WHEREAS, C. Douglass Buck, Tax Commissioner on behalf of the Tax Department of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for two years preceding such report have failed to pay the taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of this State.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, J. Caleb Boggs, Governor of the State of Delaware do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Sections 511 and 512, of Title 8, of the( Delaware Code of 1953, as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid, are repealed.

A & B Service Station, Inc., A. Springel & Son, Inc., AAA Dental Laboratories, Inc., Abe Sachs Restaurant, Inc., Absam Corp., Acme Building & Supply Company, Acme Realty Company, Adamore Mills, Inc., Adams-Furlong Enterprises, Inc., Aeroflame Corporation, Aeroplastics Corporation, Air-Met Mfg. Corp., Air-O-Spra Corporation, Aircrop Corp., Airline Caterers, Inc., Alan Bee Homes, Inc., Alaska Aviation Maintenance, Inc., Albemarle Gardens Cooperative, Inc., Alhydro, Inc., All-Nations Distributing Corporation, All-Nations Television Corporation, All States Advertising Exchange, Inc., Allan Engineering, Inc., Allegheny Associates Investment Co., Inc., Alliance Investment Company, Alliance Steel Supply, Inc., Allied Aviation Corporation, Allied Power Equipment Co., Allmore Oil Corporation, Aloilco Corporation, Alpha Aviation, Inc., Alsam Corp., Al win Contracting Co. Inc., Amalgamated Cab Service, Inc., Ambassador Dog and Cat Hospitals, Inc. Ltd., Ameraqi Development Corporation, American Acoustics, Inc., American Aluminum Specialties, Inc., American Borneo Corporation, American Business Controls of Missouri, Incorporated, American Business Controls of New York, Incorporated, American Capital Trading Corporation, American Carba Engineering Corporation, American

Citrus Corporation, American Corporation Lawyers' Club, American Floating University, Inc., American Investors In Israel, Inc., American Merchants, Inc., American Press and Publishing Corporation, American River Mills, Inc., American Signal & Alarm Corp., American Signal Corporation, American Tap-Bush Company, American Tool Corporation, American Trade Stimulator Co., Inc., Amp Rite, Inc., Amplitorque Propellers Corporation, The, Amron Corp., Andalusia Brick and Tile Company, Inc., Anderson Valve Incorporated, Anglo American Mining Corporation, Ltd., Anio, Incorporated, Anne Remington Inc., Anniston Mining Co., Inc., Anniston Yarn Mills, Inc., Applied Research Corporation, Appoquinimink Sportsman's Club, The, Aquaflight, Inc., Arber Feed Co., Argo Industries, Inc., Arthur A. Madison, Inc., Arthur D. Rabe Hotels, Inc., Arvor, Inc., Associated American Enterprises of Tangier, Inc., Associated Engineers & Constructors, Inc., Atlanta Mining and Smelting Co., Atlantic Coast Steamship Company, Inc., Atlantic-Eastern Steel Corporation, Atlantic & Pacific Automobile Association, Atlantic-Pacific Gas & Oil Company, Atlas Equipment Corporation, Atlas Management Co., Atlas Natural Gas Corporation, Atomic Electro-Generator Corporation, Auroratone Radiotelevision Corporation of The Americas, Inc., Auto Radio, Inc., Automatic Beverage Corporation, Automatic Syrup Corporation, Automatic Truck Loader Corporation, AV Italian Restaurant, Inc.

B H L Realty Company, B. & M. Welding and Iron Works, Inc., B & S Liquors, Inc., Bakery Corporation of America, Bakery Corporation of Massachusetts, Bakery Stores, Inc., Baltimore Bankers Corporation, The, Bambi Supper Club, Barclay Trading Corporation, Barnett Silverman Co., Inc., Basile Enterprises, Inc., Basin Montana Tunnel Company, Bay-Colony Company, Bayard Athletic Club, The, Baylor Prefabricated Flue, Inc., Benlon Company, Benning Road Tackle Shop, Inc., Bethany Beach Water Company, Beyer Drug Co., Inc., Block Realty Corp., Blue Star Airlines, Inc., Board of District Stewards of Wilmington District of Wilmington Conference of The Methodist Episcopal Church, Incorporated, The, Bob Fink Construction Co., Inc., Bonomo Publications, Inc., Boray Sign Company, Bornmann, Inc., Bost, Inc., Boys Cowboy Ranch, Inc., Bradford-Millar, Inc., Brake-Trol Corporation, Brandenburg Boiler Cor-

poration, Brandywine Leather Company, Brazilian Securities Corporation, Brewer-Synder Company, The, Brooke International, Inc., Brookside Paint and Contracting Co., Inc., Brown & Barry, Inc., Buchanan Market, Inc., Buel Electronics, Inc., Burgess Company, The, Burnette Motor Express, Inc., Butalite Corporation of America, Inc.

C. J. Weiser Incorporated, C. Moore & Company, Inc., C & R Enterprises, Inc., Cahill-Merrill Projector Corp., California Steel and Tubes Corporation, Campbell Music Co., Inc., Candanian (U. S. A.) Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Canamin Corp., Cancer Research, Inc., Capital Enterprises, Inc., Capital Food Mart, Inc., Car Credit Co., Inc., Carame Corporation, Carolina Golds, Ltd., Casa Blanca Italian Foods, Inc., Casson Contracting Corporation, Caucasian-American Trading and Mining Company, Cedar City Pine Co., Cemenstone Construction Company, The, Century Square, Inc., Certified Packers, Inc., Chambers, Inc., Champion Sports, Inc., The, Chelsea Country Club, Chemical Container Corporation, Chemical Conversion Corporation, Chica Mining Company, Chicago Dr. Pepper Bottling Company, Children's Television-Radio Shows, Inc., Christensen Export-Import Corporation, Inc., Cinderella Shop, Inc., Citizens Protective Alliance, Inc., The, Citrus Juice Corporation, City Sewing Center, Inc. of Wisconsin, ClarFax Inn, Inc., Club 803, Inc., Coal, Anthracite and Fuel Co., Coastal Machine Works, Inc., Coastline Manufacturing Corporation, Cofran Corporation, Cohn and Lebowitz, Inc., Collective Security Institute, Inc., The, Colodny's Beverage Trade Service, Inc., Colombian Products Exploitation Corporation, Colonial Homes, Inc., Colonial Tile Company, Colorado-Kansas Supply Co., Inc., Coloumbia Country Club, Columbia Forest Products Inc., Columbia Industries, Inc., Columbia Motors, Inc., Columbia Oil Company, Inc., Columbia Parking Corporation, Columbia Processing & Distributing Co., Inc., Columbia Realty Incorporated of Washington, D. C., Columbia Sales & Manufacturing Co., Column, Inc,, Commercial Development Corporation, Commercial Investing Company, Commonwealth Industrial Products Corporation, Communications Development Corporation, Community Trading Corporation, Compton Crafts, Inc., Comrades of Arms, Inc., Concord Apartments, Inc., Congressional Realty Corporation, Conservation Research Engineering Co., Consol-

idated-Hammer Dry Plate & Film Company, Consolidated Lumber Co., Consolidated Oil Terminals Inc., Consumers Home Equipment Company, Continental Investment and Promotional Enterprises, Inc., Cooper Dilley Co., Inc., Corlis Corporation, Cortley Frosted Foods, Inc., Costa Construction Co., Inc., Costello Engineering Co., Inc., Counts Motor Company, Inc., Cox Home Builders Inc., Creative Aid Research Company, Creative Concrete Corporation, Crescent Transportation Company, Cristina Copper Mines Inc., Cross Roads Club, Inc., Cross-Tex Petroleum Corp., Crosstown Motors, Inc., Cuban Naviera Line, Inc., Cushing Corporation.

D. F. Quillen & Sons, Inc., D. J. B. Company, D & M Radio Sales & Service Co., Damico Corporation, Dan-Car Corporation, Dan Holland Co., Inc., Dan Wilson, Incorporated, Dannettel and Feeney, Inc., David Shiffrin & Company, Day Brothers Engineering Co., Inc., De-Co-Ka Investment Co., Inc., De Luxe Grille, Inc., Decor, Inc., Deepwell Oil Corporation, Defiance Athletic Association, Del Construction Company, Del-Mar Home Equipment Company, Delaware Aircraft, Inc., Delaware Block Company, Delaware Machine & Manufacturing Company, Inc., DelawareMoroccain Investment Company, Inc., Delaware Paper Mills, Inc., Delaware Philharmonic Symphony Society, Delaware Plastic Company, Delaware Plaza, Inc., Delaware Realty Co., Delaware Stock Car Racing Association, Inc., Delaware Tongers' Association, Inc., Delaware Women's Christian Temperance Union, Della Pelle Electric Company, Delmac Products, Incorporated, Delmar Manor Incorporated, Delta Finishing Company, Delvesta Farms, Inc., Denbrook Investment Company, Deutch Engineering Corporation, Diamond State Pictures Corporation, Dianafix Corporation, Dietz Sales Company, Differential Wheel Corporation, Dimensional Electronics Corporation of America, Distefano Bros. Inc., Distributors Candy Company, Dobranski Chinchilla Corporation, Docar Co., Donor Realty Corporation, Dorsett Construction Corporation, Dover Gospel Hall, Inc., Dover Realty Co., Dukane, Incorporated, Dun Glen Coal Company.

E. F. Menzendorf Associates, Inc., Eagle Ice Company, East Florence Courts, Inc., East Texas Novelty Company, Eastern Insurance Company, Eastern Refractory Corporation, Eastern Shore Stages, lnc., Easy-Drive Development, Inc., Ecma Products Corporation, Edgewater Gardens, Inc., El Commodoro,

Inc., Electronic Research, Inc., Elementary Horsemanship, Incorporated, Embassy Trash & Salvage Co., Inc., Emergency Trailer Corporation, Emkay Corporation, Inc., Empire Blast Machine Co., Empire Laundry Inc., Empire Tackle Company, Enterprise Letter Service, Inc., Equitable Service, Inc., Equity Investment Corporation, Ercolino and Rose, Inc., Estancia Company, The, European Touring Service, Inc., Ever-Sole Company, Inc. of Puerto Rico, The, Excelsior Corporation, Executive Pharmacy, Inc.

F B & B Realty Corporation, Factory-Nu Auto Painters, Inc., Fagan Construction Company, Incorporated, Fairchild Company, Inc., The, Farm Fresh Management Corporation, Faroak Apartments, Inc., Fearless Tool and Die Company, Federal Construction Corporation, Federal Credit Rating and Investigation Bureau, Inc., Federal Equipment Company, Federal Export and Import Co., The, Federal Home Equipment Corporation, Federal Mortgage Corporation, Federal Oil Corporation of Delaware, Federal Research & Development, Inc., Ferguson's Athletic & Health Sox & Stockings, Incorporated, Fijelen Research and Development Company, The, Finance and Fuel Corporation, First Eastern Corporation, First State Oil Company, First Williamsburg Corporation, Five Brothers' Restaurant, Inc., Floorola Products, Inc., Florida Gulf Growers, Inc., Foreign Trade Corporation, 14-S St. N. E. Inc., Fowler-Rosenberg Publishing Corp., Inc., Foxhall Heights, Inc., Framerica Films, Inc., Fran-Kem, Inc., Francis Metal Products, Inc., Frank C. Hurley, Inc., Frank J. Murphy, Inc., Frank Schoonmaker & Company, Inc., Frank W. Bennett & Co., Inc., Frankie's Soft Ball Club, Inc., Franklin Buffet Lunch, Inc., Franklin Electric Co., French Street Social Club, Frigidinner Freezer Corporation, Frisbie Throwing Company, The.

G & D Aluminum Window Corporation, Gary Appliance Company, Inc.: Gas Engineering Company, General Aircraft Corporation, General Hosiery Motor-Mend Corporation, General Research Foundation and Institute, General Welding Co., Inc., Geolectric Exploration Company, Inc., George Faigen Merchandising, Inc., George G. Richardson, Inc., George Kelly Associates, Inc., George R. Jessen Corporation, George W. Lacks & Company, Incorporated, German-American Union, The, Gibralter Finance Corporation, Gismo, Inc., Givlyn Housing Corpor-

ation, Glasgow Manufacturing Corp., Golden Eagle Metals Company, Goldoil, Inc., Goodlab Corp., The, Got-Cha Manufacturing Corporation, Grapevine Coal Company, Great Circle Enterprises, Inc., Great Northern Inc., Great Plains Oil Company of Wyoming, Great Western Corporation, Green Brier Construction Co., Green Thumb, Inc., Greenhill Engineering Co., Inc., Greenhill Realty Corp., Gronemeyer Corporation, Guatemalan-American Company, Gulf Coast Canadian Transmission Company, Guyer Bros., Inc.

H. and J. Construction Co. Inc., H and K Valve Silencer Co., Inc., H. L. Blest & Company, H & M Co., Inc., H. T. Smith, Incorporated, Halen Corporation, Happy Homes of Harford County, Inc., Hargil Oil Co., Harlin, Inc„ Harmon Co., Inc., Harold S. Smith & Son, Inc., Harriett Corporation, Harris-Klein, Inc., Harvey-Spencer Corporation, Hastings Electric Railplane Corporation, Hatfield Speedway, Inc., Haverton Foundation, Inc., The, Haviland Incorporated, Haviland Stores, Inc., Hazelton Steel & Tubing Corporation, Heatron, Incorporated, Heds, Inc„ Helicopter Distributors, Inc., Hemisphere Television Incorporated, Hendrick, Inc., Henrad Corp., Henson Corp., Hercules Pump & Compressor Co., High's Dairy Products Corporation, High's, Inc., Highlands, Incorporated, Highlands Restaurant, Inc:, Hills' Television Service Co., Inc., Hillyard Optical Company, Hires Bottling Company of Wilmington, Historic New Castle, Inc., Historic Productions, Inc., Holloway Terrace Social Club, Home Credit Corporation, Homeowners Advisory Council, Incorporated, Homeowners Honest Service, Incorporated, Homeowners Honest Service of North East Baltimore, Incorporated, Horace Mann League of The United States of America, Inc., The, Hosiery Mill Outlet, Inc., Hospital Foundation, Inc., The, Hotel, Restaurant and Tavern Employees Union of America, Hotels Incorporated, Houghton and McDowell, Inc., House of Neely, Inc„ Huajatolla Mines Corporation, Hurley & White, Inc., Hydrocarb Corporation.

Ibachs, Inc., Icarian Radioactive Hot Springs Corporation of America, The, Imex Internationale Corp., Imperial Rayon Corporation, Inapak Corporation, Independent Stores Company, Indirect Lighting Corporation, Industrial Bankers Corporation, Industrial Cellulose Products, Inc., Industrial Consultants Inc., Industrial Counsellors, Inc., Industrial Relations Inc. of Wash-

ington, Insectacutor, Incorporated, Instant Coupler, Inc., Institute of Independent Industries, Institute of World Studies, The, Inter-Gulf Chemical & Supply Corporation, Inter-Nation Corporation, The, International Air Corporation, International Bankers Exchange, Ltd., International Commercial Counselors, Inc., International Dairy Products Corporation, International Engineers Development Corporation, International Mining Machinery Corporation, International Steel Distributors, Inc., International Transport Co., Inc., International Uranium Corporation, International Vending Corporation, Interstate Feed Distributors, Inc., Interworld Industries, Inc., Iridescent Pigment Corporation of America, Israel Hotel Projects, Incorporated, Israel National Brewery, Inc.

J P S Inc., Jaeb Corporation, James Shop, Inc., James T. Groves Mill and Lumber Company, Inc., Janitor Service Co., Inc., The, Jay's, Inc., Jeanite Corporation, The, Jennie and Harry Walcoff Foundation, Inc., The, Jobud Corporation, The, Jodie Smart, Inc., John Mack, Inc., John Roehrich Corporation, Johns Co., Inc., The, Jordan-Rogers Sales Co., Inc., Jordan Trading Corporation, The, Joseph G. Green, Incorporated, Joseph G. Herbert Company, Joseph H. Pierson & Son, Inc.

Kansas Avenue Development Co., Inc., Kayser Hosiery Motor-Mend Export Corporation, Ken Mathewson, Inc., Kenilworth Development Corp., Kentucky-Tennessee Natural Gas Corporation, Kentucky-Tennessee Natural Gas & Pipeline Corporation, Keynote Recordings, Inc., Kiamensi Home Builders, Inc., King Bootery, The, Kirk Uranium Corporation, Kitchen Planners, Inc., Kolorfoto, Inc., Krafco Container Corporation of California.

L. E. D. J. Corporation, L. J. Todd, Inc., La Salsa Products, Inc., Labco Chemical Corporation, Lady Andres Perfumers, Inc., The, Lakeland Die Cutting Company, Inc., Lakewood Arts & Crafts Incorporated, Lakin Oil Co., Lancaster Court Market, Inc., Lane-Stark Company, Larry Waltzer Stores Inc., Larsen & Co., Inc., Latin American Enterprises, Inc., Le Blanc Corporation, The, Lee Engineering Company, Lee-Phelps Corporation, Lenwood, Inc., Leon's Tavern, Inc., Les Parfums De Molyneux, Inc., Lesavoy International, Inc., Letcher Art Center, Inc., Lewis Agency, Inc., The, Lewis Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc., Levy's Kumfort Shoe Store Inc., Liberal Credit Store, Inc., The, Liberty

Housing Company, Life Laboratories, Inc., Lincoln Universal Christian Democracy League, Inc., Lininger, Incorporated, Lion Corporation, Lloyd Automatic Corporation, Lobdell Associates, Inc., Loop Cleaners & Launderers, Inc., Lowe Jewelers, Inc., Luce and Company, Lyon Development Co., Luonoil Associates, Inc., Lytemobile Corporation.

Mac Intosh & Sheridan, Inc., Madison Estates, Inc., Madison Park Development Corporation, Magic Circle Industries, Inc., Mahon Technical Services, Inc., Mammoth Sulphur Company, Management Engineering, Inc., Management and Research, Incorporated, Manganese & Minerals, Inc., Manor Motors, Inc., Marianelli & Company, Inc., Marjeve Construction Corporation, Mark Construction Company, Inc., Martel Corporation, Martin Equipment Corporation, Martin-Murray Co., Martini Inc., Marva Forest Products, Inc., Marydel Sales Co., Inc., Master Plastics, Inc., Mastercraft Builders, Inc., Material Transit, Inc., Matthew's Store Fixture Co., Mawen Motor Corporation, Maynes Corporation, McAlister Borthers, Inc., McGard Toothbrush Co., Inc., The, McGrath Mfg. Company, McKenney Electric Co., Inc., Meadors & Cherry Company, Mechanical Printcraft Club, Inc., Medical Products Research Corporation, Medical Publishers, Inc., Meehan Company, The, Melton Construction Co., Mercantile Investment Corporation, Metal Specialties; Inc., Metro Cab Co., Inc., Metropolitan Restaurant, Inc., Metropolitan Transportation Inc., Metropolitan Trucking Company, Michigan Advertising Service, Inc., Michigan Peat, Inc., Mickey's Grill, Inc., Mickle Corporation, Mid-Continent Corporation of 71sTew York, Oil Exploration, Mid-States Equipment Company, Midamerican International Co., Inc., Middle States Corporation, The, Middletown Foundries, Inc., Midston Oil Corp., Midwest Apartments, Inc., Milford Boat Co., Inc., Milford Packing Company, Inc., Milk-0- Mat Corporation, Milk-O-Mat Corporation of America, Miller Home Improvement Corporation, Ming Restaurant Corp., Inc., Minit-Man Miracle Car Washer, Inc., Miracold, Inc., Miranda International Corporation, Mrs. Satterthwaite, Inc., Modern Feeds, Inc., Mohawk Holding Corporation, Montgomery Properties, Inc., Moshannon Valley Gas & Oil Co., Inc., Motion Picture Television Center, Inc,, Mt. Davidson Foundation, Inc., Mt. Vernon Metals, Inc., MP Television, Incorporated, Mufflite, Inc., Multiple Products Corp., Murals, Sculpture & Design, Inc., Mutual Hospitalization Insurance Company, Myers, Inc.

Nakken Products & Development Co. Incorporated, NallinJennings Park Company, Nancy China, Inc., Nasco, Inc., Nation's Industrial Service Corporation, The, Nation-Wide Corporation, The, National Aircraft Maintenance Corporation, National Association of Foreign Exchange Dealers, Inc., National Aviation Services, Inc., National Bellas Hess Stores, Inc., of Durham, N. C., National Bellas Hess Stores, Inc., of Greensboro, N. C., National Bellas Hess Stores, Inc., of Texas, National Bellas Hess Stores, Inc., of Winston-Salem, N. C., National Brands Co. of America, National Building Material Buyers Association, National Citizens Committee For Expanding American Opportunity, At Home and Abroad, Inc. (The Crusade for Peace-Building) , The, National City Waterways Corporation, National Commodity Corporation, National Highway Hotels, Inc., National L-P Gas Institute, National Lease Company, National Lodge of the Noble & Illustrious Order of Pathfinders, Inc., The, National Manganese and Mining Company, National Nutrition Products, Inc., National Political & Social Science Research Institute, National Resources Corporation, National Taxpayers' Union For Collective Bargaining, Inc., National Television Demonstrators, Inc., National Tool Corporation, National Uranium Corporation, National Washington Newspapers, Inc., Necessities Limited, Neighborhood Taverns, Inc., Nelson Salvage & Construction Company, Neptune Trading & Development Company, New Castle Builders, Inc., New Dynamics, Inc., New England Air Express, Inc., New Hampshire Worsted Spinning Co., Inc., New Haven Rubber Co., Inc., Nichols Chinese Rugs, Inc., Nineteen Fifty One Corporation, Non-Metallic Minerals, Inc., Norman Wilshire Building Corporation, North American Oil & Gas Leaseholds Incorporated, North River Steel Container Corporation, Northeastern Investment Co., Northwestern Mortgage Company.

Okkan Television Chain, Inc., Oklahoma Builders, Inc., Oklahoma Pacific Oil Company, Inc., Old Stein Grill, Inc., Olympic Distributors, Inc., Oneida Apartments, Incorporated, Orange Crush Bottling Company of Asheville, Orb Machine Tool Company, Ore Conversion Corporation, Orient Printing Company, Orient Publishing Company, Orinoco Biological and Archaeological Expedition, Inc., Ozonator Corporation.

P. J. P. Corporation, P. & S. Pearl Co., Inc., Pacific Western Stores, Inc., Palace Laundry Dry Cleaning Corporation, Palacios Chemical Company, Palmetex Corporation, The, Palomar Pictures Corporation, Pambee Corporation, Pan-American Pineapple Company, Incorporated, Parker's Cafe, Inc., Parkview Apartments, Inc., Patients of Chiropractic, Inc., Paul Berry, Inc., Paul Young & Associates, Inc., Pearl Mountain Lumber Co., Peek of U, Inc., Pen Corporation of America, Peninsula Poultry Service, Inc., Penn Beverage Company, Penn Communities Corporation, Penn Pines Corporation, Pennsylvania Oil Industries, Inc., Pentecala Oil Corporation, Peoples Memorial Park, Inc., The, Perlite Consolidated Corp., Perma Label & Converting, Inc., Perco Products Corporation, Philadelphia Cartage Co., Philadelphia Wholesale Grocers Association, Inc., Philip Braderman, Inc., Philjohn Publishers, Inc., Photoplay Productions, Inc., Piano Service, Incorporated, Pico Lumber Sales Inc., Pioneer Turf Education, Inc., Pittsburgh Exploration Syndicate, Incorporated, Plutonia Corporation, Plymouth Development Corporation, Plymouth Printing & Duplicating Service, Inc., Poly-Cide Corporation, Pontiac Electronics Corporation, Post 87 Dugout Club, Potomac Appliance Sales, Inc., Potomac Corporation, Poultry Farms Corporation, Precision Instruments, Inc., Process Construction Company, Producto Manufacturing Company, Professional Service Associates, Inc., Progressive Engineers and Contractors, Inc., Protective Garment Bag Corporation, Pyroline Corporation.

Quaker City Securities Corporation.

R. F. Conway Company, R. G. E. Stores, Inc., R. V. Etty, Inc., Ra-Vox, Inc., Racs, Inc., Radio-Electronics Institutes of America, Inc., Radio Mart, Inc., Rapid Copy Service Co., Rapid Hot-Foods-Delivery, Incorporated, Ray Oil Company, Inc., Raymond F. Donovan, Inc., Raymond Road Apartment Company, Inc., Real Estate Exchange of Miami, Inc., Realty Finance Co., Realty Mortgage Corporation, Red Ball Transfer & Storage Co., Redwood Corset Shops, Inc., Reed Clarke Service, Inc., The, Reed Motor Express, Inc., Refex Refrigeration Corporation, Regent Aircraft, Inc., Rehoboth Speedway, Inc., Reid-Pettus Properties, Inc., Reliance Suburban Homes, Inc., Resco, Inc., Resources Development Associates, Inc., Retail Grocers' Ex-

change, Incorporated, Revere Manufacturing And Sales Corporation, Rex Decorating Company, Reynolds Industries, Inc., Robbins Contracting Corporation, Robelen Sign Company, Robert Mathlessen Inc., Robert T. Brooks Congo Inc., Robey Trucking Co., Rocco's 8-Ball and Sport Club, Rochester Ordnance Manufacturing Corporation, Rock Realty Corporation, Romac Mills, Inc., Roman Choir Company, The, Romero-Semsem Corporation, Roselawn Memorial Garden, Inc., Rosestadt Club, Rothschild Oil and Development Corp., Raton Corporation, Rowman Parking Service, Inc., Roxboro Steel Company, Royal Distributing Corporation, Royal Spinning Mills, Inc., The, Rumson Fabrics Corporation, Russellville Mill, Inc., Rutlee Chemical Company, Inc., Ryan Steel Products Company.

S and W Transfer Company, Sabine Television Corporation, Safety Highway Markers, Inc., Safety Tube Corporation, Safeway Match Corporation of America, The, Sales Engineers, Inc., Samor Poultry Corp., Sanitary Mattress Inc., Sanitation Engineers & Constructors, Inc., Sans-Krust Corporation of America, Sarazin Patents Corporation, Saro Petroleum Corporation, Savannah Liquors, Inc., Saver Company, Savoy's Enterprize, Inc., Schertle T. V. Distributors, Incorporated, Schoell Memorial Foundation, Incorporated, Scholarships, Incorporated, Schweizer Realty Corporation, Seaboard Development Corporation, Second Service Investors Inc., Security Royalties, Inc., Security Tool Corporation, Sheehan Bros. Inc., Sidray Radio and Television, Inc., Sierra Copper Company, Sightmirror Television Corporation, Silver Mountain Mining & Milling Corporation, Silver Spring Restaurant, Inc., Simplex Scale Mfg. Corporation, Sisson Ranch Company, Inc., Slade Co., Inc., The, Smith & CO., Ltd., Smith-Gray of Washington, Inc., Smith's Inc., Smyrna Times, Incorporated, The, Snyder Aviation, Inc., Somerset Corporation, South Range Manganese Mines, Inc., South Side Eden Athletic Club of Wilmington, Delaware, The, Southeastern Gas Corporation, Southeastern Ice Corporation, Southern Brickface Corporation, Southern Transvision Co., Southwest Corporation, The, Sovereign Corporation, Sperans, Inc., Sportsmen's Guides, Inc., Springmill Development Corp., Stampmaster Corporation, Standard Parts Corporation, Stark Lumber Company, State Sewing Center, Inc., State Sewing Center, Inc. of Los Angeles, State Sewing Center, Inc., of Oregon, Stelos Company, Inc., The,

Stemwinder, Inc., Stenotype International Corporation, Steno-vox Reporters, Inc., Steurnell Products Company, Strotz-Barker, Inc., Stuart R. Patterson Corp., Suburban Venetian Blind Co., Successor Co., Inc„, The, Sudbury Estates, Inc., Sullivan Engineering Company, Inc., Sulphur Production Company, Sulphur-dale Pilot Mill Corp., Sumi Securities Corporation, Summers Engineers & Constructors, Inc., Sun Motors, Inc., Suncraft Corporation, Super Freeze, Inc., Superior Skyways, Inc., Supply And Equipment Company, Sureway Markets, Inc., Surgical Specialties Corporation, Suspension Conveyor Company, Sussex Horse Show Association, Sussex Turkey Farms, Inc., Synthetic Products Corp.

T. E. Hickman & Co., Inc., T. L. Parsons Corporation, Tansey Bearing Company, Tarboro Athletics, Inc., Taylor Motor Sales, Inc., Taylor Street Corp., Tele-Color Films, Inc., Telecasters Film Syndicates, Inc., Telenews Publishing Co., Inc., Television Broadcasters Association, Inc., Television Manufacturing Corporation, Televolt Corporation, Texas & California Tubes Corporation, Texas Drive-Inn Theaters, Inc., Texas-Michigan Pipe Line Company, Texas Northern Corporation, Thames River Line, Inc., Theta Kappa Psi Medical Fraternity (Inc.), Third Ward Colored Republican Club, Third Ward Social Club, Tholer Corporation, The, Thomas Garrett Settlement House Association, Throwsters Associates, Inc., Higani Bros., Inc., Tom Davis Syndicate Corporation, Tonopah Belmont Mines, Inc., Toolmaster Corporation, Top Hat Tourist Home, Inc., Toran Lighting & Appliance Co., Tower Realty, Inc., Trade Abroad, Inc., Trans-America Industries, Inc., Trans Caribbean Airways Agency of Puerto Rico, Inc., Trans-World Navigation, Inc., Transair, Incorporated, Transco Television Productions Inc., Tranversal Air Service, Inc., Treasure Island Marina, Inc., Tri-Cab Motors, Inc., Tri-West Oil & Gas Corporation, Triple "S" Trading Company, Incorporated, Triumphing Church and Kingdom of God of The Everlasting Gospel, Inc., The, Trochoidal Propeller Corporation, Tropico Manana Corporation, Tulsa Pipeline Contractors Inc, Tulsa-Wyoming Oil Company, Turnpike Rental, Inc.

U A Producers Corp., U. S. Chemicals Corporation, U. S. Home Outfitting Corporation, U. S. Investment Co., Inc., U. S.

World Recovery Corporation, Underwood & Underwood Portraits, Inc., Uni-Products, Inc., Unico Products Corporation, Union Concrete Products Corporation, The, Union Consumer Stores, Inc., Union Social Club, Union Television Corporation, United Aluminum Co., Inc., United Artists Productions, Inc., United Business and Industrial Association of America, Inc., United States Bomb Shelter Corp., United States Lime Products Corporation of Oregon, United States Standard Services, Inc., Universal Camera Corporation, Universal Color Telescope Viewer Co., Universal Sales, Inc., Uranium Corporation, The, Utica Stockholders, Inc.

V & H Piling Company, V. V. Petrone, Inc., Vandever Avenue Athletic Club, Vasel Manufacturing Company, The, Venetian Blind Laundry, Inc., Venn-Severin Co., Villies, Inc., Von Associates, Inc.

W. Frank Coleman, Inc., W. J. Simpson, Incorporated, W. L. Painter Company, Inc., Waller, Barnes & Anthony Service Co., Inc., Walster Corporation, Waples Lumber Company, Washington Aircraft Corporation, Washington Bridge Club, Inc., The, Washington Business Advisory Services, Inc., Washington Printers, Inc., Washington School of Cooking, Inc., Water Conditioners, Inc., Water Production Corporation, Weinstein Enterprises, Inc., Well Drillers, Inc., Wellmington Oil Corporation, Welwood Textile Corporation, West Pittston Manufacturing Corporation, West Virginia Match Company, Inc., Western Sulphur Industries, Inc., Wheeler-Nicholson, Inc., Wheeler Road Development Corporation, White Grass Ranch, Incorporated, White Star Restaurants Incorporated, Whiting Industries, Inc., Whitney Oil Corporation, Whye Construction Co., Whye Manufacturing Co., Whye Realty Co., Whye Sales Co., Willard Enterprises, Inc., William G. Moore and Son, Inc. of Delaware, Wm. Teacher & Sons, Ltd., Willis and O'Brien, Inc., Wilmington Paper and Twine Co., Wilmington Speedway, Inc., Wilmington Steel Company, Woodcraft Industries, Inc., World Resources, Inc., World Resources (Korea), Inc., Wyoming Oil and Gas Company Inc.

Zaza Fashions, Inc., Zenith Steel Products Company.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, J. Caleb Boggs, Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal to be hereunto affixed this twenty-fourth day of January, in

(Great Seal) the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fifty-five, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and seventy-ninth.

By the Governor :

J. CALEB BOGGS JOHN N. McDOWELL, Secretary of State