WHEREAS, C. Douglass Buck, Tax Commissioner on behalf of the Tax Department of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for two years preceding such report have failed to pay the taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of this State.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, J. Caleb Boggs, Governor of the State of Delaware do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Sections 511 and 512, of Title 8, of the Delaware Code of 1953, as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid, are repealed.

A. Braver Company, A. Goldberg, Inc., A. H. Goody, Inc., A. J. Ramone Co., Inc., ABC Publications, Inc., Ace Products Corporation, Acme Reporters, Inc., Admiralty Lines, Inc., Adolf Schleicher and Associates, Ltd., Agee Manufacturing Co., Inc., Air Freight, Inc., Air Rome, Inc., Air Terminals, Inc., Aircraft Inspection Research Corp., Airdar Corporation, Airline Management Corporation, Airport Advertising, Inc., Airport Properties, Inc., Alabama Packing Company, Alabama Sales Corporation, Alba Refining Corporation, Alert Beverage Company, The, Alexandria Linoleum Shop, Inc., Alfred R. Layton, Inc., All-Store Products, Inc., All-Vac Steam Control Systems, Incorporated, Allenco, Inc., Allfoods Brokers Corporation, Allied Interests, Inc., Alpha Printing Corporation, Ambassador Employment Service, Inc., Ambassador Motor Tours, Incorporated, American Aerial Atlas & Allied Services, Inc., American Business Service Company, American Commercial Company, American Cooperative Club Plan, Inc., The, American Exchange International, Inc., American & Foreign Corporation, American Friends of The Swedish University of ABO, Inc., American-German Trading Corporation, American Guaranty Company, American Hardmetal Research and Development Corporation,

American International Corporation, American Milk Company, American Near Eastern Finance & Engineering Corp., American Nicaro Corporation, American Patent & Trade-Mark Bureau of Washington, D. C., Inc., American Peat Moss Corporation, American Pedestrian Association, Inc., American Swiss Corporation, American Women's Club of Shanghai, American X-Ray & Medico-Scientific Supplies Corporation, Amfell Rod & Gun Club, Anbar Amusement Corporation, Andco, Inc., Anson Group Corporation, Anvac, Inc., Anvil Realty and Investment Company, Apichella Motors, Inc., Apollo Amusement Company, Inc., Appliance Sales Corporation, Archie E. Bandler, Inc., Arden Court, Inc., Arecibo Distilling Company, Arlington Music Corporation, Arrow Hardware Co., Art Instrument Company, Inc., Art Stone Rental Service, Inc., Arthur I. Fink, Inc., Associated Body & Fender Specialists, Inc., Association of Auditants and Controllants, Athletic Association of Dover, Delaware, Atlanta Jewish Welfare Fund, Inc., Atlantic City Steel Pier Company, Atlantic Investors, Inc., Atlantic Newspapers, Inc., Atlas Automobile Finance Corporation of Delaware, Atlas Bearing Corporation, Atlas Housing Corporation, Atlas Sirk-Lipton-Mayer Productions, Inc., Atoka Oil & Gas Company, Austin Stewart Corporation, Auth-Loffler, Inc., Auto-Chlor System, Atlanta, Inc., Automatic Dialing Corporation, Automatic Heating Equipment & Supply Co., Automatic Web Guide Distributing Company, Automotive Equipment Co., Inc., Automotive Improvement, Inc., Autoxygen Corporation of America, Auxiliary Drive Equipment Corporation, Avonwold Oil Corporation, The, Avrum, Inc., Allied Western Oil Corp., Aluminum Builders Materials Company, Alumitape Sales Corporation, American Forum Foundation, Inc., American Oil Producers, Inc., Angler Investment Corporation.

B. F. L. Enterprises, Inc., B. & G. Mfg. & Sales Corp., B. G. Research & Development Corp., B. and L. Corporation, B. & M. Sales Company, Incorporated, B. & R. Securities Corporation, B. W. C. Corporation, B & W Television Sales and Service, Inc., Badger Leasing Corporation, Bank of Knowledge, Inc., Bankers National Investing Corporation, Bar-Kal, Inc., Bari Building Supply Co., Inc., Barker Bake Shops Incorporated, Barr's Columbia Grill, Inc., Barrett Enterprises, Inc., Barry Farms Development Company, The, Bazaar Food Shop, Inc., Bea's Food Market, Inc., Beater Bleach Corporation, Beauchamp

Associates, Ltd., Bell Realty and Investment Corporation, Belle-moor Heights, Inc., Beneficial Loan Society, Benjamin Franklin Office Bldg. Co., Inc., Benton Associates, Inc., Berger Hosiery Co., Inc., Berger Hosiery Stores, Inc., Betsy Oil Company, Inc., Biddle Company, Inc., Birmingham Foundries, Inc., Bisignal Broadcasting Company, Blair Shop, Inc., The, Blue Banner Co., Inc., Blue Hill Coal Corporation, Blue Ribbon Mineral Water Crystals, Inc., Bolitho Contracting Co., Inc., Bond Equipment & Transportation Corporation, Bonnar's Inc., Book Mart, Inc., Bookman, Inc., Boss Tweed-Clipper Mines, Inc., Bowers Company-Robot Laundry Machinery Division, The, Bowser Tube, Inc., Bra-Bon Electric Co., Inc., Bradford Builders, Inc., Brandywine Men's Club, Inc., Bril Associates Incorporated, Brinson's Variety Stores, Inc., Broderick Rubber Co., Inc., Brunson Corporation, Budget Building Supplies, Inc., Budget Meat Plan, Inc., Buildrite, Inc., Burnell Machine Company, Inc., Business Associates, Inc., Business Maintenance Association, Inc., ButlerZizinia Corporation, Buyers, Inc., Buzzard Hill Mine, Inc., Buzy Bee Curb Service Restaurants, Inc.

C. E. Warner Company, C. F. Wheeler, Builder, Inc., C. W. Capps & Company, Cadillac Construction Corporation, Cairns Agricultural Engineering Co., Inc., Cairns Agricultural Research Foundation, Inc., California Abrasives, Inc., Calumet Tool Supply, Inc., Camden Construction Company, Inc., Campaigns, Inc., Campbell's Auto Sales, Inc., Canadian Expositions Company, Cananea Island and Port Improvement Corporation, Canned Pea Association, Canterbury Corporation, Cape Hatteras Navigation Co., Inc., Capital Chemical & Mfg. Co. Inc., Capital City Republican Club, Capital Research, Incorporated, Capital Trailer Sales, Inc., Capitol Amusements, Inc., Capitol Refrigeration Service Company, Inc., Capstan Machine Corp., Carbagel Industries Corporation, Carbosand Corporation, Carl-Fine, Inc., Carroll Foundation, Inc., Casserole Kitchenette, Inc., Castmaster Fishing Reel Corporation, Ceebee Corporation, Central Industrial Services Corporation, Century Services Corporation, Chandler's Valet, Inc., Charles A. Wheeler, Inc., Chazco Sales Co., Inc., Chemshares, Inc., Chester County Auxiliary Association, Chester H. Braselton Corporation, Chester Import Company, Ltd., The, Chesterfield Land Corporation, Chicago Industries, Inc., Chimeboard, Inc., China Photo Supply Company, Inc., Christmas Copper Corporation, Christensen Corporation, Chrom-

icon Corporation, Cidco, Inc., Cinamerica, Inc., Cincinnati Broadcasters, Inc., City Baggage Transfer Co., City Finance Company, Northwest, Clagett Construction Co., Inc., Clarence Vinson Post No. 3238, Veterans of Foreign Wars of The United States, Incorporated, Clarkson, Inc., Cleveland & Buffalo Steamship Company, Clough. Associates, Inc., Club Bali, Inc., Club Olympia, Inc., Co-Ed Cola Company, Co-Operative Investment Company, Coastal Sportsmen's Association, Coconut Products, Inc., Collom Company, The, Columbia Minerals, Inc., Colwill Company, Comad Optics, Inc., Comco Limestone Company, Inc., Commonwealth Development Company, Inc., Conditioned-Aire Corporation, Congress Heating and Engineering Corp., Inc., Congress Oil Company, Inc., Connecticut Galleries, Inc., Connecticut Variable Gear Company, Ltd., Consolidated Uranium Mines, Inc., Construction Enterprises, Incorporated, Constructor's International Corporation, Continental Engineering Company, Inc., Continental Enterprises, Inc., Continental and Overseas Air Travel, Inc., Contract Auto Rental, Inc., Convalescent Lift Corporation, Cordillera Corporation, Credit Information Bureau, Inc., Crest Hill Manors, Inc., Crest, Inc., Cuban American Cattle Corporation, Custom Cars Corporation, Cuvelier & Montant, Incorporated, Cy Martin, Inc., Continental "Borvish" Company.

D. & T. Contractors, Inc., D. & W. Corporation, Dare Cosmetics, Inc., Darling & Company, Incorporated, Davey Poulenc Co., Inc., David Roberts Sales, Inc., Dayton Television Co., De Luxe Cab Company, Dealers Insurance Agency, Inc., Dejanikus Washington News Agency, Inc., The, Delaware Aircraft Industries, Incorporated, Delaware Finishing Company, Inc., Delaware Oyster Farms, Inc., Delaware Storm Windows Corporation, Delta Oak Flooring Corporation, Democratic Club of The First, Second, Third and Fourth Districts, Inc., Demountable Harp Manufacturing Company, Denmark Light & Telephone Corporation, Dewar Manufacturing Company, Diamond Motors, Inc., Diamond State Motors, Inc., Diamond State Raceway, Inc., Dictstype Shorthand Machine Company, Inc., Dinner Bell Inn, Inc., Discomat Corporation, District of Columbia Hospital Ambulance Service, Inc., District & Suburban Realty Exchange, Inc., Dixieland Petroleum Corporation, Dixieland Royalties, Inc., Dr. Crandall's Therapeutic and Health Institute, Inc., Dojama Eastern Corporation, Dolphin, Inc., Dominion Prairie

Oil Company, Don A. Loftus & Associates, Inc., Dorothy Schuyler Hairdressers, Inc., Dorothy Stowe Studios Incorporated, Doughten-Chevrolet, Inc., Douglas Mills, Inc., Dual Drive Development Corporation, Duke-Whitney Gas and Oil Corporation, Duncan Storm, Ltd., Dupont Plaza Beauty Salon, Inc., Dwarf Sandwich Shops, Inc.

E. G. Watershaw, Inc., E-Komimo Manufacturing Corporation, E. Lawrence Phillips, Inc., Eacho Fish Company, Inc., Earl E. Stuart, Inc., East Haynesville Production Company, East New Castle Auto Wrecking Company, East Side Cabs, Inc., Eastern Corporation, Eastern Harness Racing Club, Inc., Eastern Purchasing Company, Inc., Eastern Transportation Company, Eastern United States Polo League and Atlantic Coast Polo League, Inc., Edwin Kruse Anderson, Inc., Ehrlich's Inc., Electric Devices Corporation, Ellis Brothers, Inc., Em-El Enterprises, Inc., Em. Jay Holding Corp., Emanuel Morrone, Inc., Emergency Lighting Corporation of America, Enesco Corporation. Engineering Corporation of America, Enterprises Management Corp., Ethcor, Inc., Euro-American Navigation Co., Inc., European American Commerce Association, Even-Air Corporation, Ever Fine, Inc., Evers Furniture Company, Inc., Ewing Homes, Inc., Exchange International Corporation, Exclusive Brands, Inc., Executive Country Club of Washington, D. C., Inc., Export and Import Journal Incorporated, Ezion Fair Baptist Church, Inc., Edge Moor Gardens Civic Association.

F. J. Harrington & Co., Inc., Facsimile and Electronics Corporation, Fairfax Linoleum Service, Inc., Fairmont Park, Inc., Fairview Enterprise and Realty Company, Farmaide Products Company, Federal Consulting Service, Inc., Federal Wall Paper, Inc., Fine Arts Outdoor Inc., First International Securities Company, Incorporated, First Investment Company, Fishing Research Corporation, Fitz Cosmetics Incorporated, Five States Royalty Investment Corporation, 5485 Everett, Inc., Flower Bell Ralty Co., Fluid Seal Corporation, Fluorescent Plastics, Inc., Flying H, Inc., 4615 Corporation, France Corporation, Francis Consolidated Mining & Milling Corp., Frankford Feather Co., Inc., Franklin Mills, Inc., Fraternal Hall, Inc., French-American Engineering Corporation, French Street Situation, Inc., Friedlander's Mobil Service, Inc., Friends of Boston University Foundation, Inc., The, Friends of Education, Inc., Friends of Science,

Inc., Frozen Food Specialties, Inc., Fullers Earth Corporation of America, Fur Masters, Inc., Futura, Inc.

G. B. S. Service, Incorporated, G & L Trading Corporation, Games Distributing Corporation, Garden Package Corporation, Gasoline Key Club of America, Inc., Gaylin Building Corporation, General American Credits, Inc., General Gas Reserves Corporation, General Insurance & Accounts Service, Inc., General Panel Corporation of California, General Poultry Corporation, deneral Real Estate & Trading Corporation, George B. Mahler, Inc., George E. Boyle, Inc., George V. Riley Company, Inc., Geo. W. Heuer Co., Georgetown University Shop, Inc., Gilbert Process Corporation, Gilchrist & Company, Glass House, Inc., The, Glove American Commercial & Financial Company, Ltd., The, Globe Gas & Oil Co., Good Hope Manor Homes, Inc., Goodhope Manor, Inc., Gordon Kennedy, Inc., Gorrell Publications Inc., Gould Valet, Inc., Grand Brotherhood of Taxi-Cab Drivers of America, Inc., The, Graphic House Inc., Greater Las Vegas Apartments, Inc., Green, Inc., Greenhill Institute, Inc., Guaranty Development Co., Inc., Guaranty Roofing Co., Inc., Guest House Trailer Sales, Inc., Guild Corporation, The, Gold Uranium Corporation.

H. A. Laskey Insurance Agency, Inc., H. & S. Builders, Inc., Haje's Driv-In, Inc., Hampa Realty Corporation, Hansen Patents Inc., Harbelach Syndicate, Inc., The, Harco Engineering Company, Inc., Hardico Corporation, The, Harris and Brown, Inc., Harry C. Sharp, Inc., Hartman Engineering, Inc., Harvey Estates, Inc., Hawthorne Realty Corporation, Hayden's Restaurant, Inc., Head & Thomas Service Station, Inc., Hellers Tourist Courts, Inc., Hensdelle Apartments, Inc., HerClay Associates, Inc., Hightower Oil & Refining Corporation, Home Decorators, Inc., Homeowners Honest Service of Harford County, Incorporated, Honduran Mining Corporation, Horseshoe Bar Branch, Inc., Housing Publications, Inc., Hovey-King Co., Inc., Howard E. Knott, Inc., Hoya Inn, Inc., Hydro-Oils, Ltd., Hydrojet Corporation, The, Hygrade Beverage, Inc.

Ideal Laundry Service, Inc., Illinois Vegetable Oil Corporation, Impex Corporation, Independent Amusement Enterprises, Inc., Independent Merchant Exporters Association, Industrial Oil and Gas Company, Industrial Sales Corporation, Institute for Propaganda Analysis, Inc., Institutional Procurement Service, Ltd., Insulating Glass Corp, Insurance Service, Inc., Inter-

continental Petroleum Company, International Air Conditioning Associates, Inc., International Civil Defense Consultants, Inc., International Construction Corporation, International Enterprises, Ltd., International Industrial Consultants, Inc., International Institute of China, Incorporated, The, International Management & Engineering Corporation, International Metals and Mining Company, International Music Enterprises, Inc., International Oil Corporation, International Oil and Tankers Corp., International Registry, Inc., International Richwood, Inc., International Royalties Corporation, International Sales Engineers, Inc., International Suppliers Corporation (China), International Training Aids, Inc., Interstate River Air Lines, Inc., Intracoastal Carriers, Inc., Investigations, Inc., Iron Cap Copper Corporation, Island Packers, Inc., Ivanhoe Willis, Inc.

J. & J. Properties, Inc., J. L. Sola Company, Inc., Jack Pry Corporation, Jackson Corporation, Jacob Bean Securities Company, James B. Seward, Inc., Java America Export Company, Javelina Oil & Gas Co., Jean d'Hennery, Parfumeur, Inc., Jefferson Surplus Co., Inc., Jet Petroleum & Gas Co. Inc., Jiff-E-Steaks Co., Inc., Jim Murphy's Inc., John Heldmyer, Jr., Inc., John W. Buckman Estate, Inc., Jonas-Frank & Company, 'Inc., Joseph Fisher, Inc., Joseph Pignataro Company, Inc.

. C. G. Corporation, Kamet, Incorporated, Karda Corporation of Delaware, Karda Oil Co., Karda Oil & Gas Co., Kassan-Stein, Incorporated, Keim Produce Company, Kent Garden Apts., Inc., Kentucky Oil & Distributing Corporation, Keystone Boys' Camp, Inc., King Athletic Club, King Electric Manufacturing Corp., King-Universal Corporation, Kohlman Enterprises, Inc.

L and M, Inc., La-Salle Athletic Club, Inc., La Salle Machinery Company, La Salle Printing Company of Atlanta, La Salle Printing Company of Cleveland, La Salle Printing Company of Des Moines, La Salle Printing Company of Illinois, La Salle Printing Company of Kansas City, Missouri, La Salle Printing Company of Nashville, La Salle Printing Company of St. Louis, La Salle Printing Company of Springfield, Ohio, La Societe Du Carillon De Nemours, Lake Champlain Vacation Camp, Inc., The, Lane Shops of H St., Inc., Langevin Company Incorporated, The, Larelu, Inc., Laskaris Holding Company, Latham Health Institute, Inc., Laurel Building Supply Co., Lawyers' Dairy

Publishing Co., Inc., Lee Hoffman Hotels, Inc., Lefler Corporation, Leiby Farms, Inc., Lenape Tribe No. 6 of the Improved Order of Red Men of Delaware, Leo's Enterprise Corporation, Leonard Chemical Company, Leonard Music, Inc., Lethalite Research Foundation, Inc., Lewes Construction Company, Inc., Liberty Athletic Club, Inc., Liberty Builders, Inc., Linette Institute of America, Lisoil Corporation, Live-Pak Seafoods, Inc., Lloyds of Delaware, Inc., Loew Drug Co., Inc., LowCost Homes, Inc., Lowell Contracting Corporation, Lucas-Sakell Manufacturing Co., Inc., Lucille Black Sand Company, Ludale, Inc., Lynch Feed Service, Inc., Lyons Garage Co., Luther Burbank Youth Foundation, Inc., Liquilock, Inc.

M. E. Self Drilling Co., Inc., M and M Construction Co., M. R. Piland, Inc., Macmar Corporation, Madeoy Optical Company, Inc., Madison Building Company, Magnesium Products, Incorporated, Magnetic Power, Inc., Mahler Corporation, Mal-It Camera Manufacturing Company, Inc., Mandilian Rug and Renovating Company, Manning-Winthrop Corporation, Manor House, Inc., Maple View Farm, Inc., Mar-Ton Distributors, Inc., Marbay Corporation, March Manufacturing Company, Inc., Marketing Publications, Inc., Marrocco, Inc., Marstan Corporation, The, Marver Metal Mfg. Co., Material Progress Corporation. Maumee Leasing Corp, Mayflower Products Co., Inc., Mazer Roofing and Heating Company, McClure & Titus, Inc., Melon-tone Corporation, The, Melville L. Brown Associates, Incorporated, Memphis Cotton Mills, Inc., Mercamer Corporation, Metallurgical Chrome & Magnesium Corporation, Metalpack Corporation, Metro Publishers, Inc., Metropolitan Lumber Company, Mid-American Truck Rentals, Inc., Mid-South Oil Corporation, Millbrook Realty & Development Co., Miller-Brown Coal Corporation, Milton Beyer Inc., Minas Geraes Iron Company, Miracaloy Corporation, The, Miracle Collection Agency, Inc., Mission Oil of Oklahoma, Inc., Mobilfone Corporation of America, Modern Artware Company, Modern Interiors, Inc., Modern Products Corporation, Modern Wood Letter Signs, Inc., Moderncraft, Inc., Moldenhauer Corporation, Monitor Sales, Inc., Moore Trading Company, Ltd., Morline Distributing Corporation, Morris & McLeod, Inc., Morton Lawrence, Ltd., Mt. Pleasant Pharmacy Home Service, Inc., Mountain Industries, Inc., Murray King, Inc., Mushroom Products, Inc., M. G. Van Arsdale, Inc., Marcel Rood, Incorporated.

Nagoh Corporation, National Association of Home Equipment, National Beverage Food Co., Inc., National Capital Distributors, Inc., National Earmuff Corporation, National Education Foundation, Inc., National Evaluators, Inc., National Exhibitors Film Corporation, National Folk Music Festival, Inc., National Health Food Company, National Industrial Gas Transmission Corporation, National Recording Corporation, Nationwide Home Equipment Corp., Nesmith Company, The, Netherlands Travel Bureau, Inc., The, Networks Corporation, Nevada Coalition Gold Mines Company, New Castle County Social Club, Inc., New Castle Machine Co., New England Airlines, Inc., New Jersey Sports Arena, Inc., New York Upholstering Co., Inc., Newark Engineering Company, Nez Perce Holding Co., "No-Cost-To-You Plan", Inc., Noonan Bros., Inc., Norlina Oil Development Co., Inc., North American Chinchilla Farm, Inc., North American Motors, Inc., North Mountain Peat Moss Co., Inc., Nutro Sales Corporation, Nymill Associates, Inc., National Household Products, Inc., National Television and Manufacturing Corporation.

Ocean View Poultry Carriers, Inc., Oil Engine Corporation, Oilship Transportation Co., Okley Manufacturing Co., Inc., Los-on European Travel Organization, Inc., 1430 G St., N. E. Co-Operative Apartments, Inc., Ordnance, Inc., Orinoco Valley Land Company, Orodial U. S. Foods Corporation, Ortolano Apts., Inc., Oswald Motors, Inc., Overlook Sewer Corporation, Ozaphane Corporation of America, Ozo-Ray Process Corporation.

P. T. C. Construction Corporation, Pacific Coast Pulp and Paper Corporation, Pacific Western Properties, Inc., Pak Plastics, Incorporated, Palm Valley Land and Improvement Company, Palm Valley Ranch, Inc., Palmer Manufacturing Co., Inc., Pan American Banking Corporation, Pan-American Color Photo Corporation, Pan-American Publishing, Inc., Panos Real Estate Company, Incorporated, The, Pantex Cleaners, Incorporated, Papanicolas Investments, Inc., Paper Products, Inc., Paqua Corporation, Parker, Callahan & Wheelock, Incorporated, Patabar, Inc., Patricia Stevens of Philadelphia, Inc., Paul Lawrence Dunbar Lodge, Inc., The, Peabody Securities Company, Penn Amusement Co., Inc., Penn-Ken Gas and Oil Corporation, Penn-York Pipe Line Corporation, Pennco Heating Equipment, Inc., Pennor

Company, Pennrite Company, Pennsylvania Oil Terminal, Inc., People's Lobby, Inc., The, Peoples' University Press, Inc., The, Personal Contact Advertising Company, Perx Corporation, Pet Food Distributors, Inc., Petinco Systems, Incorporated, Philadelphia Acceptance Corporation, Philippine-American Tobacco Corporation, Philippine Development Corporation, Piccadilly Waffle Shop, Incorporated, Picturehaven, Inc., Pilgrimage Air Transport, Inc., Piling Associates, Inc. of Delaware, Pioneer News Service, Inc., Plaid Room, Inc., Plastic Automatic Cap-Seal Corporation, Plastics Industrial Products Company, Pleasant Hills Mfg. and Supply Co., Plykrome Corporation, The, Plymouth Restaurant, Inc., Polich & Finney, Inc., Porta-Lite Manufacturing Co., Inc., Porta-Stand Company, The, Post-All Sales Company of America, Potomac Paper Products, Inc., Power Plant Service, Inc., Preferred Products, Inc., Presidential Cup Games, Inc., Prexy's International, Inc., Pride of Delaware Loyal Orange Lodge No. 202 of The Ladies Loyal Orange Association of the United States of America, Inc., Prince Georges Terminal Corporation, Printing Plates, Inc., Produce Market Building Corporation, Profem, Incorporated, Protein Products Company, Prudential Credit Corporation, Pullman Car Employees Association of The Repair Shops, The, Pure Cement Company, Pursell Construction Corporation, Pw Construction Company, Px Military Stores, Inc., Prot-Egg Products, Inc.

Queen's Liquors, Inc., Quitman Veneer Company, Quonset Inn, Inc.

R. B. Russell Plastering Company, R. C. Dupont Glider Club, R. John Hugh Productions, Inc., R. Johnson & Sons, Inc., R. & L. Vending Corporation, Rare Metals Mining Corporation, Ray-Jet Incorporated, Ray's Motor Sales, Inc., Ray-Suns Packing Company, Inc., The, Raymond De-Icer Corporation, Raymond Industries, Inc., Rca Mining Enterprises, Inc., Realty Realization Corporation, Reedlin Company, Refractories Improvement Company, Reliance Homes, Inc., Rehear Corporation, Rental Washing Machine Services, Inc., Resonaire, Inc., Rialto Small Business Men's Club, The, Rim Theatres, Inc., Risk, Incorporated, Riverdel, Inc., Riverside Fire Co. No. 1, Inc., Roadside Gardens, Inc., Robert Killough, Inc., Roma Importing Co., Roosevelt Cleaners of Washington, D. C., Inc., Rosehill Dairy,

Inc., Rosson-Wells, Inc., Rotor Mfg. Company, Round Oak Corporation, Rountree Services, Inc., Royal Grill,* Inc., Royal Television & Electronics, Inc., Russell Hauling Company, Ryniker Hat Corporation, Radiant Glass Appliance Corporation.

S. C. Furnace Corporation, S S Brigadier General Absalom Baird, Ltd., S & S Restaurants, Inc., S & W Development Co., St. Clair Furs, Inc., Samarkand, Incorporated, Sara-Trail Insurance Company, Satex Marine & Industrial Service Corporation, Schurr Electric Company, Schwartz Investment Company, Inc., Scientific School of Jewelry Repairing, Inc., Scientific Soil Products Inc., Scott Industries, Inc., Seaboard Broadcasting Corporation, Seaboard Distributors, Inc., Seaboard Engineering Corporation, Seadrome Patents, Inc., Seafood Marketers, Inc., Seafood Construction Co., Selbyville Sports Club, Service, Inc., Seven Seas Export Company, Inc., 7750 South Shore Corporation, Shamrock Corporation, The, Shawe-Foley, Inc., Shelley Homes Corp„ Shelton Motor Co., Sherone Hotel, Inc., Ships Stores, Inc., Show Globe of America Inc., Sidney Sherman Co., Inc., Signet Realty Corporation, Silver Avenue Realty Company, Silver Mart, Inc., Silver Spring Grill, Inc., Silvery Theatres Corporation, Simmel-Meservey Television Productions, Inc., Sinaloa Mining Company, 6200 Bar & Grill, Inc., Skysailing Corporation, The, Slip-Top Corporation, Small Homes Development Corporation, Smartwear, Inc., Smith and Strevig Pharmacists, Incorporated, Snax, Inc., Soda-Cola Company, Somerset Market, Inc., Son-El Sewing Center, Inc., Southern Discount Company, Inc., Southland Development Company, Southland Steel Corporation, Southwest Bancshares Corporation, Specialty Paper Products, Inc., Speedrill Corporation, The, Sportsmen Flyers, Inc., Springbrook Forest, Inc., Standard Products Company, Inc., Standard Pump Corporation, Standard Sheet Metal Co.. Standard Chard Radio Productions, Inc., States of The Union Newscast, Inc., Stebbins Speedways Corp., Sterilseat Corporation of America, Sterling's Lighting Fixture Co., Sterling Royalties Company, Stern Equipment Company, Stewart Products Corporation, Stoker Parts Company, Stonybrook Homes, Inc., Stop-Fire, Inc., Strand Theatre Company, Strategic Metals, Inc., Suburban Development Corporation, Sudemak Corporation, Summer Kitchen Products Company, The, Summer-dale Garden Apts., Inc., Sun-Kraft, Inc., Sun Laboratories, Inc.,

Sunlight Market, Inc., Superior Coal Co., Superior Development Corporation, Superior Home Improvement Company, Suplie Surgical Supply Co., Supple Foundation Soles, Inc., Supreme Check Cashing Corporation, Sussex Dredging Company, Incorporated, Sussex Racing Club, Inc., Swift-Lift, Inc., Swiss "Borvisk" Company, Syndicate Holding Company, Steel City Optical Corporation.

T. F. C. Corp., T. J. Harris, Inc., T-V Manufacturers, Inc.,

T. & W. Corporation, Tamburello Company, Inc., The, Tampa Downs Racing Association, Tanger Investment Company, Tasdelite Products, Inc., Tax Records System, Incorporated, Teddy Bear Shoppes, Inc., Tel-A-Tale Sales Company, Inc., Telecasting Counselors and Producers, Inc., Telemetron Corporation, Teleparencies, Inc., Telequiz Corporation, Television Salons, Inc., Texall Corporation, Texoil, Inc., Texstyle Corporation, Theodore W. Foster & Bro. Sales Corp., Thomas Corporation, The, Threefold Building Products Corporation of Delaware, The, Timbey Corporation, Tire Maintenance Corporation, Titanic Manufacturing Corporation, Tivoli Restaurant, Inc., Todd Banking Corporation, Traders Brokerage Company, Trailer Rentals, Inc., Trans-Tec Corporation, Transfer & Terminal Corporation, Travellers Book Shop, Inc., Travis Petroleum Company, TriCounty Distributors, Inc., Tri-County, Inc., Tri-State Distributors, Inc., Tri-State Duplicating Co., Inc., Tri-State Food Service Equipment Co., Trimble-Olson Company, Inc., Triway Realty Company, Inc., Troco Lubricating Company, Inc., The, Tropics Building Corporation, Tube Rite Laboratories, Inc., Tulsa Fishing Reel Corporation, Turnstile Food Systems, Inc., Twentieth Century Homes, Inc., Twistix Co., Inc., 2909 Sheridan Road, Inc.

U. S.-Adriatic Line, Inc., U. S. Ferro-Metals Corporation,

U. S. Overseas Trading Co. Inc., Union Mail Cosmetics Corp., United Broadcasting System, Inc., United Fuels & Materials, Inc., United Home Builders Corporation, United Motors, Inc., United Pilots and Mechanics Association, United Spiritualist Church of America, Inc., United States Patents Corporation, United States Physicians Corporation, United States Ramie Corporation, United States Television System, Inc., United Suppliers Association, Inc., Universal Jet Industries, Inc., Upper

Midwest Ad-A-Bath Corporation, United Mines of Honduras, Inc.

Valley Chemical Corporation, Valleyview Properties, Inc., Valrio Corporation, Van Asdlen, Incorporated, Vandersee Corporation, Vega Manufacturing Corporation, Velati Caramel Company, Versailles Products, Inc., Veterans & Civilians Associafion, Victor Flower Shop, Inc., Victor Publishing Company, Virginia Floor Covering, Inc., Virginia Forest Products Corp., Virginia Tobacco Brands, Incorporated.

W. C., Inc., Washington School of Art, Inc., The, Washington Surplus, Inc., Washington Theatre and Opera Company, Inc., Washington Tile Co. Inc., Waters, Kennedy & Crowell, Inc., Wayne's, Inc., Weatherby & White, Inc., Welding Equipment: & Supply Company, Inc., West Coast Industrial Engineers, Inc., Western Oil and Tankers Corp., Western Steamship Corp., Western Thoroughbred Publishing Company, Wheeler Cleaners, Inc., Wheeler Road Restaurant, Inc., White Cloud Recovery, Inc., White Star Market, Incorporated, The, Whitehead Engineering Company, Whitman Drilling Company, Whitney Maritime, Incorporated, Wilco Speed Wash. Inc., Wilgot Enterprises, Inc., Wilink Corporation, Wilkes-Barre Steel Corporation, Wm. B. Walrath Company, William Foerster & Co., Inc., William G. Church Corporation, William 0. Patchen Insurance Agency, Inc., William Todd, Incorporated, Wilmer Improvement Co., "Wilmington Anglers' Club", Wilmington Kennel Club, Wilmington Manor Gardens Civic Club, Wilmington Truck Rental Co., Inc., MI/no Corporation, The, Windsor Footwear, Inc., Windsor Holding Company, Wisconsin-Michigan Cheese Corporation, Wolfcarb Bit Company of United States, Inc., Woman's Home Missionary Society of The Methodist Episcopal Church of The Wilmington Conference, Inc., The, Woodlawn Construction Company, Inc., World Airways Service Corporation, World Craft Trade Fair, Inc., World Marine Shipping Corporation, World Recovery Corporation, World Trade Corporation, Wright and Skiles Co., Whitehall Television Corporation.

Young Republican Publications, Inc., Young Veterans Club,

The Z & Z Restaurant, Inc., Zia Sales Corporation.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I. J. Caleb Boggs, Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal to be hereunto affixed this fourteenth day of January, in the

(Great Seal) year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fifty-four, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and seventy-eighth.

By the Governor:

J. CALEB BOGGS JOHN N. McDOWELL, Secretary of State