Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Delaware (two-thirds of all the Members elected to each Branch thereof concurring therein):

Section 1. It shall hereafter be lawful for the City of Seaford to extend its corporate limits so as to include all or any part of the following proposed addition to the present limits of the City of Seaford:

BEGINNING at a point near the center of the old Seaford Milling Company's Mill dam, near where the water gates once stood, thence from said beginning point, and along the present City Limit lines N. 72° 02' W. 231 feet to a point; N. 45° 32' W. 276.5 feet to a monument set on the prolongation of the Southerly side of Poplar Street; thence N. 0° 32' W. and running on a course parallel with, and at a distance of 473.4 feet from the Easterly side of North Street 2,466 feet to a monument set on the Southeasterly right-of-way line of the State Highway leading from Seaford to Bridgeville, being original U. S. Route 13; thence continuing on with the same course N. 0° 32' W. 49.65 feet to the center-line of said highway; thence N. 31° 24' E. 170.8 feet to a P. T. of curve in said highway at Station 10 + 25.31 on the State Highway Department plans for said old U. S. Route 13; thence with the center line of said highway or Old U. S. Route 13, N. 29° 45' E. 1,889.8 feet to a cross cut in the pavement on the centerline of said Old U. S. Route 13, and in line with a division fence between the lands of Charles W. Hurley and E. C. Davis; thence leaving said Old U. S. Route 13 and running across the lands of J. E. Dutton, Jr., S. 85° 17' E. 2,204.1 feet to the Westerly right-of-way line of the new Dual Highway, or new U. S. Route 13 at a point midway of a curve in said highway; thence along and with said right-of-way line for said Dual Highway in a Southerly direction curving to the left on the arc of a circle, the radius of which is

5,830 feet, a distance of 454.45 feet to the P. C. thereof ; thence continuing with said right-of-way line S. 2° 59' E. 3,972 feet to the center of the Nanticoke River ; thence following the center of said Nanticoke River down-stream in a Westerly direction, first curving to the left, then curving to the right to the place of beginning, containing within this area three hundred eighty-five (385) acres, more or less. (The bearings in this survey are referred to a magnetic meridian corrected for the declination; declination at time of survey, February, 1955, being approximately 7° 35' W.).

Section 2. Before the corporate limits of The City of Seaford shall be extended as aforesaid, there shall be an election held in all or any portion of such proposed addition, pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 120, Volume 42, Laws of Delaware. The election shall not be called except by resolution of the City Council to that effect. In the event that the qualified voters of any particular section do not approve of its annexation to the City, this same act may be used as authority for a subsequent election or subsequent elections, but no election of this kind may be held in any particular section within two years from the last preceding election.

Section 3. If in any section of this proposed addition to the City of Seaford a majority of the votes cast in accordance with the plan specified in the above-named statute shall be in favor of such annexation, the City Council of The City of Seaford shall cause a plot of that addition of the City of Seaford to be recorded in the Recorder's Office at Georgetown. The extension of the city limits shall become effective at law at the time the said plot is recorded.

Approved June 7, 1955.