WHEREAS, James P. Truss, Tax Commissioner on behalf of the Tax Department of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for two years preceding such report have failed to pay the taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of this State.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Walter W. Bacon, Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Sections 75 and 76, Chapter 6, of the Revised Statutes of 1915, as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid are repealed :

A & A Milling Company, Inc., A. B. C. Vending Co., A'Nov'A Corporation, A-1 Development Co., The, Abe Rosenblum Corporation of Indiana, Ace Adhesive Products Corporation, Ace Manufacturing Co., Inc., Ace Realty Company, Inc., Acorn Gold Mines, Inc., Adam's Market, Inc., Adamson Coal Mining Corporation, Aerial Advertising Co., Inc., Aero Motors Corporation, Aerovel Aircraft Corporation, Agricultural Machinery Corporation, Air Delivered Products, Inc., Aircraft Corporation, The, Aircraft De-Icing and Equipment Co., Inc., Aircraft Design Corporation, The, Airolene Gasoline Corporation, Akay Electron Co., Aladdin Lubricator Company, Alamosa Refining Co., Inc., Albert Kellermann & Son, Inc., Aldean Holding Company, All-American Reliance Association, Allen E. Beers Company, Allen Road Machinery Corporation, Allied Capital Corporation, Allison Dry Cleaning Company, Allwork Brush Co., Inc., Alpha Candy Company, Alphabeta Corporation, Alpine Mining Company, Alsco, Incorporated, Alwart Bros. Coal Co. of Delaware, Alwil Corporation, Amado Mines, Incorporated, Amat, Inc., American. Benefit Association, American Bio Reduction Corporation, American Christian Foundation, Inc., The, American Circus Corporation, American Commodities Trading Corporation, American Cottaphane Company, American Crudes, Inc., American Dwellings Corporation, American Exploration & Development Co., American Films Corporation, American Finance and Service Corporation, American and Foreign Finance Corporation, American Foreign Investors, Inc., American Fox Institute, Inc., American Frostomatic Corporation, American Fruit Products, Inc., American Gas Equipment Co., American Hot Water Systems, Inc., American International Shipping Co., American Marine Corporation, American Medical Preparations, Inc., American Medico-Legal Association, American Mercantile Corporation, American Motor Body Company, American Rheolaveur Corporation, American Rotor Plane Corporation, American Slate Mining Corporation, American Tostado Corporation, The, American Utilities & Investment Corporation, American Vichy Company, Amho Trading Company, Ancient Order Knights and Daughters of Jerusalem Hall Association, The, Andors Petroleum Corporation, Annex Lake Gold Mines, Ltd., Ansonia Shoe Corporation, Argo Investment Company, Inc., Arlington Public Market, Inc., Asbestos Industries, Inc., Associated Shoes, Inc., Associated Transit Company, Inc., Atlantic Fisheries Company, Atlantic Maid Products Co., Atlantic & Mediterranean Steamship Lines, Ltd., Atlas Display Products, Inc., Atlas Radio Corporation, Atmed Trading Corporation, Atoka Quicksilver Corporation, Auburn Park Hospital, Inc., Auto Service Station, Ltd., Autogen Corporation, Automatic Machine Manufacturing Co., Automatic Parcel Conveyors Corporation, Automatic Signal Acceptance Corporation, Automobile & Household Specialty Co., Inc., Automobile Safety Institute of America, Inc., Automotive Carburetor & Diesel Corporation, Avenue Cafeteria, Inc., Avenue Grill, Inc.

B. and B. Sea Food Company, Inc., B & B Transportation Company, B-Ettes Corporation, The, B & H Investment Corporation, B. K. Z. Corporation, Babbitt's Restaurant, Inc., Baber's 5c to $1.00 Stores, Inc., Bac Corporation of Wilmington, Bach Liquidation Company, The, Baker Motor Company, Balick Realty

Company, Ballets Russes, Inc., Balnagown Estates Company, Limited, Baltimore, Crisfield & Onancock Line, Inc., Bamaco Manufacturing Corporation, Bankers Acceptance Corporation, Bankers Auto Fund Corporation, Bankers Credit and Acceptance Corporation, Bankers Securities Company, Inc., Banning & Company, Barco Realty Company, Inc., Barr Poultry Company, Barry, Inc., Barton Auto Radio Corporation, Bayville Pines Development Co., Bear Wholesale Liquor Co., Inc., Beaver Investment Corporation, Beck Products Co., Inc., Beco, Inc., Bell Clothes Shop, Inc., They Belmor, Inc., Benchrome, Inc., Bend Arch Producing Corporation, Benjamin Coal Co., Inc., Beryllium Mines Corporation, Besco Products Company, Bessemer Valve & Foundry Company, Bethlehem Engineering Export Corporation, Bevel Gear Grinding Company, Big Boy Cola Bottling Company, Big Dyke Gold Mine & Milling Company, Inc., Biltmore Buffet, Inc., Birdseye Electric Company, Biscuits P. A. M., Ltd., Bituminous Surface Treating Company, Black Duck Club, Inc., Black Nugget Fuels, Inc., Black, Sivalls & Bryson, Inc., Blackhill Oil and Gas Corporation, Blaisdell Filtration Company, The, Bleser Investment Company, Blue Hen Diner, Inc., Blue Hen Poultry Farm, Inc., Blue Hills Camp & Country Club, Inc., Blue Ribbon Noodle Company, Inc., Bond Coal Company, Inc., Bonne Mfg. Company, Bonner Railwagon System, Incorporated, Bonnet-Brown Corporation of Delaware, The, Bonox Generator Corporation, Boroloy Metallurgical Corporation, Boulder Creek Gold Mining Company, Inc., Bourbon Stave and Lumber Company, Bowman Motors, Inc., Brad-Field Oils, Inc., Brazos River Oil & Gas Company, Inc., Brennan Steamship Corporation, The, Bridgeville Paper Company, Brierhurst Realty Corporation, Briggs Group No. 1 Oil Corporation, British-American Corporation, Broadmoor Corporation, The, Broadmoor Operating Company, Brolyme Corporation, Broncho, Incorporated, Brooklyn Publishing Corporation, Brooks Seafood Corporation, Brown and Lyons, Inc., Budget Loan Co., Buflovak Sales Corporation, Building Products Corporation, Bureau of Commercial Economics, Inc., Burton Beauty Shops, Inc., Busta-Cold Company, The, Butler Ore Company, Butler Products Corporation.

C. C. Moore Coal Company, C. F. Blanke Coffee & Products Corporation, C. H. Galliher Company, C. H. Graves & Sons Distillers, Inc., C. H. Q. Securities Corp., C. L. Y. Corporation, C-Lect Flavors, Inc., C. Siminlees Sons, Inc., C. W. Young Management Corporation, Cabana, Inc., Calhoun & Sharp, Inc., California Placer Properties, Inc., California Morning Star Gold Mines Corporation, Calvert Investment Company, Cameo Petroleum Corporation, Camp Company, The, Campo de Oro, Incorporated, Capiens Corporation, The, Capital Seating Co., Inc., Capitol Contracting Corporation, Capitol Concrete Corporation, Capitol Liquid Coffee Company, Capitol Plaza Hotel Corporation, Capitol Yellow Cab Company, Captive Closures, Inc., Caras Recreation Center, Inc., Carbon Glow Mining Company, Carboni] Corporation, The, Cardinal Cafe, Inc., Carmen Industries, Incorporated, No. 1, Carolina Packing Corporation, Carpenter Drilling Company, Cashay Corporation, Castle Creek Mining Company, Inc., The, Cavalry Riding School, Inc., Cecelia Company, The, Celluaire Insulation Company, The, Cement Shingle Corporation, Cemetery Exchange Incorporated, The, Central Aircraft Manufacturing Company, Central College of Chiropractic, Inc., Central Laboratories Distributors, Inc., Central Park Mines Company, Century Group, Inc., Century Oil & Gas Corporation, Ceramic Tile Institute, Inc., Certified Health Laboratories, Inc., Ceuta City Industrial Building Co., Ltd., Chambers & Chambers, Ltd., Charles Jordan & Co., Inc., Chas. R. McCormick Lumber Co. of Delaware, Charles T. Webb Company, Cheerwagon, Inc., Chemical Binding Corporation, Chemical Oil and Gas Company, Chemical & Scientific Gardening Corporation, Chicago Art Marble Company, Chicago Teemsters, Chauffeurs and Helpers Union of Chicago and Vicinity, Inc., Chickamauga Construction Company, Chicora Realty Co., Chilkat Oil Company, China Commercial Corporation, Inc., Chris F. West Co., Inc., Church of Humanism, Inc., The, Cindecrete Corporation, Cities Finance Plan, Inc., Citrus Products Company, Civic Grand Opera Company of Philadelphia, Clarkson Securities Company, Clausen Engineering and Research, Inc., Clayton D. Bullock Company, Cleaning Corporation of America, Cleto Realty Company, Clevedon Consolidated Gold Fields, Inc.,

Clifford Foundation, Inc., Co-Operative Association of America, Co-Operative Booking Offices, Inc., Cobol Mines, Inc., Coburn Management, Inc., Coco-Vite Company, Coinmaster Management Corporation, Coleman Corporation, College Heights Realty COmpany, Colo-Mex Gold Mines, Inc., Colonial Bond & Share Corporation, Colonial Corporation of America, The, Colonial Productions, Inc., Colonial Securities Company, Inc., Colorado Realty Co., Inc., Colorado Smelting & Refining Co., Colourgravure, Incorporated, Columbia Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc., Comar Company, Commercial Building Corporation of Pennsylvania, Commercial Insurance Services, Inc., Commercial Patent Development Company, Inc., Commercial Research Corporation, Commercial Uniform Company, Commodity Distributors, Inc., Commonwealth Company, The, Commonwealth Oil Company, Community Buyers Service, Inc., Community Investment & Housing Corporation, Compressed Air Equipment Co., Inc., Comstock Trail Gold Mining Company, Conditionaire Company of America, Consolidated Annex Co., Inc., Construction Corporation, The, Consumers Commission Company, Consumers Discount Corporation, Continental Casket Corporation, Continental Housing Corporation, Continental Smelting and Refining Company, Inc., Continental Specialties Company, Continent& Tin Company, Inc., Contracting Engineers, Inc., Contractors Investment Corporation, Cooperative Advertising Service, Inc., Copeland Sulphur Institute, Inc., Cornelius Carburetion, Inc., Corning Royalties Corporation, The, Corporate Investors Corporation, Cosa Corporation, Cosmic Sales Co., The, Cosmograph Pictures Corporation, Cotton Estates Company, Coyote Oil Corporation, Crafts Shoes, Limited, Credex Corporation of Oklahoma, Crewgosol, Inc., Crop Protection Products Corporation, Crosby Newspaper Syndicate, Cross Realty Company, Inc., Crown-Craft Corporation, Crown Metals Co., Curtis E. Blin-Singer, Inc.

D. A. Aebbmhi Paint Mfrs., Inc., D. E. Myers, Inc., D. H. Grant Manufacturing Company, Inc., D. M. Publishing Corporation, D. W. Lynch Company, Dalco, Inc., Dale Transportation Lines, Inc., Dallas Supply House, Inc., Dalymaid Products, Inc.,

Damascus Manufacturing Corporation, Daniels & Schuck, Inc„ Darien Body Company, Dauphin Development Corporation, Davis Sunshine Gold Corporation, De Haven Razor Corporation, De. May Brothers Co., De Witt-Johnson Film Corporation, Dee-Hy Products Co., Deems Corporation, Deep Sea Rescue & Salvage Corporation, Del-Mar-Va Construction and Supply Co., Del-Mar-Va Milling Company, Inc., The, DelaMaid Dairy Products Corporation, Delaware Beef and Provision Co., Delaware Breweries, Inc., Delaware Cement Products Corporation, Delaware Cooperative Cleaning and Dyeing Plant, Inc., Delaware Florida Holding Corporation, Delaware Hairdressers Association, Delaware Hat Company, Delaware Kid Mfg. Co„ Delaware Paddock Club, Inc., Delaware Refrigeration, Inc., Delaware State Music Teachers Association, Incorporated, Delgold Corporation, Delmonico's Inc., Delray Corporation, Delson & Co., Dennis & Tull, Inc., Departmental Finance Associates, Inc., Derby Night Films, Inc., Devices, Incorporated, Devotional Observance, Inc., Dewey-Douglas Corporation, Diamond Quality Homes, Inc., Diamond State Brewery, Inc., Diamond Taxi Co., Dickey's, Inc., Diesel Economy Coverters, Inc., Dietz Sales Company, Distributors, Inc., District Auto Signal Corporation, District Realty Corporation, Dixie Paint and Color Works, Inc., Dr. William Howard Hay Foundation, Inc., Dominican Industries, Inc., Donald E. Garner & Company, Inc., Donmac Products Corporation, Douglas Creek Mining Company, Drake-Jones Company, Dreka Company, The, Driggs Engineering & Ordnance Corporation, Driice Appliances, Incorporated, Du Baron Company, Inc., Du Pont Motors, Incorporated, Duff Publishing Company, Dukane Coffee Corporation, Duluth Cigar Company, Dunwick Village, Inc., Dyer Electric Cooler Corporation.

E. 13. Kay Corporation, E. L. Austin & Co., E. Q. V. Corporation, Earl's Dairy, Inc., East Star Mining, Milling and Royalty Corporation, The, Eastern Electric Supply Co., Eastern Improvement Company, Eastern Manifold Corporation, Eastern Motor Freight Company, Inc., Eastern Oil Corporation, Eastern Producing & Refining Co., Eastern Tackle Distributors, Inc., Easton-Pacific Gold Mining Company, Inc., Economy Decorating Com-

pany, Economy Smelting & Refining Company, Eden Mining Company, Edgewater Gulf Management Company, Edmonton Mining & Exploration Co., Limited, Educational Pictures, Inc., Edwin Farnham Greene, Incorporated, Eighth Street Realty Co., Electra Holding Company, Electric Automatic Parking, Inc., Electric Stores Corporation, Electro-Converter Co., Electromist Company, Elparsa Corporation, Elsmere Construction Corporation, Elsmere Sportsmens' Club, Emanuel Baumgarten, Inc., Empire Benefit Association of America, Empire City Products & Equipment Corporation, Empire Hotel Corporation of Delaware, Empire Petroleum & Lease Associates, Inc., Emporium Mercantile Co., Inc., Endura of Hollywood, Inc., Engineering Enterprises, Inc., Englert Tire & Rubber Company-Akron, Ohio, U. S. A., Enos & Company, Ensor's Company, Ervilla P. M. Corporation, Essgar, Inc., Etablissements H. Kamps Et Fils Ltd., Ethel Ball Staniar, Inc., Etowah Gold Mines, Inc., Eureka Steam Engine Company, Inc., European Mining and Trading Co., Ltd., Euthenics Products Corporation, Excellent Food Shoppe, Inc., Exeter Coal Company, Expansion Rim & Wheel Co.

F. G. Wilcox, Incorporated, F. & S. Laboratories, Inc., Fa-Mus Bakery Stores, Inc., Fairfax Corporation, The, Fairmount Petroleum Company, - Inc., Falcor Chemical Company, Inc., Fallon Oil Corporation, Famous Wire Works, Inc., The, Farm Equipment & Supply Co., Farmers' Co-Operative Production and Manufacturing Association, Farmers Livestock Marketing Association, Farmers Westcentral Grain Co., Fashion Features, Inc., Faultless Range & Manufacturing Company, Federal Construction Co. Inc., Federal International Corporation, Federal Life Extension Institute, Ltd., Federal Pressed Steel Corporation, Federal Trading Corporation, Feldman's, Inc., Fenwick Corporation, Fiber Plastic Corporation, Fidelity Finance Corporation, Fidelity Securities Company, Fidelwood, Inc., Fin Tube Heaters Company, Inc., Financial Distributors Corporation, Financial Holding Company, Financial Shares Corporation, Fine Arts Studio, Inc., Fine-Tex Whole Wheat Flour Co., Inc., Finger-Dent, Inc., First Common Mutual Fund, Incorporated, First International Pictures, Inc., First Runs, Inc., First Ward Social Club, Flash Publishing Corn-

pany, Incorporated, Flexwood Company, The, Flint Detroit Company, Floating Flame Automatic Coal Burner Corporation, The, Florida Farms, Inc., Food Storage Service, Inc., Ford Real Estate & Investment Co., Forde Printing, Incorporated, Forster Institute, Ltd., The, Fortnum & Mason Corporation, Forty-Fifth Street Developing Corporation, Foster's Hydraulic Transmission Clutch Company, Fox System Hair Restorer, Inc., Frank's Fishing Excursions, Inc., Frank L. Cates Co., Frankford Poultry, Incorporated, Franklin Tunnel Development Company, Fred J. Crovato, Inc., Fruit Flavors, Inc., Fuelizer Corporation, The, Fulton Fuel Gas Co.

G. A. X. Corporation, G. G. Brockway Company, G. M. Electric Corporation, G. W. Birchall & Son, Inc., Gaines-Noell-Gentry, Inc., Gape System, Inc., The, Garcia Sugars Corporation, Garrett Supply Company, Garvin Corporation, The, Gas-It Corporation, Gast Bottling Corporation, Gay Book, Incorporated, Gene Stratton-Porter, Inc., General Balso Wood Corporation, General Beverage Corporation of Delaware, General Business Company, Inc., General Devices, Inc., General Economic Council, Inc., General Housing Corporation, General Income Shares, Inc., General Mosaic Company, General Osmose Corporation, General Reserves Corporation, General Unit Housing Corporation, George E. Pelton Company, The, Geo. F. Pratt Company, Inc., The, George Oakley Totten, Inc., Georgia-Carolina Mining Company, Gerotor Corporation, Gerotor Licensing Co., Giant Jumbo Mining Corporation, Giant Ledge Mining Company, Giant Mining Corporation, Giant Shopping Food Center, Inc., Gilbert-Varker, Inc., Gilmour Steel Products Company, Inc., Gimil Oil & Gas Corporation, Ginns Theatre Company, Girard Mortgage Company, Givens Investment Company, Glamour Dress Co., Gland Estimeter Company, Incorporated, Glass Bayou Petroleum Co., Inc. (Vicksburg, Miss.), Gelason Products Corporation, Glen Arbor Distilling Company, Inc., Globe Distributing Company, The, Globe Petroleum Co., Globe Phone Manufacturing Corporation, Go Publishing Co., Incorporated, Gold Butte Mining Corporation, Golden Rule Corporation, Golden Watch Corporation, Gooch & Company, Graburn Foundation, Inc., Graham Oil & Gas Company, Granada Properties Corporation, Grand National Films, Inc., Granite Springs Corporation, Granite State Accessories Corporation, Graphite Lubricants Corporation, Great Bear Lake Radium Company, Great Lakes Building Materials, Inc., Great Leopard Mart Corporation, Great Northern Industries, Inc., Great West Oil & Gas Corporation, Greek-American Transatlantic Steamship Company, Green Hill Corporation, Greenhorns Inc., The, Grocery Guild of America, Inc., Group Life Associates, Inc., Guantanamo Water Corporation, Guardian Laboratories, Inc., Gulf-Tung Industries, Inc., Guy R. Ford, Inc.

H. C. Fenno & Co., Inc., H. G. Realty Corporation, H. N. S. Dental Laboratory, Inc., H. R. and L. Theatre Corporation, Haddonfield National Corporation, Haderer Company, The, Hammer-Weld, Inc., Hank Oil Company, Harlan Logan Associates, Inc., Harold V. N. Booraem & Co., Harris Amusement Company of Butler, Harris Oil and Gas Company, Harry Cooling & Equipment Company, Harry R. Loose, Incorporated, Harry W. Smith Company, Harry Williamson Research Corporation, Havana Realty Corporation, Hawthorne Realty Corporation, Haymon Krupp Oil & Land Company, Hebron Home Institute and Missionary Association, Hedges Motor Sales Corporation, Helpy-Selfy Laundry, Inc., Henal Company, Henderson-Johnson, Inc., Herbert H. Conway, Inc., Hermitage Finance Company, Hickling's Tasty Cream Donut Company, Hickory Oil & Gas Corporation, Highway Construction Corporation, Hillcrest Athletic Association, Historical Pictures Syndicate, Hix Royalty Co., Ho-Mo Company, Inc., Hoff Vending Corporation of America, Hogan Paper and Manufacturing Corporation, Holbrook Farms Dairy, Inc., Holland Mining Corporation, Hollywood Holding and Development Corp., Hollywood Park Corporation, Hollywood Pictures Corporation, Holton-Aims School, Inc., The, Home Appliance Dealers Association, Home Building Company, The, Hookees, Inc., Horticultural Products Co., The, Hospital Service, Incorporated, Hostess Coffee Products Corporation, Hotel Store, Inc., The, Household Corporation of Utica, Household Laundry, Inc., Housing Commission, Inc., The, Hudson & Housner, Inc., Hudson Shoe Company, Hudson University Including Emerson College, Inc., Hughes Drilling Corporation, Hunter Realty Co., Huntington School for Boys and Girls, Inc., Hurlock Motor Company, Hurlock's, Inc., Hydro-Therapy Equipment Co.

I. P. Company, Inc., I and U Corporation, Iceland Recreation, Inc., Idaho Natural Gas Corporation, Illinois Shoe Manufacturing Corporation, The, Imperial Bronze Corporation, Imperial Protective Union, Ina Ray Hutton, Inc., Independent Motion Picture Theatre Owners of Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and Delaware, Inc., Independent Rayon Workers of Delaware, Inc., Industrial Credit Corporation of Wilmington, Delaware, Industrial Properties, Incorporated, International Unit Housing Corporation, Inter-Ocean Development Corporation, International Chromium Process Corporation, International Company of St. Louis, International Union of Automobile Mechanics, Helpers and Attendants, Ingleside, Inc., Ingot Oil Corporation, Institute of Labor Relations, Inc., The, Institute of Medicine Manufacturers, Inc., International Bitumenoil Corporation, International Dirigible Airship Company, International Earth Boring Machine Corp., International Grain Corporation of Delaware, International Housing Corporation, International Mining Machinery Corporation, International Petroleum Trading Corporation, International Plastic Corporation, International Supply Company, International Union of Sand, Gravel & Crushed Stone Workers, Interno-Antiseptic Corporation, Interstate Foundries, Inc., Interstate Oil Cruising Company, Investment and Transportation Corporation, Irish American Hotels, Inc., Isaac Rapoport & Sons, Inc., Italmerica Cheese Corporation.

J. A. Connelly, Jr., Co., J. Allen Heany Corporation, J. D. Walker Coal Yards, Inc., J. D. Young Co., Inc., J. Edward Jones Publishing Corporation, J. G. Auth Co., Inc., J. H. De Sibour, Inc., J. H. Hoffecker Canning Company, J. L. Beauchamp & Sons, Inc., J. M. Lupton & Sons, Inc., J. P. Smith Shoe Company, Inc., Jack Dawn, Inc., Jackpot Advertising Corporation, Jackson Construction Company, Jackson-Shaw Company, Jaffe-Dove Construction, Inc., James Brand, Inc., James H. Hollingsworth, Inc., James Manufacturing Company, Jarmo, Inc., Jay Cee Music Corpora-

tion, Jay J. White, Inc., Jean's Gowns, Inc., Jeff Davis Mining Company, The, Jerman-Chapin Motors, Inc., John A. Carlson, Inc., John Arthur Wilson, Incorporated, John C. Roberts Company, Incorporated, John H. Oler & Son, Inc., John R. Cadle, Inc., John R. Erbe, Inc., John W. Gainor, Inc., Joint Control Committee, Inc., Joseph E. Wilhelm Company, Joseph M. O'Connor, Inc., Jos. Phillips Co., Joseph W. Young, Inc., July Trading Corporation.

K & S Mining Corporation, Kalif Corporation, Kane & Co., Inc., Kansas-Nebraska Oil and Gas Co., Katadyn, Inc., Kay Jewelry Co., Inc., of Lockport, N. Y., Kay Laboratories, Incorporated, Keeler & Company, Keller-Dorian Colorfilm Corporation, Kelsey Mining Corporation, Kennel Club Packing Company, Kenora Fur & Squab Farms, Inc., Kent Equipment Company, Keplinger's, Inc., Keystone Park-O-Meter Company, King Investment Company, Kismet Steamship Corporation, Kiwanis Boys' Club, Wilmington, Delaware, Inc., Knight Securities Corporation, Knox-James Co., Incorporated, Kolor-Kraft Corporation, Kraft Products Corporation, Kravan Company, Inc., The, Krupp Group No. 1 Oil Corporation, Ky-Bourbon Stave & Lumber Co., Kretol Company, The.

L. C. Kimsey, Inc., L. G. S. Tools, Inc., L. Weiner, Inc., La Forest Laboratories Company, La Grange Placers, Inc., Lacopord Smelting & Reduction Corporation, The, Ladybug Mine Corporation, Lake Amusement Co., Inc., Lake St. Clair Restorium, Inc., Lame Duck Oil Company, Lamton Products Co., Inc., Land Estates, Inc., Larry Telephone Company, Inc., The, Laskaris Realty Company, Laurel Medicine Company, Inc., Law Library Association of New Castle County, The, Leasing Corporation, The, Lebanon Mill Company, Inc., Leeds Clothes, Inc., Leeper Oil Co., The, Leighter Plate Corporation, Leland Road Petroleum Co., Inc. (Greenville, Miss.), Lenders Coordinate Corporation, Lennig Brothers Company, Leon C. Bulow, Incorporated, Les Amortisseurs Ch. Lacroix Co., Ltd., Leue Oil Company, The, Lewes Service Centre, Incorporated, Lewis J. Smith & Co., Inc., Lexington Company of America, Liberty Gold Mines, Inc., Library Service, Inc.,

Lincoln Capital Corporation, Lincoln Land & Oil Company, Lincoln Realty Co. of Philadelphia, Inc., Lindell Investment, Inc., Linke Automotive Engineering Corporation, Logan Valley Store Company, The, Loid Company, Inc., The, London Dry Ginger Ale Co., Lookout Mining & Development Corporation, Lottie Herman, Incorporated, Lou Fisher & Associates, Inc., Louis A. Sowda Food Stores, Inc., Louis Davis, Inc., Louisiana Dairy Products Corporation, Louvenia, Inc., Lucerne Valley Smelter, Inc., Lucky Break Mining & Development Company, Lumasyne, Inc., Lynchburg Madison Co., Lyons Apparel Corporation,

M. Arnold Hemp, Inc., M. H. Moody Petroleum Corporation, M. J. Mingo Corporation, M. L. Johnstone, Inc., M. & M. Alhambra Co., Inc., Mabro Laboratories, Inc., MacIntosh Construction Co., Mackay-Spaulding Co., Inc., Madison Products Company, The, Madson, Cool and Lee Patents Company, Magazine Distributing Corporation, Magic Hearaid Company, Magnolia Springs Health Resort, Inc., Maier Chemical Spray, Inc., Maincon Specialties, Inc., Maitland Oil & Gas Company, Inc., Mammoth Mining Corporation, Managing Agency Corporation, Ltd., Manaus Construction Company, Marco, Inc., Mardela Oil Corporation, Marginal Color Advertising Company, Marketing Associates, Inc., Marlene Company of Washington, The, Marko Co., Inc., Maryland-Delaware Stages, Inc., Maska Corporation, Massey & Jarvis Drilling Co., Inc., Master Calendar Company, Inc., Master Cleaners and Tailors, Inc., Matador Operating Co., Mataso Products, Inc., Matzka Corporation, The, Mavis Company of Maryland, Mayflower Motion Picture Service, Inc., McCann School of Business, Inc., McClaren Rubber Company, Inc., McKenzie Mortar Company, McMurdo Silver Corporation, McNeil & Haddaway, Inc., Meador, Young and Holt Company, Meadowmoor Dairies, Inc., Meatipats, Incorporated, Memorial Park Sales Co., Merchandising Consultants, Inc., Merchants Discount and Acceptance Corporation, Merchants Finance Corporation of Cumberland, Merchants National Realty Company of Wadena, Meridian Housing Corporation, Merit Gold Mines Corporation, Merit Mines Holding Company of Canada, Inc., Merit Manufacturing Company, Met-Alloy Mining & Developing Co., Inc., Metalmatch Corporation, Metaltron Corporation, Metco, Inc., Metropolitan Import & Export Corporation, Metropolitan Transportation Corporation, Mexican Mining & Smelting Company, Michigan Mutual Fund, Inc., Mid-American Oil Company, The, Mid-West Gun Perforating Company, Middle-Atlantic Investment Company, Midget Raceway, Inc., Midland Oil Development Corporation, Midland United Company, Midtown Service Corporation, Millard Mining Co., Millinery Affiliates, Inc., Mines of America, Inc., Minnesota Corporation, The, Mintrated Products Corporation, Mintsodent Corporation, Miracle Homes, Inc., Missouri Li-Mint Corporation, Missouri River Bridge Company, Missouri Valley Bee and Honey Enterprise, Inc., Model Construction Company, The, Modern Automotive Products, Inc., Modern Decorators, Incorporated, The, Molander Mines, Limited, Molnick's Funeral Parlors, Inc., Moniry Mines, Incorporated, Moo-Vee-Vents Publishing Co., Mormon Mining Company, Morning Star Development Mining and Milling Corporation, The, Morris Levy Shoe Company, Moulding-Brownell Corporation, Mountain Park Operating Corporation, MountonNaire, Inc., Mourar Machine Corporation, MPLS Investment Co.. Mulliken & Company, Inc., Mumby Ice Company, Inc., Municipal Capital and Acceptance Corporation, Mureco Production Union, Inc., Mutual Company of America, The, Mutual Interests, Inc.

Nadeau Mining Company, Nation's Smaller Business Council, Inc., National Associated Registries, Inc., National Benefit Association, National Brewing Company, National Capital Club, Inc., National Card-Holder, Incorporated, National Circus Company, National Co-Operative Products, Inc., National Coil Piston Ring Sales Corporation, National Construction Co., Inc., National Consumers Savings Stamp Corporation, National Council of Independent Business Associations, Inc., The, National Cutting Die Manufacturers Association, National Foods, Incorporated, National Home Building Corporation of New York, National Home Products, Incorporated, Nation& Institute of Industrial Relations, Inc., National Invested Savings Corporation, National Lumber & Building Materials, Inc., National Paymaster System, Inc., National Policyholders Association, National Realty & Development Corporation, National Retail Druggists Display Association, Inc., National Soya Products Co., National Tax Service Corporation, National Theatres and Concerts, Inc., National Utilities Investment Company, National Utilities Management & Engineering Corporation, Natrona Tobacco Company, Natural Gas Reserve Corporation, Natural Gas Service Corporation, Nelton Mining Company, Ltd., New Castle Development Company, New Castle Terminal Co., New Deal Erecting Company, New England Amusement Company, New Ideas Manufacturing Co., Inc., New Way Co., Inc., New York Book Distributors, Inc., Nicholson, Limited, Inc., Nimar Realty Corporation, 19th Ward Independent Political Club, Nittany Meadows, Inc., No-Mix Utility Trays, Inc., Noble Metals, Limited, Nofume Co., Inc., Nolan Bros. and Erler, Incorporated, Norcel Corporation, North American Associated Companies, North American Insecticide Co., Inc., North American Refining Co., Ltd., North American Utilities Company, North Americas Trading Company, North Kent Ditch Co., North Washington Realty Company, Northwest Forest Products Corporation, Nu-Era Flash Sign Corporation.

0. E. Lee, Incorporated, 0-Hara Land & Development Co., O'Keefe, Inc., Ocean Products Co., Inc., Offset Gravure Corporation, Ohio Exploration Company, Inc., Oil Finance Corporation, Oil-Rite Corporation, One Hundred Fathom, Inc., 1800 K. Street, Inc., Oneida Petroleum Company, Ortep Petroleum Corporation, Ortho-Trophic Foods, Incorporated, Osborn-Lange Corporation, The, Osceola Crate Mills, Inc., Otologist Service Institute, Inc., Ouled Brahim's Copper Mines Corporation, Over-Coming Church of God in Christ, Inc., Overbrook Carpet Mills, Inc., Overbrook Towing Company, The, Overlook Sewer Corporation, Owl Brand Products Co., Oyster Shell Products Company.

P. Kelleher Motor Company, The, P. L. S. Corporation, Paine Lumber Company of Delaware, Palais De Glace Corporation, Palmer Broadcasting Syndicate, Inc., Palustrepine, Inc., Pan-American Pictures, Inc., Panama Development Corporation, Paradise Mines, Inc., Paragon Oil Corporation, Paramount, Inc., Paramount Oil Company, Paramount Royalty Syndicate, Parcionera Mining Company, Park Dental Manufacturing Company, Park

Products Co., Inc., Park View Homes, Inc., Parker Gold Recovery Process Corporation, Parking Service Stations, Inc., Patented Utilities, Inc., Paul C. Norris Products, Inc., Payne & Waechter, Inc., Peebeegee Production Company, Peerless Products Corporation,Peerless Weighing Machine Company, Peirce-Smith Converter Company, Pen-Rad Electric Sales Co., Peninsula Development Corporation, Penn-Brad Petroleum Corporation, Penn Produce Company, Pennsylvania Neon Corporation, Peoples Coal and Ice Company of St. Paul, Minnesota, Peoples Industrial Finance Corporation, Peoples Patriotic Union, The, Perfection Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Corporation, Inc., Perpetual Self Winding Watch Corporation, Personal Finance Company of Carbondale, Personal Finance Company of Chattanooga, Personal Finance Company of Keene, Personal Finance Company of Manchester, N. H., Personal Finance Company of Morrisville, Personal Finance Company of Nashua, Peruvian Mining Corporation, The, Pet-Haven Park, Inc., Petroleum Allied Production Corporation, Petrotrade, Inc., Philadelphia Investment Association, Philadelphia Produce Jobbers League, Inc., Philadelphia and Reading Coal and Iron Corporation, Philippine Exploration and Development, Inc., Phoenix Metals Corporation, Phoenix Oil Engineering Company, Photo-Markets, Inc., Physical Charm Studies, Inc., Pictures Corporation of America, Pilocura Company, Pilot Realty Co., Pinson D'Argenteuil Company, Limited, Pioneer Finance Corporation, Pioneer Publishing Company, Pittsburg Alloy and Metal Corporation, Plant Protectors, Inc., Planta Development Corporation, Pleasure Publishing Co., Polish Republican Club, Portage Construction Company, Inc., Porter Gildersleeve Corporation, Portoflex, Inc., Potomac Gold Mining Company, Potter-Deem, Inc., Power Battery Corporation of America, Powhatan Realty Co., Precision Instrument Co., Inc., Presto Lunch, Inc., Pro-Art Films, Inc., Professional Acceptance Company, Professional & Business Men's Credit Corporation, Inc., Professional Industries, Inc., Progressive Housing Corporation, Progressive Realty Company, Public Chauffeurs Service, Inc., Public Service holding Corporation, Public Utilities Kansas Corporation, Public Utilities Securities Corporation, Public Utility Consultants, Inc.,

Publicated Memorials Incorporated, Pullman Housing Corporation, Pulp Products Company, Incorporated, Pumphrey Hair Grower Co., Pure Ice Company, Pyramid Pictures, Inc.

Quaker City Hotel Company, Quality Laundry and Dry Cleaning Co.

R. B. Davis Company, Inc., R. G. Ellegood Estate, Inc., R. & P. Cafeterias, Inc., Raceways, Incorporated, Radio Systems, Inc., Rainbow Realty Company, Ramapo Exploration & Development Company, Ranger Gold Mines Limited, Rannells, Incorporated, Rash, Incorporated, Ray-McVean Corporation, Ready Cash Mining Co., Inc., Real Estate Incorporated, Realtors Holding Co., Red River Gold Mines, Inc., Red Star Trading Post, Inc., Red Top Corporation, Reesdale Dairy Company, Reeve Coal Company, Regal Acceptance Corporation, Regal Necropolis Builders, Inc., Rehoboth Air Service, Inc., Reinecke Coal Mining Company, The, Reisig Packing & Export Company, Ltd., Reliable Linen Supply Company, Reliance Cotton Weaving and Dyeing Corporation, Relief Commission, Inc., Renotex, Inc., Research Engineering Co., Inc., Research and Manufacturing Corporation, Research Products Development Corporation, Resources Development Corporation, Rest-A-Night Tourist Homes, Inc., Retail Druggists Display Corporation, The, Retail Gasoline Dealers Association, Reynolds Asbestos Products Company, Richardson Hotel. Inc., Richland Realty Company, Rigid Equipment Co., The, Rimini Gold Corporation, River Inn Company, Road Fork Oil and Gas Company, Robt. B. Cason Co., Inc„ Rockland Lake Corporation, Rockland Paper Company, Rockland Paper Mills, Inc., Roentgen Ray Corporation, Rolle Casting Co., Rotary Motors Company, Roth's, Incorporated, Royal American Corporation, Royal Corporation, The, Rubenstein Cleaning & Dyeing Co., Inc., Ruboleum Corporation, Rudson Corporation, Ryan & Sugrue, Inc.

S and D Company, Inc., S & E Waterproofing Corporation, S. Irvin, Inc., S. M. M. H. Corporation, The, Sablon's Alloys Company, Inc., Saffian Engineering Corporation, St. Louis Structural Steel Company, Sam Baldengreen & Co., Samaritan Army, Inc.,

The, San Fernando Valley Oil Company, Ltd., San Juan Petroleum Corporation, San Roman Oil Company, Sanedad Corporation, The, Sanitizer Corporation, Sansom Diamond Jewelry Co., Santa Fe Dioxice Co., Sautter's, Inc., Scattergood Motors, Inc., Schimberg, Trahan & Co., Inc., Schwieger Chemical Co., Scott and Company, Scott Dairy Products, Inc., Scullin Steel Co., Seaboard Land Title Company, Seaboard Navigation Company, Seabury, Inc., Second Mortgage Finance Company, Seismographic Supply Company, Selected Lands Company, Semoco Corporation, The, Senate Distributing Co., Inc., Separator Corporation, The, Service Invention and Development Company, Servus-Kabs, Inc., Seventh Avenue Hotel Co., Sewdette Company, Shamokin Hotel Corporation, Shapiro Brothers, Incorporated, Shelbourne Company, Incorporated, Sherry's, Inc., Sho-Scor Corporation, Shopping Center Building Company, Shore Productions, Inc., Shuman and Company, Inc., Siegel & Fried, Inc., Sierra Gold Placer Mining Company, Sierrite Minerals Corporation, Signaphone Sales Corporation, Silver King Mines, Inc., Simons & Eichhorn, Inc., Sioux Gold Silver Mining Co., Inc., Sixth Vein Coal Corporation, Smith Multiplex Pressure Device Company, The, Society for the Scientific Study of Success, Sofis & Company, Soledad Petroleum Company, Solo Bridge Company, Solvents Process Corporation, Solvents Service System, Incorporated, Southeastern Development Corporation, Southeastern Mining Corporation, Southern Holding Corporation, Southern Maryland Mortgage Company, Incorporated, Southern Sugar Company, The, Southern Trees Lumber Company, Southern Tungsten Mining and Milling Company, Southwest Iowa Farms Company, Inc., Southwestern Explosives Corporation, Spartan Petroleum Company, Special Silex Coffee, Incorporated, Spread Eagle Gold & Silver Mining Co., Spring Stopper Company of Delaware, Sprouts Products Corporation, Sprucolite Corporation, Square Hardware Co., Sta Strate Expansion Joint Anchor Corporation, Standard Chi-FOx Fur Corporation, Standard Corporation, Standard Equipment Products, Inc., Standard Granite Co., Standard Securities Corporation, StanleyStiefel Company, Stanton Press Features, Incorporated, Stapled Fibres Products, incorporated, Stapleford Chevrolet, Inc., Stapper Petroleum Corporation, Stark Industries, Inc., State Bottling

Co., Inc., State Realty Investors, Inc., State Mutual Aid Association, Stein-Rosen Co., Inc., Sterling Casket Company, The, Steroplane Process Pictures Company, Stewart Men's Clothes Stores, Inc., Stirlen Corporation, The, Stocker Mining Company, Stoker Sales and Service Co., Inc., Stouffers Park N Dine, Incorporated, Strafford Publishing Company, Sugar Developments, Inc., Sugarland Amusement Corporation, Summit Gold Mining Corporation, Sun-Maid Chocolate Covered Raisins, Inc., Sunshine Premier Mining Company, Sunland Container Corporation, Sunomatic Products Corporation, Sunshine Food Stores Incorporated, Sunshine Oil Corporation of Delaware, Super-Silk Hosiery Company, Inc., Super-Tone, Inc., Superior Stone Company, Superior System Co., Surety Construction Company, Surf Oil Company, Susquehanna Capital Corporation, Swallow Airplane Company, Inc., Swann Porcelain Studios, Inc., Swincraft Realty Co.

T. Vernon Scarborough, Inc., T. W. Engles Lumber Company, Inc., Tabasso Homes, Inc., Tagmar Mines, Inc., Talleyville Lodge, No. 19 Knights of Pythias, Incorporated, Tarbox Safety Aircraft Company, Tassel Corn Foods, Incorporated, Tastyeast, Inc., Taylor Trunk Company, Tele-Service & Supply Company, Inc., Telemusic, Inc., Terminal Distributing Corporation, Texas Investors, Incorporated, Texas Land and Cattle Company, Texas Match & Printing Company. Inc., Texas Wheat Growers, Inc., Texol Corporation, Thermal-Mineral-Medicinal Baths of Ajacuba, Inc., Thermokept Corporation, Thomas L. Hume & Co., Incorporated, Thomas Mineral Cutting Machine Company, The, Thorn Tite Tops, Inc., Thurmond Investment Corporation, Tickner, Kirkpatrick & Company, Inc., Tide Coal Corporation, Tien Yih Dyeing Factory, Inc., Tiko Oil Company, Time Controlled Indicators Inc., Torefina Company, Ltd., Toselli Di Sabatino & Company, Tourelle, Inc., Townsend Canners, Inc., Trade and General Corporation, Tradewald Corporation, Trans-Electra Corporation, Trans-Gulf Lines, Inc., Trans-Pesco Oil Co., Inc., Trans-Texas Oil Co., Transportation Investment Company, Treasure Hill Mines, Inc., TresHermanas Mining Co., Tress-Roll Corporation, Tri-Chemical Cor-

poration, Trinity Lumber Company, Trinity Oil Corporation, Triplewear Brake Linings Corporation, Triumph Railway Signal Corporation, Trumbull Metal Products Company, The, Trustee and Deposit Company, Tucson Petroleum Corporation, Tulsa Terminal Storage & Transfer Co., Tunky Transportation and Power Company, Tyrrell's Hygienic Institute, Inc.

U. S. Colloid Mill Corp., U. S. Corn Sugar & Syrup Refineries, Inc., U. S. Motor Plan Hotel, Incorporated, The, U and S Mining & Development Company, Union Homes, Inc., Union Investment Company of Wash., D. C., United Development Corporation, United Eastern Oil Company, United Furniture Factories, Inc., United Gold Properties, Inc., United Industries Corporation, United Patents, Incorporated, United Plumas Mines, Inc., United States Broadcasting Company, United States Detinning Corporation, United States Distillers Incorporated, United States Fashion Company, Universal Editions Company, Ltd., Universal Enterprises, Inc., Universal Lubricating Systems, Inc., Universal Sales Corporation, Universal Sound System, Inc., Uptown Hospital, Inc., Urban Realty Company.

Vac-U-Etts Laboratories, Inc., Vacuum, Inc., Vacuum Jar Corporation, Vacuum Seal Company, Inc., Vacuum Tite Company, Valdor, Inc., Valley View Gold Company, Van Vault Corporation, Vaness Company, The, Venango Corporation, Venbar Oil Lands Corporation, Vending Machines, Inc., Verefine Dairy Products Co., Inc., Vermiculube Corporation, Victor Investment Company, Victory Rubber Carbon Co., Inc., The, Views and Reviews, Inc., Vinton Schwerin Fuel Corporation, Viriginia Peanut Co., Inc., Visual Education Enterprises, Inc., Vita Vegetables, Inc., Voluntaries, Incorporated, Von Rosen, Incorporated, Von Rossen Products Corporation, Vulcan Alloy Corporation.

W. A. Bonesteel Co., Inc., W. A. K. Corporation, W. A. Wagner, Inc., W. B. Atkins Company, W. D, Breaker Corporation of Delaware, W. D. Eyre and Co., Inc., W. E. Kirby & Company, W. M. Anderson Motor Car Company, W. P. Squibb Corporation,

W. T. Hughes Company, Waco Leasing & Mining Co., Walbridge Park Tobaggon Company, The, Wall Street Survey, Inc., Warfield, Inc., Warren Engine Company, Warren-Franklin Corporation, Warren Manufacturing Corporation, Washington Apartment Securities Corporation, Washington Capital Country Club, Washington Finance Service Corporation, Washington Guards Association, Washington Hotel Barber Shop & Beauty Parlor Corporation, Incorporated, Washington-Leary Company, Washington Lumbermen's Association, Incorporated, Washington Macaroni Company, Washington Mechanics Mortgage Company, Water Softeners, Incorporated, Water Type Spray Company, The, Weaver Automotive Corporation, Webb Cut Stone Company, Inc., Weetabix, Incorporated, Well Made Dress Company, Inc., West Park Apartments Corporation, West Penn Distributing & Sales Co., Inc., Western Citrus Fruit Incorporated, Western Engineering & Equipment Company, Westmont Mines, Inc., Westyde Investment Company, Wetter Pipe Company, The, Whitcomb Hotel Company, White Mountain Spring Water Corporation, Whynot Mining Corporation, Wieser Mineral Clay Products Corporation, Wildave Corporation, The, Willett Manufacturing Corporation, Wm. F. Lynn, Inc., Williams Flow Process, Inc., Wilmington Butter and Egg Co., Inc., Wilmington Civic Association, Incorporated, Wilmington Finance & Discount Corporation, Wilmington Floor Covering Company, Wilmington Granite Company, Wilmington Leather Company, Wilmington Market, Inc., Wilton Hat Company, Wilvor Realty Corporation, Windsor Construction Co., Wolf Hardware & Repairing Service Co., Inc., Wolters, Incorporated, Wood Moore Producing Co., Woodlawn Sales Company, Woodruff Hinge Company, Worth Spar, Inc., Wright, Bergen & Pistell, Incorporated, Wright Transfer & Supply Co., Wrigley Pharmaceutical Company.

York Oil Burner and Air Conditioning Company, Yosemite Oil Refining Co., Young Petroleum Corporation.

Zephyr Oil Company, Zorbit Incorporated, Zuni Sales Company, Inc.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, Walter W. Bacon, Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal to be hereunto affixed this fourteenth day of January, in the

(GREAT SEAL) year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and forty-two, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and sixty-sixth.

By the Governor:

WALTER W. BACON EARLE D. WILLEY, Secretary of State.