer Oil Company, Ltd., Harbeson Processing Company, Harry Koenigsberg & Company, Harry Stat, Inc., Hastings and Elzey, Inc., Hastings Transportation and Land Corporation, Haylo Display Products Corporation, Henry Finance Corporation, Herman W. Ahrens, Incorporated, Hermill Corporation, Herndon Coal Company, Highland Cleaners and Laundry, Inc., Hold-Tite Fastener Corporation, Holly Brook Corporation, Home Outfitters, Inc., Home Stitch Shops, Inc., Hoover Machinery Company, Hotel Adams, Inc., Hotel Hamilton, Inc., House of Antiques Incorporated, House of Fabrics, Inc., Household Appliance Corporation, Howard Company, Inc., The, Howard Realty Inc., Howe's Famous Hippodrome Circus, Inc., Hunter's, Inc., Hynson Canning Co.

Imperial Chemical Corporation, Independent Social Club, Inc., The, Industrial Aircraft Development, Inc., Industrial Management Corporation, Industries Funding Corporation, Industries International Corporation, Infropake Washington Company, Inland Engineering Company, Inc., Institute for Preventive Psycho-Therapy, Integrity Investment Company, Inc., The, Inter-American Timber Products, Inc., Intercontinental Service Corporation, International Auto Show, Inc., International Banding Machine Company, Inc., International Consultants Interchange, Inc., International Devex Corporation, International Drive-In, Inc., International, Inc., International Metallurgical Chrome Corp., International Motor Shows, Ltd., International Polio Foundation, Inc., The, International Projects Corporation, International Relay Corporation, International Technical Aero Services, Inc., International Technical Training Administration, Inc., Interstate Cemetery Company, Interstate Travelers League, Incorporated, Investalloy Steel Casting Corporation, Investment Securities Company, Inc., Inwood Corporation, Iowa-Wisconsin Bridge Company, Iroquois Pulp and Paper Mills Corporation, Irwin Williamson Manufacturing, Inc.

J. AI Fischer Corp., J. E. Brennan Corporation, J. F. Hughes Company, Inc., J. F. Kerns Company, J. McKee Foundation, Inc.,

The, J. N. Grillo Co., J V Corporation, J. W. Conway, Inc., J. W. Foster Company, Inc., J. W. Holloway Co., The, Jack Pry Limited, Charlotte, James' Beauty Bar, Inc., James H. Redditt, Inc., James Sonnett Greene Foundation, Inc., James W. Harvey and Co., Inc., Jefferson Acceptance Corporation, Jefferson Finance Company, Jefferson Lenders, Inc., John B. Shipman and Associates, Inc., John J. Sheridan, Inc., John Josephs Restaurant, Inc., John M. Clayton Colts, Inc., John W. Rourke, Inc., Johnston New Service, Inc., Jonas Shoppes, Inc., of Delaware, Joseph L. Pyle, Inc.

K & C Ship Management Corp., Kaolin Corporation of America, Kayden Corporation, The, Keeshin Air Freight, Inc., Kencliffe, Breslich & Co., Kenlan Engineering & Mfg. Corp., Kenneth, Inc., Kent and Sussex Supply Company, Kenton Farms Corporation, Kentville Land Corporation, Keystone Terminals Corp., Kiddie Korner, Inc., Klingelhofer Machine Tool Co., Inc., Knew Bolk & Co., Krasner's Fourteenth St., Inc., Kratky International Company, Inc.

L. Newstadt and Son Company, L & 0 Drilling Co., Inc., "Lab 44", Inc., Lakeside Builders, Inc., Lance Handbags Corporation, Land Development Company, Laurel Construction Company, Inc., Laurel Flour Mills, Inc., Leathercraft Shop, Inc., The, Leco Enterprise, Inc., Lehigh Valley Electrical Inspection Service, Inc., Leo M. Bernstein & Company, Inc., Lester Baron Co., Inc., Lewis Salvage Co., Inc., Lexa Corporation, Lexington Holding Corp., Liberty Liners Incorporated, Liberty Sales, Inc., Lido Social Club, Lift, Inc., "Lights for Ike", Inc., Lili Steamship Corp., Lillard-Mitchell Drilling Corporation, Lillecot, Inc., Lincoln Barbecue, Inc., Lincoln Liquor Corp., Linwood Development Corporation, Lippey Printers, Inc., Liquids Transportation Corporation, Lobel Enterprise, Inc., Local Service, Inc., Locomotive Lubricator Company, Lodgek Machine Company, Loewenstein Associates, Inc., Long & Stone, Inc., Longhorn Materials Company, Lors, Inc., Love's Fur Fashion, Inc., Lynch Brothers Company.

M & H Machinery Co., Inc., M. J. Zeno, Inc., M. Morris & Son, Inc., M. R. Shelly, Inc., Mac's Television Lab, Inc., Machine & Automotive Products, Inc., Macite Corporation, Maddocks Potato Products, Inc., Magnafilter Corporation, Maine Slate Products Corporation, Malatesta & Sons, Inc.,

Mallard Investment Corporation, Manayunk Forging Corporation, Manro, Inc., Marber Corporation, Marchant Sewing Machine Corporation, Marco Polo Corporation, Marine Security and Patrol System, Inc., Marlin Enterprises, Inc., Marvin Fence and Improvement Company, Inc., Masin Engineering and Manufacturing Corporation, Mason-Walsh-Atkinson-Kier Company, Master Lamp & Shade Company, Inc., Mayor's Civilian-Military Affairs Committee, Inc., The, McGee-Ingram, Incorporated, McIlvaine Patent Corporation, McNaughton, Inc., Meats, Inc., Mechemel Engineering Associates, Inc., Melt-0-Bran Company, The, Memorial Parks Incorporated, Merchandizers, Incorporated, Mercury Transit, Inc., Merit Transformer Sales Co., Inc., Merry Queen Corporation, Messenger Transportation Company, Metal & Salts Refining Corp., Metals and Chemicals Corporation, Metals Recovery Equipment Corporation, Metropolitan Chest X-Ray Survey, Inc., Metropolitan Refuse Association, MexAmerican Minerals Corporation, Midwest Fertilizer Co., Midwest Showcase Carton Corporation, Milady Foods, Inc., Milford Civic Club, Inc., Milkweed Floss Corporation of America, Miller Broadcasting System, Inc., Miller's Ladies Apparel Shops, Inc., Millsboro Community Park, Inc., The, Mine Products, Inc., Minnedisco Inc., Minnesota Investors Corporation, Minquadale Athletic Association, Mission Fathers Winery, Ltd., Mission Industrial School, Inc., The, Mix-I-Go Corp. of Delaware, Modart Drapery Shop, Inc., Modern Industries, Inc., Modulok, Inc., Monarch Poultry Co., Monarch Steamship Co., Inc., Monazite Mining Corporation, Montana Basin Oil Corporation, Montana-Gulf Oil Company, Montana Williston Oil Corp., Montex Oil & Gas Corp., Mored Corporation, Municipal Fund, Inc., Municipal Improvement Company, The, Mureco Drivers Union, Inc., Murray Bag Co., Mutual Fund Institute.

N. J. Lockhart Foundation, Inc., The, Nairne W. Fisher, Inc., Nation-Wide Metal Products, Inc., National Capital Sesquicentennial Leasing Bureau, Inc., National Finance Company of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, National Forum Publishing Company, National Frosted Foods, Inc., National Institute of Hypnology, Inc., National Memorial Service, Inc., National Mineral Corporation, National Opera Company, The, National Restaurants, Inc., National Safety Road Marker Corporation, National Tours, Inc., National Training Service, Inc., Near East Air Transport, Inc., Neli Steamship Corp., Neon Sign Manufacturing Company,

New Castle Boat Works, Inc., New Castle County Finance Co., Inc., New Castle Engineering & Construction Company, Inc., The, New Releases Club, New Sawyer Corporation, Newark Cleaners and Dyers, Inc., Newark War Memorial, Inc., Newman Drilling Corporation, Nicholas Company, Ltd., 911 Longfellow St., Inc., 19th & Connecticut Corp., Ninth and Poplar, Inc., Norman I. Harris, Inc., Normandy Drugs, Inc., North American Peat Moss Co., Inc., North Long Beach Recreation Center, Inc., Northeast Finance Co., Inc., Northeast Locksmiths, Inc., Northeast Management Company, Northwestern Land and Investment Company, Northwood Park Corporation.

0. L. Taylor Company, The, Oakmont & Vernona Dairy & Ice Co., Ocean Van Line, Inc., Ocean View Feed Company, Oklahoma Metropolitan Oil & Gas Corp., Oklahoma Woodchuck Zinc Lead Company, Old Dominion Linoleum Co., Inc., Old Masters Upholstering Company, Inc., Old National Securities Corporation, Olton Corporation, 1701 K Street, Inc., Oran Corporation, Orienta Residents' Waterfront, Inc., Oriental Trading Corporation, The, Oriole Motor Coach Lines, Incorporated, Overseas Dredge & Dock Corporation, Owens Construction & Supply Co.

P. & A. Truck Line, Inc., P & G Contractors, Incorporated, P & P Contracting Company, Inc., The, P. & R. Telefilms, Inc., Pabol Laboratories Company, Pacific Showcase Carton Corporation, Pan American Express Company, Pan-American Mining & Smelting Company, Panama Gold Dredging Company, Parkway Dry Cleaners, Inc., Pawley Production Tool Corporation, Peat, Taconite, By-Products & Power Plants Construction Petapo Co., Peekskill Seaplane Base, Inc., Pencoyd Realty Co., The, Penn Oak Corporation, Pennco Co., Inc., The, Pennsylvania Haylo Corporation, Penna. Masonry-Brick Contracting Co., Inc., Pennsylvania Trust Securities Corporation, Penwood Enterprise, Inc., Peoples Service Cars, Inc., Pet Lawn Memorial Park, Inc., Petrochem Fund, Inc., Petroleum Management Corporation, Philadelphia Piano Orchestra Society, Inc., Philadelphia Stage Guild, Inc., Phillip's Television & Appliances, Inc., Photo Finishers Association of Philadelphia, Pierson Construction Co., Inc., Piggly Wiggly Northwest Incorporated, Piney Ridge Fuel Company, Pittman, Inc., Plastics Engineering and Research, Inc., Potomac Productions, Inc., Potomac View Construction Co., Inc., Prince Albert Market, Inc., Princess Anne Corpora-

tion, Printz Motor Sales Co., Pro-Flame Gas Corp., Process Engineering, Incorporated, Proco Associates, Ltd., Progressive Outfitters, Inc., Pry Corporation of America, Public Service Title Company, Inc., Puritan Holding Corporation, Purnell's Racing Corporation, Inc.

Quality Builders, Inc., Quantacolor Sales, Inc., Queen Films,


R. U. V. Engineer Corporation, The, Racine Eddy Building Corporation, Rodell Dry Wall Company, Inc., Raines & Associates, Inc., Ralph W. Emerson & Co., Ramsdell & Ramsdell, Inc., Raymond Towing Company, Read Corporation, Realty Title Service Corporation, Redhurd Corporation, Redifresh Corporation, Regent Textiles, Inc., Regina Films, Ltd., Rehoboth Juniors' Tennis and Sailing Club, Inc., Rehoboth Realty & Mortgage Company, Reliable Grading, Inc., Renfer Corporation, Reportatape, Inc., Republican Embassy Club, Reserve Natural Gas Corp., Retlaw Corporation, Rex Salvage Corp., Rhoads of Florida, Inc., Rhoads, Inc., Rhoads Jewelers of Akron, Inc., Rhoads Jewelers of Louisville, Inc., Rican Star Lines, Inc., Richard Kay, Incorporated, River Transportation, Inc., Riverview Heights, Inc., Robert Hall Corporation, Robson Lowe, Inc., Rock Creek Placers Inc., Rockwell Corporation, Rocky Mountain Chemical Co., Inc., Roden, Darden & McRae, Limited, Rodkey Construction Company, Roger Benton Inc., Rogers Bros. Circus, Inc., Rohr McHenry Distilling Co., Inc., Roosevelt Maltese Cross Ranch Association, Incorporated, Ross Jewelers Inc. of Jackson, Roto-Wing Air Service, Inc., Royal Cleaners, Inc., Roytex Oil Corporation.

Safety Zip-Er Corporation, St. Louis-Alabama Coal & Iron Co., St. Louis Service Cars, Inc., Salyer-Heilprin, Inc., Samuel Tench Company, Inc., San Diego Petroleum Terminal Company, Inc., Sanitary Footrest Corporation, The, Save-On Food Plan, Inc., Scaramelli and Morgan, Inc., Scheffres Properties, Inc., Schuster, Inc., Schuylkill Manufacturing Company, Seaboard Holders, Inc., Seaboard Marine Metals Co., Inc., Seaboard Packing Corporation, Seaford Business Men's Association, Seidler Distributing Corporation, Service Exploration Company, Inc., Serviss Aviation, Inc., 7 Corners Furniture Co., Inc., 707-713 Seward Apartments Corporation,Shrimp Food Products, Inc., Shropshire Syndicate, Ltd., Silverside Beverages, Inc., Simmonds

Systems, Inc., Simonds Gardens Civic Corporation, Small Change, Incorporated, Small Contractors Aid Association, Sobeal, Inc., Soulsby-Belle Mining Company, South Atlantic Pipeline Corporation, South Market Street Liquor Store, Inc., Southeastern Engineering and Distributing Co. Inc., Southern College of Commerce, Incorporated, Southern Funds, Inc., Southern Medical Supply Company, Southern-Northern Construction Corp., Spalter International Pictures, Inc., Sparkle Sales Corporation, Springlake Amusement Park, Incorporated, Standard Cable Corporation, Standard Motor Sales, Inc., Star Company, Inc., The, Star Motor Co., Inc., Starling, Inc., Stat Motor Company, Inc., State Television and Appliance Co., Stembridge & Co., Stenning Hills Corporation, Stephenson, Fitzgerald and Dunlap, Incorporated, Sterling Oil Company of Indiana, Inc., Sterling Sales Corporation of Washington, D. C., Stewart-Allen Co., Inc., Stewart-Chase Vending Corp., Stewart, Inc., Stirlith Brothers Company, Stone-It & Brick Veneer Corp., Strategic & Precious Minerals, Inc., Strauss Chemical Corporation, Strickland Aircraft Corporation, The, Suburban Builders, Inc., Suburban Transportation Lines, Incorporated, Sickow Borax Mines Consolidated, Inc., Sullivan Building Company, Sun-Dine Company, Incorporated, The, Sun-Puft Pop Corn Corporation, Sunset Self-Help Group, Inc., Superior Motors, Inc., Superior Packard, Inc., Sussex Community Club, Inc., Sussex Refrigeration Co., Inc., Suzanne Ellis, Inc., Sylvan Sales Company, Inc., Sylvan Stores, Inc.

T E C Products Corporation, T V Public Relations and Merchandising Corp., Technical Development Corporation, Telair Company, Telemotive Controls Corp., Television Center, a Corporation, Television Equipment Corporation, Ten C Ranch, Incorporated, Tennessee-Schuylkill Corporation, Tensleep Oil Corporation, Termil Metal Products Co. Inc., Territorial Gas Company, Tex-Ide Chemical Corporation, Texadisco Inc., Texanoil Corporation, Texas American Oil Company, Texas Drilling Company, Texas General Production Company, Texas Northern Gas Transmission Co., Texas-Okla Oil & Gas, Inc., Texas Western Oil Co., Inc., Texcanadian Oil Corporation, Texhead Royalty Company, Theatres Corporation, Therman Restaurant, Inc., Thomas A. Jameson Company, Thomas L. Hume Sons, Incorporated, Thomas Montgomery Corporation, Thomas Realty, Inc., 3400 Conn. Ave., Inc., Timberlock Corporation, Titanium Chemicals, Inc., Todd Park Corporation, Tomba Oil & Gas Processing Corn-

pany, Townsend & West, Inc., Trako Builders, Inc., Trans-American Oil & Gas Leaseholds Incorporated, Trans-Pacific Distributors, Inc., Trans-Texas Construction Company, Trans-World Export-Import Co., Inc., Transgulf Corporation, Travelers United Hosts Inc., Triplex Machine Tool Corp., Tuxedo Park Estates, Inc., Twenty One, Inc., 29:30 Inc., Twin Willow Neon Signs, Inc., Twinsley Corporation, 2812 Alabama Avenue, Inc., 2733 Spaulding Corporation.

Unicrete Corporation, Union National Sales, Inc., United Consumer-Merchant Association, Inc., The, United Fibers Corporation, United Food Services, Inc., United Greek Shipowners Corp., United Laborers of America, Incorporated, The, United Sales Associates, Inc., United States Flag Foundation, Inc., United States Mortgage and Investment Corporation, Universal Business Brokers, Inc., Universal Feeding Services, Inc.

V-Ray Instruments, Inc., Van Horn Company, Van-Klair Company, Inc., Vandever Avenue Garage, Inc., Vanis Company, Vapat Incorporated, Vaughan Memorial Park, Inc., Vehicular Parking, Ltd., Vermont Avenue Associates, Inc., Veterans Community Home, Inc., Village, Inc., The, Vincent, Inc.

W & D Racing Corporation, W. E., Inc., W-H Distributors, Inc., W. S. Walls, Inc., Wabash Contracting Co., WaggamanDowney Co., Waldron Flowers, Inc., Walker Dry Cleaning Co., Inc., Walling Construction Co., Inc., Walnut Street Liquors, Inc., The, Walsh-Kaiser Company, Inc., Walsh Products Co., Inc., Walsh and Williams, Inc., Walter H..Lee & Sons, Inc., Walter H. Scholl Co., Warner Realty Corporation, Warren Construction Company, The, Washington Associates, Inc., Washington Automobile Detective Bureau, Inc., Washington-Baltimore Distributors, Inc., Washington Bond & Mortgage Corporation, Washington Metal Products Corp., Washington Service to Manufacturers, Inc., Washington Shirt Company, Washington Spectator Corporation, The, Washington Steel and Ordnance Company, Washington Technical School, Inc., Watchmaker's Tools & Materials, Inc., Waterloo Finance Company, Weiland Trucking Co., Wellington Estates, Inc., West Pittston Iron Works, Inc., The, West View Shores Marina, Inc., West View Shores Yacht Club, Inc., Westchester Trading Corporation, Westerman Trading Corporation, Western Tin Mining Corporation, Wheel Finance Corn-

pany, Wheels, Inc., White Clay Creek Democratic Social Club, White Top Cab Co., Whitefriars Glass (Distributors) U. S. A., Ltd., Whitehead-Craft Corporation, Wilhead Royalty Company, Wilkes Barre Carriage Co., Inc., Willard Construction Corporation, Wm. Bornstein Company, The, William Weil & Co., Inc., Williams Associates, Inc., Williston-Beaver Lodge Oil Corp., Williston Pioneer Oil Corp., Williston Prairie Oil Corp., Williston Refining Company, Willow Restaurant, Inc., Wills & Kassow, Incorporated, Wilmat, Inc., Wilmington Raceway Association, Wilmington Waiters Association, Winchester, Incorporated, Windsor Overseas Trading and Navigation Corporation, Windsor Restaurant, Inc., Windybush Homes, The, Winema Corporation, Wissahickon Tool Works, Inc., Woodhill Corporation, Woodland Chemical Corporation, Woodner Corporation, World Wide Development Corporation, Worldmarket U. S. A., Inc., Wright Quality Cleaners, Inc., Wright Stores, Inc., Wyoming Oil Ventures, Inc.

Y. B. F. Corporation, York Petroleum, Inc., Young, Inc., Your Way Parking Corporation.

Zephyr Engineering Corporation, Ze4 Adhesives Company.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, J. Caleb Boggs, Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal to be hereunto affixed this sixteenth day of January, in the year

(Great Seal) of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fifty-six, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and eightieth.

By the Governor :


JOHN N. McDOWELL, Secretary of State