WHEREAS, Howard S. Abbott, Tax Commissioner on behalf of the Tax Department of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for two years preceding such report have failed to pay the taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of this State.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Elbert N. Carvel, Governor of the State of Delaware do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Sections 75 and 76, Chapter 6, of the Revised Statutes of 1915, as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid, are repealed.


A & A Corp., A. C. Sanger & Company, Inc., A Day Ahead New York.... Washington News Forecasting Service, Inc., A. H. Woods, Ltd., A. Melville Cox, Inc., A. N. Ascosi & Sons Tile and Marble Co., Inc., A & S Company, The, Abbott Construction Co., Inc., Accounting Associates, Inc., Adee Oil Corporation, Admiral Roofing Co., Adventurers, Inc., Advertisers Manufacturing Corporation, Advisory Services Corporation, Aetna Heat Treating Company, Africa Foundation, Inc., The, Air Contractors, Inc., Airplane Leasing Corporation, Ajax Corporation, Alaska Handy Gold Mining Company, The, Albert's Tobacco Shop, Inc., Alex. Guerrina & Sons, Inc., Allegheny Lumber Company, Allen Oil Company, Inc., Allied Machinery Corporation, Aloha Hosiery Corporation, Alpha Associated Industries, Inc., Alpine Corporation, The, Altico of Delaware, Inc., Aluminum Building Company, Inc., Am-Bra Minerals Co., Inc., Amanarap Corporation, Amanda Expedition, Inc., Amca Industries, Inc., Amelia Island Realty Company, Amerad, Inc., American Action, Inc., American Aggregates Corporation, American Armament Corporation, American Burglar Alarm Company, Inc., American Centrifugal Steel Casting Corporation, American College of Cardiologists, Inc., American Cotton Waste Controllers, Inc., American Embalming & Chemical Company, American Graphic Art Productions, Incorporated, American Indonesian Corporation, American Oil Explorers, Inc., American Plaston Corporation, American Rawmat, Inc., American Steel and Tube Corporation, Amerikan Produits (AE) Inc., Amphibole Asbestos Corporation, Andastaka Tribe, No. 14, Improved Order of Red Men, Anthracite Investment Corporation, Apollo Records, Inc., Arctic Circle Exploration, Incorporated, Arctic Mines, Inc., Arizona Manor Resort, Inc., Arnold Best Company, Arpin Products, Inc., Artcraft Greeting Card Co., Arthur L. Swift and Associates, Inc., Associated Civil Employees, Inc., Associated Management Corporation, Associated Supply Co., Inc. of Washington, D. C., Atlantic City Estates of Delaware, Inc., Atlantic Northern Airlines, Inc., Atlantic Seaboard Steel Corporation, Atomage, Inc., Atomic Cleaners & Dyers, Inc., Auto-Bookstalls, Incorporated, Auto Credit Corporation, Auto-Juice Corporation, Automatic Assorting Machine Company, Automatic Computing Cash Register Corporation, Automatix, Inc., Automotion Pictures, Inc., Automotive Products, Inc., Avca Reclamation Company, Inc., Aviation Schools & Sales Corporation, Avin Corporation.

B. T. Realty Corporation, Back Bay Producing Corporation, Badad Insulating Boards Corporation of Palestine, Barnett Supply Company, Inc., Baumgarten Company of Washington, The, Bay Brook Oil & Gas Co., Inc., Beacon Laboratories, Inc., Beale, Inc., Bell Finance Corporation, Bell Lock Company, BellamyHess-Carlson Corporation, Ben Datlow, Inc., Bernstein Brothers, Inc., Bert K. Silverman, Inc., Best Hardware, Inc., Beth Sholom Community Center, Inc., Bethany Beach Improvement Company, The, Better Homes & Kitchens Company, Bianca Oceanic Carrier, Ltd., Bio-Electronic Corporation, Black Diamond Consolidated Mining Co., Blackstone Athletic Club, Incorporated, Blackstone Industrial Corporation, Blaine Properties, Inc., Bleakley Corporation, The, Bloodhound Club of America, The, Boat Trades Association, Inc., Bombi, Incorporated, Bonded Lighting Corporation of America, Bonthorn, Inc., Bonus Book, Inc., Board Jewelry Co., Inc., Bortman Construction Co., Inc., Boss Bolt & Nut Company, Bound Brook Liquor Store, Inc., Bowdle's Store, Inc., Boyco Engineering, Inc., Bradshaw American Industries, Inc., Bremrich Corporation, Brentwood Drugs, Inc., Briskers Inc., Britton Drilling Corporation, Britton Oil Co., Inc., BromoAspil*in Manufacturing Company, Brunter-Sykes, Inc., Buffalo Dad'3 Root Beer Bottling Company, Inc., Builders Corporation of America, Burns-Carroll Company, Burns Motor Company, Business Betterment Surveys, Inc., Buttercup Farms, Inc., BuyN-Sell Services, Inc.

C and A, Inc., C. & D. Oil Company, Inc., C. V. S. Corporation, C. W. Capps & Company of Memphis, Caldwell Systems, Inc., Canpaul International, Inc., Canby Park Club, Inc., Cape HenIppen Surf Club, Capital Associates, Inc., Capital Broadcasting System, Inc., Capital Butter & Egg Co., Inc., Capital Egg Company, Capital 5c to $1.00 Stores, Inc., Capital Freezers Co., Inc., Capital Investments, Inc., Capital Management Compan3, Capital Radiant Glass Heater Corp., Capitol Homes, Inc., Capitol Mail Order Co., Inc., Capitol Sales and Distributing Company, Capitol Square Dance, Inc., Carr Sales Corp., Carroll Mus c Company, Carver Memorial Funeral Services, Inc., Casa Loma Orchestras, Inc., Casa Mia, Inc., Central Railway Signal Company, Inc., Century Petroleum Corporation, Cesco Manufacturing Company, Challenger Airlines Company, Champ Oil Company, Charles A. Knox Construction Co., Inc., Charles E. Carhart, Inc., Charles F. Cassidy Company, Incorporated, Chastleton Co-Operative Apartment, Inc., Chavannes Affiliated Industries, Inc., Children's Village, Inc., China Travel & Transportation Corp., Chotas Bros. Builders, Inc., Church of God, The Faith of David, Inc., The, Clayton Products Inc., Cloverly Fabrics, Inc., Coastal Air Lines, Inc., Colonial Engineering Corporation, Columbia Amusement Bureau, Inc., Columbia Beverage Company, Columbia Contractors, Inc., Columbia Services, Inc., Commander Cab Co., Inc., Community Development Company, The, Compton Oil Corporation, Concord Beverage Co., Congressional Publishers Incorporated, Conn. Ave. Cafe, Inc., Consolidated Aviation Industries, Inc., Consolidated Control Corporation, Constructional Systems Corporation, Constructioneers, Inc., Continental Mining & Engineering Corporation, Contract Airlines of Alaska, Inc., Convertible Television, Inc., Copacabana Restaurant, Incorporated, Corfu, Inc., Corporations Incorporated, Cosmos International Corporation, Cradock Drive-In Theatre, Inc., Credi-Card Corporation, Custom Homes, Inc.

D. C. Restaurant Corp., Da-Cal Mining Company, Inc., The, Dagwood's, Inc., Dancing Assemblies, Inc., Darby Coal Corporation, Darling Shoe Co., Inc., Daughters of Veterans of Foreign Wars, Inc., Davenport Associates Inc., Davenport Terrace Co-Operative Apartment, Inc., David Jewelers, Inc., David L. Moss & Co., Inc., - China, David Sales, Inc., Day-Baruch Commercial Corporation, Dean Foods Inc., Deane Liquors, Inc., Del-Penn Construction Co., Del-Rey Candy Corporation, Del-Tex Construction Corporation, Delaware's Atlantic Shores, Incorporated, Delaware Builders, Inc., Delaware Decorators, Inc., Delaware Fly Control Company, Inc., Delaware Greyhound Racing Association, Inc., The, Delaware Hosiery and Lingerie Co., Delaware Markets, Inc., Delaware Meat Cutters Institute, Inc., Delaware Poultry Co., Delaware Refrigeration and Heating Company, Delco Ice and Fuel Company, Delta Manhattan Company, Inc., Delwil Consolidated Industries, Inc., Devonshire Valet, Inc., Diamond State Drive-In Theatre, Inc., Diamond State Liquors, Inc., Diamond State Specialty Co., Dickson & Company, Inc., Dispenser Corporation of America, Display Center, Inc., Distributors Acceptance Corp., District Advertising Agency, Inc., District of Columbia Citizen Publishing Co., Diwane, Inc., Dixie Enterprises, Inc., Doctor Best-M. L. Herzig, M. D. Psychoanalysis-Nuture Society, Dr. Pepper Bottling Company of Wilmington, Dodge Chemical and Manufacturing Co., Donett "Hit" Records, Inc., Dorsil Distributing Company, Dot Bldg. Co., Dover Factors, Inc., Dover Post No. 2, Delaware Veterans of World War II, Inc., Doyle Industries, Inc., Drake Investment Corporation, Drake Southeast Corporation, Driggs Engineering Corporation, Drummond Sand & Gravel Corporation, Du-Rite Sales Corporation, Dudley Patents Company, Duerst Natural Grain Breads, Inc., Dun Evan Properties Inc., Duplex Jet Pump Company, Inc.

E. Tressing and Company, E-Z Open Cap Company, Earth Products, Inc., East Coast Shellfish, Inc., East Girard Amusement Co., Inc., Eastern Broadcasting Company, Eastern Circus Equipment Company, Inc., Eastern Supply Company, Inc., The, Eclipse Company, Ecuadorian Land & Banking Corporation, Edge-Water Mansions, Inc., Edwin M. Concklin, Inc., Egg-Safety Carton Company, Inc., Egg Vending Machine Company, El Dror Air Transport Corp., Elastomer Sales Co., Electric Power Equipment Corporation, Electrical Products Securities Corporation, Electronic Products, Inc., Elk Building Company, Ellyn Deleith, Inc., Embassy Publishing Company, Empire Hotel Corporation of Delaware, Empire Tucker Sales Corporation, The, Employers' Assn. of Roofers & Sheet Metal Workers of Wilmington, Delaware, Inc., Emsa Associates, Inc., Endurable Products Co., Engineers Research & Development Corp., English Construction Company, The, Es-Fen Chemical Corporation, Escort Services, Inc., Eton Development Co., Inc., Evergreen Street Corp., Everhart & Mono, Inc., Exco Corporation.

F. B. Anderson, Inc., F. H. Douglas, Inc., F. P. Grier Co., Inc., F. W. Vaden Company, F. X. Ganter Company, Fairview Inn, Inc., Fall River Navigation Company, Family Corporation, Family Realty Company, The, Farmers Funds, Inc., The, Federal Broadcasting Company, Federal Grill, Inc., Federal Machine and Welder Company, The, Fenchi, Inc., Ferrex Corporation, Fidelity Realty Company, Finholm Pianos, Inc., First National Home Builders Corporation, 5701 Sheridan Building Corporation, First State Acceptance Corporation, Flamingo International Corporation, Floz-On Manufacturing Company, Inc., Food Service, Inc., For-Dom Commerce, Inc., Fortgang Stores, Inc., Foster H. Roger, Inc., Foundation Company of Washington, 4 Most Manufacturing Company, Inc., Four-O-Seven, Inc., Franco-Canadian Royalties, Incorporated, Frank & Frank Construction Co., Inc., Franwill Company, Fredbar Realty Co., Inc., Freeman Oil Well Heater Corporation, Fresh Corporation, Fulton Finance Company.; F. L. Greene & Company, Inc., G. Washington Inn, Inc., Gai-Aswan Hydro-Electric Corporation, Galler Electric & Jewelry Company, Gardens of Memory, Memorial Park, Inc., General Houses, Inc., General Limb and Brace Co., General Piping Corporation, General Suppliers, Inc., General Utility Machine Corporation, Geoffrey's, Inc., George E. Martin, Exclusive Dry Cleaning, Inc., Geo. S. Emery, Inc., Georgetown Recreation and Amusement Company, Inc., Gilmore Farm Supply Company, Gladney Construction Co., Glass Kitchen, Inc., Glasser's Used Cars, Inc., Glen Alen, Ltd., Glen C. Crandall Foundation, Inc., Glen Riddle Chemical Company, Global Engineering Corporation, Good Neighbors of the World, Incorporated, Goodsell Bros., Inc., Gorin and Mogul, Incorporated, Governor Shepherd Drug Co., Inc., Grandview Construction Co., Granstreet Housing Corporation, Gray Line, Inc., The, Great Alaska Fisheries, Inc., Great American Dispatch, Inc., Great Plains Oil & Gas Company, The, Green Mountains Corporation, The, Gregg Birdsall & Associates, Inc., Greig, Lawrence & Hoyt, Limited, Grierlang, Inc., Griffith Traveling Log Turner Inc., Grimes Auction & Sales Co., Inc., Guthrie Ceramic Labeling & Machinery Co., Inc.

H. & G. Operating Corporation, Hallmetal Airship Transport Lines, Inc., Harmony Baking Co., Inc., Harrington Oil & Coal, Inc., Harry C. Webb and Associates, Inc., Harry Conover Career Girl Studios, Inc., Hart Oil Corporation, Harvey H. Grubbs, Incorporated, Hastings Brothers, Inc., Hayti Corporation, Heideck Marine Service Co., Helen Spurlock, Inc., Helmer Transmission Corporation, Henry Creed & Company, Inc., Herbst & Klein, Inc., Herman Becker, Inc., Hevicwa, Incorporated, Highway Safety Markers, Inc., Highway Transport Co., Hilltop Radio Corporation, Hilltop Radio-Electronics Institute, Inc., Hilltop Radio-Television Company, Hilton Corporation, Hindman Royalties Corporation, Hispano American Booksellers Inc., Hispano-American Corporation, Hollandia Toy & Furniture Co. Inc., Holly Poultry Co., Holy Tabernacle Disciples Church of Christ of the State of Delaware, Inc., Homart Foods Inc., Home Improvements, Inc., Home Malted Mixer Co. (Del.), Home Registration Service, Ltd., Hometown Newspapers Inc., Homeware Distributing Corporation, Honduras Lumber Company, Hopaco Corporation, Hotel Henlopen, Inc., The, House of Music, Inc., Houston Tea & Coffee Company, Inc., Howard A. Daum, Inc., Howard Kaye Super Service Station, Inc., Howard S. Heid Associates, Inc., Hurricane Creek Coal Company, Hut-man Construction Company, Inc.

Igard Corporation of America, Imperial Kitchens, Inc., Index Inc., Individual Rental Corporation, Industrial Engineers, Inc., Industrial Supply Co., Inc., Infra-Appliances Corporation, Inland Dredging Co., Innovations, Inc., Intercontinental Associates, Inc., Interimex Import & Export, Inc., International Aircraft Service, Inc., International Aluminum Building Products Corporation, International Aluminum Manufacturing Company, Inc., International Aluminum Research & Development Company, Inc., International Aluminum Transport Company, Inc., International Asbestos Cement Corporation, International Camera Company, International Distributors, Inc., International Export and Import Corporation, The, International Fisheries of America, Inc., International Helicopter Services, Inc., International Petroleum Processes, Incorporated, International Powercycle Association, International Service, Inc., International Steel Corporation, International Technical Institute, Inc., International Three Out of Five, Inc., The, International Trade Clearance Corporation, International Trading, Impoi:ting and Exporting Corporation, International Training Service, Inc., Interstate Distributors, Inc., Intra-Video, Inc., Irene D. King's, Inc., Irot and Cie, Inc., Isle of Wight Water Company, Israel American Hotel Corporation.

J. G. C. Co., J. G. Hammond, Incorporated, J. M. J. Development Company, The, J. Miller & Co., J. Ralph Kirkley, Inc., James Realty Company, Jerry Barker Publications, Inc., Jerry's Enterprises, Inc., John Pawling Great London Circus Company, Inc., The, John Zirwes, Inc., Jones & Randolph, Ltd., Juice Bar Corp., Juice-Drinks Incorporated.

K-T-M Corporation, Karl's Super Market, Inc., Kay & Ess Chemical Corporation, The, Kaywhite Company of Delaware, Inc., Kenneth C. Hawkins Company, Inc., Kenosha Ideas Development Corporation, Kent County Field Trial Association, Kent Horse Show Association, Kent Manor Inn, Inc., Kent-Sussex Retail Liquor Dealers Association, Key Broadcasting System, Inc., Key Rock & Block Company, The, Key Velocities, Inc., Keystone Engine Rebuilders, Inc., Khemisol Corporation, The, King's Farm Association, King George Supply Co., King Henry The VIII Fried Chicken Shoppes, Inc., Kingsgate Estates, Incorporated, Kinzie Sales Company, Kiwanis Boys' Club, Wilmington, Delaware, Inc., Knight Merchandise Company, Kramedas Fruit Co., Inc., Kuiu Zinc Mines Inc., Kuratle The Florist, Incorporated.

L. S. Foundation, Inc., L. & S. Poultry Co., Inc., L. Turnip-seed, Inc., L. W. Briggs & Sons, Inc., Ladbroke Corporation, Lakot Sales & Engineering Corporation, Lamont Oil & Gas Corp., Lancaster Village Civic Association, Lane Bros., Inc., Lanselle - Paris, Inc., Latin American Trading Corporation, Laurel Films Investment, Inc., Laurel-Montana Oil Corp., Laurel Process and Milling Company, Laurentian Press, Inc., The, Laurie Motor Corporation, Law and Order Society of Wilmington, Delaware, The, Leather Center, Inc., Lem N. Blennd Company, The, Lenlea Jobbing Corporation, Leon A. E. Mollett, Limited, Leon H. Holden, Inc., Liberia-America Corporation, Liberty Auto Body Company, Inc., Liberty Home Furnishings, Inc., Liberty Theatres Corporation, Licensed Beverage Associates of Delaware, Inc., Lidco Distributors, Inc., Life-Time Metal Products Co., Lincoln Steamship Company, Inc., Line Haul, Inc., Linens of The Week National, Inc., Lingo and Donovan, Inc., Lions Inc. of Washington, D. C., Live Lobster Air Associates, Inc., Lock Nut Corporation of America, The, Long Dairy Farms, Inc., Lotus Gardens, Inc., Louis H. Murphy Corporation, Louis Siegel Poultry Corporation, Louisiana Ricelene Products Corp., Lucedale Water Company, Inc., Lummus-Puerto La Cruz, Inc., Luseal Corporation, Lush Trading Corporation, Lustrasilk South Atlantic, Inc., Lynmar Corporation.

M & C Newton Inc., M & F Feed Service, Inc., Mack's Block & Supply Co., Macmarine, Inc., Maduff Electric Corporation, Magda Studio of Design, Inc., Majestic, Inc., Majestic Radio & Television Corporation, Management & Finance Corporation, Manganese Corporation of New Mexico, Mannington Pottery Company, Mansionette Corporation, Manufacturers Research & Development Corporation, Maranwal Foreign Sales Corporation, Marco Industries, Inc., Mardi-Gras, Inc., Mardorn Chemical Corporation, Marine Warehousing Corporation, Marjory Dawe, Inc., Marthall Development Corporation, Martin, Daugherty & Associates, Inc., Martin Investment Corporation, Masonsteel Construction Company, Mary - M - Mining Co., Master Plasterers Association of Delaware, Inc., Mastergrip Utilities Supply Corporation, Material Coordinating Agency, Inc., Maubette Corporation, Maxwell Manufacturing Co., Inc., Mayflower Marine Service, Inc., McCarthy Decorating Co.„ Inc., The, McCown Estate, Inc., Mcllhinney Corporation, The, McKee Food Service Corporation, McLain Organization, Inc., McVey's Market, Inc., Mecca Realty Corporation, Meglea Metals Corp., Melody Cleaners & Hatters, Inc., Menkol Products Corporation, Mercantile Finance, Inc., Merit Products Corporation, Mexican Banking & Land Corporation, Mica, Incorporated, Michigan Richwood Corporation, Micropat, Inc., Mid-City Parking, Inc., Mid-East Distributing Co., Inc., Middle East Research Bureau, Inc., Midland Packing and Crating Company, Inc., Midwest Aluminum Building Products Corporation, Mineral Cutting Machine Company, Inc., Mitchell Corporation, The, Mitchell's Hotel and Restaurant Provisioners, Inc., Modern Floors Manufacturing Company, Inc., Mojina Mining Company, Inc., Mom's & Pop's Aquarium Shop, Inc., Monogram Corporation of America, Montex Petroleum Corporation, Montvel Corporation, Moorman Drayage Co., Inc., The, Morgan Industries, Incorporated, Mortgage Securities Company, The, Most Worshipful Union Grand Lodge--Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, Motorway Taverns Corporation of America, Mount Rushmore Foundation, Inc., Mowinckel Investing Company, Mudge Petroleum Company, Mueller Corporation, The, Multi Unit Television Company, Inc., Music Master Radio Corporation.

National Basketball League, Inc., National Beverage Corporation, National Foundation for Lathing and Plastering, Inc., National Graphic Publishing Company, National Home Building Corporation, National School of Photography, Inc., National Theatre Institute, Inc., National Whippet Racing Association, Naval Officers Placement Service, Inc., New Bedford Frosted Food Co., New Castle County Raceway, Inc., New England Forwarding Company, Inc., New England Industries, Inc., New Mexico Natural Gas Company, Inc., Newark Air Service, Inc., Nola Productions, Inc., North American Graphite Corporation, North American Manufacturers Export Associates, Inc., North Capitol Flower Shop, Inc., North and South America Corporation, North Washington Realty Company, Nude Foods Company, Nuvo, Inc., Nytex Oil and Gas Corporation.

O'Neill Corporation, The, Oak Hurst Farms, Inc., Octave Products, Inc., Office & Industrial Equipment, Inc., Offshore Development Corporation, Oil Country Products Corporation, Omnicon Corporation, Optical Center, Inc., Ovieto 0. Barker, Inc.

P. A. Duane, Sons Co., P. K. Motors, Incorporated, P. 0. Johnson Co., Inc., Pacific Products Corporation, Pacific Tank Cleaners, Inc., Pan-American Fruit Company, Jan States Oil Corporation, Paneltile Distributing Corp., Panther Tractor Corporation, Paris Air Travel of New York, Inc., Park Cab Co., Park Liquors, Inc., Parkview Service Station, Inc., Parry Lines, Inc., Paterson Brewing Company, Patrick Henry League, Inc., Paul Jones Company, Paul Mumford Inc., Paul Porter Motor Co. Inc., Peninsula Poultry Growers, Inc., Peninsula School of Music, Inc., The, Penn Discount Corporation, Penn Paramount Corporation, Penn West Producing Corp., Pennsylvania Economic Council Inc., Pequot Farm Land Company, Perfect Plates, Inc., Perlux Corporation, Permanent Housing & Finance Corporation, Peter Blackpool & Company, Peters, Inc., Phantom Convoys, Inc., Pharmaceutical Prepartions, Inc., Philadelphia La Scala Opera League Inc., Pioneer Harvester Corporation, Plastic Shop, Inc., The, Polar Trading and Packing Company, Poplar Food Products Company, Potomac Concrete Blocks, Inc., Potomac Smokeater Sales & Services, Inc., Precision Machinists, Inc., Prez, Incorporated, Producers Motion Picture Corporation, Progressive Business Men's Association, Project Management Corporation, The, Pruven Composition Products Corporation, The, Pure Wine & Liquor Company, Purple Iris, Inc.

Quality First Shirt Co., Quality Home Builders, Inc., Queen City Petroleum, Inc.

R. L. Willis, Inc., Radiant Heat Engineering Co., Inc., Radio Systems, Inc., Ralph Cheyney Memorial Association, Inc., Raybert Products Corporation, Rayburn's Restaurant, Inc., Realty, Inc., Recherche Moderne, Inc., Refinite Company, The, Refrigerated Container Corporation, Regal Home Distributors, Inc., Rehoboth Beach Baseball Club, Inc., Remington, Inc., Remington Construction Company, Renee Thornton Cosmetics, Inc., Reno Land Corp., Representatives, Inc., Research & Realization, Inc., Rich Mountain Mining Corporation, Richard B. Dunlop, Incorporated, Ridge Liquors, Inc., Rigo Petroleum Corp., Rimmon Corporation, The, Rio Grande Sulphur, Inc., Riverside Paper Products Co., Rhoades Building Corporation, Robert C. Mackey, Inc., Robert E. Fowler Associates, Incorporated, Robert J. Cochran, Inc., Robinson Brick Co., Rodenberg Realty Corp., The, Roditi Corporation, The, Roger Salon, Inc., The, Rogers Bros. Oil Corporation, Roller Relay, Inc., Rolling Park Land Co., Inc., Ron-Del-Mar-Va, Inc., Ronrico Foods, Inc., Roosevelt Cab Company, Inc., Royal Enterprises Inc., Royal Natural Gas & Oil Corp., Ryle-Knapp Electroaire Co. R. I. C. Inc., S. R. Rosoff, Ltd., Sabre Shoe Company, SafMont, Inc., St. Agnes By The Sea, Incorporated, St. Elmo Company, The, St. Elmo of Houston, Inc., St. Luke Church of God, Incorporated, The, Sally Carson of California, Inc., Sardik Food Products Corporation, Saunders Manufacturing Corporation, Savage Projector Corporation, Save To Travel Plan, Inc., Seaford Baseball Club, Inc., Seaford Skeet and Gun Club, Inc., Securities Building Corporation, Security Building and Loan Association, Segal's, Inc., Sepia Productions Inc., Seriograph Company, Service Engraving Company, Inc., Service Liquor Store, Inc., Seventh Street Realty Co., Sew-Rite Sewing Stores, Inc., Seymour Troy Retail Stores, Inc., Shannon & Luchs Development Company, Shawnee Stone Company, Shears and Fabrics, Inc., Shenandoah Valley Housing Corporation, Sherry Wines & Spirits Corp., Shirlington Hotel Corporation, Shoemakers Supply Co., Inc., Silver Brook Anthracite Company, Simplex Improvements, Inc., Sino-American Realty Co., Inc., 641 East 50th Street Corporation, 6301 Sheridan Building Corporation, Skat Insect Repellent Corporation, Smart Set, Inc., The, Smith and Gottlieb Inc., Snow Hill Company, Inc., Snow Hill Poultry Company, Inc., Sodamaster Inc., Sol C. Bennett & Associates, Inc., Sooner Building Co., Sooner Distributing Company, Southard Oil and Gas Corp., Southeastern Petroleum Corporation, Southern Banking Corporation, Southern Belle Chemical & Fertilizer Company, Inc., The, Southern Oil Corporation, Southern Silver Co., Incorporated, Southern Vacuum Concrete, Inc., Southern Well Treating Company, Southwark Plumbing and Heating Supply Company, Soya Products, Inc., Spina Holding Corporation, Stand Supply Company, The Standard Amusement Company, Standard Litho Designs Corporation, Stanton Chemicals, Inc., Star Cab Association, Incorporated, Starbuck International Corporation, Stat Corporation, Stewart Distributors, Inc., Stitch In Time Systems, Inc., Stockton Poultry Corporation, Stoney Field Kennels, Inc., Storm's, Inc., Strand Market, Inc., Strategical Demolition Torpedo Company, The, Stuart, Swift & Co., Inc., Suburban Home Builders, Inc., Suit-land Investors, Inc., Summersett Chemical Co., Sun Construction Co., Super Lion, Inc., Superior Brands, Inc., Supradur Corporation, Susann Cosmetics, Inc., Sutherland Parker Company, Sylcon Corporation, Syncrolight Television Corporation.

T. A. Dubois Corporation, Tamarene Co. Inc., Technical Securities Corporation, Tela Export & Import Corporation, Telcol, Inc., Telephone Amplifier Corporation, Television Specialists, Inc., Temple & Company, Inc., Tempo Advertising, Inc., Terminal Packaging Company, Texas Central Oil & Gas Co., Texas-European Export and Import Company, Texas Motion Picture Studios, Inc., Texas-Western Oil Lines, Inc., Textiglas Corporation, Thermo-Gen Corporation, Thomas Burke & Company, Inc., Thomas F. Jones, Inc., Thornell Enterprises, Inc., Tidewater Export-Import, Inc., Tisco Electric Corporation, Tolchard Chemical Corporation, Tote-Em Container Co., Tourist and Travelers of America, Inc., Townsend Speedway, Inc., Trade Development, Inc., Trans-America Music Corporation, Trans American Supply Co., Transervice, Inc., Tri-City Telecasters, Inc., Tri-State Publishing Co., Inc., Trio, Inc., Triangle Hardware, Inc., Triangle Oil Company, Triangle Oil & Gas Corporation, Tungslvania Company, Turbo-Heet Inc. of Delaware, Turner Supply Company, Turnlie Incorporated, Tvk Oil & Gas Corporation, Twistit Bottle Seal Opener Co.

U-Dec Corporation, U-Need-A Vendors, Inc., U. S. Mining & Exploration Co. Inc., U. S. Tractor Corporation, U. S. Trans-ocean Corporation, Unicon Corporation, Union A. C., Inc., Union Furniture Company, Inc., The, Union Heating and Refrigeration Co., Inc., United Coanda Research, Inc., United Industrial Associates, Inc., United Metalcrafts Corporation, United States Drug Company, Incorporated, United States Exposition Company, United States Manganese and Aluminum Corporation, United States Photographic Corporation, United States Products Corporation, United States Sheetwood Company, United States Vending Corporation, United Wholesalers, Inc., Universal Colloid Company, Inc., Universal Homes, Inc., Universal Securities Company, Universal Television Corporation.

V-M-M Corporation, Va Employees Association Br 3, Vacation Dinners, Inc., Vacuum Insulated Milk Can Company, Van Dam Brothers, Limited, Veterans Social Club, Vieilleville, Incorporated, Virgin Islands Development Corporation, Vital Trading Company, Vitor Corporation of America, Vitro-Nu Food Laboratories, Inc., Vulcano Italian Restaurant, Inc.

W. W. Green, Inc., Woburn Oil Corporation, Waco Corporation, Walker Company, Wanco Chemical Company, Wanco Corporation, The, Wasco Corp., The, Washington Commissary Association, Inc., Washington International Trade Corporation, Washington Mortgage Corporation, Washington Mortgage and Realty Corporation, Washington Reporters, Inc., Washington Rice Company, Inc., Washington Stauffer System, Inc., Washington Transfer, Inc., Watch Hospital, Inc., Water Commerce Service, Inc., Watertight Slide Fastener Corporation, Wedge-wood Hall, Inc., Welfer, Incorporated, Wertz & Company, Wess Motors Company, West Central Broadcasting Company, West River Inc., West Texas Oil Corporation, Western Independent Drilling and Exploration Company, White & McColl, Inc., William Brooks Trading Co., Inc., Williamsville Council No. 40, Junior Order United American Mechanics, Wilmington Abrasive Works, Inc., Wilmington Oil & Refining Company, Wilmington Provision Company, Wilmington Trades School, Inc., Wilson Oldsmobile Company, Wilson Park Homes, Inc., Wilt, Inc., Wink, Inc., Winkler Enterprises Inc., Woodmoor Development Corporation, Workman, Slaton, Dauer and Chase, Inc., World Research Service Corporation, Worthington Products Co., Inc., Wrecking Corporation of America, Wyoming Castle #22 K. G. E., Wyoming Sand and Stone Company.

Y & K Enterprises, Inc., Yankee Skylines, Inc., Yellow Cap Oil, Inc.

Zuppas Brothers, Inc.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, Elbert N. Carvel, Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal to be hereunto affixed this sixth day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fifty-three, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and seventy-seventh.


By the Governor:


HARRIS B. McDOWELL, JR., Secretary of State.